Private PartyThe taxi bounces as it enters a large pothole, your body raises with the bump, the driver could of avoided it! Your anticipation of this night has been building for several days and your heart is beating faster as you get closer to your destination.Your partner is sat beside you and his hand is resting on your stocking clad thigh. His touch is making you excited with your excitement ever increasing. He had suggested something you thought he never would. Two weeks ago over a glass of wine, whilst sat on the sofa watching TV, he said that he had found a club which he wanted to take you to. You love a night on the town and curiously ask where and what is it?“Well” he says “I know how much you enjoy people looking at your legs in your hosiery in the street, so I thought we might broaden our horizons and I have found a professionals upmarket swingers club.”You eyes widen and you smile widely, you do enjoy catching men and women admiring your legs and body whilst out and about…………..your mind a little light headed at his suggestion….“Want to go? I am sure you will love it”You smile more and imagine………you tell him “yes” and nod.Another bump in the road brings you back into the taxi from remembering how this began…….you can feel a warmth in your pussy and butterflies of excitement in your tummy….your partners hand now stroking your stocking clad legs and pushing open your coat.You are dressed immaculately, perfect make-up, not slutty, but heavier make up than normal with ruby red lips. You are wearing a long overcoat, seamed tan cervin stockings with re-inforced heels and toe which are complemented by open toe strappy heels. To finish the outfit you are wearing matching white bra, full sheer back panel panties and eight strap suspender belt.As your partner strokes your legs your overcoat opens more….revealing your stocking tops.You are enjoying the feel of your partners hand on your legs and feel dampness between your legs……you feel as though you are being watched and look up to see the taxi driver adjusting his rear view mirror…..the dirty fucker is watching you both and watching your partner expertly stroke your legs…….you smile and uncross your legs, slowly spreading them wide……through the rear view mirror you can see the taxi drivers eyebrows rise, the car swerves a little.Your partners hand is now moving up your legs and you feel his middle finger press against your wet pussy through your now damp panties. He pushes harder and you feel the panties enter your excited pussy….he pushes them in deeper in full view of the dirty driver in front….you notice he only has his left hand on the steering wheel….your smile broadening…..the dirty bastard must be playing with his cock as he watches your partner finger you.The car slows, pulls to a stop and your partner removes his hand from pleasuring your pussy. “£15 please” the taxi driver says.Before your partner reaches for his wallet, in the inner jacket pocket of his 3 piece suit, he rubs the finger, which he was fingering you with, above your top lip….you feel the wetness on your face and can smell your sex on there. He leaves enough of your pussy juice there to scent the skin, so all you can smell now is your arousal.You feel your pussy twitching….you are so turned on and excited.He hands the driver a £20 and tells him to keep the change.You both step from the taxi and onto the street. You are in a quiet street of a nearby city and before you is 3-storey Georgian house with the wooden shutters on all the windows istanbul escort firmly closed.Your partner reaches into one of his suit pockets and presents you with a white lace mask with feathers coming out of the top, he places it on your face and ties the ribbons around the back of your head….tying it tight. Through the eyeholes you see him don a purple one with matching feathers on his. Your pulse is racing as he takes your hand and guides you towards the large doors at the front of the house. All you can smell is your sex from the pussy juice he rubbed under your nose. It is driving you wild and wanting. Your legs are a little weak as you both walk towards the house. He raises the door knocker and give three raps on the door.The door opens inwards and you enter into the low lit large reception area.In front of you is a cute brunette in a black sheer bodystocking, black high heels and nothing else. Beside her is a well toned, 40 something man in jockey shorts……your head is spinning as you realise this is now really happening.“May I take your coat madam?” the brunette asks.Silently you smile at her and unbutton your long over coat, revealing your gorgeous body in your white underwear and tan stockings. She hands it to the man and he goes to put it on a coat hook to the side of the entrance. You notice how many coats are their and realise the party must be in full swing!The brunette gestures you into the house and says “Welcome to our party. I am glad you could join us. We have many varied rooms, for many varied pleasures. What ever your preference we have guests of all persuasions. The house is like a labyrinth, however we offer no maps, so now the only thing to say is enjoy”A blonde in a maids outfit and fishnets with heels appears with a tray of champagne and offers you and your partner a glass. You both reach out and take a glass each raising the glasses to your lips and taking a sip.You both move forward into a room to your left……inside there is nothing except a king size bed.Your eyes widen as you see a dark haired woman with a gorgeous body, stockings and nothing else on all fours. She is being fucked by a blond in a leather catsuit with a large strap on buried in her pussy…..she is eagerly sucking on a cock as she is spit roasted….her eyes open and wild as she obviously enjoys the sensations…..around the bed are single men and women and couples all kissing and playing with each other…….The men are in various states of undress, although still or obviously originally in three piece suits. The women are dressed in stockings, catsuits and body stockings of various designs and colours……..There are various sizes of people, some toned, some more fuller figures……something for everyone’s tastes.You can feel the dampness between your legs growing as your eyes survey this orgy of people and you are transfixed on the woman being fucked on the bed………you can see her body tensing……her moans increasing as the guy in the mouth puts his head back, eyes closed and you see his body stiffen as he obviously begins to shoot his cum into her mouth……she opens her mouth slightly and the cum dribbles from her lips…onto the bed, staining the pure white fine cotton sheets.His cum subsides and his cock is replaced by another hard cock in the dark haired woman’s mouth which she eagerly begins to lick and suck. All the while the woman behind her fucking her pussy hard.You move closer to get a better look, transfixed as you see how shiny avcılar escort the strapon shaft looks with the woman’s fuck juice.You notice that your partner is no longer by your side and you look around the room, however in the low light you cannot spot him! Your eyes widen and your heart races….alone in a house of debauchery!You feel someone behind you and a hand move underneath your right arm to cup your ample tits through your bra……..around your left side another arm snakes around your waist and strokes your stomach…circling down inside the elastic of your panties……phew he has found me you think and smile as you feel the left hand begin to slip into your wetness and play with your clit. Your eyes close slightly and enjoy the sensations….pushing back into your partner behind you…….you have wanted him to play with you since you got out of the taxi……..your nipples are very erect and you take your eyes away from watching the dark haired woman taking another load in her look down your own body… are startled to see that the hand on your boob has purple nail varnish!You spin around and a red haired woman smiles back at you.You survey her in her black stockings and heels.She takes your hand and says “ Come with me”She leads you from the first room and along several corridors….the house really is a labyrinth!As you pass the rooms you peer in and see things you have never seen before….a guy being fucked with a strap on, a woman being fucked in a sex swing……….a guy cumming all over a ripe plump voluptuous woman’s arse….the images just blend into one long stream of filth…….You are so turned on, just the fabric of your panties rubbing on your clit as you walk is bringing you close to orgasm, this coupled with the friction of your bra on your full proud nipples.The redhead leads you into a room which is empty except for another king size bed with again fine cotton sheets.She leads you to the bed and leans into you to whisper “You are gorgeous…..masturbate for me. “I want to watch you”She squats in front of you and kisses your flat stomach. Her hands move up the back of your stocking clad legs tracing a line with her fingers up the seams from your ankles up to your bum. She reaches the elastic of your panties and pulls them down. You feel them slowly drop down your legs and you step out of them once they reach your ankles.Your whole body is tingling now…you are so fucking horny!You watch as she stands and raises your panties to her nose and smells them…….then offers them to you to smell… can smell your excited pussy juices on them and they are saturated with your need.“Now wank for me” she says…..pushing you gently back onto the bed.You obligingly lay down and raise your knees spreading your legs in missionary position…… an out of body experience your hands move down your body….your left hand cupping your breast and popping it out over the top of your bra and your right hand continuing its course down your body to your ripe, wet pussy lips……you begin to tease your pussy lips, you are very, very wet.You wet your finger with your cunt juice and begin to tease your clit……you watch between your legs as the red head stands beside the bed and begins to rub her clit and then slip her middle finger deep inside herself………Your middle finger slips inside your wetness first and then your index finger. You push them in deep to reach your g-spot…….pulling your fingers up and pressing on it….as you then circle şirinevler escort your clit with your thumb…..your body electric and tingling with the rudeness of the situation… feel the heat in your cunt rise as your body flushes and you sense movement in the room…..from the shadows emerge too many naked men and women to count……all the men have their cocks out and are wanking them. Men and women of all shapes and sizes………..Moving towards the bed you are laid on…………you are lost in the sensations and seeing all those hard cocks you tip over the edge and your head swims with a large, powerful orgasm ripping through your body…..your legs tense and you cry out loud “yes,yes,yes”Still cumming you continue to fuck your cunt with your hand…………pushing your fingers deeper………rubbing your clit harder….“She is mine. Do not touch her” the red head shouts to the crowd…..You look around you, so many hard cocks now all wanking furiously over you, admiring you, wanting you, but they cannot have you…… makes you fucking wild……….fuck!You wank even harder….you can feels your cunt juices flow from your pussy down between your arse crack, you are creaming with the excitement…….fuck,fuck,fuck…… feel the heat in your groin intensify again… you see one man move to kneel on the bed and begin to cum all over your stockings….you feel the hot, sticky wetness…….then another load of cum on your tummy………this then starts a cum shower all over your body…….”Ffuuucckkk” you scream your body tight and cumming, multiple orgasms…… cum showers your body…….your stockings covered in these men’s sex muck…..your stomach covered, your tits and bra saturated also… now cannot stop cumming………….the endorphins engulfing you……..“Fuck, God yes, fuck’ you are screaming……your body completely saturated….all that cum and you putting on a dirty wank show for all these dirty wankers……………People drift away and you slow your wanking………gently teasing your clit as the redhead finally orgasms, her head back, her back arched…body tense you see her withdraw her fingers from herself. You watch through your sex d**gged delirious vision as she raises her fingers to her mouth and licks them clean of her juices……You realise as you regain your senses just how much strangers spunk has been deposited on you.None on your gorgeous face…make up still in touch, but your body, stockings and heels completely saturated……You see a shadow enter the room and realise it is a gent in a three piece suit. You recognise it is your partner….“My god what happened to you?” He says as he reaches the bed.“Something fucking wonderful” you return“I lost you in the first room and then got lost in this fucking labyrinth of a house” he say “let’s leave”He takes your hand and surveys your cum soaked body…….stains all over your tan stockings, the back of them wet as well with all the spunk which was deposited on you.He guides you through the house, holding your hand tightly, your legs weak with your orgasm and the spunk dripping off you.You both reach the front door and he retrieves your coat…..placing it over your cum soaked body.With your face untouched you just look like you have been on a respectable night out, however underneath lies a cum saturated body.He had texted for a cab and it pulls up a few minutes after standing on the street waiting….You both get in and you smell of sex. Sex deposits of strangers…….you stare out of the window of the cab watching the street lights and houses pass by, however your mind is elsewhere. Your mind is still on that bed….all that stranger man muck raining down on your body.And all you can think is you want more as their cum dries into your stockings and dries on your body as you drive home…………….



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