Justice has run its course, but my family is going to pay…

NOTE: this is the sequel of my previous story entitled “Robbed”.

After the robbery, our lives seemed a living hell: mom was afraid even of her shadow and about me, well, I was no longer able to look at mom, without imagining her naked.

Fortunately dad took control of the situation: we moved, and dad made sure that the new apartment had every kind of safety device. Alarm system for door and windows, reinforced door, video intercom…our house was a small fort!

Our life was slowly returning to normal … when we were informed of the arrest of the robber.

We had to testify at the trial: reporting the facts to the police had been embarrassing, but to repeat the story in public was a torture, especially for Mom.

Anyway, though I had been insecure, mom recognized the burglar with certainty, and this was enough to convict him. During my deposition, I had noticed a man in the audience looking at me intensely; my father must have noticed him too, because he immediately asked our lawyer if he knew him. “He’s the burglar’s brother”, the answer was. However, with the conviction of the robber, the whole story seemed definitely closed and we finally went back to our lives.

About a month after the trial, my parents and I were coming back home from a dinner with friends; mom had at last started to leave the house without fear and the evening had been very pleasant.

We were on the landing, in front of our apartment, and dad was going to open the door, when they appeared out of nowhere. Four men, their faces covered by hoods and guns in their hands. They forced my father to open the door and deactivate the alarm system, then came inside with us and closed the door behind them: we were now locked up in our fortress, just with those it should have taken out!

Mom was terrified, while dad was calm and lucid. He showed them where was the money and valuables, but they interrupted him brutally. “All in good time …”, said one of them.

When another of them ordered us to undress, I seemed to live in a frightening deja vu.

Anyway we obeyed, removing our clothes, until we remained, dad and I in underwear and socks, and mom in bra and panties.

The one who seemed to be the boss came forward and hissed: “Go on, I want to see you naked!

Reluctantly, we did as we were ordered.

One of the men gave to me and dad two pills for each, telling us to swallow them. They looked in our mouths., to make sure that we had really swallowed.

Then they took out from a bag several hanks of rope: I already knew what awaited us!

They tied our arms in a very strange way: they made us overlap our forearms behind our backs, so that each of our hands was close to the opposite elbow. They took a long piece of rope and wrapped it several times around our chests, then around each of our arms above the elbows, then they connected this rope to our forearms. Our arms were completely immobilized and fixed to our bodies.

On mom they used two pieces of bursa escort rope, wrapping one above and one below her breasts: due to those ropes and to the position of her arms, her breasts were protruding…despite of the dangerousness of our situation, I could not help but find my mother extremely exciting!

They took mom’s bra and forced it into dad’s mouth, securing it with duct tape; then did the same with my mouth and mom’s panties and with mom’s mouth and one of my socks. Finally they forced us to sit on the floor, side by side, our backs against the wall and tied our legs at the ankles and knees.

Then they sat on chairs in front of us, doing nothing but look and laugh at us.

We sat there silent and frightened: this wasn’t a robbery, it was clear, so what did they wanted from us?

Mom was sitting between me and dad. I realized that I could touch lightly her fingers with my fingertips. She looked at me scared, her eyes were veiled with tears.

The robbers did not seem to have any hurry: they remained sat there for a while, laughing and making lewd comments about our nakedness.

Meanwhile I could not avoid looking at my mother’s breasts … on the other hand, she immediately noticed my erection: the feeling of deja vu was getting stronger!

Compared to last time, now I had an extra stimulus: I was tasting my mother’s panties, my mouth was steeped in her vaginal fluids!

I noticed that also my father had an erection. It seemed strange: he should have been accustomed to seeing his wife naked!

I can not say how much time had passed, but suddenly the four men stood up. They moved one of the living room furniture in the middle of the room. It was a rectangular coffee table, with solid legs connected in pairs by horizontal supports along the short side.

They untied mom’s legs and made her lay face downwards on the table, with her legs spread on either side. They tied her upper body to the table top and each of her knee to a leg of the table: a position that did not promise anything good! Mom had to think the same way because she began to mmmmmpphhh furiously, but the thieves did not showed any compassion and continued their work.

They help dad to stand up, made him hop towards the coffee table and kneel on the floor, behind mom. Then I witnessed something shocking: I saw them introduce to force dad’s erected penis in mom’s anus! The operation took some time and had to be painful for my mother: her mmmmmmpphhing became hysterical; if she had not been gagged, I believe that her screams would have waked the whole neighborhood!

One of the men doubled a piece of rope, wrapped it around mom’s waist, made it pass through dad’s crotch, wrapped around his waist and then connected the rope encircling mom’s waist with the one tied around dad’s. Then he tied his knees to the support connecting the legs of the table. Finally he used another piece of rope to connect together dad’s ankles, waist and forearms: dad had no way to remove his cock from mom’s ass, at least until it had been hard!

Mom was crying bursa escort bayan and moaning from under the gag, but, though I could easily imagine how much she was suffering, I couldn’t help but find the sight of dad forced to bugger her, indescribably exciting!

Now it was my turn! One of the men helped me to stand up, hop towards the table and kneel on the floor: the same as they did with my father, except for the fact that I was face to face with my mother. I was close enough to see tears running down her cheeks. The man pulled the tape from her face and helped her to spit my sock. She gasped for air, then started to whimper, begging the four men to let us go. The one closer to me doubled a rope, made a noose at one end and then slipped the noose around mom’s neck, leaving a long peace of spare rope hanging. Then he made it: he guided my cock into mom’s mouth, pushing it so thoroughly that my penis seemed to be to squeeze in her throat. I heard mom regurgitate.

The man took the spare rope hanging from mom’s neck, pulled it forcing my cock deeper in mom’s mouth, made it pass through my crotch and tied it tightly around my waist; once made the knot he tied the two spare ends of the rope around my scrotum. Then, as he had done to dad, he tied my knees to the horizontal support of the table, and finally tied another piece of rope from my ankles, to my waist and then to my forearms. He had practically gagged mom with my dick!

He gave me a violent slap on the ass, saying “Your mother has a rope tied around his neck with a slipknot: If I were you I wouldn’t try to pull your cock out of her mouth, unless you want to strangle her, of course!” Mom and I moaned as one.

As final touch, one of the men used a piece of rope to connect the ropes encircling dad’s chest and mine, so that if one of us had tried to alleviate the pressure he was putting on mom, he would have done nothing but increase the one applied by the other.

Next they produced a video camera and started filming us. Dad and I mmmmmmpphhhed in anger.

I could hear mom sobbing.

I was too humiliated to look at dad, so I tried to look down. Absolutely not a good idea: I could see my mother keeping my cock in her mouth, a sight increasing my excitation.

From time to time, I felt mom sucking my cock: not being able to spit out the saliva that it was forming in her mouth, she was forced to suck to try to swallow it.

In the meantime, our captors were in search for ideas to make their movie more absorbing.

The way they had tied my arms, it leaved my ass open and inviting: all four made in turns to violently slap my ass…..with each blow my instinctive reaction to pain made me push my dick deep in mom’s throat. I heard her choke every time.

My father was getting more and more furious at this show, and began to struggle, but, bound as he was, he only obtained to violently bugger mom, increasing the amusement of our captors.

Meanwhile, they went on slapping my ass, with increasing frequency: unwittingly, I was practically fucking my mother escort bursa in her mouth!

Two of them had started to do to my father the same thing they were doing to me, so now mom was fucked in her mouth and sodomized simultaneously. When she wasn’t choking, she moaned in pain!

At one point I felt that I couldn’t resist any longer; I tried to restrain myself, but the other two continued to slap me on the ass… .I started mmmmmmmmmpphhhhing desperately, hoping to warn mom, then came violently in her mouth.

It was an incredible sensation! At that time I had never even received a blow job: to ejaculate in the mouth of a woman, a woman who was even my mother, it has been indescribable!

Anyway I was worried about her: I felt my sperm continuing to flow and knew she had no way to spit it! She was sucking desperately trying to swallow as quickly as possible! Her mouth had to be completely full: I could feel the cum begin to leak over my scrotum.

Meanwhile I heard dad mmmmmmmppphhing violently, sign that he was coming too.

For a while, all three of us gasped for air, due to our gags, then our breath started to normalize.

Mom choked once or twice, but finally she succeeded in breathing normally. My scrotum and thighs were full of semen poured from his mouth.

I expected at this point my erection to reduce, but it did not: I began to be suspicious about the pills that our captors gave us! I crossed eyes with one of them: he confirmed my suspicions. “Oh yes, little boy, there’s still a lot of fun awaiting for you!”

Then the boss came close to dad and removed his hood: we had seen him at the court, it was the brother of the first robber! “Do not even think about denouncing us to the police…..we can do much worse to your family!” he said.

Then he put back his hood and they leaved. Before leaving, one of his accomplices slapped my ass again, more violently then ever…..I almost started to cry… buttocks were on fire!

Once left alone, we made all possible efforts to loosen our bonds, but every move we made was a torture for mom. Calling for help was beyond dispute: nobody could hear us with those gags!

My erection lasted unabated, and so dad’s one, I suppose. Stand still in that position was becoming extremely painful, so dad and I gave up: every time we felt the stimulation grew back, we used mom to calm down. She had learned to swallow in order to avoid suffocation; she seemed resigned to be fucked, but occasionally began to cry again.

Basically we spent the whole night fucking mom: I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it! Indeed I loved every minute I spent bound, gagged and cumming into mom’s mouth!

The next day was Sunday and we waited for my grandparents to join us for lunch. When they knocked on the door, the effect of the pills had ceased and I had somehow managed to pull my cock out of mom’s mouth, so she was able to call for help. Grandpa entered with his key and had the greatest shock of his life!

This time there was no return to normal life. A week after the fact, I found the video made by our captors, posted on an internet site: until now it has been seen a million times. Our captors posted on the sites our nouns and address: we were now reluctant celebrities!

The end



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