As I previously detailed on my trip to the Keys experience I briefly met a very attractive black man. He gave me his number then promptly planted a very wet and passionate kiss, not to mention he placed my hand on what felt like a massive appendage! After the trip I was cleaning out my purse when I found the napkin he handed me with his information. His name was Derek. Due to the partying I had a hard time remembering what he looked like other than he was very tall, had a nice smile and probably a very large cock. I wasn’t accustomed to calling guys I had never really spoken to before so I waited a couple of weeks deciding what to do. I mentioned this to one of my older cousins and she is like “What the hell are you waiting for?”

My POS husband was going “fishing” with his “friends” this weekend so I knew I would have to get creative. I open a bottle of wine take a couple of drags from my pipe and decide to call him. He actually picks up. I was very nervous. “What if he doesn’t remember?” I was embarrassed.

I ask for him by name and try to explain who I am when he stops me mid sentence then asks, “You the hot Latina with the big ass from Key West aren’t you?”

“Ahhh, Yeah.” I reply sheepishly.

“I was hoping you’d call me. What’s up Gorgeous? How ya been?”

OK. Not embarrassed any longer. We begin to chit chat and it turns out he’s a Pro Football player with the Atlanta Falcons. Since I am not into sports I had no clue who he was so I looked him up on my computer while we were talking. DAMN!! This guy was FINE as WINE! His bio said he was 6′-6″, 255 lbs. His body was chiseled in the pictures I found online! What does this guy want with me? 6′-6”? WTF? We decide to meet up for drinks later this evening. He chose a club/restaurant that was very popular. I loved it because it had plenty of secluded tables and the parking lot was great too, if you get what I mean, LOL! I get there before he does and sit down at the bar. I order a drink and before I’ve even settled in I feel these huge hands on my shoulders. He spins me around, gives me the sexiest smile and a kiss on my cheek and I get a whiff of his dreamy cologne.

“Hi Linda. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.” Before I can answer he bartender quickly comes over to say Hi to him. He points to my drink then gestures to him and simply says “My spot.”

He pulls the stool so I can stand and I finally gauge his height. He is super tall and has really wide shoulders. He was wearing a short sleeve shirt that could not contain his beefy muscles and a pair of dark slacks. As we were walking to the table people kept saying hello and shaking his hand. I was in LaLa land. He pulls my chair so I can sit then sits himself across from me. “Hope you don’t mind” he says, “I simply want to be able to watch those luscious sweet lips of yours as we speak.”

OK. First wet pussy alert of the night! He was so dreamy and the epitome of SEXY. I was completely enthralled by him. Not only was he imposing physically but he was an extremely handsome man as well. His huge hands were on the table and I marveled at the length and thickness of his manicured fingers. His voice was really deep but in spite of his enormous size he was very soft spoken. We have a couple more drinks and some light fare. “Why don’t you come over my place? We can go down to the Club or go anywhere you want from there.” he asks while gently stroking my hands.

“Where’s your place?”

“Right on the Beach. It’s not far. Don’t worry I won’t bite…hard!” he tells me with a huge handsome grin on his face.

I agreed, but to be totally honest I felt extremely intimidated. This man was HUGE. “Was he HUGE down there as well?” I vaguely remember him placing my hand over his crotch in Key West but that was super quick plus I had a lot to drink. I follow him to a very ritzy hotel by the Beach where we valet park. He speaks to the attendant who smiles then assures him that they will take care of everything. The lobby was lively and full of people scrambling about. Derek reaches for my hand and escorts me on to the elevator which is quite packed as well. I notice his reflection in the mirror. He towered above everybody and looked like a massive Ebony statue. At this point my pussy was drenched as I was anxious to see this man completely naked. I wanted him to model for me! I have NEVER had anyone remotely this tall or big before. Heck I had never even seen someone this big in person before! We get to his spacious suite that resembled something out of a glamour magazine. Very luxurious and meticulously kept.

“You mind if I order us something to drink?”

“Not at all. I would love that.” I said while looking around nervously anticipating where this will all lead to.

He orders a bottle of Cristal Rose and some treats. I watch him walk over to a large wall unit where he turns on some sensual music, dims the lights then opens the doors that lead out to the balcony. The view was out of this ataşehir escort bayan world. I felt like a pampered celebrity.

“Do you mind if I change real quick?” he tells me as he grabs me tenderly by my chin with his left hand and leans down to kiss me on the lips.

I melt inside. He excuses himself and asks me to get comfortable. I am shaking to my core. I swear I felt out of breath. I watched him walk away and all I could do was lick my lips. “HMMMM HMMM good. I am going to take my time with this one for sure.” I remove my heels then splash some more perfume on. He returns wearing a long thick plush white robe that contrasted handsomely against his skin.

He hands me a smaller robe, “I think this will fit you.” he then leans down and adds with a huge sexy smile, “Kinda hoping it’s a bit small on you to tell you the truth.”

I’m on “Cloud nine” so I float on over into the Master suite, there’s a huge Jacuzzi tub with the jets running. “Oh my! This is going to be a long night. Very long.” I was beyond nervous but curiously aroused as well. I remove all my clothing and notice that my panties are soaked through and through. NO joke! I put on the robe which reached down to the middle of my thighs then walk over to the living room where I put my heels back on. The Champagne had arrived. It was set up on a glass pedestal with a tray of enormous chocolate covered strawberries. This man was miles ahead of any of the guys I had ever met before. He serves me a drink then leads me out to the balcony so we could take in the view.

“Here you go Baby Girl. Salud”

“I have to say, you sure know how to impress a girl, don’t you?”

“Sweet girl, with those curves you got I need to be on point, you know what I mean?”

I swoon and blush like a starstruck schoolgirl. We were sitting on these over sized chairs with a small table between us. The conversation centers around the view and our surroundings. He takes one sip from his Champagne flute then places it on the table and asks, “You too far away Sweet girl. Mind coming over right here?” while motioning me to sit on his lap.

I do. He begins kissing me ever so softly. His lips were really big yet so smooth. His thick juicy lips on mine had me salivating. I took turns licking his upper lips then his lower lips where I couldn’t help but bite them teasingly. He parts my lips with his sizable tongue so I unconsciously grab his face to brace myself as the onslaught of passion keeps growing inside me. I feel out of breath as his tongue is controlling my mouth. I manage to grab on to it and sucked that velvety tongue as if it were a cock. My body is undulating causing his robe to shift and I feel his muscular thighs rubbing against mine. I look down to see my wetness smeared on his thigh. I was embarrassed until he picked it up with his finger then gingerly rubs it on his lips.

“You taste even better than you look.” he tells me with an even deeper tone in his voice, erasing any feelings of embarrassment.

Derek stands while I am still on his lap so I wrap my legs around him. Our lips are still together even though he is walking with me holding on tightly around him. His body felt incredibly hard against mine as he gently places me down on the bed. Our kiss is broken to allow him to disrobe me which he does with the tenderness you would expect from someone petite, not this towering massive man.

“As good as you look in this we won’t need it any longer.” he tells me.

I lie on the bed completely nude on top of the smoothest silky flesh colored sheets as Derek walks over to the Jacuzzi and turns off the jets and bathroom lights leaving only the ones above the tub. He faces me and removes his robe and my mouth simply popped open as I stared in amazement. All I could see was his silhouette. And what a silhouette it was! A tiny waist that flared out to these powerful shoulders and wide back supporting a pair of long muscular arms. His brawny thighs would flex with each step reminding me of a thoroughbred ready to pounce his mare. In between those ample thighs was an enormous appendage swaying side to side with each step. “How am I going to handle this perfect specimen of a man?” I wondered to myself.

“Stop! Please just stand right there for a moment.” I begged him quietly.

I needed to embed this image forever in my mind. My heart is racing, my mouth is watering and the wetness pouring out of my punani leaves the first of many stains on his silky sheets. An Ebony wonder of creation stood a few feet away from me. I took in his presence, savoring the moment before I feel his massiveness on me and inside me.

“Please turn around, just once is fine.” I asked while my right index finger rubbed my lower lip and my left hand gently rubbed my excited clitoris.

Every move caused his muscles to flare and his cock to sway. His buttocks were huge and tight as a drum. The light reflected off his upper back accentuating every sinew escort kadıköy of power in his physique. He is facing me once again and walks over to me bringing me inches away from him and his growing phallus. He crawls on the bed and lays on top of me as he inserts that amazing tongue in my mouth. I shudder as the weight of his body on mine is overwhelming me. His cock felt enormous grinding against my naked thighs. His body was rubbing on mine creating a sense of desire anticipating how this enormous appendage is going to feel inside me.

He moves his mouth down my body kissing and licking every available inch I have to offer on his way to my pulsating vagina. I am oozing juices unlike ever before. I was in an ecstatic state of arousal from the moment my eyes gazed upon him earlier this evening. Every moment that passes I discover another layer of excitement that my Ebony wonder exudes from every pore of his rock hard body. His mouth works it’s way down my body licking me and teasing my every pore.

“Baby girl you smell so good. Bet you taste even better.”

The first lick of his tongue on my punani sends a shiver up my spine as a prelude of the multiple orgasms he would coax out of me this evening. Derek’s mouth on my pussy was an artful expression of his abilities as an attentive lover. He took his time savoring all of my lower body. A cascade of emotions were racing through me leading to an inevitable massive orgasm created by his marvelous oral skills. My toes curled and my hands pulled on the sheets.

“Oh My God! I’m cumming. I’m cumming! Coño que rico Papi!” I scream as I have my very first orgasm of the night.

His head was clean shaven otherwise I would have pulled every hair up from their roots with the sensation that just went through my body. I sit up on the bed and another pool of nectar from inside of me has left it’s indelible mark on the bed. He knelt on the bed which allowed me the first up close look of his manhood. He was completely devoid of any pubic hair which enhanced his cock’s appearance. He was semi hard yet his length was already longer than my forearm. A perfectly shaped pink mushroom head crowned a silky smooth massive shaft that led down to an impressive pair of mouth watering balls. His dark skin contrasted against the bed sheets and mine creating a sensual backdrop to what would play out this evening. I reach and grab his growing cock for the first time.

“Oh My God, your dick is so massive! Que rico Papi.”

My fingers are nowhere close to touching each other as I gauge his cock. He is warm to the touch and his dick feels heavy. Real heavy. I had been with some well endowed men before and Kurt was enormous but this was different. Not only was he long and really thick his cock was very heavy. The silky smoothness of his massive shaft was calling out to be worshiped by my mouth. I place one hand on his shaft next to his pelvis and the other is halfway up close to his huge head squeezing his sticky juicy pre-cum which I quickly lap up with the tip of my tongue. I try to wrap my mouth over his cock but it is a futile move as I can barely get his head inside my mouth in spite of stretching my jaw beyond my limits. He is too thick so I have to resort to a lot of creative tongue action to face this challenge. My tongue and mouth move along his silky shaft coating it heavily with my saliva as he begins to grow with the attention I am giving him.

“Fuck baby, that feels good Chica. Real good. Right there Baby Girl.” he mutters as he stares at me licking his cock from the base all the way to that glorious velvety pink head of his. My saliva was coating his entire erection drizzling down to his massive balls.

I was in awe that a cock could be this large and massive. Derek lies back allowing me greater comfort in servicing him. Both my hands are stroking him up and down as I lick and suck on that enticing velvety pink head before me. His hardness is so impressive that I stop and stare at his spectacular erection.

“How is that going to fit in my pussy?” I blurt out loud without thinking.

Derek smiles and responds seductively, “Don’t worry gorgeous, I’ll be slow and gentle. I promise.”

His words reassured me and excited me further. Not only is he incredibly gorgeous, this man carries himself with such grace augmenting his sexiness. His comment increased my desire to please him so I devour his manhood and set out to milk that baby dry. It was established now in my mind that I was going to give Derek as much pleasure as I could while extracting as much cum from deep inside his loins. My tongue and mouth have found a sweet spot on his massive cock head as every deep slurp causes a reaction. Both my hands are sliding up and down his slippery shaft in a circular motion milking him, working him to extract his semen.

I look at him and without thinking blurt out, “Que clase de Pingon tienes Papi. Llename la boca de leche mi amor. Por favor. Por favor!” (What bostancı escort a massive dick you have. Fill my mouth with cum my love. Please. Please!)

Derek grabbed my hair and begged me, “Please don’t stop. Like that. Like that. Don’t stop. Fuck. Here, I’m gonna pop! Fuck!!” His legs tense really hard as his chiseled abs tighten and the back of my throat is splattered with the first stream of his powerful orgasm. Spurt after spurt of heavy cum is splashing my throat as I struggle to swallow it all. It is pointless. I extract his still pulsating cock and he continues cumming on my face and breasts.

“Give it all to me Papi. Fuck, I love your cum!” I tell him as I rub his cock all over my breasts and face ensuring every inch of my veneer is bathed with his delectable ejaculate.

Derek is sprawled out on the bed and I stare in amazement at his sheer size. He takes up most of the bed and his limp cock is hanging off his pelvis still dripping cum on the bed. Instinctively I reach out and lift his cock and stare at it’s massiveness then give it one last lick to extract the last drops of cum trapped inside his member. “Hmm. Good to the last drop mi Papi lindo!” He shudders and calls me over. I lay my head on his muscular chest as he embraces me with great tenderness. My thigh goes over his cock which feels so smooth on my skin.

“I don’t know what you said but that turned me on so much.” He confided as his fingers played with my hair. “Was that Spanish? Please do it again when we make love.” He added while I nodded in agreement. We continue talking and he was showering me with compliments elevating my experience to greater levels of satisfaction. “You want some more Champagne?” He asks with a sweet tenderness to his voice.

“Sure.” I manage to say. He gets up with great care, so as to not move me abruptly, then uses his huge hands to lay my head down on the bed gently. As he walks away I stare at him watching that tight booty meander to the living room. “I’m in love!” I say to myself with a certain truth behind my thought.

How can I not fall for this man? I was married but my husband gave me zero affection. I was a wife with no real meaning or importance. My sexual desires were of no consequence to him as he had multiple lovers who he serviced regularly. I did too. Out of a misguided sense of rebellion and “justice” that led me astray into a Sexual tsunami of torrid affairs and purely sexual encounters with men that only desired to fuck me and bathe me with their cum. That became the mantra that drove my evolution into this “Sexual Wanderer” of sorts extracting raunchy experiences with men that gave me the feeling of desire my marriage was lacking. Derek returns holding two flutes of Champagne. “Mental picture number 99 of the evening”, LOL. A man that pays attention to the seemingly “insignificant” details concerning a woman is a TRUE man and an oddity in my world. “Could he be more gorgeous?” I said to myself as he sits next to me on the bed.

He hands me the glass and says, “To you. Your incredible physical beauty pales in comparison to the inner one that has captivated my heart this evening. Thank you.” I melted. Those words touched my soul with an avalanche of wanton desire.

“Can he be more gorgeous? He sure as heck is!!” I say to myself in a state of amazement.

He finishes his drink as do I then he places our empty flutes on one of the nightstands and sits on the edge of the bed. I come over to him and stand in front of him where he pulls me in close then places those luscious full lips over mine and I disappear in his arms. He wraps his long muscular arms around me giving me a sense of worth and desire. His arms explore my body but linger on my derriere where he lavishes me with increased attention. He squeezes them with his enormous hands which propel me even closer to him. I get even more aroused as I feel his cock rising under the pleasure my body is giving my newfound Ebony lover. I look down and my belly is moist with considerable pre-cum which has smeared the top of his massive erection as well. I kneel down and take him in my mouth. Derek leans over and pulls out a condom and a container with lube. He opens the wrapper and as he rolls it down his thick shaft the condom tears.

“Fuck.” he says with a concerned look.

I reach down and remove the useless condom and lie down pulling him on top of me, “I don’t want anything between us as you enter me for the first time. Hazme chorrear mi negro lindo!” (Make me squirt my lovely ebony lover!)

I spread my legs open and am staring up at his chiseled muscular body glistening with sweat. He applies a generous amount of lube coating the entire length of his long thick shaft. As his hands coat his enormous phallus I try to relax and prepare to accept the enormity of his manhood. He places his cock head at the entrance of my pussy and with great care he slowly expands my opening allowing me to accomodate his enormous thickness. “Oh My God Papi, your so fucking HUGE!!” I scream as I feel my pussy walls being stretched wider than ever before. He is on top of me looking down at his dick slowly impaling my wet opening.

“Fuck Baby, your so tight. Damn.” he says while licking his lips.



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