Pregnant wife has a plancredit to poster: byu/IlovedrawingvaginasMy pregant wifes best friend from school flew in to spend some time with us. On the last day of her stay things got messy. [OC][Str8, FMF, preg, mast, oral]nsfwI’d had a bad day.My boss is an asshole, why do I work my ass off for that idiot? As soon as I get some money saved up I’m gonna open my own Truck service. My pregnant wife Rachel has been extremely supportive through the long hours but I’ve barely seen her I’ve been working so hard.Her best friend from school Sophie flew in from Ohio for a visit which is great because I’d hate Rachel to be home alone all the time. It’s been tense all week though. Sophie’s hot, extremely hot and I can’t get her out of my head. She flies out tomorrow thank goodness but I’ll need a cold shower and if that isn’t enough I’ll blow my load in my wife just to get her out of my head. Damn pregnant women are horny, which is great I ride Rachel almost every night. I love the feel of her fat belly against my abs and her swollen tits leaking from the excitement. I cum so much in Rachels pussy at some point she’s going to start pulling bone marrow.I get home and there’s no sign of them. “Rach, I’m home.” I hear a moan in the kitchen, I go round the corner and there’s my heavily pregnant wife naked, rubbing her bulging, hairy, pillow like pussy as her juices slowly run down her thigh. I’m instantly hard. ‘ Where’s Sophie?” I ask, obviously she want’s me bad, but I didn’t want Sophie walking in on us mid cum like she did a few days back. I guess we should’ve made more noise, just didn’t want things to be awkward for Sophie. Well no helping that it’s super awkward now!“Come I’ll show you, don’t freak out ok, promise me you’ll be sensitive.” Said Rachel. “Ohkaaaaay?” I reply.She walks me upstairs and there’s Sophie on our bed, bent over hanging onto illegal bahis the bed frame. She’s clearly embarrassed and nervous, her hairy pussy peeking at me from below her magnificent ass. She must be ovulating her grool is thick and dripping hard. The air is so thick with hormone everyone in the room would get pregnant from my precum. “Uh hi Sophie, you ok?”“Please honey, I’m so lucky to be having a baby. Sophie just can’t seem to get pregnant her ex was impotent and walked out on her blaming her for not being able to have a baby.” Rachel said.What a fuckwit that dude was, walks out on a magnificent woman like Sophie. I’d met him once before, total cunt. One of those ‘man bun in between jobs with a liberal arts degree’ types. It was a Superbowl party I met him at. It’s ok to not like football, no problem, just don’t fucking make it your fucking mission to tell everyone about it. Called him out on it, dude snobbed me the rest of the night but at least it shut him the fuck up so we could enjoy the game. Problem was after that he made sure we wouldn’t see poor Sophie since. Well I’m seeing her now you dust pumping asshole.My wife gets on the bed and pulls Sophies thigh to the side to reveal her magnificent labia, her fur went right up to her tiny little asshole. Sophie instantly blushed hard and a single drop of grool slid from her opening down over her clit and strung from her pubis.“Please put a baby in her too honey, she flies out tomorrow, it’ll be easy I promise she’s way tighter than me I checked.” Rachel Said.A little stunned I replied “How long have you girls been planning this? Nothing has been going on while I’m at work has it?” Sophie finally spoke up, looking at me desperate she says “Nothing I promise! I’ve been upset all week and Rachel said you’re really good at this and maybe you could help me. We thought the best way would illegal bahis siteleri be for Rachel to help you cum inside me. Please I’ve wanted a baby so long and now my asshole ex is gone I can get on with my life, please I want a c***d like you. You’re such a great guy I know it’ll be worth it.”My boxers and jeans are soaked with precum. “Ok, lets do this” I say. Sophie smiles and a tear slowly leaves her eye. “Oh God, Thank you.”I tear my clothes off and climb on the bed, she’s bent over, wet as a cow in heat, her fur matted with grool so wet my cock keeps slipping, Rachel grabs me and slides it in. Sophie seizes up and moans. Man she’s tight, I can feel her pussy gripping me, throbbing all around my shaft. I start thrusting and I can hear her breathing heavily as I push deeper and deeper. Rachel starts fondling my balls from behind. “Come on baby” she whispers in my ear “I know you’ve got it in you, cum for her, deep inside she’s been ready for days.”Ugh that did the trick “Ok let go!” My wife knows to stop doing what she’s doing so I can hold back orgasm and drool my cum, doing that I can pretty much drain my balls if I have to. I figure I can push two or three loads in her. I’m not just here just for fun, I’ve got a job to do. “Ok” I say to let my wife know to keep going. She begins gently squeezing my balls with each thrust. I love that and she knows it. I can feel the small bulge of Sophies cervix rolling against the head of my penis. I carefully aim so my tip lines up with her cervical opening. I line it up like Luke Skywalker hitting the exhaust port of the Death Star. Rachel slides a finger into my ass and presses against my prostate. I can’t hold it back anymore, I cum and cum and cum. She’s fuller than she’ll ever be. I pull out an lie down as she keeps her soaking red ass high in the air to hold it all in.My canlı bahis siteleri wife says “Thank you so much, you’re a good man.” She slowly sucks on my flaccid cum covered cock, my gosh shes hot, her belly rolling out from under her, milk dripping from her swollen breasts. I turn to Sophie, she’s greedily watching Rachel suck on me with a big smile. Oh no, I’m hard again. “Sit on him Sophie, he’s ready again”. Sophie climbs over me and stops short as my cum rushes from her pussy down her thigh. My wife cups it, catching most of it and rubs it all over her breasts and belly making her look like shes sculpted from glazed porcelain in the light. Rachel holds me steady while Sophie lowers herself and I slide in. Sophie’s still tight but much smoother this time with all the juices sloshing against us both. It takes a little longer this time but boy can Sophie grind. She’s facing away from me and her ass rolls back and forth against my lower abdomen. Her asshole is beautiful, tight and framed with her fuzz, it peeks at me with each pass.I love hairy women I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with guys who hate it. she’s a woman not a girl. Mature, ready, musky with ovulation not a copy paste plastic porn star. Her hair is part of what makes her unique. When did this become a “kink”? Sex for breeding has been happening for millions of years and now it’s a fucking kink. You kinked off from us, this right here, this is the king of sex, pumping a woman raw until she sprouts is the mother fucking pinnacle. Literally. Fuck yeah!Oh gosh shes quivering, she’s climaxing! What’s that? Fuck me Rachel’s sucking on my balls, shit here it comes! Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, UGH!Sophie, swivels round and lies on me, my cock plugging her pussy swollen with cum. “Thank you” shes smiling, glowing, her head against my chest. Rachel lies beside me, her face covered with a mixture of cum, saliva and Sophies juices. We kiss passionately, her beautiful tight belly raised above us and I fall asleep held in their pregnant bliss. Two beautiful women willing to be houses of creation, stewards of the future.What a great day.



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