Set up with her sister’s friendMy wife wrote this to chronicle a sexy encounter before we were married.A snowy night and my sister set me up with this random guy who I was going to fuck before the night was over. She didn’t like my BF at the time.Ok so I am talking on the phone to a client and a huge truck pulls up. It is red and there is a red haired guy with a very muscular build inside of it. I thought…who the fuck is that? It was 10:57…about time for me to get my stuff ready and leave my shift. YEAH! Time to party. I didn’t have to deal with this guy in a red truck. He got out and started to walk towards the door as I was gathering my stuff. He said, “Hey babe, I’m taking you home.” Just then I realized that I didn’t have a car because the weather was so bad out. Was this guy taking me home. I recognized him..I went to highschool with him…he was a little younger than I, but not that that mattered. Why the hell was he talking me home. I quickly called my sister and said, “Was he supposed to pick me up?” She said, “Yes, is that ok?” I thought well I guess.So, I got in his huge ass truck and he was bragging about güvenilir bahis şirketleri how he had a huge case of Bacardi Silver in the back and how he loved those and was going to share with me. I thought he smelled really good and was pretty sexy. (well compared to Alton) So we drove over to my sister and her husband’s. My brother in law was setting up for a really drunken night with a bunch of drinks in the basement. This guy who I have been talking about is called Chad. Chad and I started playing pool and suddenly I felt the want to fuck him because he smelled so good and had such a sexy body. I started kind of flirting with him and he was grabbing me in the ass and I was getting really turned on. He said, “Hey, come upstairs!” I walked up the stairs and the fire was roaring and nobody was up there. He said, “Well, I really like you and want to do stuff with you.” Right then we decided to go for a ride.He opened up the door and I hopped in and we started going for a ride. We stopped on the side of the road and he started groping my crotch. I was getting really wet and he said, “Take off bets10 giriş your pants and let me feel your pussy. I want to taste a warm pussy to counteract the harsh coldness of the outside. I said, “I don’t really wa—“ Right then he started ripping off my pants and digging his fingers into my hole. I couldn’t help but to clench on his fingers because I was getting so turned on. My wetness was shining off of the street light on the road. He said, “I can’t believe how wet you are. You must be turned on babe. I think you want my cock you sassy little college girl. In fact, why don’t I just see how many fingers you can handle.” He put in two fingers, then three, then four, then five, then he was so hard at that moment that he forced my hand unto his cock and said, feel how fucking hard I am for your pussy. I just want to force it into it. I don’t want to waste my time with a fucking sheath thought. Can I fuck you without something on babe? I said, “I really don’t think that is a go—“ Right then he lifted me up and put me into the back of his truck and stripped me of my clothing and pulled off his bets10 güvenilir mi pants to shove his harder than a rock cock into my wet tight hole. I screamed with delight and he was moaning like he was in pain. He admitted that he was in so much pleasure. He was about to cum after about 10 minutes of fucking every way in the book and then I made him pull out. I laid on top of him and forced him to suck my cunt. He was lapping every way up and down and making me about to cum, but I made myself stop and not cum. He then said, “Ya know babe…I would really appreciate it if you would suck on my cock. I think I want to see your precious head taking me all in.” I took his whole cock (what I thought was his whole cock) and started sucking ridiculously hard. He said, “Naahhh…not good enough babe. I want to see everything in your mouth. Balls and all babe. Take it all in and then don’t let it come out until you have swallowed my load. Alright baby?” I really didn’t want to do this, but feared what this guy could do to me. I decided to just do what he had asked. I took everything in and the minute I started sucking he was in so much pleasure that within minutes he started to cum. He forced my head to keep my mouth over his dick while I swallow every last bit of what he came. It was a lot too. He made me swallow in front of him and then the night went on but we will save that for another time.



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