These are the Roo Tales – a collection of stories written for, and inspired by, my beautiful online daughter Roo. Roo is of course 18.

Roo Tales – The Quiz

Question 4 – How much pocket money does your Dad give you?

a) Under £5 a week b) More than £5 a week c) As much as I need


Roo wrinkled her nose and ticked one of the boxes. We were passing time on a train to Scotland – an otherwise empty first class carriage was making the 5 hours more comfortable, although for some reason Roo had decided to lay on the seat with her legs draped over my lap as she read the questions from Heat or Nutz or Twatz – whatever this week’s ‘indispensable guide to the lives of tedious nonentity celebrities’ was called. We were doing “How great is your Daddy?”

Surprisingly, the quiz had failed to fully grab my attention and my mind was flicking between the countryside and Roo’s legs. I had chosen to awkwardly hold onto her foot rather than plump for the more natural option of resting my hand on her bare thigh. Nonetheless the position was slightly uncomfortable for various reasons.

I found myself wishing trains still made that noise from the bygone days of steam. How nice it would be to let one’s mind wander to the curiously reassuring rhythm. “de de de da! de de de da! Look at that cow, there in the field, your daughter’s bare legs NO! Over the points, chug a chug chug, chicken and chips, your daughter’s bare –



Question 7. On a train to Scotland you notice your father sneaking furtive glances up your skirt. Do you:

a) Do nothing b) Stop the train and storm off vowing never to speak to him again c) Wriggle slightly in your position allowing him to get a better view of your white knickers

I blushed crimson. Caught red handed! Ah well at least she hadn’t opted for b. I caught her eye and she gave me a wink. I’d got bursa escort away with it, thank God.

Something had been happening between Roo and me lately. Little exchanges, glances, smiles at breakfast. I guessed she was practising her flirting technique on the only man available in her day to day life. There was only one male teacher at her all girls school, and she had pretty much rejected the lanky young idiots who loitered awkwardly in the shopping centre making lewd noises like the ignorant pigs they were. She was a stunner that’s for sure. I was dreading the day she brought home some hopelessly unsuitable – oh!

Roo had turned the page of her magazine. As part of the process she had wriggled slightly in her position and allowed me to get a better view of her white knickers. The whole movement seemed so natural and unforced I wondered for a moment whether she was even aware. She had pulled the magazine up to cover her face to avoid eye contact.

As I drank in the beautiful sight – the legs slightly parted, the skirt ridden up to her waist on one side, the perfect mound of her young vagina flimsily protected by the thin white material, the contours of her nicely puffy lips clearly apparent as her hips tilted towards me – I found myself not sure what to do. I mean if she genuinely hadn’t noticed then it would be wrong of me to -, yet if she was expecting me to somehow respond…

Her voice appeared from behind the magazine:

Question 9. The loving, attentive gaze of your Daddy has made your panties soaking wet. Do you:

a) do nothing b) clench tightly to stop any further flow and hope he hasn’t noticed c) invite him to investigate fully the source of this moisture

It was true…as I looked closer I could see the material had become almost transparent between her legs and her lips were clearly visible

Roo thought a moment. Hmmm… c)

Taking bursa escort bayan my cue I at last rested my hand on her bare thighs. So soft. Slowly, ever so slowly I moved up her leg, my touch a mere whisper. When I let my hand rest on her hip, my little finger trailing in the crook of her leg, brushing almost imperceptibly against the white material she gasped slightly…

Her voice had become thick and uncontrolled

Question 11. When you have a date does your father insist on meeting them first?

a) …

Her voice trailed away as I cupped her mound and let my fingers spread like a delta across her panties

…all the time

b) Oooooooooh

My middle finger was tracing the contours of her wet lips through her drenched knickers

or c)

I felt her tense as I eased my hand under the material and felt her bare cunt for the first time. She orgasmed immediately. The wettest most intense I have ever seen, her juice pouring into my hand. For a moment I thought she had fainted but suddenly she started rocking, rubbing herself against my hand desperate to milk the last drop. She gasped and then screamed so loudly I feared an inspector might be alerted.

What happened next took me completely by surprise. In what seemed like one swift movement she had pulled her knickers off, unleashed my cock and straddled me, taking my full hard length in. I have never seen a woman so turned on, so hot. Her eyes burned into mine as she pumped up and down on top of me

‘Roo, what if someone sees?’

‘Sees what Daddy? Sees you fucking your daughter?’

Both of us had trouble speaking. I looked down and saw the wondrous sight of my rigid cock buried deep in my daughter. As she pounded like a wild mare she said:

‘From now on Daddy it’s just you and me. I’m the only woman you will ever need. Whenever you want me, any time day or night, escort bursa whether it’s in my bedroom as I do my homework, in the kitchen as I’m cooking, in the shower, even in the street if that’s what you want – any time you want me you can have me. My cunt is yours Daddy. Forever. I want your hands in my knickers all the time, feeling me, making me so wet for when you fuck me. When we pass in the hallway, when I’m in your car, when we watch TV together I want your fingers in me, your tongue, your – ooooh – your beautiful cock. Promise me’

‘Oh Roo, I promise’

‘I’ll make you so happy Daddy. Fill me with cum. That’s it Daddy…come inside your hot daughter’

She knew I was ready. My cock was harder than it has ever been. Every part of it seemed to be hyper sensitive. Roo’s juice was cascading out of her as she lifted her top and exposed her young beautiful breasts, her nipples so hard in my mouth.

I couldn’t hold my ejaculation a moment longer. There were no thrusts and gasps, the slightest movement was going to be enough. I looked her in the eyes, she could see my dilated pupils and she bit her lip in sheer excitement. Suddenly my body tensed and I felt the warmth of my sperm filling my daughter in one continuous flow. It was as though my body was being drained of all liquid, all its energy. At that moment I could not have uttered a single word, made a single movement, so complete was my satisfaction.

As my cock dwindled inside her Roo took my face in her hands and kissed me. She detected some guilt in my eyes

‘Ssh Dad. It’s fine. Nobody need ever know. I love you completely, my soul and my body are yours’

With that she was up and dressed

‘Hmm let’s see how we did’

Roo went through the motions of totting up the quiz scores


‘What does it say?’

‘It says your Daddy is not only the best Daddy in the world, he has the most fantastic cock and is the best fuck a daughter could wish for’

She gave me a wink and then closed the magazine and snuggled up to me, my protective arm around her as we drifted off to sleep to the rhythm of the train.



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