He was going to be late! He wheeled out of his driveway and backed out into the street. As he drove down the road, his eyes kept wandering to the clock on the dashboard.

“Damn it! Not again.”

Settling into his commute he began to relax, his mind wandering back to her and last night. She’d surprised him with candles throughout the house, flower petals and clothes leading to the bathroom, and a bath waiting with her inside smiling seductively up at him.

A horn blaring nearby brought him out of his daydream. Once again he looked at the clock. “Yep, definitely late. Wonder if it’s too late to call out sick.”

He reached for his briefcase to call the office and tell them he was stuck in traffic, which was true on some level. It wasn’t on the front seat, or the floor behind the passenger seat. Maybe it was on the back seat? No, not there either.

“Where did it fall to, damn it!?”

While he searched his car it came to him, he’d set it down outside the bedroom door when he’d come to sneak one last peak at her lying there in bed. He could see her soft skin glowing in the morning sunlight. The soft smile that played across her lips while she slept, the seductive curves of her body teasingly exposed by the sheets.

He stood there captivated by her. The chime of his watch woke him from his revelry. He was going to be late! Running out in a hurry he’d forgotten his briefcase in the hallway. “Damn it!”

Seeing a familiar exit, he quickly veered off the highway and headed back towards home. He was almost there when it began to rain. Thunder rolled across the sky and the rain began to fall harder, drumming a steady rhythm on his windshield as it fell. By the time he pulled into the driveway it was pouring rain and the sky was dark.

He ran up to the house, trying to avoid getting soaked. Thunder rumbled and he could see a flash of lightning off in the distance. He opened the door and slipped quickly inside. While he stood shaking off the water by the door he heard noises coming from within the house. He quietly made his way down the hall. There was his briefcase leaning against the wall, right where he’d left it, the bedroom door slightly ajar.

Again he heard the faint sound, a gasp? Or was it a moan? Quietly moving up to the door he peered inside the dark room. In the reflection of the dresser vanity across the room he could see her laying there in bed. She had her eyes closed tightly and was moaning softly and writhing under the sheets.

A broad smile played across his lips, he moved to get a better view of her in the mirror. Standing there watching her, she arched her back slightly, kızılay escort a soft moan escaping her lips. The sudden movement causing the sheets to slide off, exposing her slender body.

Her body was naked and beautiful. She had one hand cupping her breast, her fingertips caressing the hard nipple; the other was hidden between her thighs. Her legs blocked the view but he could tell from the way her hips were moving she was close to coming.

He stood there watching her as she touched herself, eyes closed tightly, her chest heaving as she began to breathe harder. Her soft throaty moans were getting louder and louder as her hand continued to explore her sex. He quietly moved into the bedroom. He had to have a closer view! It was almost too much to bear watching her like this! His desire for her was palatable. He could almost taste her soft skin and feel the warmth of her body.

She gasped and arched her back as she came. As wave after wave of pleasure washed over her she softly moaned his name. Smiling, he moved closer to the edge of the bed and kneeled down between her legs.

She was squeezing her eyes closed tightly, touching herself as she remembered how he had touched her just the night before. They’d made love several times last night and she could still feel his touch and smell his body in the bed there with her. She could see the outline of his body as it was cast in the glow of the candles. She could still feel his body pressing against hers.

“Oh god!” she gasped as she came. The orgasm had surprised her. It hit with such delicious force that it caused her to arch her back and moan, her body tingling and throbbing with remembered pleasures.

She jumped as she felt something warm and wet on her thigh. Opening her eyes she saw him there kneeling at the edge of the bed, kissing her gently along her inner thigh. He was smiling up at her hungrily. She could see his briefcase and clothes in a pile by the door.

She smiled down at him and then lay back. Moaning as he began to kiss, lick and nibble his way up along her thighs. The softness of his lips and the warmth of his breath were almost too much for her. As vivid as her memory of the night before had been it was nothing compared to how his touch felt right now. She lay there trying to drink in every sensation. She heard the soft patter of rain falling against the window and the deep rumbling of the thunder.

She reached down and grabbed his hair, pulling him closer to her. She could feel his pace quicken as her urgings became more intense. She gasped when he slid a finger inside her. She was about to explode. When she felt his mouth ankara etlik escort move to her clit and take it firmly between his lips, she moaned, “I’m going to come. Oh, Baby!”

“Come, baby, come for me please,” she felt more than heard him reply.

When he pushed another finger inside her, she could feel herself opening for him, her orgasm building until she could hold back no longer. “Oh, yes!” she gasped as she came. She could feel her body tighten, her pussy trembling, her juice dripping down her thighs. She could feel him softly licking along her thighs, lapping at her.

She raised her head to look at him. Even in the darkness of the room and the bleariness in her eyes she could plainly see the big smile lighting up his handsome face. He leaned over her, pushing his hips between her trembling thighs. When he kissed her, she could taste herself on his lips.

They kissed for a long time, their tongues exploring each other’s lips and mouths, electricity surging through them as their tongues met. They lay there kissing each other passionately, desperately, all the while their hands caressing each other’s body.

She let out a surprised gasp when he pushed his cock inside her. She could hear him moan deep in his chest as he pushed slowly into her. She tightened on him, trying desperately to keep him there, throbbing inside her. The tighter she squeezed on him the louder he moaned as he continued to move deeper inside her.

He lifted her legs up over his arms and began to thrust harder into her. Their bodies moving in rhythm as they moaned and kissed, each lost in the pleasures of the other. She dug her nails across his back and into his shoulders, gripping him tightly with every part of her. Her pussy was quivering on his hard cock as he worked it steadily in and out of her. She tilted her hips and moved to match his thrusts, their bodies moving as one.

She could feel his body tighten and his cock throbbing harder, pulsing inside her. She knew he was close to cumming. She giggled when he lifted her up abruptly and bent her over the end of the bed. With her head pushed into the soft billowy covers she could feel her hard nipples brushing across the satin sheets.

He grabbed her hips roughly as he moved behind her. She looked back at him and smiled devilishly. Sliding her legs further apart, she arched her back, opening herself up to him. With one long thrust he pushed his cock inside her. His shaft filled her completely, pressing up against her cervix and stretching her soft walls to fit him. By the way he was moving she could tell how badly he wanted her, how desperately demetevler escortlar he ached for her.

Last night when he’d entered her it was soft, tender, almost romantic. This time it was passionate, hungry. His lust for her was primal. He continued to thrust roughly into her, his moans becoming louder and louder as he pushed into her, completely burying himself inside her.

She reached back and took his balls in her hand, squeezing them firmly. She could feel them throbbing and tightening in her hand. He was about to explode. She’d never seen him hold back this long before.

He stopped suddenly, pulling away from her. He lifted her off the bed up into his strong arms. Turning her to face him, he kissed her deeply. She could feel his lips trembling in ecstasy. He nibbled at her lips as they kissed. She reached down between them to stroke his throbbing wet cock.

She gasped when she felt something cold pressing against her shoulder and then against her ass; she could feel goose bumps run across her skin. He lifted one of her legs up and across his hips. He held her pressed against the cold glass of the window. She could feel the chill of the window against her hot skin, could feel the rain falling on the window almost as if it were falling on her body.

She could feel the intensity of his desire as he thrust into her. His moans were as hard and rough as his movements. He was trembling against her, completely lost within her. She could hear the sound of thunder in the distance.

She heard him moaning, “Yes, baby, yes!” He nuzzled his head against her neck, pushing himself deeper into her.

Her senses were overloading with passion and pleasure. “Come for me please,” she whispered in his ear.

He grabbed her hips roughly, fingers digging into the soft skin of her hips, lifting her he plunged his cock into her for a final thrust. He let out a moan deep in his chest as he exploded inside her, his body quivering and throbbing as his cock filled her.

Her own orgasm was just as powerful when she felt him come, the strength of his orgasm merely feeding her own. She felt the warmth of his lust filling her completely.

She kissed his neck softly as she held him, her body never wanting to part from his. They stood there for several long moments, trembling in each other’s arms. She could feel him throbbing inside her while delicious aftershocks ran through her body causing her muscles to tighten and squeeze him.

He carried her gently back to their bed where they collapsed in a mass of limbs and sweaty flesh. As he wrapped his body around hers, he whispered into her ear. “Looks like I’m calling in sick today.”

She smiled and snuggled back up against him. “Again?” she purred playfully.

Laying there in his arms, she could see the impression their bodies had made on the glass. She could still hear the thunder as rain continued to fall.



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