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God she tasted good.I changed tactic and used the raspy texture of my tongue to further excite my young virgin doll.Sally gave out a squeal.Her hands tightened their grip on mine.I continued with my tongue, bringing Sally ever closer to cumming. Sally arched her back again ,even more involuntarily then when my tongue first made contact,her breathing quickened then istanbul escort stopped. Sally held her breath,held her body still.Then it happened. I was still lapping a way with my tongue when Sally’s body started to convulse as her first orgasm erupted A shock wave if ecstasy swept through Sally’s tiny body.I kept on lapping,an other worldly,guttural noise came from Sally as she continued to have orgasms. I could feel each one as Sally kept cumming and shaking.I could feel juices leaking from Sally’s virgin pussy,I was concentrating on giving Sally a good clit bashing so much that I didn’t feel her rise. 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