Colored Hair

[Made in all fantasy, enjoy.]

My best friend, Isabella, and I were always flirtatious. It was a habit of ours, neither “good” nor “bad”. I’ve always had a crush on her for the longest time. She was the first person to become my friend when I moved here. We grew up, she went on to date other guys, but I was always there for her. When she and her boy friends would have fights, I was always there to calm her down.

Even me and her boyfriends were good friends, and we had a general understanding. I made sure they knew if they cheated on her, that I’d personally kick their ass. We went on living happy lives, us usually flirting. But during the summer one year, she decided to start seeing my friend behind my back. She’d always make an excuse to go see him. I knew what they were doing and it didn’t bother me, because she would always come back to me. While they were still dating, her parents made them move out to Arizona. The move caused them to break up. But we stayed in contact the whole time she was there.

She always fought with her parents. They never seemed to agree on anything. When she and I finally turned 18, she left to live with her sister Megan. I left high school and when to college. When I finished it, I quickly found a job. I worked as an IT Director for a small company. Pay was good and I was able to buy what I wanted. I rented a small apartment near home so I could visit my folks often. My life was perfect….

That’s what I thought as I stood at the door of my apartment, Isabella looking at me with puppy dog eyes. She had awoken me from a nap that I was taking. I looked at her lazily as she asked if she could live with me for a while. “You’ll hardly notice that I’m here.” She said trying to reassure me.

“No, of course you can stay here. You’re welcome here anytime.” I replied. I can’t believe she’d think I’d say no. I thought to myself. Walking over to pick up her bags, she hugged and kissed my cheek.

“Thank you.” She whispered in my ear as she hugged me. I grabbed all of her stuff and followed her inside. I sat it down in the living room and closed the door. “So where will I be sleeping?” She asked.

“You could have my bed in the room. It’s all made up, I’ll just make some room for you clothes.” I said as a reply. I turned to look at her. I was more alert now that I was awake for a little longer, and I saw how she looked. She had matured, she was taller than before and defiantly skinny. Her hair brown, and was down to her shoulders and straightened. She had a smile that could make any my commit the sin of lust.

“Well, where would you sleep then?” Isabella asked as she walked closer. She was still smiling. She’s probably overjoyed to be living with me. I thought.

“I have a couch right here, I don’t mind giving up my bed. ‘Specially for you.” I said with my small accent. I learned to speak in Seattle when I was kid. Specificity in Monroe, which was the redneck district of Washington. I then moved to California where I met Isabella.

“Your crazy, I wouldn’t give up my bed if someone asked to live with me.” Her smile turned to a grin “I’ll just share the bed with you.” She said. I wasn’t able to tell if she was being provocative, so I just agree to sleep in the bed.

I lugged all of her stuff into my room. I sat most of it down on the bed and began to unpack it. Isabella didn’t mind me doing it, since she practically changed in front of me. Well never in front of me, but she would just walk into the closet for a second to change. I thought to myself. I organized most of her clothing. One bag was full of just shirts and bloused that she wore. The next one was filled with her pants and skirts that looked new. Then came her bag which held the one thing most men wanted to get a hold of if they were in my position.

I opened the bag and immediately saw a pair of black lingerie panties. Picking them up I looked at the information tag. It read “Waist: 26in. Color: Midnight Black. Adam and Eve©.” I compared the measurements to a mental image of a waist graph. Her waist was built like an hourglass, and she sure looked it. She reminded me of what a foxy girl in the 1950’s would look like.

I looked around, and noticed Isabella looking at me from the kitchen. Shit, she’s gonna think I’m a pervert. I thought in agony to myself. She smiled and winked, and continued on into the living room. I stood mouth open. Forget it, she was probably messing around. I returned to my work, and finished separating all her clothing. While I was organizing her clothing, Isabella had started watching TV. This gave me time to gather other information bursa escort from her clothing. Call me creepy, but I’d much rather know what she fits in; since I like to buy her gifts.

When she got taller, she thinned out. This made her breasts a D cup average. She has long slender legs, from what the measurements said. They stood at 39 inches. She defiantly looked like a 1950’s fox. “Alex! You done yet?” Isabella called out for me.

“Yeah, just putting away the last of you clothing. Then I gotta stash the luggage bags, and I’ll be out.” I replied. I placed the last of her lingerie panties in my boxer drawer. Jeez, if my parents come over to visit while she’s gone and they look through my drawers they’d think I’m some sort of faggot. I joked to myself.

Walking the luggage bags to the linen closet, I got a giggle out of Isabella. I turned to her and she looked at me, giggling. “What do you think is so funny?” I asked her.

“Well I never thought of the day I’d see you unpacking my clothes for me and putting my luggage away. Thank you for letting me stay here.” She said.

“It’s not a problem. Hey what time is it?” I asked her. I hadn’t checked the time while I was in my room. She looked back at the TV and opened the guide. It displayed “6:49 PM.” It’s already that late? Saturday’s always go by fast. I thought. Since the guide was still up, I looked at what she was watching. It read “The Notebook.” If it were any other girl, I’d refuse to watch it.

I walked to the linen closet and stored the luggage bags. Then I walked over to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Isabella must have had some hunger, since she called out the instant I opened the fridge “What are you making?”

“Just some pizza. It’s almost 7, that’s dinnertime for me.” I answered, knowing that Isabella would be overjoyed to be having pizza.

“Aww, just ’cause I’m here?” She asked. I began to blush, what Isabella had said was true. I hardly ever at pizza by myself. I was more of a hamburger kind of person.

Thinking of something to make it look like it was casual, I said “That, and I love making the pizza from the recipe you gave me.” It wasn’t a white lie. I did like the recipe she had gave me. I grabbed the required ingredients from the fridge and pantry.

I made the dough while the oven heated. As the alarm to the oven went off, I began to sauce the pizza. I added the shredded cheese, then the vegetables. Isabella had been a vegetarian for as long as I could remember. I added extra onions and bell peppers, both of which we like. I placed the pizza in the oven, and set the timer.

Walking over to the couch, Isabella got up so I could sit. As I sat down, she moved over closer to me. I placed my left arm on the back of the couch. We were sitting a 3 feet away, not saying that it was too close or anything. My eyes couldn’t help but wonder towards her body. I looked at her upper body first, looking at what she was wearing.

Isabella wore a tighter-than-average purple v-neck. You could see parts of her bra from the shirt, and the general color of it was red. She wore silver sweat pants, and had on pink socks. Her attire matched that of someone who would be staying in for the day. Was she expecting to be staying her tonight? What am I thinking, that’s what she should have been thinking. My gaze flickered back up to her breasts. They filled out her bra perfectly.

She must have noticed me looking, because she sat up and made her boobs perk out more. I snapped back to the movie, blushing deeply. We were watching: Alantis: The Lost Empire. A movie we watched a lot when we were young. I heard her scoot closer.

Daring a look, I saw that she closed the gap between us. She looked over to me and smiled. I smiled back, and she rested her head on my shoulder. I began to blush, but she didn’t look at me. Calm down, she’s just getting comfortable. I thought to myself, my face began to turn back to it’s original color.

Isabella grabbed my arm and slung it over her shoulder. I pulled her in closer, which was what she wanted. Her skin felt soft and smooth. She had gotten a tan while we were apart. I started to pay attention to the movie. It brought back nostalgia and good memories. We continued to watch the movie until the oven’s timer went off. I got up and fixed us some plates and place the left overs in the fridge. We sat and ate through a few movies. I looked at the time, it read “9:54 PM.” It’s pretty late. I’ll have a few drinks with Isabella, then I’ll go to sleep. I planned to myself.

I rose from where we were sitting and walked over to my Liquor cabinet. bursa escort bayan Isabella asked “Whatcha getting?”

“Some booze, want some?” I replied.

“What are you having?” She questioned.

“Few shots of Jack Daniels, then I’m gonna hit the hay.” I answered. Isabella agreed to have some drinks, and I walked over with two shot glasses and the bottle. I rarely ever drank, but when I did it was with my friends. We took 7 shots each and decided that it was enough. “Well, night. Don’t worry about waking me up when you finally go to sleep, I’m a heavy sleeper.” I said, as I walked into my room. I undressed into my boxers and climbed into bed. I closed my eyes and began to sleep, my body warm from the whiskey.

I opened my eyes, the room was dimly lit. I felt a weird sensation, kind of a tingling and hot feeling. The feeling began to feel more intense was I awoken more, and my eyes adjusted to the dim light. I looked down and saw that covers moved back. When my eyes finished adjusting, I was finally able to make out Isabella on the bed, near my legs. As the feeling began to turn pleasureful, I let out a small moan. I heard Isabella let out a small, muffled, chuckle.

As I took a second look, I saw that Isabella was sucking my cock. Am I dreaming? I thought. She was sitting at the edge of the bed with my boxers down and my dick in her mouth. Another wave of pleasure hit me. No, she’s really sucking my dick. She didn’t notice that I was awake. Man she sure knows how to work it. I thought as she began to deepthroat my cock. I felt a building up of pressure in body. I’m getting close, and she can tell. She doesn’t know that I’m awake, so lets keep it that way.

Wave after wave of hot pleasure hit my body, and pressure continued to grow in my body. Just a little more. I thought, I was close. As she went down for the final time, I let a small moan release from deep within me. She moaned in surprise when my load rushed into her mouth. As she took her mouth off of my dick, I heard her swallow my seed. The thought of her swallowing my cum was enough to get me hard again. Did Isabella really just suck my dick? What, isn’t she the first to do that? I thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wanted a blowjob as long as I’ve known what they were. It’s just that I was never the best at relationships. I had gone all 23 years of my life without getting to third base with any girl. Call it sad, but I think it’d be more romantic to lose your virginity to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And Isabella was that person.

I kept my eyes closed enough to make it unnoticeable that I was watching, as she turned the light on. Once my eyes adjusted to the brightness of the light, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Isabella, the one girl that I wanted to fuck since we were old enough, was naked in my room with my cum on her boobs and dripping from her mouth. I couldn’t help but get hard again. As she finished cleaning up, Isabella looked over to me and noticed that I was hard again.

By the looks of it, she wasn’t content with just giving me head. Isabella turned out the lights and crawled into bed. She began to stroke my dick, and with my half-sleepiness I involuntarily rolled over towards her. It was what she wanted.

Isabella backed toward my member, stroking it the entire time. She pressed her lips against my member, and I shuddered with pleasure. Her pussy was already sopping wet, I imagined her playing with herself. With a light thrust, she had the head of my member in her pussy. Capable of grace that seemed unholy, she began to rock back and forth a little. She was taking me inside of her. Her pussy felt warm and tight beyond all belief. If I had came earlier, her tightness would have sent me overboard. She began to rock herself in a rhythm that made little movement, but got the job done.

Isabella began to let out small moans. She began to softly say “Fuck me, Alex.” Her pussy began to contract and relax around my member as she rocked back and forth. I felt the same pressure as before build up within me. Twice within a few minutes? Damn I must have the reproductive capability of a rabbit. I thought to myself.

Her moans began to quick, along with her pace at which she was rocking. The pressure within me grew as she did so. Isabella didn’t care if she woke me up at that point, she wanted to cum badly. She rocked violently on my dick, milking me. I let out moans of pleasure, still acting as if she hadn’t awoken me. As we both neared our climaxes, she began to pull me closer to her. She rocked hard one last time and began to moan loudly escort bursa as she came. Her pussy began to tighten and relax around my member, making me cum.

We laid as one being, cumming from each other. I opened my eyes all the way, letting her know that I was awake. She trembled as she lay, her pussy dripping my cum. She turned to look at me, seeing if I was awake. As she finally looked at me, she blushed and looked away. Since we were in a spooning position, it wasn’t hard to pull her close. As I did so, I heard her give out a small gasp. As though I had startled her.

She said quietly “Please don’t think I wanted to be here just for sex. I was a little drunk and thought it was good idea.” Her voice sounded teary, as though she was about to cry.

“Don’t worry, I never thought that’s what you wanted. And if you were drunk it was my fault. I love you more than anything.” I reassured her. My cock was still hard in her pussy. It didn’t feel as though it was be going down soon. Damn, ready for a third time within seconds of cumming. I must have been a rabbit in my past life. I thought.

Isabella obviously felt me still hard in her, since she said “Hey, aren’t you suppose to be limp by now?” She looked over to me and got a blush as a response. Smiling wickedly, she rocked a little back and forth. We both let a moan escape. Staring into each others’ eyes, we decided that we’d go again. “Have you done this before? If you have, all your girlfriend’s must love having sex with you. I mean three times in the same hour? It’s unheard of.” Isabella said astounded at how many times I had came, and was still hard.

“Actually you’re the first person I’d had sex with before.” I told her. She wasn’t expecting that answer, and I got a devilish smile in return.

“So, three times in row……I wonder how many times you can go….” Her thoughts started to drift. If she’s thinking of having sex all through the night, I’m one for it.

“Hey, why don’t you get on all fours and I’ll show you how long I can go for.” I said, reaching around pinching one of her nipple playfully. She shuddered, and in turn her pussy contracted around my member. A small moan leaped from my lips as the pleasure hit me. She giggled and got up. Raising her ass to my, I could see most of my seed dripping out of her pussy. “Hey, are you taking birth control?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I already took my pill today.” She said. Hopefully this doesn’t bit us in the ass. I thought to myself. I leaned towards her rear end, and began to lick her ass hole. She shuddered and moaned as I did so. I continued licking for a minute, then finally got up behind her. I placed my member on her lips. With a slight thrust, I sank into her pussy. We moaned as the waves of pleasure began to flow over us. I moved my hips back and forth, making her moan as my member entered and left her pussy. As my pace quickened, she began to pant and moan involuntarily.

With one last thrust, I hit her G-spot making her moan louder than ever. Isabella looked back at me with a yearning on her face. “Have you ever done it anal?” I asked, as I rubbed my thumb against her asshole. It twitched in response to me rubbing it.

“N-no, but you c-can try it. P-pound my ass, p-please” She begged. I slowly pulled my member from her pussy, making her moan with even more pleasure. I readjusted my member and pressed the head of my dick against her asshole. Since I had enough of her juices on my dick, I was able to slide in easily. If it weren’t my third go, I say that the penetration would have finished me quickly. Her tightness was beyond reality. As I buried my cock deeper in her ass, Isabella moaned with intense pleasure. I began to rock back and forth, bringing the head of my cock almost out of her, and then thrusting back into her. As I hit the deepest part of her I could go, she screamed out in pleasure saying “Fuck my asshole! I don’t want to be able to walk!”

I rammed her again and again, making the pressure build up in my body to the point of breaking. She began to moan loudly and shake as she came from me fucking her ass. With one last thrust, I made her scream with pure ecstasy as I unleashed the biggest load of my life into her ass. Isabella and I collapsed with pleasure onto the bed. As the intense feeling left my body minutes later, I looked at Isabella.

She must had passed out from the pleasure. I thought to myself. Getting up, I moved her so the covers were back and she lay exposed to me. I walked to the bathroom and got a towel. I cleaned up her pussy and asshole the best I could so she wouldn’t wake up with an unpleasant stickiness to her asshole and pussy. I wiped the spooge off the blankets and turned off the lights. I climbed into bed, and pulled Isabella close to me. As I began to drift into my dreams, I heard her say “I love you, Alex…..”



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