Return to Cockington part 2So I was eating breakfast with the family as normal when Veronica my loving wife reminded me that she had volunteered me to help out some local community committee at the weekend, and apparently I would need a tux for the event.”Really?” I asked.”Yes a note came in the post” she replied handing me the piece of paper.”Well i’m not buying one just for a charity do!” I replied back.”Go rent one, it’s what famous people do!” said my teen daughter Milly.”Where from?” I asked.”A suit shop obviously” Milly replied before walking out to catch her bus to college.”Well there you go then!” said veronica with a smile.So she and our young lad left for school and I was left to find a suit shop, and after a quick search on the web I found a local place and decided to take a stroll down there immediately.A brief walk through the small town and I found the shop fairly easily, and stepping in through the door I was greeted by a tall thin black haired woman, who had the longest pale legs I had ever seen and pert bosom that was trying to escape the blue blouse it was being held in by.”Hello!” she said in east European accent as she looked me up and down.”Hi there, I need a tuxedo for the weekend” I said”You want to buy or rent?” she asked”Rent please” I replied”Come this way!” she said before leading me through the shop and into a back room.The place was full of suits in sorts of colours and shapes, and as I glanced around at them she told me to wait here, and then she moved to a rack of black suits in the far corner.”What size are you?” she asked.”Large” I repliedShe then grabbed two suits from a rack and moved back to me.”Here you try!” she said handing me them.”Great, where’s the changing room?” I asked”No changing room, you try on here!” she replied back.So a little embarrassed as I had only just met the woman, I started to take my clothes off and try on the suits.The first one was okay but a little too illegal bahis baggy, so I tried on the second and that’s when I had some trouble with the trousers.”They’re a little tight” I groaned as the crotch squeezed my junk.”Really?” she asked surprised.”Where?””Around the crotch” I repliedShe then marched over to me and with out even hesitating she grabbed my crotch and gave it a tug.”They don’t feel tight, are you sure?” she asked looking me in my eye.”They’re getting tighter, i’m sure” I replied.She then gave me another squeeze as she pulled them back and forth a couple of times.”Maybe you’re right” she then said “Take them off I find another””Could I have a moment?” I asked politely because now I was sporting a semi in trousers and really didn’t want to expose myself to her and get accused of lewd behaviour or something.”Fine, i’ll be back!” she replied then she strolled across the room to find another pair of black trousers.I quickly took a breath and tried to calm myself down, and after a minute I was fine again, so I slipped the trousers off and a moment later the shop assistant came back.She handed me the trousers watching my intently as I pulled them on, and doing them up I felt they were pretty perfect.”Yeah these will do!” I said.”These will do?” she said sounding rather annoyed “They are suit trousers not jogging bottoms”Then she grabbed my crotch again and gave it another couple of tugs.”We must make sure they fit!” she said firmly.”I really do think they fit!” I replied as I began to get hard once again.”Really because they feel tight to me!” she replied looking me in the eye again “Let me check to be sure!”Then she bent over and with out stopping she unzipped my fly and my almost hard cock popped out right in her face.”This is the problem, you can’t try suit on properly with this getting in the way!” she said angrily Then she grabbed my shaft and before I could say anything she began sucking my cock.Her illegal bahis siteleri hand tugged away at my cock as her wet red lips sucked on my head, eagerly taking me further into her mouth with every try.I groaned enjoying every moment as her mouth sucked me good and hard, then she ran her tongue up and down my shaft before sucking on each of my hairy old balls.”I like you’re balls” she said glancing up at me before began sucking them again as she stroked my cock.After several minutes of this, she stood up and still holding my cock led me to a desk in the corner of the room.Then she leant against it, and pulled up her knee length skirt to reveal a shaved bald pink pussy.”You like?” she asked”Yes” I replied So she pulled me towards her and opening her legs I shuffled between them, and with her hand still holding my hard wet cock she guided me into her pussy.My cock nudged it’s way between her soft warm lips and then I slipped into her warm wet hole.”Yes!” she groaned as I buried my cock into her.”Fuck me, fuck me hard!” she begged me.So I quickly began thrusting into her, and as I ploughed her wet hungry pussy she wrapped her long pale legs around my waist urging me to fuck her deeper.I rammed away as best as I could trying not to get to over excited and shoot to soon, but this shop assistant was hot and she urged me on groaning and cursing with every thrust I gave her.”Yes fuck me fuck me!” she groaned “Fuck me like you want to break me!”I lifted her legs up slightly and gripping her soft warm ass cheeks pounded harder and faster, ramming her with my full length letting her have every thing I could give her, my balls were now slapping against her asshole and she was pulling against me trying to get me deeper into her.”Yes i fucking love it, give it to me!” she groaned.”give it to me!”I was now at breaking point pounding her with everything i had until suddenly she began screaming and as i thrust canlı bahis siteleri into her again she cried out as her orgasm hit.The woman bucked hard against me and hung onto me at the same time but still i refused to stop and after a few seconds and she had barely calmed down, i began fucking her hard again.”Oh you bastard, you know how i like it!” she groaned as fucked her some more.Then i managed to lift her legs up higher and holding them in my hands i pounded her pussy again giving her everything i had once more.”Yes, yes you can do it, fuck me again! again!” she cried glaring at meI rammed away as the sweat poured off me and probably ruining the suit but i wasn’t going to stop she wanted my cock and i was going to give it her, even if it killed me.It wasn’t long though before she started crying out again, and with her groaning screaming at me and me thrusting hard into her i soon felt my own orgasm cumming.”Yes do me, do me do me!” cried the shop assistant.”I’m going to cum!” i cried feeling my balls tighten.”Keep going! keep going!” urged the shop assistant, and with another thrust or so she then let out a another cry as her next orgasm hit.”Oh fuck!” i groaned as i felt my balls tighten and there was no stopping it.So i quickly pulled my throbbing cock out and the beautiful hot shop assistant grabbed it, and reaching forward with her open mouth, i began firing my sticky load straight into it.”Yes!” i cried as unloaded my tight straining balls into this young hot woman.After a moment or two we both started to calm down and relax, and as she eagerly sucked my cock dry i couldn’t help but run a finger through her wet pussy lips and then taste it.”Nice?” she asked.”Yes” i repliedThen once she was done with my cock i stepped back and she stood up and adjusted her skirt and blouse as i began taking off the suit.”When do you want it for?” she then asked”Saturday i have a charity thing” i replied”Ah yes, i have had several men for that” she replied with a smile.And i believed her.So i got dressed, paid her for the suit which she assured me would be cleaned and pressed before the day, and i happily left to head home.Living in Cockington is always interesting.



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