Another day is over, the journey from work begins. All day and still, my mind distracted, my thoughts only occupied by one thought, my woman, and all the things I burn to be doing with her. The excitement and lust grows within me, as my mind goes through images of her, her face, her body, skin smell, taste, and moans. Kissing her, licking her, tasting her, holding her, being inside her again… Nothing else matters, it’s been too long. I want her, I need her.

I’m finally there. My heart’s beating faster, the excitement at its peak. I can’t wait. I eagerly await her to open the door and let me in – to her place, and to her. Finally I can sense her footsteps coming towards me behind the door, and click, the door slowly peeks open and quickly becomes wider.

Greeting me with an, “Ola!” and her amazing smile.

I’m overcome and I rush in towards to her. I grab her, pushing her shoulders up against the wall. The dim light reflects off her dark eyes as she looks back into me, intoxicating me with her expression and smell. I kiss her on the mouth, a passionate kiss that I’ve been yearning to have for days – bothersome, distracting, finally, there it is. Her moist lips feel so tender, our longing for each other spoken through our tongues as they play and dance with force. Driving my senses wild, and making me feel like more of a beast than a man, as raw instinct takes over and my thoughts are left behind.

We promptly make our way to the bedroom, keeping our hands and mouths on each other along the way. As we kiss, we slowly tread backwards towards the bed in our own little world, absorbed in each other’s mouths, with passion as if it’s been forever since the last kiss, and that it could be the last – even though we both know it’s not. The edge of the bed now against her, we clumsily fumble our way down together as I push back, still holding our kiss.

She lays down, with me over her… Fuelling my desire with her scent. Her smell, just the way it was when I think of her when I’m without her, but finally we’re not apart. I close my eyes and smell her body. It’s even better than in my dreams, overwhelming and ever so sensual. I open my eyes, my imagination is left to rest – this time she’s here.

I move her hair aside, revealing all of her pretty face. Her dark eyes, hinted with light flecks. Gentle red cheeks just beneath, slowly glowing more as the excitement builds. Her ethereous beauty drawing me in further. I run my fingers and then my hand over her face, her skin so soft, smooth and delicate to touch, I can feel her beauty resonate through my fingers and into me.

Gazing into my eyes and showing a hint of a smile. Her lips soft, gentle, and inviting… crying to be kissed again. I bring our lips close together, looking into her eyes, they call me to touch her, to kiss her, to have my way with her.

With her hair aside, her neck draws me in, screaming to be wrapped by my mouth, and licked, sucked and bitten. My mouth engulfs her neck, and my tongue moves lightly all over while kissing it at the same time, sending light tickling and tingling sensations throughout her.

Her eyes closed, feeling the pulsing through her neck.

She holds my head and gently pulls it a touch away, laughing and telling me “Not so hard!” as I ease my mouth a little, “Mmm like that.”

I gently bite in, while sucking, hearing her let out a soft gentle moan as her fingers work through my hair and then pull on it.

My mouth moves along her neck under her chin, furiously sucking, her skin sweet, impossible to get enough. I slowly move to the other side her neck, digging in again, this time biting slightly more harder, and lingering off to the back between her neck and shoulder.

My hands at her sides, rubbing up and down her body, exploring her womanly curves; my hands instinctively drawn to run over her womanly, full, curvy hips.

I slowly start to lift her top up, higher and higher, revealing more and more of her bare skin. I slide myself down, bringing my head in front of her tummy, eyeing her body shape and skin, and wanting to kiss and lick it all. A few gentle kisses around her belly button, her skin on my lips become too much, I have to taste her.

My tongue licking around her navel, wanting to taste and explore her all over – every inch a new discovery. I slowly move my way to the side of her stomach, knowing not too much or the tingling becomes too much. I dance my tongue on the side of her stomach, and gently suck on her, and I can feel her stomach contract in my mouth.

She lets out a giggle, “It tickles!”

I bring my mouth back over her stomach, playing around her belly button and gently kissing it and licking it. Moving my tongue below now, trying to sneak it in between her skin and her pants. Pulling her pants an inch lower to get my tongue a little lower, but not too much lower – she’ll have to wait a little more for that.

I put my left arm under her and around her back, and push sincan escort the clips on her bra undoing it. I move my mouth back to her neck, neck romancing her again as I pull away her bra. My head now makes its way back to her stomach, licking above her belly button and slowly working its way up, coming in the middle of her breasts, moving my head up and down, and slowly drifting off to her right breast as my hand reaches out to grab the other; feeling it, and rubbing it. My mouth slowly swirls around her breast with my tongue, getting closer to her nipple, I circle around her areola, before stopping to kiss her nipple, and finally taking it into my mouth. I suck on it, while dancing my tongue over it. Sucking on it more and more, almost as if I’m hoping to taste her liquid, but that won’t be any time soon. My mouth starts to take in more and more of her breast, filling my mouth with her bosom. The room being filled with the sounds of her gentle moans and my mouth sucking and slurping on her.

I move my mouth to her other breast, licking her nipple for a little bit before taking her breast into my mouth again. As I suck, my fingers play with her other nipple, tender and poking out, I play and gently pinch it. I open my eyes from my dream state and look at her- her head back and her face in awe, her state making me suck and work my tongue more tenderly, and my mouth finding a new home, as I suck more and more.

Eventually my hands start to wander down along her slender legs, just reaching her feet. I sit up and run my hands over her feet, rubbing my fingers between her delicate toes.

My mouth makes its way down to her ankle, and tries to make its way up her leg, poking it under her pants as high as I can. Impatiently wanting to taste between her legs, I bring my hands to her waist and pull her pants down her legs, over her knees, and down further, finally over her feet. I run my hands up and down her legs from the outside, then on the inside, slowly going up her thigh and finally running my finger under the edge of her briefs, in the hope to leave her tingling and wanting more.

I continue with my mouth where it left off making my way from the bottom of her legs, slowly kissing and licking upwards, interchanging between legs as I work upwards, making sure every part, every side of her legs have had my mouth on them. My mouth gets higher up her thighs, my mouth watering for what lays between and the smell driving me crazy. I slide her underwear down and off, naked before me her whole body is now mine; I’m left with a big smile, and my eyes looking back at her fuelled with desire.

My mouth licks below her stomach, just above her clit, teasing her. I slowly work my tongue up and down the sides of her lips where her thigh meets her torso. I lick her upper thigh with my head against her pussy, my cheek rubbing against her. Her frustration building, and myself having enough too, I need to taste her sweet juices.

I look at her delicate flower – pretty, the scent drawing me in. I give it a quick kiss before running my tongue up from her perineum over her lips to her clit repeatedly, sucking in her juices and tasting her, going faster and faster.

She becomes more vocal, holding my head with her hand, and letting out an uncontrollable “Oh yes! Ohh…”

I poke my tongue into the entrance of her vagina, trying to get it as deep as I can, tasting her from the inside. Finally getting to taste what I’ve been dying for, her juices to my mouth like water to a desert. I push my tongue in and out, her breathing getting heavier. My eyes opening to look up at her, seeing her beautiful body from down below – over her tummy, and her chest; her large perky breasts, and her pretty face showing she’s in a world of pleasure, seeing her like this just driving me for more. My mouth moves up and down her lips rapidly as my tongue frantically moves all around.

I bring my mouth up to her clit, flicking my tongue lightly all over, before gently sucking on it. I take my middle finger and rub it over the bottom of her lips, finding her opening I slowly put it in, and out, over and over, slowly getting deeper each time.

“Oh god, put them in me!” she instructs.

I put my finger in, rubbing her little bump from underneath towards me, while I suck on her clit and massage it with my tongue. My finger feeling all of her wetness, getting faster and harder, I put in a second finger with it.

“Ohhhh fuck, that’s really really good.” she lets out in delight.

She gets worked up, and her hips start rocking as I fuck her with my fingers, they move faster and faster, my mouth matches, licking furiously. Her heart beats faster and her legs squeeze around my head.

“Ohh, Ohh, Ohhh,” as she becomes out of breath. “I’m going to come!”

Her body and hips bucking upwards, I try to keep up with her, as her legs squeeze me in, her screams of pleasure encouraging me to keep my mouth working her, hearing her moan and feeling ankara escort her body shake showing the intense sensations adding to my pleasure of feeling and tasting her. My mouth keeps working as she rides her orgasm, gentle moans and lip biting. She eventually pushes my head away as she tries to catch her breath and let her body calm down. My mouth all wet, her juices running down my chin.

She sits up with a big smile on her face, and not wasting any time, sliding my pants off. She glides her hands over my cock, that’s already hard for her. She comes over me, giving me a short kiss before bringing her mouth over my body. I tilt my head to the side as she kisses and licks my neck sending tingling sensations through me. She slowly makes her way down my chest with her mouth, licking my nipples and slowly going down further and further, my whole body now feeling electric, tingling all over. Her licks on my stomach lightly tickling me. She eventually and thankfully makes it down between my legs, stopping.

She takes her hand and wraps it around my cock, looking at it, examining it with her hand and eyes, before slowly stroking it up and down for a little while. My lover slowly brings in her mouth towards my body, licking me below my balls causing the sensations in my body to slowly build up. It feels so good as she laps me with her tongue there – Not wanting her to stop but at the same time wanting more, her tongue a tool of pleasure. She brings her mouth a little higher to my balls, as she continues to stroke my cock feeling it throb in her hand. Her mouth licking me like a kitten, sending me crazy, it feels so fucking good. She very gently sucks on my balls, as her stroking gets shorter but faster. Her mouth teasing me, I’m wanting her mouth around my cock so badly, but at the same time it’s feeling so good where it is, as the electricity from her runs all over me. She stops the stroking, and slowly starts licking from my balls up the shaft to the head giving it a kiss. Repeatedly licking from the bottom up, driving me insane.

“Ohhh, fucking suck it already!” I beg.

Smiling back, she finally takes it into her mouth, a wet heaven bringing me relief.

I splutter out in relief, “Oh fuck, yes.”

All the waiting and the teasing making it now feel somehow even better. With my head back and my eyes closed, I let the sensations and pleasure run through my body, occasionally opening my eyes to see her beautiful face and her mouth at work on me. Her mouth slowly bobbing up and down over the end of my cock, sucking on it, the feeling incredible, making me moan in delight as I hold her head from behind and play with her dark hair. She begins swirling her tongue around my head as she sucks on it, the pleasure intensifying, the feelings never having felt so good.

“Mrrm. Keep doing it like that.” I tell her, not wanting her to stop.

The pleasure running through my body, getting more and more intense as her mouth and tongue send me crazy, my eyelids flashing with white light. She begins to take me deeper and deeper in her mouth, my cock moving in and out of her mouth faster and faster, and my hips rocking as I fuck her mouth. The feeling so good, but making me want to be deep inside her hot wet pussy, thrusting in and out of her hard.

Her sucking gets faster and harder, as my hips buck my cock towards her mouth. She looks back at me, watching me watch her, observing the reactions on my face to her mouth on me.

Seeing the effect she’s having on me leaving her pussy wetter, a mumbled “Mmmm.” escapes from her stuffed mouth.

The feeling and the sensations amazing, but the frustration of wanting to be inside her becoming too much. My desires peaking and becoming too much, I push her head back and off my cock, leaving it wet with her saliva.

“I want that soaking wet pussy on my cock.” I command.

She grins back at me as I lay down, pulling her over me, looking into each other as she lowers her waist over my cock and slowly rocks her hips, grinding her wet pussy on my hard member, teasing me yet again before finally reaching down for my cock and slowly sliding in just the very tip into her wetness. The tip of my cock rubbing in and out of her entrance, each time ever so slowly getting deeper into her tight folds that squeeze down and around me. Our eyes locked into each other as we both let out little moans, while our bodies melt more and more into each other. We kiss hard, sucking and biting on each others soft lips and slowly rubbing our tongues.

Her juices now covering my cock, and finally every inch of me sliding in and out of her with long deep slow thrusts, leaving the two of us in delight, “Mmmm.”

Our bodies slowly rhythmically rock, and hips twist; my cock exploring her walls, her pussy being stretched by my cock. The feeling of having my cock all the way inside her and throbbing completely satisfying, and of us as one. My hands hold on her waist as she continues to rock on me, etimegut escort and run over her ass and holding on as my strokes into her get deeper.

I point to my lips, signalling her to kiss me, she leans in and I hold her head close to mine with one hand, as my other hand runs along the side of her gorgeous face. We kiss with force as our bodies continue to move in unison, our mouths sucking on each other’s hard, making us want even more. My mouth takes to biting into her neck, after moving her hair behind her head. Gently biting and kissing between her shoulder and her ear, as we continue to rock together.

She lifts the front of her body slightly, her hands on my chest, riding me, her full perky breasts bouncing up an down, as I do my best to kiss and suck on them. My hands exploring her curves, holding her on her waist… before reaching up to her breasts, massaging them from below. Soft large, and full, her body making my cock harder. I tightly wrap my arms around her body, holding her body close to mine as the thrusting gets harder and faster, filling the room with the sound of our bodies slapping together. Slap, slap, slap, over and over..

Both of us holding onto each other tightly, wrapped in each other’s arms as the pounding continues, before whispering to me, “Slow down.” wanting to savour the moment.

As she lays over me with my arms wrapped around her, I sit up, keeping my cock inside her. She’s now up on my lap facing me, with her legs wrapped around. We give each other a long kiss as I hold her tightly and twist and rock my hips; the thrusts being shallow but the feeling of holding her close and tight and rocking inside her leaving us in awe. The kissing becoming harder and more aggressive as the rocking gets faster, our moans getting louder. I lean her back as she sits on my lap, supporting her with my arm holding her from behind. We hold our kiss for as long as we can before she’s too far. My right hand squeezing her right breast, then her left, before rubbing down the middle of her chest along her firm stomach. My hand circles back to the top of her chest, and this time very lightly like a feather my finger tips makes their way down between her breasts and over her stomach, before coming to her wit clit. My cock continues to slide in and out of her as the end of my thumb rubs in a circle around her clit. Her eyes closed. I move my thumb away for a moment to lick it leaving it wet before continuing to rub her clit. My hips rock side to side as she stretches around me.

I reach my arm around her, and lift her back onto my lap, holding her tight before leaning forward, leaving her on her back and me directly on top with my cock still inside her soaked pussy. My cock filling her so deeply, sliding in and out, so wet. We both look into each other letting out moans, both pulling each other in more, wanting more.

I hold her right leg up behind her knee. The strokes of my cock now incredibly deep. Neck romancing. Closeness, almost as if there’s nothing between us.

“Oh yes! That’s so good, I’m going to come!” she screams, grabbing viciously onto my short hair, “Come inside me. I want to feel you come with me!”

My eyes lit up, I look deeply into her eyes and ask, “Want me to empty my balls inside you?”

“Yes! Give me all your hot cum, deep inside me!” she pleads.

I can feel my balls quickly getting tighter as the thrusts get faster and harder as she gets closer to coming, feeling her walls squeezing around on my cock, milking it. Her moans get louder, and her breathing shorter but deeper as her body tenses up. I get louder too, and somehow my cock gets even harder, stretching her tight pussy that little bit more.

Sensing I’m right on the edge, desperate to feel me come with her, she tries to bring me over it, “Oh yes, that’s it. Come with me. Mmm.”

I moan with each stroke, each time getting deeper and harder, my cock ready to pulsate inside her.

I suddenly feel on the edge of coming, “I’m going to come.” I whisper to her.

My body instinctively thrusting as hard and deep as it can, my cock throbs and pulsates throughout my body and hers, as my hot cum spurts out inside her, over and over with each thrust.

“Oh fuck, mmm that’s it.” She grabs my ass with her hands and pulls me in more, “Give it to me!”

Trying to make each thrust as deep as I can, pounding her pussy with each spurt, making sure my cum is buried deep inside her. My orgasm slowly rides down, I stay inside her for a minute as my cock continues to throb inside her, holding each other tight, our faces brought together as we kiss, before using the little energy left to lay next to each other.

I hold her close to me, and tightly pull her in, our naked bodies together and touching all over. We look into each others eyes, our faces flushed and smiling. We bring our mouths closer to each other, our lips coming together. We slowly and gently kiss, our tongues finding each others on occasion, enjoying a few tender minutes. I run my finger over her red cheeks, smiling before putting my arm back around her. She remains in my warm arms, left fuzzy and I lay there feeling her heartbeat beside me, as if it were a part of me.



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