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Maggie silently slid the keys out of her purse and into the palm of her left hand She tiptoed across the foyer and turned the knob of the front door carefully, quietly, so as not to be heard by her slumbering family; it was 2 o’clock am.

Maggie had been impatiently waiting as the clock struck midnight, 12:22, 1:35….at last it is the designated time; time to meet her friend.

She drives slowly to the near-by truck stop. Notions of guilt and excitement do battle in her head as a moisture increases inside her boy-cut panties and her clit begins to swell with thoughts of what’s to come. She pulls into the “Truck” Entrance and scans the parking lot. He is there, as he promised, with the big rig idling to maintain a cozy warmth inside the awaiting cab. He appears to be sitting in the driver’s seat, at ease, elbows propped on the wheel of the huge truck. He was watching for her arrival.

Maggie sits in her car and stares at the truck. At his shadowy image. She imagines the massive size of the truck is a terrific comparison to the extremely large circumference of her friend’s erect dick. Maggie reaches into her panties and begins to stroke her nub slowly, up and down, in preparation of the fuck session she anticipates; she wants to be as wet as she can be in order to smoothly illegal bahis accept the wide shaft that will completely fill her with those well-known rough, thrusting motions. There is little time for them; foreplay must be brief and the sensual business at hand will begin instantly.

Maggie decides to turn off the car’s engine. The air is cold as she steps out of her parked car; she can see her breath in the night air. Her nipples are instantaneously erect and she is shivers with the sensation. As she begins to cross the vast partially lit lot she see him coming toward her, to escort her to his truck. He appears confident, almost arrogant,; he is in control of this rendezvous. Maggie falters for a moment; she stops dead in her tracks with a sudden realization. It occurs to Maggie that these other men present, who watch unseen from the comfort of their trucks believe she is a Professional. Maggie appears to these men, to their dozens of hungry eyes, to be a hooker. She wonders briefly if they want her. Does she look hot? Does she look worth their hard-earned money? These thoughts fill her with even more excitement as she keeps the brisk pace of her friend. Together they reach his truck.

The truck door is opened and she steps up first with a slight shove to her rear. illegal bahis siteleri The place on her ass that he touched feels as though it’s been seared. Maggie can hardly calm herself, she wants him so badly. He follows her into the front of the cab and motions to the bed and the lit candle that will cast a flickering glow on their naked bodies. Suddenly he grabs her by the hair at the nape of her neck. He winds the hair into to his and pulls her face to his. Her lips are smooth, his kisses are deep and forceful. They undress quickly, letting clothes fall as they will and he lays down on the bed with his member standing at full attention, a sight that causes Maggie to physically quake.

She is torn about her next move; one part of her desire is to climb on top of his large, long body and ride until she burns. Another part of her reminds her to slow down and relish the few moments they have alone. Take it slow so that time can replay each touch, thrust, kiss that they share.

Maggie acts. She knells down swiftly and takes his cock in her hard as she licks her lips. She opens her mouth and wraps her moistened lips around his shaft. He takes in a breath. This moves her to another level of arousal and she begins to apply the pressure of her tongue to the underside of canlı bahis siteleri his dick as she bobs her head up and down. Her long hair brushes back and forth along his inner thigh and he shivers. She sucks and then pauses at the top of his cock; she licks the rim of his mushroom and smiles to herself. She is ready to ride. Hard. Now.

Maggie stands and throws one long leg across her friend’s body and lowers herself onto his thick throbbing member. She pushes it inside herself only one inch. Then she rises just short of letting it pop out. She lowers herself again, this time an inch further and glides back up. She is so wet that her movements are making a slick swoosh. One more time she begins to move downward, the inside of her squeezing him tight. She can’t take it any longer. She lowers herself downward and moans. Up again. Down. She is moving faster and landing harder. He tells her she is so hot. She thinks she may come anytime now and so she opens her eyes and looks into his face. His rapture is quite complete. He is intense but has more to offer her. His load. “Do you want it? Do you want me to come in you?” They have been working up to this climax for weeks. His giant hands grab her roughly around the hips and slam her down. Hard. And lifts her up. She is no longer working at all. She is coming. Coming. He pulls her hard against him and releases himself into her. She yells out in pleasure; who can hear them anyway? The other truckers may come, too, as they listen from almost-silent bunks. Sweet Dreams, Boys.



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