Disclaimer: All sexual activity described in this story is between fictional characters over the age of 18.


On Saturday morning, we loaded up the back of the Tahoe, then swung by the Gutierrez house to pick up Marissa at 10 AM. It was a 4 hour drive, but we could not pick up the keys to the house until 3 PM, to allow the cleaning staff time to get in there. Unlike a hotel, they wouldn’t be back every day. We planned to stop for lunch around Sacramento, before beginning the uphill ride along Highway 50.

I decided to do the drive, with Mom in the front passenger seat, while Annie and Marissa shared the next seat.

We chatted about mostly inconsequential things, played a couple of road games. I was feeling both excited and nervous about initiating the foursome once we got to the house, but didn’t want to bring it up during the drive. I spotted a few kisses exchanged between Marissa and Annie, but nothing that would get us pulled over by CHP.

When I stopped at the rental company office to pick up the keys to the house and exited the Bronco, the air felt chilly, only in the low 50s. Melanie greeted me and said, “There was one small problem in getting the house ready for you to arrive. Apparently, the group which vacated this morning must have been really cold. They kept adding wood to the fire in the fireplace right up to their departure, because the cleaning team found it was still burning strongly when they arrived as their first house of the day. They spread the logs out and smothered the flames with ashes from below them, but the embers continued smoldering before they had to move on to clean the next house. They removed as much ash as they could, but they could not set up your first fire as they normally would have, without it starting to burn. Those logs should be cold by now, if not turned to ash. You might find the house is still pretty warm, though.”

I said, “We can deal with that, Melanie. Thanks for the warning, though.”

I resumed the drive west out of the town, until I turned onto the side road that leads to several lakefront homes, ours the last among them. When I pulled to a stop in front of ours, I heard Marissa gasp. “You own this?” she managed to say.

“Indirectly, but yeah. I guess you like it?” Annie asked.

“It’s magnificent,” Marissa gushed. “You kinda made it sound like this square log cabin in the woods. Instead, it’s loaded with windows and rooflines and chimneys.”

I said, “The chimney closest to you vents the kitchen ovens. The one to the left is for the combination furnace/hot water heater that runs the infloor heating system as well as providing hot water for the showers and sinks. The tall one on the far side of the house is the fireplace in the great room. Let’s unload and we can give you the full tour.”

Mom had brought enough food for our first three days, with a trip to the local supermarket planned in a day or two. While Mom got that socked away in the refrigerator and cupboards, Annie and I gave Marissa a tour of the rest of the house.

I’ve always felt that the great room is the highlight of the house, its outer walls all windows, overlooking the deck, the lake and the land between, with the stone chimney dividing them in half, the roof-line meeting it about 15 feet up. A balcony ran along the inner two sides of the room, with the other bedrooms and bathrooms connecting to it, an L-shaped staircase leading up to it in the corner opposite the fireplace, between the entrance to the dining room and the entrance to the master bedroom. The kitchen was between them, separated from the dining room by a bar with stools on both sides, to supplement the big dining table. The view from the balconies were best from either end, nearest the high points of the windows.

The fire in the fireplace was out, the remnants of a few incompletely burned logs apparent. The heat it had produced in the air was still evident, so I did not need to rush to build another, particularly with the supplementation of the in-floor heating that was set to keep the floors at 68 degrees and the air several degrees cooler. Marissa followed us up the stairs, where we briefly showed her the three bedrooms and the two bathrooms up there. I didn’t expect we’d be using them, so I closed the bedroom doors, to avoid heating them further. We’d open them up again the day before we left.

We headed downstairs just as Mom came out of the kitchen. “So, which of those bedrooms did you conceive Tyler in, Mom?” Marissa asked. Mom pointed to the one on the right.

I said, “Huh, that’s always been my favorite room. I let Annie have the bigger bedroom on the left every year, just so I could stay in it. There used to be a pine tree outside its window where this noisy blue bird made her nest every spring, until it needed to be cut down in 2014, to avoid it falling and hitting the house. She wasn’t around two years ago, that I could tell.”

Mom asked, “A Steller’s jay? Light blue body, dark head with a crest?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

Mom chuckled. “I remember a bird of that breed making a racket out the window while your dad was making love to me in that room. It was bursa escort warmer than today and we had the window open. I don’t think she liked the noises we were making very much. However, I doubt it could have been the same individual bird all those years, since their lifespan is only about a decade. Maybe you remember one of her kids or grandkids, using the same tree to make her nest.”

Continuing Marissa’s tour, we walked through the sliding glass door in the dining room out onto the deck. Twenty feet wide, it ran along two sides of the house, from the dining room around the great room to the master bedroom, with another sliding glass door there. Opposite each slider and at the corner were steps down into the yard. To the left of the dining room slider was a seating area, with benches built into three sides and an awning overhead. To the right of the master bedroom slider was the hot tub, surrounded by a separate cabana with its own roof. Dominating the center of the deck, where it turned 90 degrees, was the back side of the chimney, rising five feet over the roofline.

Walking down the steps closest to the hot tub to the area between the deck and the lake shore and turning around several times, Marissa exclaimed, “The house is even more gorgeous from this side, combined with the view of the lake and all these trees. No dock or beach, though?”

I answered, “Too rocky here for either swimming or boats.” We walked closer to the shore, where I pointed out the numerous rocks just below the water’s surface, past the rocks that made up the shore itself, with only a few cresting the waterline. “Why put in a dock, if you can’t safely jump off of it into the water or bring a boat in close enough to tie up? Besides, this has almost always been a short-term rental property, where we don’t need the added liability for people breaking their necks by trying to dive into the water here. There are public beaches and marinas not far from here, if it warms up enough to swim, which it really only does for a month or two out of the year.”

“I can see why you love it here, Mom,” Marissa said, turning to her. “It’s so peaceful. I can’t hear anything but birdsong and the lake’s waves hitting the rocks. I know we passed other houses coming in, but I can’t see them from here. Yet, the house has every amenity you’d expect a suburban home to have and then some.”

Mom responded, “John and I both wanted it in the divorce. The only ways not to fight over it was to gift it to the trust, ultimately making it Tyler’s, or sell it. Annie was added to the trust later. It was perhaps the best decision we made, in dividing our assets, given the trust’s performance.”

We were beginning to get chilled in the outside air, since it was only in the low 50s and beginning to drop further. When the wind picked up, I saw Annie and Marissa both shiver, since they were just in tshirts and skirts. “Time to get inside and set that fire up,” I said. “Get into warmer clothes, if you want to stay outside.”

We all went back into the house. On the way in, I grabbed the empty ash bucket from its storage spot by the slider, used tongs to pick up the remaining logs, which were indeed cold, and stood them upright in the bucket. I then scooped what ash the cleaners missed from the firebox. I set up a new fire using newspaper, kindling, and gradually larger pieces of wood. I scraped as much ash off of the remnant logs as I could and placed them on top, so they’d finish getting consumed by the new fire. After lighting the fire, ensuring it caught and closing the screen, I carried the ash bucket outside, dumping the ashes into a larger fireproof container that stood a few feet from the house next to another container for compost, then brought the empty bucket inside.

My eyes popped when I came back into the great room. Mom, Annie and Marissa were all up on the balcony, naked. The railing was the only thing keeping me from seeing their pussies. “The air isn’t the only thing that’s warm up here,” Mom said.

“Is that so?” I asked, as I strode towards the stairs, pulling my tshirt off. They all ran, giggling, even Mom, into the bedroom at the left end of the balcony, where the King bed was. As I caught up with them, all three were kneeling atop the bed, their asses towards the door. As I continued getting naked, I realized I had a problem. The bed was too high for me to fuck any of them where they were.

Mom, who was in the center, laughed as she saw me realize it. “Yes, we’re too high to fuck from a standing position. But the height will help you lick three pussies that are hungry for your tongue. Do Marissa first, then me, then Annie. You don’t have to make us cum, but give each of us at least a couple minutes as a warm-up. Annie wants to learn how to suck your cock, so Marissa and I will get her started, then Marissa and I are overdue for our first time together.”

I only had to crouch a little bit to push my face between Marissa’s thighs and begin to lick her pussy from end to end, tasting blueberry again. The angle wasn’t great for reaching her clit, but I crouched a little more and angled my neck to reach it for about 10 seconds. Marissa came bursa escort bayan just as I was about to switch to Mom, so I gave her a little extra attention, slurping up her juices.

When I switched to Mom, Marissa turned herself around and lay on the bed in front of Mom. Mom lowered her face to begin licking Marissa. This bent her further at the waist, making it easier to lick her. I heard Mom mutter the word blueberry. I sucked and nibbled on Mom’s naturally flavored pussy for a couple of minutes, noticing Annie frigging herself impatiently out of the corner of my eyes.

When I moved on to Annie, I said, “Shoulders against the bed, sis.” She complied, arching her back as well, and I could immediately suck her already excited clit into my mouth. I applied suction and Annie came within 10 seconds after priming herself for a couple of minutes. I introduced two fingers into her snug pussy and pressed against her gspot. I brought Annie to two more orgasms before I climbed up on the bed and lay on my back between her and Mom and Marissa, who were now in a 69.

My cock was rock hard and waving in the air. When Annie recovered from her last orgasm, she knelt on the bed by my waist, lightly grasping it and looking at it like she didn’t know what to do next. I took her other hand in mine and looked up at her. “There’s almost no way to suck a cock wrong, sis, unless you bite it. All you really need to learn is how to be comfortable in the process, to control the depth when you need to, how to breathe and deal with any gag reflex. Like anything else, the more you do it, the better you get.”

“Tyler’s right, sweetie,” Mom said, as she and Marissa joined us. “Today, we’re just going to get you used to having a cock in your mouth and teach you how to make Tyler feel good. You’re going to be in control of how much of him enters your mouth. We’ll save learning to take him deeper for another day.”

Marissa said, “Some guys get off on making you gag. I’d dump any guy who wanted that from me, but I’ve learned to control my gag reflex. We’ll get you to the point that you won’t gag, but remember that it is a reflex that’s there for a reason, so don’t feel bad if you do.”

“Start out by just kissing your brother’s prick, Annie,” Mom suggested. “Tip to root, and back again. When you reach the top, lick around it once with your tongue. Get used to his taste, which might be strong at first if he hasn’t showered right before, although sometimes he tastes of soap instead. If you see fluid on top, that would be pre-cum, his way of producing lubricant.”

Annie followed those instructions, trying to keep eye contact to gauge my reaction.

Marissa said, “If you get his cock wet with either precum or your saliva, it’s easier for your hand to stroke the lower half. That feels good for the guy, but also lets you limit how much of his cock goes in your mouth until you’re ready to take it to the back of your mouth or even into your throat. Right now, just take the head into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it a couple of times, then suck as you let it back out.”

Annie did that, producing an audible pop when I slipped from her mouth. My first groan slipped from mine. My head was wrapping itself around the idea that my sister was giving me head. Even weeks of anticipation still hadn’t really prepared me.

Mom said, “He likes what you’re doing so far, baby. Slip him into your mouth again and keep licking as much as you can, while breathing through your nose and stroking the shaft.”

Annie did so, stopping after two minutes when I gushed some precum into her mouth. She asked, “What do I do with precum that comes out while I’m licking?”

Mom said, “Either swallow it, or let it drip onto his cock, make it slicker. Are you ready to try taking him a little deeper? Keep your hand on his shaft, so you don’t take it too deep. If you find yourself starting to gag, back off. Recognize where that point is and avoid it, for now.”

Annie slowly took my cock deeper into her mouth, still swirling her tongue along it, really driving me crazy, my moans uncontrolled. Soon I saw her lips reach her fist, following it down on the down stroke. I wasn’t quite to the back of her mouth. She lingered there ten seconds, then lifted back up, popping her mouth off of my cock. She continued frigging my cock, her mouth rising and falling with her hand. Despite saying that they were going to get involved with each other, Mom and Marissa kept watching.

I said, “Novice or not, she’s going to make me cum soon, so give her whatever advice you have for that.”

Mom said, “You have two options, Annie. Let him shoot his cum in your mouth, or pull off when he says to or after his first shot and let him shoot into the air and dribble on your hand. Don’t stop stroking his shaft, though. If he does shoot into your mouth, he might hit the back of your mouth, which could make you gag. You’ve already experienced the taste of his cum, so that shouldn’t come as a surprise, just there will be more of it. You can either swallow as he shoots, or hold it in your mouth.”

“Like you did, that first night we were with him?” Annie asked.

“Yes,” escort bursa Mom answered.

“How much of that did you drip in my mouth?”

“Pretty much all of it,” Mom said. “It was a pretty big load, too.”

Annie said, “Then I’ve already had a mouthful of his cum and it was fine. Not my favorite taste, but not as bad as I’d heard, either.” She returned her mouth to my cock, moving up and down on it again, swirling her tongue, sucking, all while her hand sped up, no longer in synch with her mouth and tongue.

I lasted barely another minute, before I had to cry out, “Gonna cum. Oh, god, Annie!” and began to shoot. Annie didn’t gag, didn’t pull off, just retreated until only my glans was still in her mouth and used her hand to coax the rest of my spasms.

When I was done shooting, Annie slipped my cock from her lips and began knee walking towards my head, the wicked look in her eyes making it clear she was intent on dripping my spend into my mouth like Mom had done to her. I knew it would be hypocritical to object. Hesitantly, I opened my mouth and watched as Annie dripped my semen down into it. Like most guys who aren’t homophobic about their own sperm, I’d tasted it before, but this was the first time I’d had a mouthful. I swallowed it quickly, after which Annie kissed me, laying along my side just like she had that first night. I whispered to her, “You’re already better at sucking cock than most guys deserve, sis. Thank you for letting me be your first, again.”

Annie kissed my cheek. “I like making you feel good, Ty, just like you did when you licked my pussy. I just wish it hadn’t taken a damned month to return the favor.”

“I don’t keep score like that, sis. I’ll always be able to give you more orgasms than you can give me, anyway, so what’s the point of counting?”

I realized Mom and Marissa were both staring at us, at me mostly. “What?” I asked.

“I’ve never once tried to do that to a guy,” Mom said. “Some of them won’t even kiss me after a blowjob. I can’t imagine what they’d do if I tried to drip a load into their mouths.”

I asked, “Had you ever done it to anyone, before Annie? Some threesome I don’t know about?”

Mom’s eyes widened, as she realized that she could now share a sexuality that she’d mostly hidden from me during my childhood. “I’ve had three threesomes in my life, with two different girlfriends and guys they knew. The very first one, the woman did that to me, and I did it to her the second time we were together with him. We broke up when she got more serious about the guy than me. I just never thought about doing it to the man after blowing him.”

I said, “I’ll admit it surprised me, too. I thought it only happened in porn and between women at that. But I’d be a hypocrite to have refused Annie, don’t you think? I know there are jerks who think tasting their sperm makes them gay or something, but I’ve always felt that if a girl is willing to let me cum in her mouth, I shouldn’t be afraid of tasting it on her lips or tongue. I kissed both of you after you exchanged my sperm with Annie our first night, remember?”

Marissa still looked stunned. “You love us enough, to let us do that?”

“It’s more about respect and consistency, Riss,” I answered. “Even in a casual sex situation, where love isn’t really a factor, asking a woman to do what I wouldn’t is hypocritical. Having my sperm dripped in my mouth like that might be unusual, but I’ve certainly performed oral sex on a woman after cumming in her. I did it with you the night of our first date, in fact, and I have no doubt I’ll do it again this week. Having sperm mixed with your pussy juice changes the flavor, but it’s still tasting and swallowing my sperm. I never saw it as a big deal. If I think it through, I owe it to my partner not to make it one.”

Mom said, “Speaking of flavors, what’s the story behind a blueberry pussy?”

Marissa told the story, and Annie said, “Really? I want a taste.” She scrambled over me, to get between Marissa’s legs for a few quick licks. “I kinda prefer your natural flavor,” she pronounced, when she was done. “You did that for Ty?”

Marissa answered, “I mixed the blueberry flavoring into some coconut oil before prom. I used it again when I shaved this morning. I actually packed three small containers of coconut oil, and both orange and strawberry flavors, in case either of you wanted to try it with and without flavor. Ty asked to reserve this flavor for just me.”

“You don’t want three servings of blueberry pie, Tyler?” Mom teased.

I sighed, before saying, “How do I put this best? Yes, the novelty of the flavor enticed me to be vigorous in licking Marissa’s pussy on prom night. Part of that was to see how long it would take for the flavoring to fade and Marissa’s natural flavor to return, from inside her. I don’t want any of you to think that I dislike your natural taste, because I don’t. I’ve loved eating each of you, so far, without artificial flavoring and with. Every pussy I’ve ever eaten has tasted subtly different, too. I like the idea of that variety. If you’re going to mask that temporarily, why would I want you to all use the same flavor, if there are other options? That said, if you still decide to give me a triple serving of blueberry, I’m going to eat you all to as many orgasms as my tongue can manage and there won’t be a trace of that flavor left when I’m done.”



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