It all started, the relationship with my Gran I mean, when I went to university. Gran lived two doors down the same street as I did, in a house about the same size. I shared a room with my two brothers and she said that I could have the two bedrooms at the back of her house, one as a bedroom and the other as a study. I was quite eager, because I had never really got along with my youngest brother. I paid a little for my room and board and, for most of the year was away studying. Summer and Christmas I would live with my Gran and get a part-time job while I studied and wrote the papers I needed to hand in at the beginning of next term.

One Saturday I had worked all morning in a nearby supermarket and then gone home for a shower. I knew that Gran would not be in the house, because every Saturday, for as long as I could remember, she had gone to the hops with my Mum, had lunch in a little café in town and then come back at about three in the afternoon. I showered slowly, not bothering with the lock on the bathroom door, because I knew that I had the house to myself. Climbing out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my waist, I went across the landing into my room. Something prickled at the back of my mind as I dressed. It wasn’t until I had finished dressing, and I was closing the door to my room that I realised what had been bothering me. I had pushed the bathroom door to when I had gone in for my shower, but when I had finished and gone to my room, the door had been opened wider, almost as though someone had been peeking through the gap on the hinge side.

Refreshed by my shower, I settled down at my computer and began to work on the paper that I had to hand in at the beginning of term. I have to admit that I was a little behind because the subject was not particularly interesting and this made me very liable to distractions. I tried to concentrate, but the sun streaming through my window made it very difficult. At first I tried to ignore the sounds from the front bedroom, trying to dismiss them as a daydream. They got louder and, at last, I decided to investigate. Gran had lived alone, until I moved in with her, since the death of my Granddad not long after I had been born.

I opened my door and listened to the noises that I could hear quite clearly now. They were definitely coming from my Gran’s bedroom and they sounded like grunting and heavy panting breaths. I frowned and moved, as silently as I could, along the corridor until I reached the door to my Gran’s room. The door was not even closed properly and I could see inside.

Gran was spread across the quilt on her queen sized bed, naked apart from the string of pearls she always wore. Her legs were wide apart and I could see her thick bush, totally hiding her pussy. My eyes widened as I watched her czech experiment porno slowly push a thick, pink dildo into her hairy thatch, panting a little as she pressed it into her gash. I watched, open mouthed, as she slowly worked the hard plastic inside herself. With an effort, I tore my gaze from the sight of her hand working the toy in and out of her pussy but, instead of turning away and slipping back down the landing to my own room, I let my eyes wander upwards.

Gran had a neatly curved figure and, although her tummy was a little rounded, she was by no stretch of any imagination fat. I could see her breasts, soft but still quite firm and rounded with hard, dark nipples standing up from the circles of darker skin, almost as big as saucers. As I watched, she worked the dildo in and out of her pussy, pushing it so deep that I thought she would lose it and then slowly pulling it back with wet slurping sounds as the shiny plastic slipped out, covered in her creamy love juices. She lifted her head and I ducked back behind the door, hoping that I had not been spotted. My cock had hardened and become erect as I watched her and I dashed back into my room and flung myself onto my bed. Unbuttoning my jeans I pulled out my thick cock and began to stroke it, feeling the heat as it throbbed in my fist. It only took a couple of strokes to make me cum all over my hand and balls, the sight of my Gran with her dildo had excited me so much.

I cleaned myself up and sat in front of my computer, typing my paper with only half of my mind on my work. The other half kept wandering back to what I had seen in my Gran’s bedroom. The work went very slowly and I kept being distracted by sounds from along the landing. Eventually I heard footsteps moving along the landing and pausing outside my door, before they carried on down the stairs. The footsteps returned and paused outside the door, then I heard a light tap.

“Can I come in?” Called Gran through the door.

“Sure, it’s open.” I called back.

The door opened and Gran cam in with a tray of tea and biscuits. She put the tray down on the edge of my desk and sat on the sofa that ran along one wall. I turned away from the computer and smiled at her.

“Thank you Gran, I was about ready for a break.” I told her.

“Have you been working long?” she asked, looking at me with an unusual expression.

“Since about lunchtime.”

“Oh. I hope I didn’t distract you while I was sorting my bedroom.”

I could not hide the blush that coloured my face but I hoped that the swelling of my cock, as I remembered watching her, was hidden by the shadow of the desk. The biscuit I had just bitten fell apart, showering my lap with crumbs. Gran tutted and leaned forward to brush the crumbs away czech first porno video with her hand. As she brushed, her hand pressed against the hardness of my cock and she squeezed gently, feeling the outline through my jeans. All of the crumbs had been swept from my lap, but Gran left her hand there, kneading my cock through the denim. She reached higher and unfastened the buttons , one by one until my fly was gaping open and she could stroke the bulge of my cock through my cotton briefs. I closed my eyes and groaned softly as her fingers squeezed and kneaded me.

Gran stood up and looked at me. Her eyes locked on mine as she unbuttoned the light cotton housedress she wore and let it fall onto the floor. Underneath she was wearing a black corset and stockings, with a pair of black panties.

“I know you watched me and I heard what you were doing in your bedroom afterwards.” she said, “I haven’t been with a man since your Granddad died and I want to do it with you.”

I just stared for a moment, trying to ignore the rising of my cock as my eyes roved over her body. Numbly I stood up and moved closer, stepping out of my jeans as they tangled around my ankles. She reached out and hooked her fingers into the elastic of my briefs and pulled them down, so that my hard cock sprang free. Her fingers were cool against the heat of my cock as she pulled me closer and my mouth came down upon hers.

We broke apart gasping and I pressed on her shoulders, making her kneel in front of me, so that my cock bobbed in front of her mouth. She looked up at me with a puzzled expression.

“Suck me” I commanded, roughly.

“I don’t know how. I’ve never done anything like that, it’s dirty.” she replied .

“Open your mouth.” I hissed at her, grabbing her hair.

She gasped and I dragged her head closer, stuffing the swollen head of my cock into her mouth, watching as her lipstick smeared along the shaft, right to the base. Holding her head, I rocked my hips back and forth, filling her mouth with my cock and then sliding it out, watching my cock covered with her spit dripping onto her chin. I could feel her heave as I rammed my cock hard and deep but she quickly realised that, if she gulped on the head of my cock as it reached the back of her throat, it would slip over her tongue. The tears in her eyes had made her mascara run down her cheeks, but she gamely sucked and gobbled the hard meat in her mouth and throat.

Pulling her to her feet, I unfastened her corset and spilled her breasts into my hands, pinching the hard nipples and leaning forward to suckle on them, dragging them into my mouth and lashing them with my tongue. She moaned deep in the back of her throat. Reaching down, I ripped her panties away from her dripping czech game porno pussy, thrusting my fingers against the furry gash. She whimpered as they slid into her and I fingered her sopping gash.

“Did you like my cock in your mouth? Is that why your cunt is so wet?” I demanded

She shook her head and then, more slowly nodded.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want you to do me.” She whispered.

“Do you mean fuck you? If that’s what you want then you’ll have to say so.” I prodded her.

“I c-c-can’t say that!”

“Ok, then, I’ll just get dressed.”

“P-p-please, fuck me!”

I pushed her back onto the sofa and pushed her knees apart and back so that she was spread on the edge of the sofa, then knelt between her splayed thighs. Taking the base of my cock in my fist, I rubbed the swollen head along the gash of her pussy, covering my cock with her pussy juice and feeling it mingle with her spit where she had sucked and slobbered all over my hard meat.

With my cock all slimy with her spit and juice, I wriggled the head into her pussy, slipping it between the tender lips and guiding the head into the wet passage she had excited with her dildo. A steady push from my hips and I shoved the whole length of my cock into her dripping hole. She screamed as I penetrated her and she felt the head of my cock filling and stretching her pussy. I waited for her trembling to die down and felt the tight grip of her pussy ease off and then leaned over her and sucked the hard nub of her nipple where it stood proud from the huge dark circle of her aureole. Sucking hard I shoved my hips forward, ramming my cock hard and deep into her bubbling pussy. she grunted and gasped as I drove my cock deeper and pressed my hard chest against her sweaty breasts. As I gained an easy rhythm, driving my cock forward as hard and deep as I could and then pulling back so that it almost fell out of her gaping pussy, she thrashed her head against the cushions, sobbing as I plunged into her. Just as I judged she was ready to cum with my cock buried in her pussy, I stopped, pinning her to the sofa, so that she could not move.

“Don’t stop, finish me, do me, please.” she begged.

“Do what? Tell me. Tell me what you want me to do.” I ordered.

“Fuck me, please FUCK ME!!” she screamed.

Drawing back I rammed my cock into her faster and faster, my thighs slapping against the cheeks of her bottom and her pussy juices running down the crack of her ass onto the sofa. A final lunge and I pinned her down hard as my cock jerked inside her , thick slimy ropes of my cum spraying into her pussy. Each spurt made her jerk and her pussy contract, so that my cock could feel the rippling of her pussy a she milked my cock.

It must have been only a few moments, but it felt as though her pussy was milking my cock of its thick sperm, forever. At last, the final drops of cum spurted into her greedy pussy and my softening cock slid out of her trailing a thin string of slimy cum over her thighs.

As I say, it started that Saturday evening, how we carried on is another story.



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