Mary was a fine looking woman and her children had inherited her good looks. Julie, her daughter, had been doing some fashion modeling and so had her son, Paul.

She was proud of both of them. They looked so stylish and sexy in the fashion layouts.

Julie had just turned 18 and Paul 19. They were eager to succeed in the fashion world. The rewards were great but not many got right to the top. They’d had a fair bit of work but were now at the crossroads. It would take hard work and contacts to really make it.

Their dad Tom had got them much of their work. He was a fashion photographer. He had not actually photographed them himself apart from family snaps, thinking it would be better for them to start and establish themselves with others. Mary their mum was the children’s manager. A very enthusiastic and hard-working one. Just recently she’d met an old flame, Stuart, who was a leading photographer. He still had quite a thing for Mary who had married his friend, Tom. So when she asked him about work for her charges, he readily agreed.

Mary arrived at Stuart’s studio complex with her children. It was a very swanky affair: busy, plush, set in a rambling old house full of antiques, which made perfect backdrops. There were about ten different shooting locations. In fact Tom occasionally hired space there for shoots there.

Stuart smiled broadly and kissed Mary as she was ushered in with Paul and Julie by one of Stuart’s many assistants. The children were a little overawed by the grandness of the place but Stuart put them at their ease. He kissed Julie and shook Paul’s hand. He remarked how like Mary they both were.

He explained to them how he’d been through their portfolios and was very impressed. But he said they really needed some nude photos to be included, many fashion photographers like to see them he said.

He said if they didn’t feel comfortable to do that now he could just take some fashion pictures and do those nude layouts later. Mary said it would be better to do them now. The children nodded a little sheepishly.

Stuart said not to worry. “I’m an old hand at this. I actually do nude art photos as part of my business.” A young assistant took them to the unisex change room and gave then a gown each. While they were undressing Stuart was flirting with Mary. She loved the attention. Tom her husband had been neglecting her of late. Stuart complimented her on the good looks of her children and remarked how Julie, in particular, was so like her, down to her lovely pert bottom and breasts. Mary lapped it up.

The children were led to Studio 4 by the assistant, Allison ,who introduced herself and wished them good luck and left. Mum and Stuart entered together. Stuart didn’t play around, he had Julie’s robe off and was snapping away within seconds. Julie was very shy and kept covering her modesty which Stuart found very endearing. Julie looked stunning. It’s amazing what a difference expertly directed poses made. Julie had never looked so sexy and beautiful. Mary was so proud of her daughter.

Stuart loved being there with Mary as he took nude photos of Julie. He thought how Mary would look nude now. It was easy to imagine because Julie and Mary were so alike. He took a mental note to photograph them nude together at some time. What a stunning art set it would make. Mother and daughter naked together.

Stuart took some really arty shots of Julie apart from normal fashion escort ataşehir portfolio ones. Some were very sensual and sexy. He asked Julie if it was ok he’d like to take some really sexy artistic ones for a new book he was compiling. She was shy but very flattered. Before Julie had a chance to answer Mary said: “I’m sure Julie would love to.”

Stuart couldn’t help fantasising that Julie was his daughter and Mary his wife as he snapped away. It got him so aroused. It also inspired some very hot shots. Hotter than he really should be taking but no one was complaining. Mary was also highly aroused as Stuart kept remarking how alike mum and daughter were as the shots got progressively hotter. Julie was loving the attention and looks she was getting from Stuart and was very eager to impress this distinguished photographer who could make her so successful. Paul was aroused watching his sister as she was now posing with legs spread displaying her vagina clearly. She was then on all fours as Stuart snapped her spread young bottom from behind. Her anus and vagina were clearly visible from Stuart’s camera angle.

The atmosphere was really charged. Mary was getting very very hot as she saw Stuart getting aroused watching her daughter so exposed. Julie was clearly very wet. Her nipples were rock hard. She was so aroused she was well beyond embarrassment. She just loved it. Paul had a rock hard erection under his gown. The idea of watching his sister pose like this in front of his mum and another man had him going crazy.

It was now Paul’s turn to pose. Mary helped him remove his robe, admiring her young son’s body. His erection was now exposed. Mum kissed him on the cheek and patted his bottom saying: “Don’t worry no one is going to mind, my darling.” Julie went to put on her robe but Stuart said: ” Leave it off I want you to pose with your brother.”

Stuart had Paul place his arm around Julie and kiss his sister on the cheek. Stuart pulled them in close together. Paul’s hard cock was right up against his sister, between her legs. Her pert breasts were pushing into her brother’s chest. Paul could feel his sister’s wetness and hot young vagina against him. It was a delicious feeling. Stuart directed them to kiss on the lips. Then to tongue kiss with mouths open. Stuart came over and said to them both: “Don’t worry you look absolutely beautiful. Your mum thinks so too.” With that he put his hands on both their bums and rubbed gently along their cracks. “Keep up the good work.”

Mary was touching herself through the folds of her dress as Stuart clicked away. She was white hot watching her son and daughter kissing and hugging with their nude bodies pressed against each other. Stuart then had Paul lick Julie’s nipples. He showed exactly how he wanted it done by licking them himself first, still imagining Julie to be his own daughter. He even said to her he’d love to have a daughter like her. She knew what he meant. She could feel it.

Allison, the assistant came in and was not in the least bit surprised by what she saw. She said to Stuart that his next appointment was there. Stuart and Mary helped the children put on their robes. Allison then led them back to the change rooms. Stuart was saying to Mary how he was sorry the session could not go longer. He would arrange another. He’d like to take at least some fashion pics of Mary next time, too. She said she’d love to pose. He then said kadıköy escort to her that before next time could she make sure that Paul’s and Julie’s pubic hair was shaved. Most photographer’s preferred the more innocent look and it would make them look younger in the nude shots. Mary said she’d take care of that.

When Julie and Paul arrived home with mum they were still excited from the session. They were also a little embarrassed. They wanted to talk about what had happened more than anything but were feeling so shy. Mary noticed that her children were a little quiet and subdued. She knew why. She felt a little embarrassed too. She was still aroused when she looked at the two of them and imagined how they were during the session. She thought about Paul’s lovely stiff cock and how arousing it was to see him pressed up against his sister, knowing how wet Julie had been. She thought how pretty Julie’s little spread pussy had looked.

Mary thought it would be good to break the unnatural silence. She said: “Wasn’t it a lovely session? You both looked so lovely together. Stuart thought so. He told me when you were changing how if you got the breaks and really applied yourselves you could both go a long way. But he also said how sexy you both looked. He’d love to do more sexy art shots with both of you together. He was thinking about a sensual brother and sister series. I told him that you would both want that. I’d love it too. It would be very exciting for us all.” With that Mary put her arms around both of them kissing each fondly on the cheek. She said don’t be shy about what happened today it’s so nice that as a family we can share a sensual experience.” She patted their bottoms in a motherly teasing way.

Paul said: “Mum I feel so good that you approve. It will be so exciting to do more. I found it more fun because you were there with us, watching us.” Julie said: “Yes thanks mum. We are both so lucky to have such an opened-minded mum.”

“That is so nice to hear my loves,” Mary said, “Oh and before I forget, Stuart wants you to do a little something before the next session. He wants you to ah, have your pubic hair shaved. He said most photographers prefer that. It gives models your age a more innocent and younger look especially for the nude artwork, and it’s handy when modeling very skimpy swimsuits. Don’t worry, I’ll help you both with it. I have a very good shaver. After your baths tonight give me a call and I’ll help you.”

That night Mary heard Paul finish his bath and go to his room. He did not call her as she’d asked him. He was feeling too shy about it. He felt aroused but very shy. He thought he’d shave himself. Mary knocked on his door and went in to his room. He was a bit sheepish. She knew why. “You’re too shy to let me shave you aren’t you Paul. Don’t be darling. I’m your mum. If your own mum can’t do it for you who can? I’ve touched you there so many times. I’ll be careful and gentle.” Paul was bright red with embarrassment, strangely nervous with his own mum, yet secretly quite excited. “Come on pet we’ll do it in my bathroom”.

She kissed Paul and took his hand and led him to her bathroom, saying as they went:”You are a little duffer aren’t you. It’ll be ok. I’m not going to hurt you.” In the bathroom she got Paul to strip right off and get into her bath. She’d lather him up in there to save any mess. To avoid bending she decided to get in with him. So she stripped maltepe escort bayan off too and got in with Paul. She ran the water and got her shaving cream to lather Paul up. She decided to lather him all around so she could shave all his pubic hair off. Lucky he had little or no body hair. She wouldn’t have to worry about that. Her son was very nervous and very aroused.

She started lathering him all around his cock, holding it gently in her hands. She then lathered all around his balls and playfully and very naughtily tickled them and his anus, smiling at her son in a very motherly but also a very sexy way. Well it was too much for Paul. He got a huge erection with the touch of his mum. He felt so hot and embarrassed. His mum said: “Don’t worry darling, I’m actually very flattered. You are such a big boy like your daddy aren’t you?” She started stroking her son’s erect cock gently and lovingly. “Dear, don’t be shocked, but I think it’s best if you cum and then you’ll be calmer and more still as I shave you.”

Well Paul was getting so aroused he’d soon be beyond embarrassment. The sight of his mum nude in the bath with him, her lovely pear-shaped breasts almost in his face, her legs inside his and his legs wide open exposing his rampant cock and balls to his mum. It had him as hot as he’d ever been. She kept stroking him and leant over and kissed him on the lips, licking her son’s mouth and putting her tongue inside. All the while she was tickling his balls and anus. He came so hard. Harder than he’d ever cum before, spurting his juices all over his mum. She smiled and said: “You’ve made your mummy all sticky. You are my sexy little boy aren’t you.” She kissed him again and rubbed her hand in her son’s juices on her and legs and stomach. She said to a dazed Paul: “This is like old times, mummy in the bath with her little boy.” And laughing she remarked: “But this time it’s a lot stickier.”

She kissed him again on the lips. It was a soft open kiss. Her tongue lingered around the outside of her son’s mouth and lips. He was starting to get hard again, already. She thought what a sexy young man he was. She kept touching him. Couldn’t keep her hands off his cock which by now was rock hard again. She thought it was a waste of time masturbating him. Well not a waste of time – she really loved it…loved having him cum all over her. It was just that it did not reduce his arousal. She said to him: “Dear I think we’ll go ahead with you stiff. Somehow I think you are going to stay that way”.

She lathered him up again and went and got her lady shaver. He was a little nervous when he saw the shaver but she kissed him and said she wouldn’t hurt him. She took his cock in her hand, to hold it out of the way. It got even harder when she touched it again. He was so aroused. He thought to himself: “My very own mother touching me. In the bath with me, nude with me”. She shaved him oh so carefully. Stopping every minute or so to kiss him and tell him how nice he was going to look. When she finished she washed him down, thoroughly, very thoroughly. She washed all around his balls and bottom. Tickling and teasing as she did. Her fingers tickled the under side of his balls and the tip of her finger played around his anus.

Then she got him to step out of the bath to look at her work. “You look so lovely and smooth and innocent. You’re my baby boy again. The only difference is you have a big hard cock as you stand in front of your mummy.” She hugged him very tightly pushing her hot wet cunt against him. She looked lovingly into his eyes and said: “I want you to shave me now, dear. Would you like to shave your mummy? I’d love you to.”

“Oh yes, mummy. You will have to show me how though.”



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