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Rin Ch. 03James the father of Matt’s c***dPlease read Part 1 and Part 2 to have a continuation of this episode.Matt stirred and pulled himself up sitting at the edge of the bed. He looked at the naked form of his sister lying just beside him. She had her right arm over her face, covering her eyes. Matt’s eyes moved down to see her breasts heaving gently as she breathed. He could not help himself as his penis began to rise again, getting hard at the sight of Rin, lying there, so defenseless and at the mercy of his cravings. But somehow, he controlled himself.“Rin,” he said, “I love you and whatever you decide to do, I’ll abide by it.”She lifted her arm from her face and looked up at him. He could see the sorrow in her eyes. They just looked at each other.“There is only one way out of this,” she said softly. “I’ll have to let James make love with me and tell him later that I’m pregnant with his c***d.”Matt did not know what to answer. He knew that she would sacrifice anything for him. He knew there and then that her love for him is just as much as what he felt for and sister reached out for each other and placing his body on top of hers, they kissed deeply. The smell of their lovemaking filled the room. His hand ran down her body and his fingers run through her matted pubic hairs. As he pushed his index finger into her vagina, she caught hold of his hand and canlı bahis said, “No, Matt, not anymore please, you have to leave.”Matt reluctantly pulled his finger out and lifted his mouth off hers. He sucked her nipples one more time and then stood up by the side of her bed. “My love,” he said, “for me, tonight, before I go.”He held his already turgid penis in his palm and moved it up and down, masturbating for her to see. She looked up at him and saw his eyes glistening and his breath coming in gasps. She knew that he was about to cum. Moving her head closer to the edge of the bed, her arms encircled his waist as her mouth opened to accept the smooth head of his phallus. Even as her mouth began to close on him, he came, spurting his sperm onto her tongue. As her lips closed on his shaft, Matt kept cumming inside her mouth. She swallowed the thick globs of her brother’s i****tuous sperm into her body. His body was trembling and finally he finished, pulling his still straining cock head from the warm recess of her mouth. Rin slumped onto the bed, traces of her brother’s sperm smeared on her lips and some dripping down her cheeks. She watched him move to the bathroom and she closed her eyes, knowing that her life had changed and would never be the same again. Matt came out and put on his clothes. Having dressed, he came to her, kissed her again and left her room. bahis siteleri Then he heard his car starting and being driven off.Feeling utterly exhausted, she lazily got up from her bed and went into the bathroom to clean herself. Then she took off the bedsheets where the telltale stains of their sexual secretions were evident of what had transpired between her and Matt. Now, she had to wait for James and the boys to return. She could feel the warmness between her thighs and although she had washed herself down there, Matt’s sperm still seeped out of her vagina, wetting her panties. And the after taste of him was still on her tongue. Never in her wildest imagination did she envisage that her brother would be her lover and she would be carrying his c***d inside her womb.Rin was in the living room watching absently at the news report on the television when she heard the sound of the car entering the porch. James and the boys were home. It was 9.30pm. She got up and opened the front door.“Hi, honey,” James called out when he saw her. The boys ran up the stairs, kissed their mother and headed into the house. Rin waited for James as he took his bag from the car. When he came to Rin, he dropped the bag and clasped her in his arms.“Mmm, you smell nice,” he said, as he kissed her on the mouth. “I missed you sweetheart,” he smiled at her.He took her hand and both walked güvenilir bahis into the house, heading for their room.“The boys are tired and will surely go straight to bed,” he said, as he closed the door of their bedroom. “I will go shower,” he told her.Rin watched him as he went into the bathroom and she sat down on the bed. She knew that James will want to make love with her. Her hand absently crept to the opening of her nightgown as her fingers touched her naked crotch. The lips of her vagina was still tender and slightly swollen due to Matt’s mouth and tongue ravishing her there earlier. God, she wished James will not fuck her tonight, not after the exquisite feelings she went through with Matt, just hours ago. But she knew that she had to go through with it. It was the only way to assure James that the life growing inside her is his.That night, she had to endure James taking her, pretending that it was Matt that was lying on top of her. James fucked her for almost an hour, finally spurting his sperm deep inside her and telling her that he loved her.A week later, while having breakfast together, Rin quietly reached out and held James’s hand. “Honey,” she said, “my period is late and it’s positive, you’re going to be a father again.”James looked up, almost incredulously at his wife. “Are you sure, at 45, are you sure?”“Yes,” Rin replied, as tears sprang to her eyes.“God, I love you Rin,” James said as he stood up and held her tightly in his arms.Rin found herself almost short of breath. It was done. She had sinned and she placed her head on his chest, sobbing silently.Part 4 to follow.



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