Aiden Teirney walked into the The Oasis bar, where he was to meet his best friend and business partner, Jared Trumane. He arrived an hour early, to get himself mentally prepared to face not only his past, but also the feelings that threatened to swallow him over the last year. He walked up to the bar and sat down on a stool.

Immediately, the bartender came up to him, “Hello there. Haven’t seen you in here before, have I? The name is Jeremy. What can I get you?” He was a friendly enough fellow, Aiden thought, and ordered a beer.

He wasn’t much of a drinker, but he felt that some alcohol might calm his nerves tonight.

He couldn’t believe he was so nervous about meeting Jared, but after the way they separated over a year ago, he only hoped they could put the past behind them and continue being friends.

The two of them, along with a group of five other boys, grew up together in Philadelphia, and were inseparable from an early age. The old adage of peas in a pod fit the group perfectly, or least that’s what their parents had always told them.

The bond between Aiden and Jared was especially strong and continued when they graduated from high school, deciding to attend University of Pennsylvania together. It seemed as they got older, their relationship developed a more intimate tone and it was clear the boys were moving from a simple friendship when they began sharing women their sophomore year at Penn. This relationship continued throughout their college years, and it became blatantly obvious to each other that the threesomes were a way for them to connect, sexually.

Aiden reflected on the past. In hindsight, it was obvious their attraction had blossomed from a touch here, a caress there, all in the name of pleasuring a woman, to the scorching first kiss in their senior year.

It started during one of their infamous ménages. Both men were fucking the woman in tandem. Aiden could still remember feeling his cock rubbing against Jared’s while inside the woman. It was the most sensual feeling he’d ever experienced and he never wanted it to end. He looked over the woman’s shoulder to find Jared watching him, eyes glazed with lust, tongue brushing his lips. Aiden reached up to cup Jared’s face in his hand and stroked his cheek with his thumb. Jared leaned into his touch, and at that point, Aiden remembered feeling his orgasm build as Jared moved his free hand to Aiden’s, holding them together. As their thrusting became more frantic, Aiden felt the need to get even closer to Jared and he leaned in and gently caressed Jared’s lips. It was a tentative kiss, but then their tongues began dueling and thrusting into each others’ mouths, mimicking their motions inside the woman. Their fucking became rougher, with each man holding onto the other as if it were as vital as their next breath, the kiss being broken only when both men came. Once the orgasmic bliss subsided, both men found it difficult to accept their passion for each other and instead pushed it off as a by-product of the lust for sharing the woman and the “liquid courage” they had imbibed before the act.

After college, they completed officer candidate school and entered the Marine Corps. Being a natural leader, Aiden moved quickly through the ranks, receiving his Captain’s bars in a fairly short period of time. Jared made it to First Lieutenant and served under Aiden’s command. They’d continued to share women during leave, and subconsciously increased the amount of contact they had with each other during the ménages, fondling and touching each other only briefly, but nonetheless intimately.

The thought of Jared touching him instantly made Aiden hard, and he moaned rather loudly. He’d been so lost in his own thoughts he forgot he was sitting at a public bar having a drink. He looked around to see if anyone was close enough to hear him, when he spotted Jeremy looking straight at him. Embarrassed about his lack of control over his emotional response, he lowered his head once again and waited for Jared.


Jared sat in his car, scared, yes scared to face his childhood friend. He couldn’t believe he was concerned about meeting the man he’d seen every day for over thirty years. They’d started their security business the same year they were discharged from the Marines, and had a good working relationship with each other and their clients, until just over a year ago when things had, according to Jared, gotten escort ankara out of hand between them.

He leaned back in his car seat, remembering the events that led up to his current dilemma. They’d been working late in their office in South Philly, trying to hammer out the details of a contract for a new security client. This guy was a bastard. He changed his agenda so often, it made it impossible for the security crew to anticipate any potential issues that may arise. Both men were agitated for not being able to provide a solid plan for the team, and they ended up picking fights with each other.

Jared didn’t remember who said what or who took the first swing, but within minutes, they were rolling on the floor, punching each other. He recalled looking up at Aiden, who was bigger and better at hand-to-hand combat, seeing some unnamable emotion flicker across his eyes. The next thing he knew, Aiden was no longer punching him, but instead, had his arms pinned to his side and was lowering his head to Jared’s lips. Following a moment of panic, passion and lust rose quickly, pushing away the urge to fight. He remembered that kiss as if it happened yesterday. Aiden nibbled and sucked on his bottom lip in a manner that had his hips thrusting upward, increasing contact with Aiden’s jean-clad erection. He let go of Jared’s lips and arms long enough to remove his shirt, displaying the well toned muscles of a man who spent the majority of his life doing hard work, despite his ivy-league education.

Adrenaline-fueled lust had Jared raising his hands to touch the rippling muscles made bare above him and pulled on the small gold nipple rings, eliciting a moan from Aiden’s throat. He moved his hands down to touch the remarkable stomach muscles, twitching beneath his fingers, then slowly moving to unbutton Aiden’s pants. After popping the button, his gaze moved up to Aiden’s face to gauge his reaction. Aiden’s eyes were glazed over with lust as well, Jared continued and unzipped his pants, but not before he rubbed his hands over the glorious erection growing above him. When he finally got the pulsing cock free, Aiden moved off him to remove his shoes and pants.

Jared was mesmerized, getting caught up in the steamy looks he was getting from his friend. Shaking himself out of his erotic trance, he removed his own shirt, shoes and pants. When Jared was naked, Aiden climbed back on top of him and smashed their lips together for another searing kiss. At the same time, Aiden slid his cock over top of Jared’s. The feeling was remarkable, and better than their ménage experiences. Jared remembered getting caught up in all the sensations, the pre-cum from both hard cocks lubricating the motion while their hands caressed each other’s bodies. Aiden reached between them and grabbed both their cocks, squeezing them together as best he could given their girth, eliciting a moan from them both. Wanting to drive him wild, Jared moved his hand down Aiden’s back and grabbed his ass, pulling them still closer.

Suddenly, Aiden rolled, giving Jared the top position, letting go of their cocks, he began rubbing his hands down Jared’s back, cupping his ass. Aiden’s fingers moved to separate Jared’s cheeks, while they continued to rub against each other. There was no more rational thought, only feelings, as it had been several months since Jared had been with a partner, so he allowed Aiden’s fingers to begin their assault, dipping first one , then two fingers into the tight rosebud. It was all Jared could take with Aiden thrusting his cock against him and fucking his ass with his fingers, his cum shot onto their stomachs and chests, only to be followed by Aiden’s moans of completion.

When both men caught their breath, Jared remembered the uncomfortable feeling of not only being with a man, but with his best friend, so he moved off Aiden and made excuses why they could never be together again.

Jared dressed quickly, barely noticing the devastated look on Aiden’s face as he left the office. It was only a few weeks later that Jared announced he was moving to California. He told Aiden he was planning to move for a couple months, to develop customers on the West coast, but neither of them believed the lie. He found a few months into his escape that 2000 miles wasn’t far enough to suppress the ache he felt in his chest every time he talked to or thought of Aiden.


Jared took a deep breath and got escort etlik out of his car. He got to the bar entrance, took another deep breath and walked in. The Oasis had been open for a few years and was located in a large warehouse-type building. There seemed to be space in the building for other business ventures, but it appeared only the bar was open this early during the week. He scanned the room and quickly found Aiden sitting at the bar, eyes closed, beer gripped between his hands. He watched as Aiden opened his eyes and took a deep breath. Jared knew this man so well. He knew Aiden was as terrified as he was to be meet face to face.

Walking up to his friend, Jared said in a soft tone, “Hey Aiden. Can I sit down?” He tried to keep his voice from shaking, but wasn’t successful. Thankfully, there was music in the bar loud enough to drown out any imperfection that might give away his nervousness.

Aiden spun around, almost knocking his beer over the in the process, “Ah, yeah, sure. Want a beer?” He flagged down the bartender, “Jeremy, can my friend here get a beer please?” With a nod, he went to task at getting the beer.

Neither man looked at each other right away, the tension palpable. When Jeremy returned with Jared’s beer, he looked between the two men, opened his mouth, closed it and then said, “Look, if you guys need anything, give me a holler.”

Aiden looked at Jared, puzzled, trying to figure out what Jeremy was talking about, and that was enough to break the ice between the two men.

Looking back down at his beer, Aiden said “How long are you back in town Jared?”

“Yeah, I’m, well, I guess I’m back for good. I mean, I sold my place in California. I’m looking for some place to live back here. I’m staying at the Residence Inn in Center City for now. My stuff is in a storage unit until I get settled.” Jared took a deep breath. He wanted Aiden to be happy he was back, but all he got from him was trepidation. After the way he left, Jared guessed it was better than getting punched in the face.

“Sorry boys, couldn’t help but overhear. I have a room upstairs for rent if you’re interested. It’s a loft actually. Insulated real well so you can’t hear the noise from the bar or the club.” Jeremy looked between both men, calmly waiting for an answer.

“Wow, that’s really nice of you, ah…”

“Jeremy Stone. I own the bar and the building. What do you do for a living, son?”

Jared looked at Aiden and then back at Jeremy, “I, uh, I mean we, Aiden and I have a security business, uh, I mean we…” he couldn’t find the right words to overpower the guilt he felt for walking out on his business partner in an attempt to squelch the feelings between them.

Calmly, Aiden explained, “What he’s trying to say, Jeremy, is that we own a security business together. We started it right out of the service and as of now, employ four other men. We offer personal security for VIPs. Jared’s been on the West coast expanding our business footprint and just moved back to town. That’s why he’s looking for a place to stay.” Aiden looked at the other man, letting him off the hook, for now.

“Well, if you’re interested, I can show you the loft. Like I said, it’s pretty big.” Jeremy waited. Finally, Jared nodded his head in agreement. “Let me just get someone to watch the bar. I’ll be right back.”

After finding someone to take over for him, the three men walked to the back of the bar to a well-hidden door, which led to the staircase and to the apartment.

“There’s three entrances to the apartment, this one through the bar, one from the street, and one from the private club.” He opened the door to the loft, without further explanation.

The front door led to an enormous open space, which included a living are and a large kitchen. There were doors off each side of the main living space. “Those doors lead to the bedrooms. There are four, two on each side. There’s two full baths, one on each side, as well. If you’re interested, you can make any changes you want to the place, as long as you don’t alter the appearance of the building from the outside. Rent is $3,000 per month.” Jeremy stood back and let the men wonder through the apartment.

Jared and Aiden were amazed at the space. Aiden walked immediately to the windows in the front room, which overlooked the street and several shops. He stood there for a few minutes, taking in the view, and escort demetevler then looked up to see the windows went from the floor to the 15 foot ceiling. “Nice view. Jared if you don’t want the place, I’ll take it.” He turned around to find Jared wasn’t in the room anymore, so he went to find him. It didn’t take much to see Jared was in the bedrooms off to the right of the living space, checking out the walk-in closet. “So, what do you think? This is a great place.” Jared was thinking very hard about something.

He took a deep breath. “Aiden, I love it, but I don’t know if I can afford it by myself.” Aiden looked up and saw hesitation in the other man’s features. His heart leaped at the possible meaning of his words.

Taken aback, “What are you saying Jared?” Aiden was acting a bit too hopeful.

The other man waved his hands in a dismissive manner, “No Aiden, I’m saying that maybe this could be our business headquarters until we get more clients. Things didn’t go well in California, as you know, and so I think if we conserve money, we can make the business more successful. You can get rid of your apartment and move into the rooms across the way. We can make the spare rooms into offices and the living space is big enough for a conference table.”

“Yeah, I guess we could.” Aiden was deflated but he didn’t want to completely ruin this for the both of them. He figured it was going to be the best offer he would get from Jared and he’d have to make due. “Ok, let’s do it.”


Jared was by himself, again. He’d had a lot of “alone time” since he and Aiden moved into the loft a month ago. Aiden was purposely distancing himself from Jared, spending a considerable amount of time downstairs at the bar with Jeremy. It irritated Jared that Aiden avoided being alone with him after working hours, and that Aiden became good friends with the older man. He was tired of hearing the stories of Jeremy’s adventures. Jared became angrier each time he had to listen to another tale, wondering whether Aiden and Jeremy were becoming a couple. “Fucking Jeremy.” Shaking his head, the thought of Aiden being interested in another man created a foreign feeling, and Jared found himself rubbing his chest over his heart. “No, no, no. We’re just friends, that’s all” Then it hit him. Hanging his head, not in shame, but in acceptance, he was jealous of the two men’s relationship. He enjoyed Aiden’s company and missed being with him. Even though he knew he would eventually like to settle down with a woman and have children, he still began to recognize the love he felt for his best friend and the closeness he realized he’d been missing this last year. It was frightening to finally, after all these years, understand he needed his friend’s love more than anything right now.

Suddenly, the door to the loft burst open and Aiden came bounding into the living room. “Jared, what are you doing right now?” Before Jared could answer, Aiden continued, “Jeremy’s invited us to the club, you know, the private club here in the building. He owns that too and says we’ll have a good time there. Do you want to go with us?” His eyes were glistening with excitement and Jared could see the pulse thumping in his neck.

“Calm down Aiden. What kind of club is this? I’m not going to any dance club that’s for sure, although there’d be plenty of women there.”

Aiden frowned. “No, it’s not a dance club. It’s, um, well, it’s…” he took a deep breath, “it’s a sex club. It’s called Fantasy Aiden couldn’t help but moan himself. Jared was the last person he’d been intimate with and that was over a year before.

“Aiden, I don’t know if this is a good idea” Jared whispered as they found stools to sit on at the bar. He turned and looked into Aiden’s eyes, seeing the rising lust from the overstimulation around them.

“Jared. I haven’t been with anyone for over a year. I need to get laid tonight. If you want to go back upstairs, by all means, go. I’m going to have some fun.” Aiden looked away from Jared and found two women at a nearby table. One was a voluptuous brunette, dressed in a short button-down dress, she was sitting on the chair, legs spread, almost straddling it. The other woman, a sweet looking petite redhead, was already naked and standing between the other girls’ legs, leaning over to unbutton the girl’s dress, while her tongue ran up and down the brunette’s neck to her breasts. Aiden watched the redhead as she slowly pushed the dress off the brunette’s shoulders to reveal large, round breasts with big nipples. Aiden moaned, wanting to join them, as the redhead had gotten the rest of the dress unbuttoned and was now feasting on the brunette’s breasts.



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