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I awake to the sound of my phone alerting me that I have a text message. I reach over to the nightstand and see that it is 8am and it is a text from Ainsley:

Ainsley: Morning sweetie! Are you awake? 🙂

Me: my alarm wasn’t going off for another hour! Pain in my ass!

Ainsley: Oh, poor baby, are you tired? Did someone wear you out last night?!

Me: Not at all; I just had one nerve left and someone is stomping all over it!

Ainsley: LOL!

Ainsley: Do I get to see you today?

I urgently need to piss, so I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. As I’m doing my business, I think about Ainsley’s question. While a part of me desperately wants to see all of Ainsley today, I begin to get very anxious about running into her on campus. She would not intentionally try to hurt me, but her constant need to harass and one up me could mean she says or does something without realizing it, and then all hell breaks loose. As I walk back into my room the phone alerts me again:

Ainsley: Umm, hello? You don’t want to see me? 🙁

Me: Oh, sorry, I was taking a leak; that’s what happens after I get woken up.

Ainsley: bwahahahahaha! I’d love to be there to help you!

Me: Ewww! No way!

Ainsley: JK! I’m not into kinky stuff like that!

Me: What kind of kinky stuff are you into? 😉

Ainsley: I bet you’d like to know!

This gives me an idea.

Me: I think that could be a fun convo! Wanna come over tonight? I’ll grill.

Ainsley: Sounds like fun! The convo and the food! 😉

Me: great! 7pm? 205 Euclid Ave, Duplex A

Ainsley: K! Off to class! xoxoxo

Me: cya!

With that, I lay back down for a few minutes and think about the last 12 hours. Unreal. Last night I slept with one of my students, a fire-able offense. Granted, it was incredibly hot and I know I can’t be satisfied with the one time experience, especially after saying to her that I wouldn’t push her away. I couldn’t anyway, I do care about her and know, with time, that I could love her.

I didn’t say anything about love last night, but as I was holding her, both of us kneeling on the floor of my office, I think we both knew this was going to be more than just sex. I mean, I’ve known her for four years and have been with her during the many normal highs and lows of a student’s life in college. She’s always been someone I’ve been fond of, even without the fact that she is gorgeous as all get out. She’s just a joyful person and I know spending time with her will always be a high point of any day. I think we both felt that last night.

We left each other after we both calmed down a bit, and, after helping each other dress, we hugged and shared a soft but very meaningful kiss.

I’m kind of in a daze at this point, re-experiencing the smells of Ainsley’s hair and perfume, the latent smell of our sex, and the feel of her body holding mine, when my phone alarm goes off, telling me it is in fact now time to rejoin the real world and get my ass to work.

I check my calendar and see that June, my secretary, has scheduled a lunch meeting for me with a professor. That means I don’t have to make lunch, and that I probably won’t see Ainsley until tonight. That is unless she comes strolling into the office to find me, and I wouldn’t put that past her. I think that is why I really want to see Ainsley tonight, so that we can have a heart to heart and figure out how we are going to play this relationship we have started.

I head back to the bathroom and commence my routine for the day. I get to work about ten minutes early, a surprise to everyone including myself. I settle into the day ahead while trying to not think much about what 7pm is going to bring.

The day flies by for me and before I know it, it’s 4:50pm, 10 minutes until the weekend. I save a draft of the report I’m working on, check my email to see that I did, in fact, answer everything I need to, the rest can wait until Monday. I logout of my computer, grab my bag, and head across the hall to Linda’s office. Linda is my supervisor, and has been for the 6 years I’ve been here. She is great, but she’s also 69, and everyone asks me when she’s going to retire, so I have the chance to be promoted. I have no idea, and tell people that. I’ve had opportunities to move to other schools for a higher position, but I’ve fallen in love with this college community and really can’t imagine being anywhere else. Thus, I simply bust my butt and bide my time.

I tap on the door to Linda’s office and see her look up. “I’m headed out, did you need anything else?”

“I don’t think so; will you have that report for me by Tuesday? The Dean is gung-ho to get this proposal to the Prez.”

“I’ll have it to you by 10am or so on Monday; the framework illegal bahis is done as are most of the details. I just want to check our proposed schedule for the rollout with the major event days on campus to make sure students show up.”

“Thank you so much for spearheading this; you are so much better at it than me!”

“No worries; it’s going to be great for the office and our students!”

“Got any plans for the weekend?” Linda asks me with a twinkle in her eye.

“No, I don’t have any dates. Just my soccer game tomorrow. Otherwise it’s a quiet weekend.”

Linda has it as her personal mission to see me married off. She married late and couldn’t have children, so I think I’m her project. She’s always treats me like a nephew, which is nice most of the time, as my nearest family is 1000 miles away. Maybe she won’t retire until she knows I’m “taken care of.”

“C’mon Matthew, you’re young, single, handsome, go get yourself a girl!” She commands with a smile.

“Yes ma’am.” I say sheepishly. If she only knew. I certainly don’t want to lie to her, but this secret has to be kept.

“Alright.” She says with a laugh. “Have a great weekend!”

“You too; best to George!” George is Linda’s husband. Two people more opposite but so cute together you will never find.

I stroll out of the office and head to my car. I wave to a few colleagues in the parking lot and then drive off to the market. Now, I’m not a good cook by any stretch of the imagination, but I can hold my own on a grill and am not afraid of exotic or ethnic foods as long as they are not complicated to prepare. Thus, I pick up some beef tenderloin and free-range chicken breast for protein to make kebabs. I also grab some baby bell peppers, onion, and cherry tomatoes to go with the meat. Finally, I get some almonds and dates to stir into the couscous I have at home. As an afterthought, I also get some vine ripened tomatoes, mozzarella, and balsamic vinegar to make an easy side dish.

With that done, I stop to the liquor store for wine. I don’t know what Ainsley likes, so I grab a Pinot Noir and a Chablis. As a joke, I also grab a bottle of Boon’s – Ainsley’s going to punch me. I bring my items to the register and the cashier gives me a funny look as she runs the Boon’s across the scanner. “A joke.” I say laughingly.

I pay and then head out for home. I arrive at 6:15pm, plenty of time to get prepped before Ainsley arrives. I take my tie off and toss it on the bed. I return to the kitchen, throw the Chablis in the chiller, and immediately start cutting up the steak and chicken and then put that into a marinade I’ve perfected and keep ready-made in the fridge. It is an herbal blend that goes equally well with beef, chicken, and pork.

With the meat all set, I start chopping the onions and then place those, along with the the cherry tomatoes and bell peppers on skewers. While not as pretty as having the meat and veggies alternate on the same skewer, it is way better for cooking each to the right temperature.

Once the kebabs are ready, I begin to heat up a pot of chicken stock that I’ll cook the couscous in once Ainsley arrives. Finally, I prep the mozzarella and tomatoes, slicing them and placing them on a plate. I look at the clock and it is five minutes until seven. I quickly clean up the counter and toss my cutting boards in the sink.

Just as I finish up, the doorbell rings. I go to the door and ask, “who is it?”

“A sexy young thang!”

I chuckle to myself and peer through the eye hole. Ainsley stands there, wearing a navy blue, casual dress. She looks damn cute. I also see her holding an overnight bag.

“A sexy young thing? That doesn’t narrow it down for me. It could be Melissa, Stacey, Renee, …”

“Open the damn door!” Ainsley now has her right hand on her hip and she is all in a huff.

I open the door, laughing; she huffs for a second and then drops her bag and leaps into my arms. After a very wet, very passionate kiss, she pulls away and says, “You’re damn lucky I’m horny or I wouldn’t put up with your BS!”

I laugh again and give her a sweet kiss on the cheek. “But without my BS and your sass, what else would we have?”

“I suppose that’s true. All we would have is hot sex, and that would get boring after awhile.”

“You see?!” I laugh again, pull her inside and close the door. “By the way, you look fantastic!”

“What? This old thang?!” Ainsley’s says demurely, emphasizing the southern drawl.

“Yes indeed!” I reply as I give her a soft swat on her ass. She’s jumps a bit and giggles.

I pull her close to me, her backside to my front, and kiss her on her neck and inhale her perfume, “I missed you.”

She turns her head toward me and our lips connect, “I missed you too. I was hoping to see you at lunch.”

“Yeah, I had a lunch meeting with Dr. Graves to discuss a class I’m doing for him…” I must have said it in a way that showed relief at not seeing illegal bahis siteleri her at the grill today.

“Were you avoiding me?” Ainsley asks as she pulls away and turns to face me.

“No! It’s not that, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“Well, one of the reasons I wanted you to come over tonight, is we need to have a serious conversation about this. About us.”

“Are you trying to push me away. You told me last night you wouldn’t…” Ainsley face has gotten very serious.

“No. Please. Let me finish.” I say as I reach out to take her hands. “I want this. I really do. But the fact remains that you are a student and I’m an employee and if anyone finds out or even suspects something, I’d be up shit’s creek. Not only would I lose my job, but I’d likely have to move away if I wanted to work at another college. That’s assuming I could get any sort of recommendation from here. I’m risking my entire career for this. We need to be able to talk about it and figure out some rules or something.”

Ainsley’s face turns to something that is equal parts relief and thoughtfulness.

“I understand. But thank you for saying it. I didn’t really think through all the ramifications. I just know I want to be with you.”

“Me too. I want you to help me figure it out. Lord knows you’re smarter than me! But before we talk, we must eat. I’m starving”

Ainsley laughs and gives me a quick kiss. “Okay, we talk after we eat. Whatcha making me?!”

“Beef and chicken kebabs with couscous.”

“Ooooo…sounds almost as yummy as you!”

“Nice.” I say shaking my head. “Let me give you a quick tour of the place and then I’ll get the grill warmed up.”

I lead Ainsley into my home. The very tiny foyer we were standing in has enough space for a coat closet and a side table for my keys. A few feet into the left, is the living room. It has space for a nice couch and chair set and my entertainment stand that holds my 60′ TV and Xbox One.

“Boys and their toys!” Ainsley says shaking her head as she sees my video game and movie library.

“Hey, I can’t spend every evening jerking of!” I reply.

“Oh God.” Ainsley cringes.

I laugh and say, “C’mon; kitchen’s next.” I lead her to the next room down the hallway (I share the right wall with my neighbor.)

Ainsley walks ahead and peers into the kitchen. “Nice! Lots of light.”

“Yeah, it’s great being on a corner lot, so no homes next door.”

“How’s the neighborhood?”

“It’s really nice; mostly single family homes so it’s quiet. I’m good friends with one couple, Kevin and Cindy. Kevin’s on my soccer team and they’ve kind of adopted me.”


I check that the chicken stock is simmering, but in no danger of boiling over and then Ainsley follows me out the side door, off of the kitchen. There is a small patio where I have my grill and a table set. I turn the grill on and then we head back inside.

I lead Ainsley past the little half bathroom and laundry closet, and then up the stairs to the sleeping area. The first bedroom on my right has been converted to an office, with a sleeper sofa for when I have guests. A rare occasion, but sometimes a friend and I will stay up late drinking and gaming and I won’t let anyone leave who’s had too much.

There is a full bathroom in between the office and my bedroom. Ainsley glances into it, but speeds ahead to my room. I walk in a moment later to see her sitting on the bed with all sorts of mischief in her eyes. I smile at her and say “Later.”

“But I want you!” She’s says with a fake-pouty look.

“And believe me baby, I want you too,” I respond as I lay a full kiss on her and caress her breast. “But,” as I pull away and see her shiver from my touch, “I’m not willing to burn down the place just to get off.”

“Always the pragmatist.” Ainsley says with a another fake pout as she stands up.

I grab her hand and lead her back downstairs into the kitchen. I proceed to the fridge and pull out the meat. Ainsley watches as I skewer the kebabs. I then head out to the grill with the meat and veggies and put the beef and chicken on. I’ll come back to cook the veggies in a few.

Back inside I ask Ainsley if I can offer her some wine. She agrees with a nod and smile.

I open the fridge and say, “I didn’t know what you like, so I have a Pinot, a Chablis, or can I interest you in a sour apple Boon’s. That’s what you kids drink now, right?”

Thwack! “Ass!” I feel a sting on the back of my head as Ainsley smacks me good and tells me what she thinks of my selection.

I turn back smiling, and she is laughing, “Ok, that was a good one, I admit.” That’s high praise from Ainsley.

“Well? Your choice?” I say with a wink.

“The Chablis, please.”

“Coming right up!”

I pull out my bottle opener and get started on the Chablis and Pinot bottles.

“Can I do anything to help?,” Ainsley inquires.

“Sure, could you stir the couscous into canlı bahis siteleri the stock and keep an eye on it while I check the kebabs?” I pour Ainsley’s white and hand it to her.

“I’m on it! Anything else?” She says as she takes a small sip of wine and places it on the counter.

“Yeah, can you pull out the plate of mozzarella and tomatoes and splash some of the balsamic vinegar on it?” I ask as I head back outside.

“Yum!” Ainsley replies happily as she goes to the fridge.

I smile as I head outside. The meat is cooking nicely and I flip the skewers over to cook the other side. I then add the veggies to the grill.

I go back in and Ainsley is stirring the pot.

“Thanks Babe.” I say with a kiss to her cheek.

“My pleasure, honey” Ainsley replies with a kiss to my own.

I grab plates and utensils and bring them out to the table. It’s a pleasant 68 degrees; perfect for an autumn dinner outside. I smile as I think about how comfortable I’m getting around Ainsley, even though it’s still been less than 24 hours since we hit the point of no return.

Ainsley comes out and admires the setup, setting the plate of cheese and tomatoes on the table and handing me my glass of wine.

“Cheers!” I say as I hold up my glass

“To whatever comes!” She agrees as we tap our glasses and both smile.

I take a sip and look into Ainsley’s eyes, “God, you are beautiful.” I say simply, the words coming out without thought.

Ainsley blushes, gives me a sensual kiss on the lips, and says, “thank you; you aren’t so bad yourself.”

“After dinner, a visit to the optometrist with you,” I state, wondering what this young beauty could possibly be thinking.

“I’m serious! I’ve always thought you were hot, and I know I’m not the only girl on campus who thinks so!”

“Stop! Don’t say a damn thing more. I don’t want to know! Good God! What’s with you all?!”

Ainsley laughs hard and says, “Look at it from our perspective, you are a single, mature, good looking man. You’re sensitive, funny, and great to be around. And you aren’t a punk frat boy! You’re a catch, and I got to you first!”

“Just my luck.” I tease, but follow up with a kiss on her nose.

“Alright, I need just a couple of minutes to finish up, grab a seat and enjoy your wine.” I motion over to the chair and then walk over to the grill, flip the veggies, check the meat, and then head inside to pull the couscous off the heat. I dump them into a serving bowl, mix in the dates and almonds, and then bring the dish outside and place it on the table.

“This looks fabulous!” Ainsley exclaims.

“Anything to please the lovely lady,” I say with a smile and wink as I turn back to the grill.

The kebabs are perfect so I pull them all off and place them on a platter I had set aside earlier. I bring it to the table and then quickly step into the house and return with the bottles of wine.

I set those down and take my seat.

“Alright, dig in!”

Ainsley smiles and scoops some couscous to her plate. I follow her lead as she then adds some of the tomatoes and cheese to the side. Finally we both grab some of the beef and chicken and then dive in.

“Wow! This is great!”

“Thanks!” I say, pleased with myself. I may not cook well in general, but this I know I kick butt at.

“It’s almost as good as the cafeteria!” Ainsley adds with a smirk.

“Grrrrrrr! No dessert for you for that!”

“There’s dessert?! Okay, I’m sorry! What’s for dessert?!” Ainsley asks like a child as she sips her wine.

“Well, it was going to be this.” I say as I move my arms up and down toward my body, a wry smile on my face.

Ainsley barely avoids spewing her wine, laughing hysterically.

“Please! Oh please can I have dessert?! I’ll behave, I swear!” Ainsley laughs as she crosses her heart and holds up a scouting sign.

We are both laughing at this point and I realize how much fun I have with her. It’s not just lust, she’s an incredibly attractive woman, from her intellect, humor, brashness. Who knows where it will go, but I want it to keep going.

Ainsley must see a change in my face, “What is it?”

“What is what?”

“You have your serious, contemplative look. I see it a lot when you are reviewing my applications and see something to address, but you are trying to pinpoint what it is or what you want to say.”

“Been reading my non-verbal cues, huh? I guess you were paying attention when I was talking to you about that during your interview prep.”

“Yep! So what are you thinking about?”

“You. Us. How crazy this is, but how much I want it to work.”

Ainsley smiles warmly. “And so?”

“And so it’s time to talk and to set some rules.”

“Ok. What do you have in mind?”

“I want this to be a serious conversation and I want you to be a partner in this. I want to know what you think.”

“Good; I’d demand nothing less.”

I smile at her. “Good. Rule number one for me, and this is sacred above all others: we must be absolutely honest with each other. I want to know I can trust you and I want you to trust me completely. Without honesty, nothing else matters to me – the sex, the sarcasm, nothing.”



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