It was a wonderful day. The birthday party marking Kelly’s 18th year saw the inclusion of all her friends from high school and many of her brother’s friends from work. Kelly was so happy. She was wearing the perfect dress and her hair was done just right. It was the most perfect day ever with the most perfect decorations up in the field behind their home. The cake was her favorite kind and she got so many presents she wasn’t sure she’d be able to open them all.

After the party was over Kelly walked with her friends into town to get ice cream and maybe look at the young men walking about in the town center. The sun was just about to go down when she returned home and her brother and his employees had already cleaned everything up. One of the horses got loose and the two of the men went running after it.

Kelly sat and started lighting the candles in the sitting room so she could tell her brother about the most perfect earrings she saw and how they would just go so perfectly with…

Kelly’s brother raised his hand to stop her. It was then that Kelly noticed that her brother had lost his joyful demeanor from earlier.

“I should have done this in the morning but I didn’t want to ruin your party.”

He handed her a manila folder with some documents in it. Kelly opened it and saw several things written on legal size paper with the bottoms folded up.

“You’re 18 now. You’re a grown woman. As of today you are no longer my ward. I am no longer legally responsible for you. So if you want to leave then you leave.”

“I never asked to…”

“And if you want to stay then you do so because that’s what you choose.”

“Where would I go?”

“You’re an adult. Wherever you want. No one is stopping you or holding you back.”

“Do you want me to go?”

“I didn’t say that. I’m just letting you know that the legal obligation that we both had to each other is now over. Those documents are yours now.”

“What should I do with them?”

“Keep them. Burn them. I don’t care.”

Kelly looked down and saw there written in big block letters on the page the details of her parents’ death and how a judge had ordered a seven year old girl to be put in the charge of her 22 year old brother and his wife.

She wasn’t seven anymore. She was 18 and her brother was now 33. He was no longer married either. Kelly could barely remember her brother’s wife. She was the woman with dark hair. She remembered her brother arguing with her over something but Kelly didn’t know what it was. Then she just didn’t see the woman around anymore. According to the documents his wife was supposed to have been just as much legally responsible for Kelly as her brother was.

But now it didn’t matter. Kelly was 18. No one was legally responsible for her except for herself. She honestly hadn’t thought about that aspect of it. She was just looking forward to her party and then looking forward to summer. She hadn’t even given a thought to what she would do with her adult life. She supposed she was on the lookout for a man to fall in love with and maybe get married. She wondered if suitors would come calling on her now. She couldn’t imagine.

That momentary instant of seriousness didn’t last long. The next morning she was back to her old self, carefree and innocent. But the conversation stayed with her. If she moved out because she got married or because she just didn’t want to stay anymore, what all would she bring with her. She made a little game in her mind out of mentally labeling everything in the house as either hers or her brother’s. She went through almost everything and was done far sooner than she wanted to be. She wanted to keep playing.

Her brother was of course not in the house to help her since he’d gone to work. She used all her strength to pull down the ladder that went up to the attic. There were lots of things stored up there she could label.

The game went completely out of her mind when she discovered what an absolute treasure trove the attic was. There were so many things up there that brought back so many memories.

She was sitting and looking at some old photos when she noticed a box under a sheet. She pulled the sheet away to discover a chest. It had a lock on it but the lock had not been fastened all the way.

It was such a curious thing. She’d never seen it before. Why was there a lock on it? Did that mean her brother hadn’t wanted her to see it or open it? It wasn’t like him to keep secrets.

She took the lock from its place and lifted the latch. Then she opened the chest. What she found inside confused her at first. There were photos of women and many pairs of panties with strips of paper stapled to them. Each strip had a woman’s name on it and Kelly knew some of those names.

Also inside the chest were several notebooks. The notebooks had tab markers in them with names on them.

What did all this mean?

Joanna. Kelly saw a pair of panties that belonged to Joanna. Could it be Joanna Collins? What was the meaning of this? bursa escort Kelly cycled through the pictures of women, so many of whom she knew, and she found the photo of Mrs. Collins. Why did her brother have this?

She looked at the notebooks and found Joanna’s name on one of the tabs and began reading.

November 25th.

I met Joanna by the big oak where you could see the river empty into the sea. She tried to hide it but she was happy to see that I’d kept to what I’d said.

“I shouldn’t be here.” she told me.

“Why not? Why can’t women have just as much fun as men?”

“I’m getting married tomorrow.”

“You keep saying that. But you know Henry has been with other women.”

She looked away from me. Her red hair glowed in the dying light of the sun. Her skin was almost milk white. She bit her bottom lip and looked away from me. I couldn’t believe she still needed convincing. She’d come all the way here and yet I had to hold her hand the rest of the way.

I brought her fingers to my lips and I kissed the back of them. That got a smile from her. I didn’t let her go. Next I brought her close to me and put her hand of my cock. She felt it through my pants.

“It’s true.” she said.

“Indeed. Have I ever lied to you?”

She started to stroke me and I planted my lips firmly onto hers. I felt her body go into the kiss and she nearly lost her balance. I held her body in place which meant pressing it up to my own.

I put her down on the blanket I’d spread out for us. I got my cock out and let her know what I wanted her to do with it. I remember she told me it felt so naughty to put that dirty thing in her mouth but she did it. I felt her tongue glide along my shaft as she brought one hand to my balls and started to caress them.

Kelly slammed the notebook shut. It was a lie. It had to be a lie. Joanna Collins would never do something like that. Her brother would never do something like that. Joanna was a good and upstanding woman in the community. She was a good wife who loved her husband. She would never…

With trepidation she opened the notebook again to a random page.

She put her hand over my mouth to let me know to be quiet. I thought that was funny because I wasn’t the one making the noise.

I got off of her and laid on my side behind her. I entered her from behind and it felt pretty good to fuck her like that. From there, if I looked over her shoulder I could see her husband Mike in the distance still sitting in his chair…

Kelly turned away in disgust. She dropped the notebook and slowly backed away from it. She didn’t know what to do. Was this true? She went to the notebook and put it back into the chest like she’d found it. She put the lock back.

She went back downstairs but then remembered that she hadn’t put the sheet back over the chest. She swallowed. She’d need to do that. She didn’t know why her brother had written those things in those books but it was none of her business. She was going to put it like she found it and then not think on it.

She went back into the attic and found the chest. The green paint on the outside seemed to draw her in. She removed the lock. She opened the chest. She picked up the notebook and opened to another random page.

As much as I liked sucking on her breasts, licking her pussy was infinitely more enjoyable, at least for me. Her taste and her smell was a combination potent enough to intoxicate any man. Her clitoris was a sweet and lovable area. I just had to press the tip of my tongue right into it with all my might.

Without knowing who her brother was even talking about, Kelly read to the end of that particular story. She read as the woman sucked on her brother’s cock. She read as her brother put his dick into the woman’s pussy.

Kelly felt her own pussy start to get hot. It started to get wet. There was a need growing inside her. Her breathing had changed.

Then she read the part where her brother ejaculated his semen all over the woman’s body. Kelly started to feel something inside herself twitch. With one hand holding the notebook, Kelly read as the woman in the story lifted up some of her brother’s cum and brought it to her mouth. That was so dirty. She felt her other hand explore beneath the waistband of her skirt. She then got her hand into her panties. She let the tips of her fingers feel the wetness of her own pussy. She pushed them further down.

She read as the woman took her brother’s cock into her mouth, even as her juices and his cum were still all over it. She read as the woman sucked him clean and Kelly dropped the notebook as her own orgasm rocked her body and she nearly fainted.

She felt, filthy. She felt, rancid. She put everything back perfect and went back downstairs. She wasn’t going to think about the attic or the chest or the notebooks. She drew herself a bath and tried to wash the naughty off of herself.

That evening she had bursa escort bayan dinner prepared for her brother when he returned home. She had wanted to cook his favorite but they hadn’t had what the recipe called for so she made something else that she knew he liked very much.

After dinner her brother wanted to just sit in his chair and read but Kelly enticed him to a game of cards. While playing cards Kelly tried to find an opening to the topic she wanted clarification on.

“Why did Helen leave?” she asked.

Her brother was surprised by the question. “In all these years and you ask me now.”

“I’m an adult now so I guess I have to learn to deal with adult… things.”

“You should have learned that a long time ago. It’s a little late now.”

“So what happened? Why did she leave?”

“She didn’t. I put her out.”


“She didn’t want you living with us. She didn’t agree that I should take care of you. She wanted to ship you off to live with some other relatives.”

“She left because of me?”

“Not because of you. Because of her. She disrespected me. I had made a decision, one that was backed up with legal authority, and she scoffed at it. She tried to play me for a fool. I don’t know how much you remember of her but know this. She didn’t care for me and she didn’t care for you. All she wanted was our family’s money. So I put her out.”

“I understand. But I’ve heard that a man has certain needs.”

“What are a man’s needs when family honor is at stake.”

“I know but did you never think to remarry?”

“I suppose if I had found the right woman, maybe.”

“Where’s Helen now?”

“I don’t know. And before you ask, I don’t care. If you ever happen to hear that she is living is some such place or living with some such man you can keep that to yourself.”

“I didn’t mean to make you upset.”

Her brother won the hand and then Kelly retired from the game so she could draw him a bath. While he cleaned himself Kelly usually never thought of it. She usually occupied her time doing something else. But this night she was standing near the bathroom door staring at the candle glow as it reached out from under the door.

She was motionless as she heard the water splash when her brother moved. She tried not to shift her weight as that would make the floorboards crack and reveal her position.

When his bath was finished she just let him pass her in the hall. He didn’t notice her as she went into the bathroom to do her normal duty of picking up after him. She collected his clothes for the next day’s laundry and then she held up his under pants.

The stories from the notebook filled her mind. What was the truth that Joanna had spoken of when she had her hand on her brother’s… She dared not think the thought. She dared not say the word. She’d never even seen a… man’s thing.

She snapped herself out of it and just did her duty. Now that she was an adult she thought needed to do a little more around the house to justify staying here. She hoped her brother would never turn her out like he claimed to have done with his wife but that did not mean she could just loaf about.

“Is something wrong?” her brother asked her and then Kelly turned to face him in the doorway.

He was wearing his sleeping wear but his buttons were not all the way up and she could see the hair on his chest.

“I was just looking to see if you needed any needle work done. A stitch in time saves nine.”

He smiled at her but then became more somber. “I’m sorry.” he said. “Maybe if I’d been a better husband you wouldn’t have had to go all these years with no one to look up to like a mother.”

“Don’t worry about that.”

“I do worry about that. It’s been a long time since I’ve thought of Helen but I do worry about that everyday. I was so eager to prove that a man was perfectly capable of taking care of himself without a wife. I was so eager to prove her wrong that I decided to raise you without her help. I should have tried harder. I should have made her see why keeping the family together was so important to me.”

With basket in hand Kelly went to her brother and hugged him. “Thank you for looking after me all these years.”

“You would have done the same for me. I just wish I could have done better.”

“You did perfect.”

The moment ended and it was off to bed with the both of them.

That night as Kelly lay in bed she thought again of the notebooks and the words that were in them. Those words became images and those images began to have a sound and a taste and a texture. She was breathing hard and her body stated sweating. She tried to resist but she couldn’t help but to put her hand under her nightgown.

She pushed herself up off of the bed. She paced in her room. What was she going to do?

Her initial intention was to just ask her brother about the chest. It couldn’t hurt to simply ask him about the chest. She didn’t have to mention that she’d opened it. She could just say she escort bursa saw it and wondered what was in it.

She went to her brother’s room and he was asleep. Her courage was not strong enough to bring her to wake him. She stood there in the darkness of his bedroom and looked at him. She wanted to pull the attic ladder down and go up there and read but she knew he might awaken if he heard that.

Kelly went outside and looked up at the stars. That red star was out again that night. She wondered why it was a different color from all the other stars and why it kept moving about the sky instead of staying in place like everything else.

She opened the door to the house and went back inside through the sitting room. She wondered if it would get cold that night. The summer wind had not yet come that year nor the rains either and until they did a chill could come down from the north at any time.

She went back into her brother’s room. He obviously was not worried about the cold because he’d kicked his covers off.

Kelly slowly approached the side of his bed. She felt the stillness of the air and the loudest thing for at least a mile was the sound of her brother’s breathing.

She looked on his body which was so big that she often had to explain to strangers that she was his sister and not his daughter. There was a troupe of strongman performers that had visited the town not that long ago. They did their act while Kelly and her brother were in the audience. At one point the strong men asked for volunteers to help demonstrate something and several women in the audience called out her brother’s name. A cheer went up, “Albert, Albert, Albert” as her brother stood up and then walked onto the stage. Her brother had dwarfed the performers, not so much with height, though he was the tallest, but with sheer muscle mass. It was a sight to see and Kelly was so proud to be his sister.

She thought of her own body just then. She wished her breasts were bigger. She wished her bottom was rounder. Her brother was often telling her to eat more or she’d be too thin. Now that she was an adult she’d have to think about that if she wanted to attract a good husband.

Her brother shifted his position in bed and Kelly thought he might wake and see her. But he was still asleep. That should have been her warning to get out of there.

She remembered the words, “It’s true.” They echoed in her mind. What was true?

She held her breath as she got closer to his bed. She got closer to his body. She had a naughty grin on her face. She just wanted to see. That was all. She squinted her eyes in the dark and lowered her palm to his private area.

Oh, wow. That was big. She took her hand away. Ok. She’d seen enough and done enough. Now it was time for bed. In her mind she imagined what his… man thing must look like. She was about to turn away from him but then she reached out her hand again.

One more feel. That was all. She was going to get one more feel. She bit down on her upper lip as she came into contact with it again. It felt bigger this time. She wondered just how bit it actually was. She felt the base of it and then tried to find where it ended. She must have touched too much because out of no where her brother’s hand came down on top of hers. She froze in place and looked up at him. She couldn’t see if he was awake or not. It was too dark. With her hand in his he massaged his manliness. It grew in her hand until it was an incredible size. It pulsated in her hand. Kelly was scared. She wanted to run away but she didn’t want to wake him. She just let him control her hand and soon her fingers were partially wrapped around his cock through his night wear.


Kelly heard her brother whisper the name in his sleep. Then suddenly, and very surprisingly, some hot, sticky substance came pouring out of her brother’s… man area. Some of it seeped through his clothes and had gotten on Kelly’s hand.

Her brother’s hand relaxed and her hand was free. She pulled it away from him as the smell of his stuff was slowly filling the room. She backed away and finally made it to the door. She was out of there and back in her own bedroom. She of course wanted to wash off whatever that stuff was but she feared too much to make any sound. She got into bed and tried not to think about it.

But how could she not think about it. She rolled back and forth in bed until she finally gave in and let her hand go between her legs. Only this time it wasn’t the story from the notebook that filled her mind, it was the experience of actually touching him. That memory and the lingering smell of his sex organ was too much to resist and she felt her body explode with pleasure.

When she was finished, her hand was completely covered in her own wet goop. She wondered which one of them made more stuff, her or her brother.


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