Sara’s Awakening Part 6Mark’s mind raced as he looked through the darkness at his daughter standing before him hand on her hip and totally naked. It was all over now. He tried to think as fast as he could. He could make a run for it. Just push past her and get the hell out of here but if he did where would he go? He sure as hell couldn’t come back here if he left. Would she call the cops? He couldn’t run and he had failed at hiding already.He could just take her now. Grab her around the waist and take her to her bed and then pin her down and fuck her over and over again. May as well get one last bit of pleasure before his world crashed down completely. But he knew he couldn’t do that. No matter how low he had sank he loved his little girl. “I just have to come out and face the music or lie my ass off and hope she believes it” he thought. Slowly Mark made his way from the back of the closet…Sara watched as her father came into view. She kept the little smile on her face. She wondered what he would say or do. Part of her hoped he would throw her down and give her everything she had been waiting for. Somehow she figured he wouldn’t. Besides she wanted to do this on her terms.”Oh… hi baby girl… I was just looking for something and you started to wake up. So I hid in the closet… because I didn’t want to frighten you” he said quickly sputtering over his words.Sara took a step closer to him before she spoke “well daddy… did you find what you were looking for”?”Ummm… no. I didn’t have much time to look” he lied.She figured she could continue to dance around what was going on but that wasn’t what she wanted. She took another deep breath before taking one more step toward him. They were so close now and she could see how uncomfortable it was making him. Maybe I should make him a little more comfortable then…Mark had to give himself some credit. Even with as screwed up as he knew he was he hadn’t once glanced down at her breasts or any lower since he had come out. It was getting hard to control his hands now though. She was so close that he could lean forward and kiss her. What the hell was she doing? She had to know she had no clothes on yet she wasn’t showing any signs of being embarrassed. Instead she seemed almost expectant.He was about to beef up his lie when she reached out and grabbed his hand. “Daddy” she said shaking her head. “I think you found exactly what you were looking for” slowly she moved his hand and placed it gently on her moist pussy. She reached out and took his other hand then said “or maybe I’m mistaken and you were looking for this” she guided his hand up and placed it on her right breast.He stood there too stunned to speak. He was getting everthing he had wanted and now that it was actually happening he had no idea what to do or what to say. But it seemed Sara wasn’t quite done speaking just yet…Sara let go of her dad’s hands and watched his reaction. He wasn’t flinching away but he also wasn’t making any other movement. He looked stunned but she could see the desire in his eyes. She wondered if she was taking the right approach. If she pushed to hard would he freak out and leave. But if she didn’t push hard enough she worried he wouldn’t take her seriously.She stepped closer and leaned in to whisper in his ear “daddy… I want this. I want you.” The words seem to trigger him back to life and she felt his hand lightly squeeze her breast. His head dipped down to the crook of her neck where he started to place soft kisses that soon turned to little nibbles canlı bahis as he worked his way up her neck.She could feel the speed of his breathing increase as his finger put a firm pressure on her clit. She had to stop herself from throwing her head back as the intense sensation sent a jolt of pleasure up her spine. Sara felt her father’s hand run from her breast and graze lightly over the skin of her chest to her neck before settling on the back of her head. He urged her forward and she closed the rest of the distance and almost gasped as she felt her nipples brush against his bare chest…A thousand questions ran through his mind but he pushed them back. There would be time for questions later. His search for answers as well as his nagging conscience had to take a backseat to the lust that pumped through his body.Mark pulled her forward gently and looked into her eyes. He watched as they slowly closed and her head tilted. He leaned his face in and kissed her softly on her full soft lips. Even with the current events he was surprised as Sara kissed him back. He opened his mouth slightly and was pleased when she followed his lead. His tongue worked its way forward searching for her’s. What had started as a soft kiss soon turned into something much more urgent.He moved his hands down her back slowly until they were filled with the smooth skin of her firm ass. He pulled her body tight against his until he could feel the base of his erection pressed firmly against her pussy. He cursed his pajama bottoms for keeping him from feeling the heat of her skin against him but knew that would soon change…Sara moaned as she felt her pussy make contact with her dad’s hard cock. She could feel it throbbing under the fabric of his pajamas. She let her nails run softly down his back and was rewarded by a soft moan from him. She let her hands move to the waist band of his pajams and she gave a gentle tug urging them to the floor. She felt his legs kicking furiously trying to escape the last bit of clothing that kept him from being naked with her.With a small bite of his lower lip she broke away from their kiss and took a small step back from him. She ran her hands down his chest taking in the feeling of the soft hairs that ran from the top down to his belly, then to the thin trail that led to his cock. She let her eyes move down to finally see it.Her eyes fell upon it the same time her hands reached the base of his erection. She was happy to see it wasn’t as incredibly huge as some were in the videos she had watched. She would have guessed it was probably seven inches long but the thickness did worry her a bit. She put her hand on it and found it wouldn’t quite go all the way around. She pushed back her concern and tried to focus on taking in this new experience.She let her hand run from the base to the tip watching his reaction as she did. His eyes closed for a second before opening again and focussing on her face. She let her hand pick up speed slightly and again he let out a little moan. Slowly she moved down to her knees kissing her way down the same path her hands had taken earlier. She watched his face for any sign of objections as she moved her face closer to his cock. Seeing none she opened her mouth and let her tongue take a soft tentative lick from the beginning of his cock all the way to the head…Mark couldn’t believe what he was seeing or what he was feeling. He focussed on her pink little tongue as it licked its way up every inch of his cock. The pleasure that shot through bahis siteleri him when she made her way over the tip of him was overpowering. Then he watched as her tongue circled its way around the head before she took him into her mouth…Sara let her mouth wrap tightly around his cock careful not to let her teeth brush any part of his skin before pulling her head back. She continued this motion letting more of his his cock fill her mouth each time. She wanted to test out her gag reflex so she was taking it slow at first. She looked up to see him watching her mouth move over his length time and time again. Feeling more and more comfortable with each motion she started moving faster. She felt his hands reach behind her head as his hips started thrusting. She knew he was getting close now…Mark could feel the beginning of his orgasm building as he fucked Sara’s face a little faster. A small panic started to creep into the back of his mind. Does she know what happens when a man cums? He decide to warn her although talking was nearly impossible “Sara… I’m gonna cum”…She heard his words and could feel him start to pull away from her slightly so she put her hands behind him and grabbed his ass and did her best to hold him in place as she continued sucking on him. She heard his groan escape before she felt his hot cum hit the back of her throat. She quickly moved her face all the way forward and sucked as hard as she could. She felt several warm jets of cum hit the inside of her mouth. She worried that she would hate it but found that it turned her on even more.She suddenly noticed her father’s tight grip on her shoulders. She looked up and saw his eyes were closed with a look of pure pleasure on his face. She sucked down as hard as she could then slowly moved her head back before finally releasing him. She gave his cock one last lick before looking up at him and smiling…Mark felt as if his body had disintegrated. His mind felt blank and all he could focus on was the best orgasm of his life. Slowly his mind started to refocus and he remembered where he was. His legs felt weak enough he thought he may collapse. He looked down and realized he was using her shoulders for support and quickly released his grip on her.She was looking up at him smiling brighter than ever. The reality of what happened hit him suddenly. He had just fucked his daughters face and she had swallowed every last bit of his cum. The questions from earlier popped back up into his brain along with his conscience. He was about to say something when Sara took him by the hand and led him to her bed…Sara could see in his eyes that he was starting to question what had just happened but she didn’t want to get into that now. The excitement of sucking his cock and the feeling of him cumming in her mouth had her entire body on fire. She sat down on the edge and pulled him down with her. Again he looked as though he was about to speak so she beat him to it.As she started kissing his neck she whispered to him “daddy… I want you to do what you were doing to me earlier”.She worried for a second that he was going to try to talk but was overjoyed when he grabbed her around the waist and moved her up the bed. He quickly had her on her back and was kissing her with a deep hunger that had her legs clenching as she tried to get some kind of friction against her pussy. He started working his way down her body kissing and biting her neck. Then he worked his way down to her breasts. She could feel her nipples stiffen as his güvenilir bahis tongue ran a soft circle around first the left then the right. Then she felt him suck one into his mouth then give a soft bite as he released it before doing the same to the other. The slight pain brought with it a sharp wave of pleasure that shot from each nipple all the way down between her legs.As he continued kissing his way down she felt his hands move to replace his mouth covering each breast and giving them a firm squeeze. Then both his hands and mouth continued their descent down her body. She could feel his breath so close to her pussy now. She felt him move on the bed getting himself into a more comfortable position. Sara glanced down to see the top of his head between her thighs and his hands on top of them then felt his warm tongue run up her inner thigh so close to her pussy that she wanted to squirm down.He moved his tongue slowly up her thigh carefully avoiding her pussy as it worked its way up. “He’s teasing me” she thought. Tingling jolts shot through her each time his tongue flicked over her bare flesh. Soon her hips were raising as her body begged to be touched in the right spot…Mark could tell he was pushing her almost to the breaking point. He loved the way her hips bucked up and down but he wanted to drag it out and make her have the same mind blowing orgasm she had just given him. He took in everything as he circled the outside of her pussy and her thighs with soft licks and teasing nibbles. He could hear her soft whimpers of pleasure and the little groans of disappointment every time he came close to her clit or the wetness of her pussy.Finally after a little nibble between her thighs he let his tongue find its way to her. He felt her legs shake as his tongue slid inside her…Sara had to stifle a scream as she felt his tongue make contact with her. She felt his tongue move inside her impossibly deep and wondered just how long his tongue actually was. She felt him move it in then back out a few times before running the tip of his tongue up the center of her pussy until it made contact with her clit. The feeling was so intense that she nearly crawled away but in the end her desire for pleasure won out and she relaxed.She could now feel his tongue starting a slow circle pattern around her before picking up speed with an up and down motion that left her panting. She felt his thumb move its way to pull back the hood covering her clit and his licks softened a little. At first it was almost to much but before long she felt her hips moving with the motion of his tongue.She could feel her orgasm building now and she reached down with one hand to grab a fist full of his hair her other hand grabing her nipple and pinching hard. She tried not to scream too loud as the first wave hit her but knew it was a losing battle. Before long she gave up and just let it happen. Her legs clamped down around his head as she felt the rest of her body shiver. It was like an explosion of pure ecstasy started between her legs and spread throughout her body…Mark felt the pressure of his daughter’s legs around his head and it sent a thrill through him. Even though she covered his ears he could still hear her screams. He let his tongue lightly flick over her clit a few more times before letting her ride out the rest. Finally the grip around his head released and he looked up to see Sara laying back against her pillow. Her face was red from the screams and there were tears in her eyes. Mark climbed up the bed and took her into his arms…Sara layed her head on her father’s shoulder as she felt the last of the pleasure drain from her body. She d****d her arm over his chest and without another word fell into a deep blissful sleep…



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