I got home and there were four messages. First, Sue and Kathy were going to visit relatives. Then Jenny called to thank me for Beth’s arrangement and reminded me to keep it quiet. Then Beth called to thank me again. Mom also called and said she’d be in either that night or Monday morning, and if it were Monday, she’d just go directly to work. I unpacked my things. Then I remembered the envelope Jane handed me. I opened it up to find three $100 bills and a short thank you note! I took a shower. As I got out of the shower the phone rang. It was mom again, “Hey Joe. I’ll probably not leave tonight and just get up early in the morning and drive in, OK?”

I replied, “OK mom.”

She asked, “Are you working tomorrow night?”

“Just 6-2 tomorrow.” I answered.

She replied, “GREAT! Because when I get home tomorrow night, I want you to just rape me and ravage my body. I’ve had some juicy thoughts or the past few days and am feeling like a slut right now, so I want to be your little slut and cock whore tomorrow night.”

“Sounds great to me too my little slut!” I replied. We chatted for a few more minutes then got off. I decided to do the laundry and clean the house up—it was a mess. As I was cleaning, I was thinking about the money Jane gave me and how much fun it was to make it. I finished around dinnertime and pulled out some leftovers. Then I decided to call Joyce. “Hello Joyce?” I asked as she answered.

“Joe!” she answered. I could hear kids screaming in the background as she went on. “I was just thinking about you Joe. Oh Joe, Joe, Joe, I could truly corrupt you. I was even telling my friend Melinda about you…Oh I could really corrupt you Joe. Just a second.” I heard her yelling at her kids. Then she got back on, “Sorry about that. These kids are wired today. I should take them back to their grandparents and let them deal with these kids, but my soon-to-be ex is coming by in a bit to pick them up.” She went on about the man and how she caught him sleeping with other women twice. Then she told me, “You know, you really rocked Jane’s world this weekend. She told me all about it and went on for over an hour. She’s on ‘Cloud Nine’ right now. I’d tell you to go over there tonight and give her more, but I got a feeling you called me to maybe see if I were free right?”

“Umm…well, yes.” I answered.

She then said, “Well big boy, I’m busy tonight and most of this week; but maybe toward the end of the week my schedule will free up. I’ll let you know. I have to go for now, bye.” With that, she hung up before I could say anymore. I watched the TV for a while and decided to call Jane—no answer. I figured mom would be home the next night and ready for action, so I got things ready like I did for Jane, and then some. I went to bed around 10.

The next day I went to work. At about noon the hostess came and said I had a visitor. I went up front and there was Joyce. She smiled, pulled out an envelope and told me, “Hey there Joe. Take this out to your car and lock it up. When you get off your shift, read the instructions and follow them, TO THE LETTER! Do you understand?”

The smile left her face as I answered, somewhat puzzled, “Yeah, sure.”

As we went out together, she replied, “From now on, it’s ‘Yes, Lady J!’ don’t forget that, ever!”

“Yes, Lady J.” I replied. She went to her car as I put the envelope in my glove box and locked my car. I finished my shift and when I got to my car, I quickly opened the envelope.

It was an invitation and read, “Dearest Joe,

I had a lot of fun with you and Jane this past weekend. You are a very virile and somewhat talented young man! What you now need to know is that it was pre-arranged, and with great difficulty. However, I had a feeling you’d go for Jane the evening you went to her house, and that you’d take her up on OUR offer. Yes Joe, it was all my idea. Puzzled yet? I bet you are! Well, I also KNEW that you would take Jane up on her fantasy. That was MY reward for her luring you that far, because I also knew that after last Friday night (I had someone check your work schedule and then I watched you sneak into her house!), that you would ask for a threesome with another woman…ALL men desire that.

Are you puzzled even more? Are you still curious about me? I bet you are! If you want to know more you must go directly to the clinic at (she gave the address), and ask for Elizabeth. Show her this invitation and she will take care of you. If you don’t go directly to the clinic now, I will take that to mean that you are not truly curious and interested, and there will be no letter or further contact with Jane or me. However, if you go to the clinic, Elizabeth will give you another letter with further information and instructions. Follow your instructions TO THE LETTER. You will learn that if you fully obey me, I will reward you; but if you resist me in any way, your punishment will be swift! Oh and I have been watching you for a while, so I know your habits.

I submissive cuckolds porno look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lady J” A stamp of a weird symbol followed her signature.

I sat in my hot car, sweating and truly confused, yet very curious. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided to go to the clinic as ‘Lady J’ directed. When I got there, I asked for Elizabeth. I was told to take a seat and she’d be right with me. After about ten minutes, a lady came out and said, “Hi Joe, I’m Elizabeth. Would you follow me?” I followed her back to an exam room, and when we got in she shut the door and asked, “Do you have the invitation?” I handed it over, she quickly looked it over, and said, “Lady J wants to be sure we’re all safe, so I need for you to urinate in the cup, I’ll take some blood, and then you’ll need to provide a sperm sample.”

“A sperm sample?” I asked.

She replied, “Yes, Lady J was very specific about this. You just jack off and get all your sperm into this cup. When you’re finished, just open the door and wait for me. I’ll give you your next letter then.” After I nodded in agreement, she went on, “How about you start by going across the hall with this cup and giving me a urine sample? I’ll get the blood tubes and we’ll draw the blood. Then you can work on the sperm sample.” I took the cup and went into the bathroom and filled it up. When I finished, I went back to the exam room where Elizabeth was waiting with three tubes and another cup. She already had labels on everything with my name and phone number. She drew all the blood and left me to jack off. At first I was a bit freaked out and had problems getting hard, but then when I thought about mom coming home that night I quickly got hard and soon I came. I filled the specimen cup about half way after I fully worked all my sperm and semen into the cup. I cleaned up at the sink and opened the door. Within moments Elizabeth returned, shut the door, and said, “Well, you did really good Joe, wow! The test results should be back by Thursday and if you’re clean, Lady J will call you directly. Now here’s the letter I’m to give you.” As she handed it to me, she looked me in the eyes and went on. “Look Joe, I’m not supposed to talk with you, so please don’t tell anyone we talked…” After I nodded in agreement, she added. “I know that you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, but you seem like a really nice young guy…Please be careful, I’d hate to see you get hurt. You must follow Lady J’s orders to the letter and obey her. Do not resist or question her…ever! Promise me you’ll do that and good luck young man.”

I replied, “Well, I’m more than curious, so I’ll obey.”

She told me, “I hope so, for your sake.” I followed her out to the lobby and drove home. I decided to open the letter when I got home.

It was about 3:30 when I got home and I knew mom would be home at about 5:30-6:00. As soon as I got in the house I opened the envelope. The letter read, “Dearest Joe,

I am so pleased that you decided to go to the clinic and provide your samples for testing. I must make sure you’re safe before we can proceed, and we’ll know by Thursday afternoon. Now, it is important that you read through all these instructions and then follow them: TO THE LETTER! If you obey me, your rewards will be great! If you resist or disobey, your punishment will be swift!

1. Please trim and completely shave you pubic area. The stubble (which I had) was almost unbearable! You will shave it and keep it smooth daily.

2. I know when you’re working and when you’re not. When you’re not working, you will be available to me when summoned.

3. I know you have a girlfriend and I won’t interfere with that. That said, I know she’s out of town this week, so you will be able to obey this week. After that, I will want to know when you’re seeing her.

4. When you run errands for me, I expect you to look respectable. That means dressed in slacks and a nice shirt, no jeans, shorts or T-shirts. I will have people watching you.

5. You will clean your largest cooler inside and out. Then at exactly 7:00 you will arrive at Lee’s (she gave the address), and pick up an order for Hansen. You will then pack it in the cooler and deliver the cooler to (she gave that address). You will place the cooler at the top of the steps, ring the doorbell and leave, without waiting, looking around, or talking to anyone.

6. Then you will go directly home and await my phone call.

If you do all this and everything else I desire, I promise that no harm will come to you. I said I would corrupt you, but more about that later.

Lady J” Followed by the same stamp.

I went to the garage and got our biggest cooler. I cleaned it inside and out thoroughly and put it in my car. I then took a shower and picked out a nice out fit. It was 5 and I started thinking about what I’d tell mom. I knew I needed to leave sex parties porno around 6:30, just the time I figured we’d be in it hot and heavy. How would I tell her that her boss and a friend seduced me and got me doing strange errands? I figured I’d just tell her I have to go to work for a few hours and get my boss to cover for me. He could be ‘bribed’ with money for booze! It was after 6 and still no mom. I wondered where she was.

Finally at 6:30, I wrote and quick note telling her something came up, but I’d be home by 8. I left for Lee’s and arrived just before 7:00, so I waited in the car. At exactly 7:00, I went in and asked for the order for Hansen. The place was packed and the host went back to the kitchen and brought out a huge tray of things in bags. He told me it was already paid for and I took it out and loaded it all carefully in the cooler. I then proceeded to the next address in the old part of town. This was where all the old mansions were, and I found the address and drove up the long driveway. Without looking around I went to the front door, placed the items on the door step where she could open the screen door and get them, rang the door bell and walked away quickly. As I got in my car I noticed several drapes and shades moving out of the corner of my eye. I pulled away and went back home.

I got home just before 8 and noticed that mom was not home. I called her office number, and got no answer. Then I called grandma’s, Beth answered and told me she left early that morning. Where was mom? I asked myself. A bit worried. At about 8:30 the phone rang. I thought it was mom with and explanation, so I rushed to the phone and answered, “Hello?”

Lady J replied, “Hello Joe. Thank you so much for delivering the food. It arrived hot and perfect, well done. I will have someone put the cooler in your car tomorrow while you’re at work, so leave a back door unlocked…Now I want to ask you how much you desire me right now?”

I replied, “Very much, Lady J. I would love to be with you right now.”

She asked, “Are you hard for me? If you’re not, get hard for me. Right there, right now.”

I was already hard anticipating mom’s arrival and I answered, “Yes Lady J. I’m hard for you right now.”

She told me, “OK then, stay on the phone and tell me that you’re willing to try anything to feel my touch again as your stroke yourself.”

I answered, “Yes, Lady J. I’m willing to try anything to feel your touch again.” I was stroking myself hard.

Then she told me, “Let me hear you cum and do it quickly. My time is important.” I thought of her and then mom and within 2-3 minutes I let out a moan as I shot my load on the kitchen floor. Then she said, “That was good Joe. Goodbye.” And she hung up.

I stayed up until just after 11 waiting on mom and thinking. Finally, I gave up waiting for mom and upset, took down everything I had set up. Then I went to bed my mind full of thoughts. Where was mom? What more was Lady J going to have me do? I finally drifted off to sleep after midnight. I got up the next morning and went to work. The day was uneventful. When I got off, I spotted the cooler in my backseat with an envelope on top. This time I opened the envelope right there in the parking lot. It read, “Dearest Joe,

Thank you again for your loyalty and service. I hope you’ve shaved everything today. If not, do so immediately. Tonight, at exactly 7:00, you will go to Zapata’s (she gave the address), and deliver the order to the same address and in the same manner you did last night. I will call you later.

Lady J” Followed by the stamp.

I went home, wiped out the cooler, and took a shower. As I was drying the phone rang. I rushed to it, still wet and it was mom. “Hello Joe. I know I was supposed to be there last night, but I have to work some long and late hours this week, so I can get next week off. I’m not even in my office, but down in the lab this week. I’m staying with a coworker who lives just blocks from work…Look, if I do this, I’ll have next week off, OK?”

“OK mom.” I answered, disappointed.

She replied, “Joe, this is for the best. You want to get away next week, right?”

I answered, “Yes mom. I do, and I have the week off too.”

“Alright then.” She said and went on, “I’m sorry about this week, but you know next week is so much more important. I’ll talk with you later. I need to go now. I love you. Bye-bye.” And she hung up before I could reply.

I was mad and confused as I stood there in the kitchen dripping wet. I went back and dried off. Put on a nice outfit and looked at the map. Zapata’s was a bit closer and between our house and the mansion, so it would be a quicker trip. I left a 6:40 arrived at exactly 7:00. I went inside and told the hostess I was there to pick up an order for Hansen. She smiled and winked at me, and then went back to the kitchen. She came out with another huge order and I took it out and carefully spankbang porno pack it all in the cooler. I drove to the mansion and delivered it as I did the night before, and then drove home.

I got home, ate dinner, and watched TV. At 8:30 Lady J called and had me jack off while she listened again. Then when I came for her, she said, “Once again, dinner was nice and you were good and quick for me. I’ll be in touch. Good night.” And she hung up again. I watched some more TV, had a couple of glasses of wine and went to bed.

I got up Wednesday and went to work. When I finished my shift, I noticed there was no cooler or message for me. I went home and showered. There were no calls that night and I went to bed around 11. I got up and went to work Thursday. As I got ready to clock out, a waitress in her 30’s (Jill) stopped and handed me a familiar envelope simply saying as she smiled and winked, “Joe, I just got this and it is for you to open when you get home.” As she handed it to me I noticed something else in the envelope. She added, “Remember to follow Lady J’s orders to the letter.” Then, after she looked around and made sure we were alone, she whispered, “I hope you know what you’re getting into Joe. You better be careful!”

I nodded, took the envelope, clocked out and went home. As soon as I was in the house, I opened the envelope. There was a letter and a single dose of Sominex inside. I opened the letter and it read, “Dearest Joe,

I am impressed with your loyalty and service thus far. I hope you enjoyed your night off last night and I have good news. All your tests are negative, except for your sperm count and it is very good! I want you to shower, get dressed and go to this address (which she gave). When you get there, ask for ‘Lil’, present this letter and she will take care of you. Then you are to go directly home and await my call at 8:30. I will give you additional instructions then.

Lady J” followed by the stamp.

I drove home, showered, got dressed and headed for the place she sent me. It was a tattoo parlor! I went inside and there was a lady there in her late 20s to greet me. I asked for Lil and she replied, “I’m Lil and I’d guess you’re Joe and you have a letter for me.” I handed her the letter. She turned the open sign, locked the door and I followed her to a back room. When we got back there she told me. “Alright, take your shirt off and have a seat. Relax and get comfortable.” She went to another room and came back with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a beer and said as she poured a tall glass of JD and offered it to me with the beer, “Here, sip this with the beer. I’m going to clean up and start closing out, but I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She left and I heard her out front as I sipped the JD and chased it with the beer. With my empty stomach, after about 20 minutes I was buzzing pretty good, and she came back in and said, “OK you seem to have a good buzz now. You’re going to need to hold very still for me for the next hour or so. If you need to get up, just let me know.” I agreed and she wiped down my upper left arm with alcohol, almost at the shoulder. Then she pulled out a stencil, which looked the same as the stamp lady J used on her letters and marked my arm. As she pulled up the tattoo gun she asked, “Are you sure this is what you want Joe?” Before I could answer she added, “You need to understand, once I’m finished, there is no turning back—You’ll be committed to Lady J.”

I replied half-slurring, “Well, I’ve come this far. Let’s do it!” With that, she began.

She touched me once with it and it stung and I jumped a bit. She said, “I figured you’d jump, being a first-timer. It’s a good thing I pulled away. Now, just relax and I’ll be finished in about 45 minutes.” I sat still through the whole thing. When she finished all I saw was a scab. She gave me a tube of ointment and some gauze, told me not to scratch it at all and be careful showering in the morning. I left and went home.

I was just after 7 when I got home. I looked at my new tattoo and it had cleared up a but. It was a very light brown, almost invisible. Except for the scabbing, you had to look for it to notice it was there. I was puzzled as I drove home and waited until 8:30 with the Sominex still in my pocket. Lady J called at exactly 8:30 and asked, “Hello Joe. Do you like your new tattoo?”

“Yes, Lady J.” I answered.

She went on, “As Lil told you, there is no turning back for you now. I warned you that I’d corrupt you and that may just happen tomorrow night, if things work out as I’ve planned. If not, I’ll let you know. Now, I want you to take that Sominex and go to bed. You may have a long night tomorrow, so you’ll need your rest. Good night Joe.” She hung up before I could ask anything, and I had many questions. I took the Sominex with some juice, went to bed, and was fast asleep within minutes.

I woke up Friday at 5, feeling fully rested. I showered, got dressed, put ointment on my tattoo that was scabbed over, and went to work. It was busy and I had to stay a bit late. Once again, as I was clocking out, Jill grabbed me and handed me another envelope, with some thing else inside, and told me to open it when I got home. I drove home and opened the letter once I was in the house. It contained a key and read, “Dearest Joe,



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