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It had been a very long day and Greg felt weary to the bone as he hopped into his vehicle and headed for home. He had been away from home for five days trying to sell agricultural insurance to farmers and he was more than ready to get back to the city.

He was feeling really tense as he raced back home. A dull ache nagged away in his brain and he felt rattled and irritable. Lately he and his wife had not been getting along very well and he hoped she would not be in a bad mood when he got home. As he drove past a bar not far from his house he bedated if he should go in a sink a quick beer or two, but decided he needed a shower first.

For a brief moment when he opened his front door he wondered if he had stepped into the wrong house. Instead of the tense, uptight, angry women whom he shared his house with, there stood this vivacious beauty, wearing a see thru gown with very little underneath. Her thick, flame coloured hair was loose on her shoulders instead of tied up in the tight plait she normally wore. She was subtley made up and looked absolutely ravishing.

Carly greeted him with a quick kiss on the mouth and then told him to come into the living room.

‘I’ve got to hit the shower first.’ he said.

‘That can wait a minute.’ she told him.

He stepped into the living room and found it lit by what looked like a hundred candles. The coffee table was laden with some of his favourite treats and she poured out a glass of red wine and handed it to him.

‘Why not have a bath, and take that with you,’ she said ‘while I get supper ready.’

He leaned in close to kiss her cheek and she grabbed his ass. Wow! This was some change. Normally he had to beg for sex. He took a quick swig of wine and discovered that it was a bottle of something really special. Carly seemed positively glowing and he found himself wondering how much wine she had had, but decided that he was being unkind.

He went off to his bath and enjoyed a long, hot soak. Already the past week was slipping away and he could feel all of the tensions easing out of his body. sincan escort All thoughts of having a few beers at the bar were forgotten as it seemed the evening ahead held a lot more promise.

Having finished the wine and scrubbed himself clean Greg got out of the bath and dressed in a pair of silk underpants and his silk dressing gown. It was not something he did often and it felt so good against his skin. He went back into the living room and nibbled on the treats laid out there and had some wine.

Carly came in and called him to the dining room. She really had excelled herself this time and for a brief moment Greg forgot all about the sexual hunger and excitement that he felt as he feasted on the delicious food she had prepared. She hadn’t cooked like this for years, preferring instead to slop down ready serve meals or let him fend for himself.

They chatted amicably about his trip away from home. He listened carefully to what she had to say. Greg realized, with sadness, that he had been far from attentive recently and had let the stress of work and life get between them. He had forgotten how playful and funny she could be. He watched her eyes dance as she laughed and turned her full attention on him. He knew then that he was still the centre of her world and was determined that she would again be the centre of his.

By the time they had finished eating his sexual hunger was beginning to make him feel a little dazed. How long would be a decent interval before getting her into the bedroom? Fortunately she wanted him as much as he wanted her, but she had a little surprise in store for him.

She went to fetch the dessert from the kitchen and came back with just a small bowl of trifle.

‘Are you not having any?’ he asked.

‘No…not for me.’ she replied.

She cleared a space on the dining room table and to his surprise climbed up on the table and lay down. She undid her gown and slid her panties up her long, silky smooth legs and kicked them off. She had shaved and waxed and her pussy was now as smooth as those of the women in ankara escort Greg’s fantasies. He could feel his cock start to stir as excitement pumped through his veins. This was totally out of character and just about the most exciting thing he had ever known in all their time together. Now she took the trifle and poured it into her lap.

‘Eat.’ she said.

Greg didn’t need to be told twice. He greedily lapped up the custard, fruit and jello. It was an incredible turn on and his cock was fully hard. He grabbed hold of her hips and stated to eat her pussy, making her thrash about on the table. She yelped in surprise when his tongue strayed down to her asshole and licked around her little rosebud; it was something he had never done before and she found it an incredible turn on. When his tongue went back onto her pussy his finger traced across the sensitive folds of her ring and she found herself hoping that he would want to fuck her back there. Alone in the house, when he had gone to work, she had pleasured her asshole many a time but was too embarrassed to ask him to do it.

He ate her with a skill she had never known and soon she was desperate to be penetrated. She grabbed hold of his hair and begged him to stick it to her. He quickly shed the robe and pulled his thick cock out of the side of his slinky underpants. His throbbing cock was already oozing precum and it made his slow glide home extra delicious. She cried out loud as his girth filled her and she knew then that she wanted to feel that big rod up her ass.

‘Please…’ she begged ‘fuck me in the ass.’

He was shocked but so excited he almost came just hearing her say those words.

‘Are you sure?’ he asked.

‘Yes. I know I can take it.’ she told him. ‘There’s some lube in my bedside table.’

He took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom. She handed him the lube and he made a mental note to ask her what she was doing with it, but for now he was way too turned on. They lay down on the bed and kissed and stroked each other into a frenzy. She was sopping wet and the bulging etimegut escort veins on his shaft looked like they might rupture. Greg was glad that Carly had lubed up her own asshole because he didn’t feel he would be comfortable with that despite having kissed it so lovingly.

She positioned herself in a crouch over him and worked some lube into his fat mushroom cap. He let out a loud grunt as she started to slide down his pole. It was just the most amazing feeling in the world. It was like she had suddenly become a virgin again; each and every inch of his throbbing tool seemed to be caressed by her silken warmth. Her face was the picture of ecstasy as she rode slowly up and down his steel hard shaft. Greg reached out and tweaked her nipples and she bit her bottom lip the way she always did when she felt intense sexual pleasure.

The loving paid pleasured each other for fifteen minutes or so in this position and when Greg started to stroke Carly’s smooth, flat stomach and tease her little nub she had exploded into an orgasm that had made her moan like he had never known her to before. Seeing her so turned on was reward enough for Greg and he had almost forgotten about his own orgasm when Carly got off him and kneeled down on the bed with her ass in the air and begged him to cream inside her ass.

All his animal lust resurfaced as he kneeled behind her and entered that super tight and slick alley way. He grabbed hold of her hips and started to fuck like crazy and the harder he fucked the more she begged for it. She was like a wild animal calling out for a mate; sounds he had never heard before rose from her throat as she sobbed, moaned and groaned all at the same time. He could feel his own orgasm approaching; his balls were drawn up tight and his muscled ached from the vigorous pounding he had given her. He could see that her right hand was underneath her now, pleasuring herself to yet another earth shattering orgasm.

Carly’s crescendo of ecstasic cries were soon drowned by Greg’ animal bellow. His ejaculation was so forceful it caused him a headache and he felt close to passing out as seven major spurts of cum blasted out of him. He shuddered and collapsed onto her back for a few moments before the blissful pair drifted off to sleep.

Copyright 2006 Daniel Blue



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