Double Penetration

Rich Redhead goes Black againAngela who is 29 year old professional from a great background who is really pale white with red hair had her 1st black dick from this 18 year old named Tyrone. As I mentioned in my 1st post she had just met him in her backyard one hot summer day. She got seduced by his thuggish ways and ended up getting fucked raw dog in her bedroom by him. The next day she called one of girlfriends who was a bit swanky about the encounter. Her friend was jealous and told her she should text him and see if he will come over. Angela texted Tyrone to see what he was up too that day. Tyrone texted back that he was with his homeboy Leroy. She texted him that she was horny and to get over to her house ASAP. He texted back no problem. Just make sure you got some 40’s. Angela ran to the store and stocked up on Colt 45’s. One hour later Tyrone showed up with his homeboy Leroy. Angela invited both of them in. Leroy had was another high school dropout who was 18 years old. He had cornrows and two canlı bahis gold teeth. She grabbed the two 40’s and sat on the couch. Now she knew she was in for an experience. After some chit chat, Tyrone told her to put on some rap music and dance for him. She put on some strip club music and started to dance for Tyrone. Slowly she started to take off her shorts and shirt. She was wearing a pink bra and pink panties. She rubbed her tiny little white ass into his black crouch. He grabbed her butt and she started to moan. When the song ended he told her to do the same thing to Leroy. So she got up and did the same thing to him. Angela had never been with two guys before let alone two black guys. This was a fantasy that was about to come true. As she was dancing on Leroy, Tyrone pulled his dick out and started stroking it. He told her to come over and start sucking on his black dick. She immediately took his orders and wrapped her tiny little white mouth around his dirty black dick. Without hesitation bahis siteleri Leroy pulled his dick out and pulled Angela’s panties off. She kept sucking Tyrone’s dick. Next thing you know Leroy is sticking his 10 inch black dick in her pussy with no condom on. Angela is surprised and screams out an orgasmic moan. Leroy grabs her butt and starts to fuck her hard. Angela says pound my white pussy. Tyrone than grabs her hair and she starts to suck his dick again. 5 mins later they switch up. Now Tyrone wastes no time shooting a load into her pussy. Angela cums all over his dick after he had shot a load in her. Without cleaning up her pussy, she flips around and Leroy sticks his dick in her pussy that is wet with Tyrone’s cum already in it. Things only get nastier from there. Leroy fucks her raw for a few minutes and decides he can’t hold it anymore so he shoots his load in her pussy. Now two black guys have cum in her pussy within 10 minutes. This is a girl who is usually careful about sex. She always güvenilir bahis makes her white boyfriends where condoms. But for whatever reason these two black guys talk her into having unprotected sex. At this point she figured she should live out this fantasy all the way. She tell Tyrone to stick his dick in her ass like he had before. So he slowly puts his black dick in her asshole. He is sitting down and she is riding him reverse cowgirl. Than she tells Leroy to come over and stick his dick in her pussy. She screams I want you both inside of me. So he promptly sticks his dick in her pussy. This double team starts slow but continues on for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Angela yells for them to cum inside of her. Leroy goes first and than pulls out. Tyrone fucks her butt a little longer and cums in her butt. He than pulls out and shoves his dirty dick in her mouth. Now that is one dirty white girl. She moans a little bit and thanks both of them. There like no problem and head over to the fridge to grab more beer. They than tell her that they got to go and simply roll out of her house. Angela is left naked on the couch covered in cum and breathing really hard. She has fulfilled one of her fantasy’s and yet still wants more.



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