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Rick and I — part 2 cont’di want to thank all the comments I’ve received so far. i really appreciate them. the more comments the more i write. please understand that these stories are 100% true. they are not fiction. they are written for your enjoyment as well as mine. i re-read them and enjoy jerking on my dick as i remember every last detail as described here. if you have not read the story previous to this please do so that you can follow i ended my last post Rick and i were just coming out of the shower. he helped dry my back using a towel and if you recall he also licked my ass clean and left it nice and moist….needless to say i had a raging hardon as i walked into the bedroom. always the gentleman Rick had pulled back the covers, fluffed the pillows and the room was dark other than the hall light. the shades were drawn closed to let little light from outside. on the radio there was bakırköy escort soft jazz playing setting the mood perfectly. instead of laying on my stomach Rick told me to lay on my back. i complied with this request and he gently lower himself on me. i was more hornier at than moment that i ever remember. Rick did not plop himself on me which i appreciated. i felt his thighs between my spread legs. he gently pulled me dick to one side as he lowered his crotch on me. i felt his balls, his dick, and his belly on me. his skin was hot to the touch. i groaned as he gently and carefully pressed his chest on mine. he took his arms and gently gave me a bear hug…..damn i was on fire. i wanted this man to take me in his arms and kiss me like no tomorrow. i did not have to wait long. i felt his lips gently parting mine and i welcomed his kiss. it was warm, it was beşiktaş escort gentle but it was different….then i realized that he did not rinse his mouth after licking my ass in the bathroom. what i tasted was my own ass. he was hesitant because he probably expected me to pull away. i did not. i welcomed the taste. i moaned my approval and the kiss intensified. his bear hug was tighter. he let his body completely and shamelessly fall onto mine. every pore on my body was awakened. every hair on my body was standing at attention. he moaned and i moaned even louder. no words needed to be spoken we were enjoying ourselves like two k**s in a candy store. i pulled him closer to me by grabbing his waist. then i was grabbing his ass cheeks while i caressed them. as our kiss intensified even more he began humping me.the world as i knew it stopped…..i could beylikdüzü escort no longer hear the music, i could not longer feel the sheets under me, my eyes were closed as i felt even hornier than i felt before….this man was making me feel alive and his mustache tickled my nose even more. the humping was more eager, more forceful, more hot. i had initially wrapped my legs around his but now all my extremities felt like rubber. i had no energy. my arms fell to my sides as his bear hug was even tighter. the friction between our dicks was incredibly sexy. our sweaty bodies proved how wonderful we both felt. then it happened. without warning i was coming all over myself. his humping did not stop, on the contrary, he humped me with more gusto knowing that i was in the middle of an orgasm. if he was not kissing me i would have yelled out. instead i moaned into his mouth not wanting it to end. some of my come rolled down my side onto the sheet but the majority pooled on my stomach. i will forever remember that orgasm….but what happened next i will cherish until the day i die….it is too long to add here right now so please comment on this part and will add to my story soon. you will not be disappointed….stay tuned….



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