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The day started as so many summer mornings do for Derek. The sun, warming his face as it rises over the bay, waking him in time to head to the docks. While the coffee brews, still only in his boxers, Derek runs through his routine of pushups and pullups, before finding his jeans, shirt and boots. The heat of the sun tells him this will be a long day, but also promises he will enjoy watching the women strolling the street to and from the beach, enjoying their day before the usual night of dancing.

The afternoon sun warmed their faces. Mindy and Rachel laughed about old times as they walked down the harbor road. Tourist shops and cafes lined one side, restaurants and the fish market were on the other, facing the harbor, leading to the bay. Just beyond all this towered the Lighthouse Tavern, the old hotel at the end of the point, commanding the beach surrounding it’s backside.

Thursday afternoon in early July was a bustling time with lots of young studs on bikes, bikini clad women coming off the beach and couples strolling and talking. Mindy and Rachel had just gotten off the ferry, still out of place in their “regular” clothes as their excitement grew for a reunion weekend in Mindy’s old home town on this island village. Roommates in college many years ago, they had been planning this weekend of fun all spring.

Rachel’s golden brown hair, tied up, seemed somewhat sedate. Her cotton blouse didn’t do justice to the sensuality of her generous breasts, nor did it reveal the beautiful femininity of her cleavage, concealed by her habits of privacy. The years had been kind to her body. Maybe, gaining some weight beyond her younger days of bikinis, but in all the right places to enhance her sensuality. Mindy had made her promise to wear the bikini at least once this weekend but Rachel was still mixed about this whole scene.

Mindy on the other hand seemed not to have changed at all. Blond hair flowing, her tank top with spaghetti straps and plenty of already tan skin showing on her chest. With shirt tucked into shorts too short for Rachel’s comfort, Mindy presented a desirable and stark contrast. Rachel wondered how Mindy was always so comfortable with her body and revealing clothes. Yet, she pulled it off in a way that wasn’t the sleazy style Rachel always thought she observed in others.

They chatted about getting to the hotel room quickly, changing and grabbing the last 3-4 hours of sunshine at the hotel beach. Mindy pointed down the street to the old Lighthouse Tavern and laughed, “We should start with a drink there first.”

About to respond, Rachel gasped as they were walking past the fish market and Derek stepped out on the loading dock. Jeans under the fisherman’s apron, tan arms obviously strengthened outside not in a gym, and a grin that stopped her eyes on him. Mindy grabbed Rachel’s hand, keeping her moving. Derek looked over their heads pretending he hadn’t lost his breath too at the sight of Rachel’s hair, golden freckles and smile. Mindy kept them moving and decided, yes, time to duck into the Lighthouse. Before she got them past Derek, though, his eyes met Rachel’s and he smiled.

Getting inside, Rachel murmured, “OMG, who was that Mindy?”

Sitting by the bar, Mindy ordered two beers on tap. “That’s Derek, and yes he’s HOT!”

“Yes he is” Rachel smiled as she took a smooth swig of the cold beer on that hot early afternoon, as though she were twenty again. “Tell me more”.

“Not much to say – what you see is what you get.” Mindy sighed. “He’s hot and been around here for many years, always turning us on and does lots of flirting and dancing. Most girls think they can get him, and do try. Somehow, he stays aloof and to himself.”

“Wow” Rachel said, thinking to herself she’d spend the weekend trying, all her private inhibitions melting in the heat and being washed away with more beer. “Where does he do all this flirting?”

Mindy finished her beer pointing to the dance floor, empty at this hour, “Right here on the dance floor, so much dancing, touching, teasing… and then he just gets in his truck and goes home”.

“Let’s check in and hit the beach Mindy, I think this place is going to be fun”.

Minutes later, two pretty, smiling women checked into the hotel, just steps down from the Lighthouse. Sharing a room for the weekend, they hadn’t brought much. The backpacks carried bikinis they had promised each other to wear once again, changes of panties and a couple blouses for their evenings out.

Rachel stepped into the bathroom to change, taking her pants off she giggled with her first awareness that her panties were damp. Touching them again to check, she realized her excitement for Derek had seeped through her body and indeed given her more than a gasp on the street. Leaning back against the wall she let her fingers slide çankaya escort bayan under her panties and gently bit her lip as she touched the moist warmth, sending desire shooting through her.

“Hey Rachel! Almost done in there?” Mindy knocked.

“Oh yes, right out.” Rachel jumped back to reality, quickly finishing the tense task of putting on a bikini for the first time in many years. Looking in the mirror, thinking to herself she still looks pretty good after all. Throwing a t-shirt on, she opened the door as Mindy rushed in, already set in her bikini, to use the toilet.

Mindy and Rachel took in the last couple of hours of sun, warming their bodies and getting a soft glow on their faces, shoulders and chests.

Meanwhile Derek heaved tubs of fish off the boats, smiling at the women as they passed. He loved to flirt and chat. Whenever it was slow he’d go out to the pier and stand and chat, often suggesting to more than one woman in a bikini to visit the Lighthouse Tavern for the best dancing in town. This afternoon though, his mind was distracted as the vision of those two ladies kept coming back, thinking about how the one walked down the road with the radiant, golden smile. He had seen them duck into the Lighthouse Tavern, but was called away to the dock too quickly, so hadn’t seen them come back out or where they headed. “Would they be out dancing tonight?” he wondered.

Mindy and Rachel returned to their room to shower and dress, after agreeing their quiet weekend would have to include more beer and probably some dancing at the Lighthouse this evening. Dressing in skirts and blouses, Rachel looked at Mindy and wondered how she always pulled off the sexy look in a respectable kind of way. Rachel’s skirt and blouse were attractive but certainly didn’t highlight her more sensual qualities. The hotel had a pretty good seafood restaurant, so they headed downstairs knowing they could enjoy a relaxed meal, cocktails and wander over to the Lighthouse when they were ready.

Surprised at the crowd and wait for a table, they were offered to sit right away in the lounge, but may have to share a table. “Sure, that would be fine” they agreed. Looking around they spotted a table for four. Two young studs were sitting sporting tight polo shirts and tans, two chairs empty. Looking at each other they smiled, nodded and headed in that direction.

Mindy took the lead as they approached, “OK if we join your table for dinner?” Looking up in surprise, they smiled and nodded to the chairs as they stood to welcome their unexpected dinner mates.

“I’m Mindy, and this is my long time friend Rachel, here for the weekend.” she said with a smile and trace of a naughty wink to Colin.

“Glad you two could join us.” Colin replied, turning to Rachel as he answered Mindy. Rachel was flushed, realizing he passed by Mindy’s sexiness, preferring to have Rachel sit next to him. “I’m Colin, and this is my buddy Brad.” Brad smiled at Rachel, then turned to Mindy, and motioned to the chair next to him.

After these introductions, an awkward silence initially stalled their conversation. Rachel turned to Colin, emboldened by his smile, and restarted small talk. They were in full conversation as the first cocktails arrived. From then on, it was laughing, chatting and a foursome having fun. Mindy pulled her chair closer to Brad’s, as they started to peel off in their own conversation on each side of the table. Rachel had some thoughts of Derek, but was enjoying the conversation with Colin, and he wasn’t so bad to look at either…

After desert and several drinks it was like they were longtime friends. Brad and Colin were planning to visit the Tavern but would be there later. They excused themselves and gave friendly hugs with promises for some dancing in a couple of hours. Brad’s hands lingered a bit longer than needed on Mindy’s back and slid to her butt and she responded by brushing her warm breast against his arm as he turned to leave. They exchanged naughty and knowing smiles.

Sitting back down, Mindy and Rachel ordered another round, giggling with the fun they had just had. Mindy gabbed on about Brad and Rachel commented on Colin, but with waves of Derek returning to her thoughts. Noticing hesitancy, Mindy suggested Rachel should relax and enjoy the weekend, then looking at Rachel’s distant eyes she realized what was up and said, “Now remember, Derek just flirts…he’s not for more than looking.”

The Lighthouse was already alive with summer fun of all ages. A rush of excitement filled Rachel as she walked in behind Mindy, thinking about how long it has been since she’d been able to unwind and simply enjoy, not worrying about who was there or what needed to be done the next day. Mindy found a bar table quickly and drinks were ordered. The two swiveled to survey the floor of early dancers and take in the sights of healthy men of all ages at the bar, dancing and continuing to enter. Rachel, smiled at a couple of men looking close to her age, while scanning a bit harder to find Derek in the crowd, once she determined he wasn’t ankara rus escort yet on the dance floor.

Turning around to speak with Mindy she saw that she was already engrossed in conversation with Brad, resuming where they had left off with the flirting at the table. Brad signaled to Colin where they were, as he moved even a bit closer to Mindy. Clearly, both were enjoying each others attention. Rachel saw Colin heading their way with four beers, focused on resuming more friendly banter with Rachel. Colin was intent on following Brad’s lead to take it a bit further.

Brad and Mindy were headed to the dance floor as Colin arrived and smiled at them. He turned to Rachel handing her a beer. Colin gave her a peck on the cheek to say hello, and Rachel found herself enjoying that. Her hand reached out to hold his bicep to welcome him back, gently squeezing it. Colin flexed slightly and she smiled. Rachel enjoyed Colin’s strength but a flash memory of Derek’s arms washed over her. She looked over Colin’s shoulder scanning for Derek. Feeling embarrassed, Rachel looked down noticing Colin was wearing shorts, and his legs were solid muscle. Rachel found her heart beating a bit faster as she realized Colin wasn’t that bad after all. They sat down, both facing the dance floor but close enough to chat and laugh, Colin slipping his chair even closer.

After a couple high energy dances where Mindy’s hair flowed and her hands worked with Brad as they turned in sensual gyrations, Rachel thought how much fun it would be to have the confidence and experience to dance like that, with someone whose smile and hands made heads turn toward her. Rachel’s self confidence challenges came welling back and her silence stopped the conversation with Colin. As the music slowed the dance floor thinned. Mindy and Brad didn’t return to the table. Moving closer together, her arms went around his neck, her breasts against his chest and Rachel could see Brad caressing her back and sides. As they turned, she noticed his hand gently caressing her breast and she caught Rachel’s eyes winking in pleasure. The dance continued, the silence with Colin became more awkward and Rachel was transfixed on Mindy’s hand as it slid down Brad’s side then not so discreetly her palm turned toward Brad’s groin, and she held it there as they made out in an obviously passionate deep kiss.

Rachel took a deep breath, licked her lips and realized Colin was beginning to look around. Suddenly the music revved faster in an old favorite. Taking a big gulp of the beer, Rachel stood up, took his hand and as he turned she smiled “let’s go dance”.

He obviously wasn’t as good as Brad, nor as comfortable, but they were having fun letting their bodies loosen, moving together more and more and bringing on more mutual smiles. The dance floor was getting more crowded, so Rachel began bumping into others, including Mindy.

Mindy leaned over to give Rachel a friendly hug and close to her ear said “How much fun is this? Brad is SO HOT!” and then she was gone again, dancing and shaking, mostly against him or in his arms.

Rachel turned to Colin smiling and putting her hands up over her head, did something new, shaking her body and pushing her chest out as her breasts came alive, and so did Colin. He reached out to take her hand, twirling her so her skirt flowed up, and Rachel felt air rush in on her thighs as she turned around, finishing the twirl in Colin’s arms, just as the music slowed.

“Well, Colin’s here and Derek isn’t” she thought to herself as they naturally rolled into a slow dance. Initially keeping a neutral distance, Rachel noticed a group of almost tacky women gathered at the bar, looking like they were clearly waiting for something, thinking that’s strange.

Then, Colin moved a bit closer, his hard and warm cock pressing against her groin. As Rachel’s breasts warmed Colin’s chest, she felt his hands on her lower back, finding bare skin between her blouse and skirt. Rachel became aware, again, of the dampness in her panties, this time with a hard cock pressing her made her shiver in desire. They danced and turned, moving closer, but Rachel couldn’t stop thinking of Derek and felt torn. When there was some commotion at the door, she immediately understood the women gathering at the bar. They were waiting for Derek.

As he entered, she could see glimpses of him through the crowd, and he smiled all around, getting a beer and then taking the closest babe to the dance floor. She was clearly focused on him, but Derek seemed distracted, looking around. Colin continued dancing with Rachel, oblivious to Derek but beginning to sense something going on with Rachel. Looking around, Rachel couldn’t find Mindy, so she suggested they stop dancing and excused herself to the restroom, partly to just find Mindy and partly to get her bearings.

Walking toward the restroom, Rachel found Mindy smiling coming toward her, her blouse loose and hair mussed. She was heading back, with Brad behind her. Mindy told Brad she’d catch up and Rachel said “Derek is here” taking Mindy’s arm.

“Well, ankara etlik escort if he’s anything like Brad, you’re going to have fun”. Mindy couldn’t resist saying.

“What? Tell me!” Rachel replied, forgetting about Derek for a minute.

“Well, after I stroked his cock on the dance floor and we kissed, we had to find some privacy. SO, we headed out the back door and to the beach. He just stood behind me pressing his cock on my ass, kissing my neck and caressing my breasts. He said, ‘We could fuck now, or just touch and kiss and keep it going for hours of dancing and then really have fun all night’. As he said this, one hand caressed my tits and nipples and his other fingers slipped under my panties. I swear as he fingered me, I came right there all over his hand and turned to kiss him sucking his tongue and moaning into his mouth. Then he tasted his finger saying, ‘Yes, fun all night babe’ and then he led me back inside. Can you believe that?” Mindy summed up licking her lips.

Rachel stood there, realizing her jaw had gone slack and for the third time that night, she was aware of the warm throbbing between her legs.

“But Mindy, what about Derek?”

“Oh yeah. Well you’ve got Colin don’t you?”

“Well maybe, he is pretty cute and we’ve been having more and more fun. But Mindy, Derek just makes me melt.”

“Well then,” Mindy reached over and undid two buttons of Rachel’s blouse exposing warm heaving breasts and cleavage even Mindy yearned to possess. “Why don’t you go freshen up and come back out, we’ll see what we can do.”

Taking a deep breath in the bathroom, she gently touched her wet panties in disbelief. Feeling building tension and desire, she practiced standing straighter, leading with her breasts. Rachel realized this was making her feel pretty good, and definitely sexy. Heading back out to the dance floor, she saw Mindy and Brad were back at it. Colin was sitting at their table.

Derek was standing right behind what would be her chair. Rachel gasped and had flutters flow through her. Walking around the long way, she headed toward the table as Derek noticed her and smiled. Rachel walked past Derek, she smiled and said hello, noticing two women on either side of him, desperate for his attention. Derek smiled and mouthed “Hello to you” watching her sit down. Rachel smiled at Colin and looked out on the dance floor, crazy with tension having Derek just behind her.

One of the women then pulled up next to Colin on the other side and rubbing her breasts on his shoulder asked him to dance. Looking at Rachel for guidance, she smiled indicating it was OK. So Colin was led to the floor. A minute later, which seemed like an hour, a large, strong but gentle hand caressed Rachel’s shoulder and neck, fingers just gently pressing behind her earlobe. In her other ear, Derek commanded with a whispered, “Let’s dance”.

Rachel looked up, speechless, her answer in her eyes. Derek’s hand slid down her arm and side, brushing her breast, to her hand. Feeling his strength in her hand, she stood facing him smiling, she turned toward the dance floor. Rachel could feel both his hands now on her hips already moving her body to the beat and then his body closer behind her as she smiled to Mindy in disbelief.

It was a fast, very fun dance initially. At the end, there was a pause and Derek leaned over to whisper “By the way, I’m Derek.” His hand sliding along her lower back on her bare skin.

“I know, um, I mean I’m Rachel.” She gasped back into his ear.

Already getting closer, the music started, very slowly. Derek pulled her in, one hand gently sliding through her golden hair, flowing it down her back. Rachel smiled, enjoying the attention and pressing closer, noticing Derek taking in her cleavage with a smile as his cock warmed her groin. One of Derek’s large hands reached down, gently caressing her butt as she found her lips resting on his neck tasting his essence. Her other hand wrapped around his bicep, as though she were holding on for a ride. His strong muscle keeping her steady.

Rachel got a thumbs up from Mindy and some stares from many others. Colin, entranced with his new interest, didn’t notice her eyes closed as she danced with Derek. After the dance, Derek took Rachel’s hand, heading for the porch overlooking the water. This was very unusual for him and Rachel could feel all the eyes on them as they walked through the doors to get some fresh air and cool off.

They found a quiet spot looking out over the moonlit water. Derek stood behind her, his hands holding hers, pressing his cock against her ass, he whispered, “You Rachel, are stunning”.

“Umm, you make me blush.” leaning back into his strong body.

“I hope I’ll make you do much more than that babe,” gently pressing his cock a bit more into the small of her back.

At the sound of Derek calling her “babe” Rachel could feel her nipples tingle and harden. She took his hands and opened his palms on her tummy, pressing her hips against the railing for stability. Then, he took control, sliding his hands up her body, Rachel’s hands holding onto his as she took a deep breath. He cupped her breasts and held them. Derek continued his exploration with his fingers on her nipples and now his moist lips behind her ear and tongue caressing her neck. Rachel moan as her head rested on his chest, tongue wetting her lips.



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