This event was part of the inspiration for my island in the sun series. This is a completely true story. Only the names and places have been changed to protect… well to protect me actually. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed relating it. It brought back some fond memories. Happy holidays.

It wasn’t a great holiday. It was hot and sticky everywhere, and the big Asian cities were especially bad. There was no fresh air, and the noise was terrible. I was there with two friends, and my recent ex-girlfriend Vikky. I had broken up with her, but we had continued fucking on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s hard to let go, especially when the sex is really good. Basically all we did was argue and fuck, as she constantly reminded me.

Eventually we left the cities and went to a tiny island somewhere in South East Asia. It was a little better, but I wasn’t keen on going in the ocean except to cool off (something about the idea of sea urchins and sharks and jellyfish), so I just lay on the beach and observed people. The evenings were still hot and sticky. On the first night we all shared a huge bed, then we decided that wasn’t good enough and moved to a much smaller hut nearer the beach. There were two small beds. My two friends had to share with each other, and I shared with Vikky.

That morning my friends Dave and Richard left early to catch some morning rays before the sun got unbearable, which was around 11am. Even though it was probably only 9am it was fiercely hot, so Vikky and I decided to take a shower together.

Some background here. Vikky and I always talked frankly about our sex life. She liked it when I talked dirty to her, and she would do the same to me. She knew from this that I wanted to fuck her ass. She would talk to me about it when I was fucking her, and make me say it back to her:

‘I love it when you fuck me from behind. Does it make you want to fuck me in the ass?’

‘Yeah. Fuck yeah it does.’

‘Say it.’

‘I… I want to fuck you in the ass. I want to feel myself pushing into you there.’ And so it went on. There’s just nothing sexier than a girl using the word fuck during sex. Well that’s my opinion. Anyway, all this talk and we had never done anything about it.

The shower wasn’t hot, in fact it was supposed to be cold water. There was no hot water on this island, and frankly you’d have to been some kind of idiot to want it. The cold water was that sort of temperature where water makes you feel sick if you drink it. This water illegal bahis certainly would. It was kind off off brown in the sink, but in the shower it looked acceptable. We kissed and fondled each other as we showered, trying to wash off the sweat as fast as it formed. I moved my hand down between Vikky’s legs. Vikky had fine, soft pussy hair, I don’t know whether she trimmed it or not. I didn’t have enough experience then to be able to tell, or the inclination to ask. I pushed myself against her breasts and kept kissing her as my finger rubbed the warm water over her clit. She moaned loudly. Vikky was definitely a moaner. For about ten minutes I continued teasing her clit and occasionally slipping a finger inside her vagina. I slid my hands over her large breasts and down her slippery wet body, until I was kneeling on the floor, the water splashing on my head. My other hand was now holding her wet ass and my tongue was flickering over her clit. It only took a few seconds of this for her to come:

‘Oh shit, that’s good. Oh ah ah keep going….oh ohhh oh stop stop.’ I stopped licking her and kept fingering her slowly. I used the water to lube up my other hand and began teasing her anus. She moaned again and pushed my head down with her hands. I inserted one finger into her anus.

‘Aagh,’ she moaned. She pulled me up and started kissing me again, and sliding her wet hand up and down my cock. I was semi-hard already, but I quickly became fully erect with her attention. I squatted slightly and guided my cock in between her legs. I thrust into her in one hard motion.

‘aaaaaaagh, Jesus Christ stop it. Stop stop stop.’ I quickly pulled my dick out of her. ‘Fucking hell that hurt.’

‘Why’d it hurt so much honey?’

‘You really don’t know?’ She said, still wincing from the pain. I shrugged. ‘That was my ass!’

‘Oh Jesus, sorry. Are you OK?’

‘Yeah I’m fine. Fucking hell Tom.’

That was the end of the shower. After a couple of days our group split into two so that we could move into two separate huts. Dave and Richard took one hut close to the beach, and we got one further up the hill. There weren’t many people around, and the nights were relatively quiet, except for the geckoes outside chattering away. There was a ceiling fan in this hut, but it didn’t really make much difference since it was so hot. On this day we hadn’t bothered to go to the beach at all, but instead we had decided to stay in the hut and fuck all day. Currently Vikky was riding me, grinding illegal bahis siteleri her hips onto my cock.

‘Mmm, oh yeah,’ she moaned as she bounced on top of me, her large tits swinging above my head. ‘Ah ah ah aaaaah ohhh oh oh shit I’m comingggg,’ she yelled as her pussy muscles contracted around my dick. She collapsed forward onto me. ‘Oh baby that felt good.’ I smiled at her. ‘What do you want to do now,’ she said. My cock was still fully hard inside her.

‘I want to fuck you from behind,’ I said. She knew that was my favourite position, and she enjoyed it too. It gave me the opportunity to play with her clit while I was fucking her, and that gave her some of her most intense orgasms. She gave a little whine as she pulled herself off me, and then rolled over onto her front. She climbed up on her hands and knees as I got behind her and quickly slid into her. Her pussy felt so good around me, always so warm and welcoming and wet. I began to fuck her hard and fast, pushing in and out of her again and again. She moaned and moved underneath me in time with my strokes. After a few minutes of fucking her this way I licked my finger and began to move it around the rim off her asshole.

‘mmm yeah, keep doing that baby,’ she said. ‘You wanna fuck my ass?’

‘You know it,’ I said, thrusting into her as hard as I could while I said it. She bucked underneath me and dropped onto her forearms, pushing her pussy and ass up at me. I kept fucking her, pushing her face into the mattress. She screamed again as she creamed again, her juices coating my dick and making sloppy sounds as I pushed into her. ‘Oh I want to fuck your ass hard,’ I said through gritted teeth as I continued fucking her. Can I fuck your ass?’ I pushed all the way into her and leaned over her back, biting her soft skin. My cock was as far inside her pussy as it would go. Her brown back was covered in glistening sweat. She really loved it when I kept fucking her after she came.

‘Yeah I want you to. I want you to do it. Fuck my ass.’ I was shocked. Then excited. Really really excited. My cock twitched inside her pussy. I was shaking a little as I pulled it out. ‘Be gentle,’ she said quietly. My cock slapped wetly against her butt cheeks as I pushed first one wet finger, then two into her ass. She moaned with pain as I pushed the second one in. she was an anal virgin, as was I, and I knew she had never had two fingers in her before. She pushed her face even further into the mattress, and stuck her ass way canlı bahis siteleri up in the air.

I stood up to gain access to Vikki’s ass. I held myself in semi-squatting position over her asshole, which was only slightly open. I bent down and licked it a little, watching it twitch. Then I put my hand next to her mouth. She licked it thoroughly and I rubbed her saliva onto my cock. Then I moved my cock over her asshole and slowly tried to enter. It didn’t work. Her ass hole was too tight, and my stiff cock began to bend. That hurt a little. I positioned my cock at her hole again, and pushed it down into her ass using some of my weight to help it. She winced and moaned in pain a little, but the head of my cock was almost fully inside her. I adjusted my position, and then pushed my whole cock very slowly completely into her asshole.

Vikky gasped as I filled her up, and began biting the pillow to muffle her sounds. It was unbelievable. The tightest thing I thought possible. I didn’t think I’d be able to move inside her at all, it was so tight. I reached down with one hand and began to massage her pussy, slipping one finger inside her. I could feel my dick through her pussy wall. It was strange, but arousing at the same time. I pulled out my finger and began to tease her clit again. Vikky adjusted her position, pushing herself back against my cock a little. I pulled my cock out of her ass almost all the way, then slid it slowly back in. It was absolutely fantastic. I had to take my hand off Vikky’s clit to enter her properly, and her hand quickly replaced mine and began circling her clit rapidly. I began thrusting faster and faster into her ass, and her hand moved faster and faster over her clit. She soon began moaning loudly, and her buttocks clenched as she came all over again. Her ass muscles squeezed my dick hard, and the incredible tightness increased even further. I felt several spasms in her ass clench my cock, and I began thrusting even faster. After only a few seconds, I could feel that I was about to cum inside Vikky’s ass. Just that thought was enough to push me over the edge.

‘Oh shit, I’m cumming Vikky; I’m cumming in your ass. Ohh yeah.’ I released my cum into Vikky’s rectum. She moaned as I spurted inside her. I thrust with every spurt I injected into her. Finally I finished. I pulled out of her and flopped down onto the bed. My belly was covered in sweat, as was Vikky’s face and tits. She dropped her head onto the pillow and rolled onto her front. After a few minutes she fell into a sweaty sleep. I got up to go to the bathroom. On my way, I looked down at her asshole. It was still open, and I could see my cum oozing out of it and slowly dribbling down Vikky’s tanned thighs. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad holiday after all.



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