saturday night party nightWas invited to a party by a ex girlfriend, when I got there was a few people so got a drink and mingled, got talking to a bloke who was on the way to getting drunk and was only 9pm. As we spoke this gorgous girl waalked up said hi and started to have ago at the guy she was saying he promised to drive her home later and now has no way of getting back to her house.I asked where she lived and found out she lived in the town before me and I would have pass by her door to get home, she gratefully agreed and thanked me for being kind and asked if i wanted another drink I said if I do she wouldnt be getting home and we sat down to chat. I couldnt help but notice she had a nice pair of t**ts not to big and her cleavage was showing could see a nice lace trimming to her bra. As we spoke she started to sarıyer escort get tipsy and said that she hadnt had a orgasm for weeks because her boyfriend was useless in bed and had always faked them with him .I just laughed and said you wouldnt have to with me and was shocked when she said well come on then prove it, I stood up and we walked to a spare bedroom closed the door and started to kiss i undone her top and her bra and these nice t***ts stood firm with nipple hard ni&&&les i felt my c%%k go hard and she reached down to touch it she gasped as she felt the size and said she had never had one that thick I just said well it’s your lucky night. As I felt her panties I could feel how wet she was and guided her hand onto the zip of my trousers esenyurt escort to pull it down and get it out. As she did she gasped louder as I rubbed my fingers over her ever wetter panties and started to massage her lips she got my c**k out and rubbed it slowly I knew she was wanting it bad so i took her panties of and lifted her up her legs wrapped round my waist and i lowered he onto my huge dick as I entered her she moaned softly and felt her muscles tighten as it went further in. I could hear her boyfriend asking where she was but I didnt give a toss as I was servicing his girlfriiend.I finaly had my full length in her and started to move up and down against the wall she begged me to go harder so I turned round and walked to the bed lowered her onto it and started to go avrupa yakası escort harder and faster until she said she was cu***ng I could feel her muscles tighten and she screamed like mad and then all of a sudden I emptied my juices into her this made her orgasm again.when we finaly got our breath we tieded up and rejoinned the party I couldnt believe no one had heard her then saw her boyfriend had past out on a chair we stayed a while longer and then we headed home as we got to her house I hinted that I was wacked and it was all her fault and laughed, she suggested that I could stay the night for more so we went straight to bed and had all night sex the most amazing sex ever the following morning as I was leaving her boyfriend was just comming through the door, I made the excuse his girlfriend had left her purse in my car as I had brought her home last night.He appoligised for getting so waisted and slooped of to bed she then confessed they lived together and said she had never had sex like last night and if I was anywhere near pop in for more. I pass her place about every couple of weeks for a few hours even now she married and it well worth the visit.



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