Friday, 8pm.

The corridor was well lit, but it took three swipes of the key card to get the door to open. He cursed under his breath: you’d at least expect the locks to work when paying so much for a hotel room. Third time lucky, eh?

Walking through the door, his eyes tried to adjust to the relative darkness of the room as he fumbled for the light switch. That didn’t work either: he was going to kick some ass down in reception over this. Just as he turned around to go back out again, the door closed in front of him and he heard the lock being turned. He froze, his heart beating faster, fists clenched as he prepared to fight off the intruder. However, as he saw the figure that stepped forwards from the shadows, his pulse really began to race. She stood before him in the half-light, dark eyes glinting and lips glistening. She was wearing a figure-hugging black basque that emphasised her cleavage and the curve of her waist; the smallest panties in a sheer material that almost revealed what lay hidden beneath; lace-topped black stockings and spike-heeled, strappy, black shoes. She was ravishing.

They looked at each other for an endless moment, eyes locked. Without speaking, she stepped forward and placed her hands on his firm chest, pushing him back into the room. He felt a chair hit the back of his legs and found himself sitting down. Silently, she walked around him; he felt a hand grip his wrists and then a soft, silky material bind them together to the chair. He began to protest, but felt her smack his thigh as she placed her finger over his lips to silence him.

She walked back in front of him and unzipped his trousers. Helping him to rise slightly, she pulled them down his legs and removed them, his socks and his shoes, throwing them across the room. His shorts followed as he struggled to keep his balance. She then roughly pushed him back onto the chair and picked up two more silk scarves. Kneeling before him, she deftly tied each of his legs to the corresponding chair leg. This time, he did not protest.

She moved closer and, locking contact with his eyes again, ripped open his shirt. He could hear buttons flying off and hitting the wooden dressing table but, again, he did not protest. Her hands scratched down his chest and she pinched his nipples, creating a pleasurable feeling of pain. He leaned forward to kiss her and she pushed him back, smacking him firmly illegal bahis on the thigh for being so bold.

Her eyes still on him, smouldering, she ran one, long, red fingernail up the length of his cock. Already semi-hard, it sprung up at her touch. She continued to trace her fingernail up his chest. “Please…..further down”, he said. Another smack.

She got back to her feet again and turned away from him, giving him an excellent view of her ass as she walked towards the edge of the room. She flicked a switch and a small lamp came on, lighting the room just enough for him to see. A large bed stood to his right and an ice-bucket containing a bottle of champagne sat at its foot. There was a wardrobe to his left and a dressing table beside that. She sat before him on a big, comfortable chair with padded arms. Leaning back and opening her legs, she raised the right one up onto the arm of the chair. Eyes meeting with his, she picked an ice cube out of the bucket and ran it down her body, tracing over her right breast, down her stomach and between her legs. Her back arched as she reached her clothed pussy and he groaned, his cock growing harder and larger by the second. She ran the ice cube back up her skin and slipped it into her mouth. Grasping the chair with her left hand, she began to stroke the silky fabric of her panties with her right hand, her eyes heavy with desire. Her hips rolled against her hand as she rubbed her fingers over the wet material, the silence of the room only broken by his occasional low moans as he watched.

Her hands slid down to her left thigh and she unclipped the stocking, slowly sliding it down her leg and removing it along with her shoe. She repeated the movement on her right leg, and then moved her left hand to her cleavage as she pushed herself up out of the chair. Her fingers moved to the hooks of the basque and she tore at them, revealing her firm breasts and erect nipples. The basque fell to the floor and her panties swiftly followed.

Coyly looking at him, she licked the index finger of her right hand, then her middle finger. Sinking back into the seat, she moved her hand back to her pussy and slid the two fingers inside. Her body bucked as they entered and she squeezed the nipple of her left breast. Legs draped over the chair’s arms, she drove her fingers in and out, writhing and moaning with pleasure. He, meanwhile, was in an ecstatic illegal bahis siteleri agony, desperate to touch his – now unbearably – hard cock, but only able to watch as she moved her fingers from her pussy to her mouth, tasting the juices that were already flowing so freely.

She continued to pleasure herself with her right hand and brought her left hand down to join it, the middle finger circling her clit. She threw back her head and gyrated her hips to the rhythm of her fingers, her breath becoming shallower and her moans louder. He could see the wetness from her pussy glistening on her thighs and his cock strained even further, desperate to feel the hot, moistness envelop it. He tensed his muscles, dying to break free from his bonds so that he could touch her. And just as he thought that he could bear no more, she tensed, screamed with pleasure, and came, sending a wave of desire through him that almost made him faint.

He expected her to rest now, but she was not satisfied. She rose to her feet and he could see the cum running onto her thighs. She walked towards him and slid her two fingers into his mouth: he could taste her pussy on them and sucked feverishly. She dropped to her knees and ran her tongue over his balls, making him shiver and cry out. Turning to her left, she reached across and picked up the bottle of champagne; she took a sip and then drew his cock into her mouth. The cold bubbles created an amazing sensation and he gasped for air. She withdrew her lips again and began to massage him, running both hands alternately over the length of his shaft and across the sensitive head. His eyes rolled back and his hands gripped the chair’s back. God: that felt incredible! Just as he began to settle into the rhythm of her strokes and felt that he might come at any minute, she stopped again and squeezed the base of his cock, almost instantly removing the climactic feeling and returning him to a lesser state of arousal. Her mouth resumed its work again, this time felling warm and comfortable. She took his entire length into her throat and worked her head back and forwards, sucking and licking his cock while squeezing and scratching his balls at the same time.

Again, as he began to enjoy the experience too much she withdrew and rose to her feet. Her fingers slid into her pussy once more and she tasted them herself before sliding them into his mouth. He sucked canlı bahis siteleri each one in turn as she stood before him, running her other hand over her skin and moving her hips, dancing for him. She was stunning: he wanted her more right then than he had ever wanted a woman. His eyes were filled with lust and his heart was pounding in his chest, yet he was helpless to act on his desires.

She teased him a little longer, then placed her hands on his shoulders and straddled him, her breasts inches away from his face and yet still out of reach. She rubbed herself against the tip of his cock, tickling him, tempting him. As he pushed himself as far forward as possible, her grip on his shoulders tightened, her breasts reached his face and she slid her hot, wet cunt down over his cock, engulfing him in warmth. He cried out at the intensity of the feeling. His mouth latched onto her left breast and she rose slightly away from him, the warmth withdrawing and then returning as she drove herself back onto him. She tightened her pussy around him and began to grind it against him, giving him a full-service lap dance. He bit her breast sharply and she cried out, but she didn’t make him stop. Instead, she pulled him deeper inside her and slid her left hand behind her back and under her ass to grip his balls while she fucked him. He desperately wanted to grab her with his hands, but she was in control now and he simply had to sit back and be fucked. They settled into a fast dance, her legs wrapped around the chair as she used both them and her right hand to drive herself against him. She rode him harder and harder, her left hand squeezing and rubbing as his balls grew fuller and firmer, his cock driving further into her cunt as her muscles gripped him. Her head thrown back, she cried out in pleasure again and again; he groaned deeply and his muscles tensed and relaxed as the waves of pleasure engulfed him. Finally, she could sense that he was ready, so she used all her strength to squeeze the muscles of her pussy those last few times. He stiffened, his mouth open and his eyes tightly shut, as he felt the uncontrollable spasms gripping him, and he came like an animal, pumping hot fluid into her cunt over and over as she continued to grind against him. Eventually, he collapsed against the chair and she fell against him, smothering him with hot kisses. Her hands moved behind him and loosened his ties; he broke free and scooped her into his arms, their hearts pounding against each other as their slick bodies pressed tightly together. He held her there, panting, as the cum trickled down their legs and their tongues met for the first time that night…



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