9:00 A.M


The door to the guest house in the backyard slowly creaked open; my sister entered the living room with her headphones in and on full blast. She wore a grey sweatshirt and a pair of tight pink spandex booty shorts; she took a sip from her protein shake and bent over to place it on the floor beside her. The shorts gripped tightly around her long legs and thick thighs and were already starting to ride high up into the crack of her ass. My mouth was all but watering and my eyes were glued.

My sister was allowed to live in the large guest house in our backyard, all alone and rent free for some reason; while I was left in the main house with both of my parents. My father had always favored my sister for some reason; perhaps he himself wanted to fuck her. I suppose I’ll never know; what I do know is, there isn’t much my sister wants that she doesn’t have. She is covered in tattoos like any stereotypical spoiled yet rebellious teenager, despite being 21; for her 18th birthday, my dad even went so far as to pay for her breast implants. Her lips were full from injections and her body was covered in more piercings than I could count. Her hair was cut short, shaved on the sides and long on top; bleach blonde. Think Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black, except as an upper class Hollywood blonde bimbo.

All things aside, my sister was smoking hot and she was about to begin her daily yoga routine; I was about to begin my morning ritual of drooling all over the place and occasionally stroking my cock to orgasm while watching. This had become both of our morning rituals in the last few weeks, although she had no idea I was watching. She stripped her gray hoodie off over her head, exposing her small and tight waist; her abs were nicer than my own. Underneath the hoodie she was wearing a skin tight black sports bra to restrain her massive enhanced breasts; she tossed the hoodie to the side and pulled the waist band of her shorts down a bit, as they were beginning to ride high forming a camel toe.

As she folded the waist band down a bit lower, I noticed she had a tattoo just above her pelvic mound and she had two body dermal piercings on each “dimple” of her hips; I’d never seen either of these before today. She began her routine as she does every day and dropped to her knees on her yoga mat; she spread them far apart and folded forward to where her arms were stretched all the way above her head and her tits were pressing the floor. I don’t know the technical yoga term for this, so we’ll just call it “doggy style.” She kept her arms stretched out and raised her head, she arched he back and began rocking back and forth on her knees; bouncing her ass up and down very slowly.

My cock was rock hard by this point; my sister’s ass drove me crazy. She crawled her way back up to where she was sitting on her knees with her back straight again; she arched back and put her arms behind her back and grabbed the tips of her toes. With her hands placed flat on the ground she pushed upwards and thrust her hips forward into the air while arching her back; before slowly anchoring her ass back down to the floor. Her rounds ass rest upon the balls of her feet and her thighs were pressed against and folding over her thick hips. The moisture and humidity of the guest house had started to build up right on time and tiny drops of sweat began to flow down her neck, over her collar bones, and down into her cleavage.

She pressed one knee forward and bent the lower half of her leg to the side while holding her ankle; she pushed her other leg out straight stretching it as far back as she could. Another yoga term I’m not familiar with, so we’ll just say she was making and “L” shape with her legs. Her shorts were now riding all the way up her ass and both of her ass cheeks were perfectly exposed, taking shape right before my eyes. It was almost too much for me to handle, I had to slow the stroke on my cock; pre-cum was leaking everywhere, all over my shorts. She turned her head to look the other direction while stretching in this pose and then turned the other way, looking towards the door; I calmly pulled it to appear shut and cowered behind it. I could have sworn she spotted me; luckily she had not.

She sat up to her knees once more and to my surprise, started to remove the skin tight sports bra; she struggled to pull it over head as the sweat was sealing it to her skin. This was not normally apart of her routine; through all of my spying on my sister I had never seen her with less than a bikini on. My heart was pounding to say the least. The sports bra slid slowly over the large mound that was her breasts; smoothly over her tiny pink nipples… They were beautiful and as I had suspected they were pierced. She pulled the bra overhead all the way off and you could spot the tiny surgery scar from her implants; she tossed the shirt to the side and sat for a brief moment taking a deep breath. Her tits weren’t too big like the cliché breast implants of the 90’s; they were a good, perky size and they sat amazingly anime porno on her chest.

Sis laid on her side on her yoga mat and placed her arm above her to where her head was resting in her hand; this pose is similar to how you’d lay on the couch and watch TV, probably. She extended one of her legs in the air and pulled it up closer to her body; my eyes were stuck on her crotch as the cloth covering her vagina was increasingly being pulled further and further up; she must have her clit pierced as well, as I could see it protruding through the shorts… Just maybe if I was lucky I’d get a glimpse of her pussy. She pulled her leg back even further and placed her knee upon her forehead; her pussy was begging to bust out of those shorts just as my cock was begging to bust this load. My whole body was feeling the effects of the inevitable orgasm and I began to shake; I lost my balance and fell forward, catching myself before falling into the guest house but not gracefully enough to stop the door from flying open.

My sister’s head snapped to the door and she froze in her pose like a deer in the headlights; she yanked her headphones from her ears and sat up grabbing her hoodie and covering her tits. I was lucky enough to shove my cock back into the waist band of my shorts before she was able to catch a glimpse of it but she still did not look happy.

“Matthew?!” She scowled. “What the fuck are you doing right now?” She yelled. Her tits were barely able to be covered by the hoodie and begging to be set free. I was stunned as well… Like a deer in headlights.

“I… Uhh. I was just gonna see if you were home.” I stumbled over my response. “What the fuck are you doing in here!” I asked, defensively.

Sis shrugged her shoulders and went on the defensive. “I… I’m… Look this is my house, so it doesn’t matter what I’m doing.” She continued, “Oh my god, are you…?” Her eyes went wide and I knew what she was about to say; she stood and one of her tits fell out of the cover she was providing as she tried to shove me out of the guest house; I was face to face with her nipple.

“HARD?!!” She yelled.

I couldn’t even consider coming up with a response, I simply turned and ran for the hills back to the house; the door to the guest house was slammed behind me. I was so afraid of what would happen next; Mom and Dad weren’t due home for a couple of hours but what if she calls ahead of time to tell them? Oh my god, I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if my dad found out I was spying on and jerking off to his “baby girl.” He’d probably rip my arms off… or my dick. What if she told my girlfriend? Or even her friends! I could hear it now:

“Oh my fucking God, guess what? I caught my little brother jacking off while watching me do yoga!! Can you believe that? What kind of sicko does that?!” She’d go on and on. I’m never going to hear the end of this…

I sat down to watch TV in the living room to clear my head; at least that was my intention. Instead I ended up standing by the window looking out the shades towards the guest house to see if my sister was calling anyone or coming up to the main house. After an hour or so of watching the guest house I thought I was in the clear, perhaps she’d brushed it off. That is until I saw her lock up and start towards the back door; I closed the shades gently and leaped onto the couch. I laid nonchalantly on the couch flipping through channels when my sister calmly entered the room.

It looked as if Sis had taken a shower as she was all made up and ready to leave the house for the day; she was now wearing a silky floral top with no straps over the shoulders (I believe the term is “cami” or “tube top” again, I’m not expert); along with a skin tight pair of jean shorts that would undoubtedly ride their way up her ass. She slowly walked to the middle of the room and stood in front of the TV; I didn’t acknowledge her presence and moved my head over to continue watching TV.

“So…” She began, “Should we talk about this morning?”

I tried to play dumb and looked at her half puzzled, half embarrassed. I could feel the blood rushing to my face.

“Well?” She asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about sis.” I boldly responded.

“Yes you do… And if we don’t talk about it then I’m going to tell mom you were playing with yourself while spying on your sister!” She threatened.

“What?” I panicked. “You wouldn’t…”

“Try me.” She said, strongly.

“Okay, fine. What do you want me to say?” I asked.

“Why were you spying on me?”

“I already told you, I wasn’t spying. I was just checking to see if you were home…” I continued to put together a half assed lie.

“That’s it, I’m calling Mom.” She pulled out her phone and began dialing, “And just wait until she tells Dad.”

“Stop! Okay, just wait…” I begged. She hung the phone up just as it started ringing. “Fine, you caught me. I came down to see if you were home when I saw you were doing yoga, I stopped for a second asyalı porno to watch and then you took your top off… That’s when I fell through the door. I wasn’t playing with myself, I promise.”

“Matthew… I know you were playing with yourself…” She replied.

“No, I fucking wasn’t Kate!” I yelled.

“I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about me around town. I’m sure you’ve heard… that I’m a bit of a flirt and a slut.” She said. “It’s okay to be a little curious from time to time, little brother…” She assured me.

“What?” I was confused.

“I know for a fact I’ve caught you checking out Mom by the pool but I never suspected you’d look at me that way…”

“I really have no clue what you’re talking about now.” Again, I attempted to avoid her accusations.

“But now that I’ve caught you… I can tell. Your cock is hard right now, isn’t it?” She asked.

“No, it’s not Kate. Leave me alone.” I said, lying through the skin of my teeth. My cock was rock solid and still leaking pre-cum from before. I was dying to cum.

“Oh, it’s not? What about… Now?” She asked, placing her thumb in the waist of her jeans. Her right hand was covered in tattoos up to the wrist; she pushed her thumb down and unzipped her shorts with the other hand.

“Kate, what… What the fuck are you doing?” I hesitantly asked.

She turned her back to me and leaned forward, the shorts hugged her ass tightly; she looked over her shoulder at me and pulled the shorts down around the underside of her ass cheeks and bounced them over the edge of the jeans quickly before turning back to face me; her ass looked even better than I thought it did.

She unbuttoned her jeans and spread the flaps and slowly pulled them down, just barely over her hips; she stood on her tip toes and shrugged her shoulders while giving me a puppy dog look.

“Oh, I don’t know…” She said, teasing me.

She dropped the shorts to her ankles and stood before me in a bright white thong; her dermal piercings and tattoo were peeking out over the waist band.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” She continued, teasing me as she kicked the jean shorts off from around her ankles and into my face; I was speechless.

She slapped her ass with both hands and pulled it apart while bending forward, giving me a view of her cleavage; she stood back up cradling her tits through her midriff shirt and slowly turned her long legs with her ass coming towards me. She backed up moving closer and closer to me; I was on the edge of my fucking seat. Her ass were mere inches away from my face, I could smell the scent of her sweet pussy; again she reached back with both hands and looked over her shoulder, slowly spreading her ass cheeks for me to see inside.

“This is what you wanted. Tell me and we’ll forget this ever happened…” She said.

I still couldn’t muster a word; my face was slowly unwillingly inching towards the opening of her ass. I could see her pretty little asshole peeking out around the string of her thong.

“Ah-ah-ah” She teased, “Not too close.” She took a step forward; I nearly fell off the couch. I wiped my mouth as it had begun to water uncontrollably.

“Yeah, this is what I wanted.” I gladly admitted.

“Hah! I knew it!” She said, jumping forward and quickly turning towards me. “I knew it! You little fucking weirdo! My own brother!!” She said while pointing. “Luckily for you, I’m a weirdo too…”

I was beyond confused now. “What… Is happening?” I asked; Kate was lowering to her knees before me.

“Well, you’ve already seen these I guess, haven’t you?” She said with a smirk and yanked her midriff down over her tits.

I took a deep breath and my body quivered; my hands instinctively lunged forward to grab her tits. She quickly slapped my hands away and said, “Not so fast. You don’t get to touch me.”

She pushed me back to where I was now sitting with my back laying against the back of the couch, my legs were spread wide and my sister was slowly crawling her way towards me. My cock was bulging hard through my shorts and her eyes were locked on; I closed my eyes, perhaps I was dreaming. I knew I was not when I felt her hand grab my ankle; she gently caressed her way up my leg until both of her hands were placed on my thighs.

“You want me to suck your cock, little brother?” She said, leaning in close to me. I couldn’t speak; I simply nodded up and down. She placed her face right above my hard cock and I could feel the warmth of her breath through my shorts.

“HAH! You are so fucking easy. Just like every other guy I’ve ever met.” She yelled, pushing her way back away from me.

“Oh my God. Are you serious Kate?” I was frustrated, to say the least. She’d made a fool of me.

She continued to laugh and turned around once more, still on her knees; she bent over in front of me doggy style as she had earlier. She pulled her thong down over her thick round ass, exposing her asshole and eventually her wet slit; she spread it for me to babes porno see.

“Tonight. Midnight. My house. You will do as I say or I will tell Mom and Dad. Got it?” She sternly asked.

I was taken back and unsure of what to say or what she had planned but I had no choice.

“I got it.”

12:00 A.M.

I snuck down to the guest house around midnight to find a note on the door that read:

“Come in and lock the door behind you. Don’t turn any lights on and come into my room. Get on your knees and do exactly as I say. Don’t speak. Don’t ask questions.”

I had no idea what I was walking to but I followed the instructions as they were written. I opened the door to my sister’s room; it was dimly lit by candle light. I closed the door behind me and got onto my knees; I looked across the room and could see the silhouette of my sister sitting on the edge of the bed, her legs were crossed and she had on high heels.

“Crawl over to me.” She whispered.

I crawled over to the edge of the bed and sat on my knees looking up at my sister; my eyes began adjusting to the darkness of the room and I could start to make out her face. She had on black stockings, a garter belt, a black lace thong, and bra to match. My cock was already hard! She pointed down to her feet and I looked at her puzzled.

“Kiss my feet.” She instructed.

“What? No way Kate.” I was shocked at her demand.

She grabbed me by the chin and leaned in until we were face to face and said, “Tonight, you’ll do as I say or I’ll tell Mom and Dad. Disobey me again and next time I won’t be so nice.”

I shook my head to move her hand away and bent down towards her feet; she placed both heels on the floor and spread her legs wide. Her heels were open toed so I started by kissing around her ankles to the top of her foot, slowly down to her toes; once I reached her toes I stuck my tongue out and ran it along them before she shoved them into my mouth. I sucked on her toes until she stood up and had enough.

“Take your shirt and shorts off but leave your boxers on.” She guided me.

I stripped down and she stood in front of me rubbing the crotch of her lace thong before pulling it up into her slit; the lips of her vagina formed around the string of her thong and my mouth started to water once more.

“Is this what you want?” She asked.

I looked up at her with begging eyes and she grabbed the back of my head by the hair and pulled me forward; my face was buried deep between the lips of her vagina and my nose was pressed up against her thong at the entrance of her pussy. She held it there and told me to take a deep breath; I inhaled the scent of her vagina until it became difficult to breathe. Finally, she released me and the grip she had on her thong.

“Kiss it.” She commanded.

I placed my lips to her slit and kissed it; I found her clit thanks to her clit piercing and placed my entire mouth around it and softly sucked on it.

“Lick it, now.” She continued.

I kissed, sucked, and licked up and down the crotch of her thong along her clit until it was soaking wet. She slid the thong down her thighs exposing her pussy entirely for the first time and grabbed me by the head with both hands pulling me closer again.

“Stick your tongue out.” She demanded.

I stuck my tongue out and she held my head tightly in both hands and started grinding her slit up and down my entire face; from my chin up my tongue over my nose until her pussy was placed before my eyes and my nose was touching the edge of her asshole. She placed her clit on my tongue and froze for a second, she started shaking my head up and down to move my tongue across her clit and her legs started to shake.

She released my head and hiked one leg up on the edge of the bed, my hands impulsively shot up under her until I was holding her ass in my hands and my mouth was now moving furiously up and down her wet cunt; I buried my tongue as deep as I could to taste as much of my sister I possibly could. She shoved me off and decided I was getting to “handsy” with her.

“Sit down and put your hands behind you back.”

I sat with my back to the edge of the bed and my hands behind my back; she stood in front of me and her ass was staring me right in the face. She reached back and spread her ass and lifted it above my head before dropping it over my face; the weight of her ass bent my neck of the edge of the bed and she took her seat, rightfully upon my face. She thrust her hips forward and back again, sliding her pussy and asshole across my face and mouth once again.

She sat on my face smothering me with her thick ass until I literally couldn’t breathe; without thinking I reached up and with both hands pushed her ass up and off of my face, throwing her backwards onto the bed. Needless to say, she was not pleased.

“You motherfucker, did I say you could breathe?” She snapped and slapped me across the face. “I didn’t think so. Now take your boxers off and lay flat on the bed.”

I did as she said and laid flat on my back on the bed; my cock was sticking straight up and I could feel the slight tickle of pre-cum oozing down the shaft to my balls. She stood on the bed above me; was it finally time for her to play with my cock? Of course not.



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