PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 37Chapter 37: STILL MORE PREPARATIONFor the next several days b**st and I leave Alex to manage the training while we go out to the plains and mark the areas we think things will happen. We mark where we want our groups to be placed for firing arrows into their formation, where the groups move between their turn to shoot. We are looking for natural formations to offer protection from firing from the new people. In two locations we will need to have some downed trees moved in to provide that cover. We locate the dried wash that I hoped to use to split their forces. I had considered using fire in the wash but in looking at it now I think that could easily get out of hand and burn the entire plains and we would be without any protection amongst them. I go back to the comment Eewa made about the availability of species. I will need to meet at the tree, again. I am sure with Alex with me, she seemed to be important to Eewa. And I know Alex enjoyed the experience last time.After a few days laying the scene out, we think we have a good idea what we want and where to place the groups. When we return to the lagoon it is getting late in the afternoon. When we come out of the tunnel, we see training still continuing and they are all working with the bows and they are all using good form and their accuracy is excellent. They are also all still naked. They apparently didn’t put clothes back on after their swimming session as they had been doing before. I was especially interested in noticing their concentration while shooting. Because between taking their shots, the men and women couldn’t keep their eyes off the other’s bodies.Passing them I called Tessra to me for a moment. “I have to ask you a personal question, do you mind?”“Anything, Alexa.”“I have noticed the way all of you are looking at each other and that you all remained naked today. What is happening?”“Alexa, this is just so comfortable. I have been looking forward to the swimming and being naked. I admit even looking forward to seeing my own son naked. It has been so long for me, I admit to even looking at my son. Then, Helman came and he is so much like me. Older, lost his family and it has also been so long since he … well …”“Has anything happened while I was gone? Have Alex and Addama …?”“No! They want to. Oh, Alexa, they want to so badly. And, well … I do too, but … at my age I don’t want to get pregnant.”“Tessra, you shouldn’t restrict yourself from things that provide a little pleasure in this life. Life can be difficult enough. Is that the only thing holding you back? Because I can help you with that.”“Really? Yes, Alexa I want a man again so much and Helman is so nice to have around. Alexa, in our society it doesn’t take us long to select someone and have them be our mates. We find someone we like and that is about it. And I like him, a lot. And he likes me, he has said as much.”“Okay, come with me.” I took her to the hut and got a supply of Alex’s pills and instructed her on using them. That she should take one now and then every new moon. Danna said they had immediate effect.“You mean as long as I take these at each new moon I won’t get pregnant? Are these yours?”“No, they are Alex’s but there are plenty, more than enough and they are intended just for this situation. It allows you to have a choice if or when you want to become pregnant.”She threw her arms around me and hugged me. Although I was naked, I was still wearing my weapons. I took them off and put them on the table in the hut and joined her outside. I asked, “Are you okay with Alex and Addama?”“Oh, yes. Alex would be wonderful for him. It would be a wonderful match for both of them.”“Would you like to spend the night here with us if Alex is okay with Addama staying? What you and Helman do will be up to you.”“You mean … all of us … that would give a chance to be ‘together’ without the prying eyes of the other villagers. That would be very nice, Alexa. Yes. I am sure I could ‘convince’ Helman.”I asked the group to wait for a moment and moved Alex to the side so I could ask her the question. She was a little surprised, “Really? You’d be okay with that?”“Honey, you are going to sometime. It is obvious to everyone how much you and Addama are attracted to each other. Yes, I am good with it if you really want it. I am not pushing or even encouraging. I am only providing a safe situation for you and Tessra if you want it.”She flung her arms around me and kissed me on the mouth. It didn’t feel like a daughterly kiss and her hands pulling us together didn’t either. She was sexually charged. “Yes, yes, thank you, thank you. I love you, Mom.” She turned away to approached the group again but stopped and turned around. “Mom, something has been bothering me since we started swimming and we have all been naked. I am hairless on my body because you had Danna do something to me. But the others don’t have any body hair and it seems just the way they are. Why? I was one of them, too.”“Honey, remember what Eewa told you about your father? Yes you were one of them but you were also partly not of them. Your father’s genes were different in some ways. You apparently got the genes that provided body hair from him. They don’t think anything about you not having body hair because they don’t.”b**st and I approached the group and I invited them all to share our lagoon. The two couples looked at each other tentatively, but when the women agreed the men quickly agreed, also.After dinner and as the sun was setting over the far horizon of the ocean, we were all sitting on the beach. The surface of the lagoon was again like a mirror and nearly perfectly reflected the colors of the sunset and the emerging stars and the last quarter moon as darkness was taking over the sky. halkalı escort We had been quietly talking about our families and our own recent family histories. I can’t even remember how we got onto this line of sharing. But we did and we all participated and it seemed the****utic. Everyone had repressed painful memories they were carrying, feeling like they were unique and who would care. This short discussion within this small group showed each that they could share and that others did care about their loss, their pain, and that gave us all something in common. They each talked with tears and halting voices of the loss of mates, entire families at the hands of the new people. Each received comfort in the arms of the others. b**st surprised me by his participation. I had been purposefully relaying the conversation to him. When there was finally a lull, he began and Alex and I both reacted with surprise. The others enquired about our reactions. Alex offered, “b**st has suffered similarly. I never knew.”I volunteered, “I never did, either. It never came up. b**st, why didn’t you ever say anything?”‘It was too painful and you were so accepting. I didn’t want to add to our new relationship and then it seem like more of a burden to then bring up.’I explained what b**st just said to the others. Tessra got up from Helman’s side, gave b**st a hug and kiss on the mouth. This surprised me but she had been seeing me relate to him this way. She said, “b**st, please trust us and share now, finally. Let us help you by listening if no other way. Let us help you get this out into the open so we can all openly relate to each other.”I translated to b**st. He looked at them and at me. I nodded, ‘Please, b**st. It will help. I feel so bad for never asking …’So he started, ‘Don’t feel bad, Alexa. Remember the circumstances we met under.’ He shifted in place. I was leaning up against him as I often did and I had a hand on his neck, stroking him. ‘As you remember, Alexa, when you first saw me, those people brought me into that room after so many of them had abused you. To them I was a terrifying brute of a b**st. I killed everything I came close to. I managed to kill many of them when they got careless but they thought it was great fun to send to me those they wanted to execute for one crime or reason or another. It was great sport to them to sit about a large pit and watch me rip the judged apart. The more screams they heard the more they loved it. So they figured I would do the same to you. You might or might not remember because of the abuse you had already suffered but it took many of them to control me to come to you. They assumed I would possibly rip you apart by mating you and then I would feast on you. But we connected somehow, like we still do. And something happened that made me rethink. You had a plan, you were going to be rescued and you just needed more time. That was when I realized I didn’t have to be a killing, thoughtless b**st because I hadn’t been before and I remembered that then.’He hesitated and hung his head. I turned fully to him and held him tighter. ‘Continue b**st, please. Let us help you like we have been helping the others. Let it out.’‘Okay. I wasn’t like that before, they made me that way. They hunted us and killed us. I think it was for our skin. I am not sure, really. But when they came to our group, many other groups of my kind had moved to our region for safety and for numbers, like that might make a difference. But it didn’t. They still tracked us down. We were near the mountains, well away from them but they still came and found us. I can still see that day, they came in great number and many vehicles like your Predators, Alexa, flying vehicles. And when they came, I saw the death. I had a mate and young, I told them to leave but they hesitated when I turned from them and attacked. When I saw my mate fall, I went crazy. When I saw my young down, I don’t remember any thoughts any longer. I just killed and I killed many of them. They seemed to respect that from me and wanted to take me alive. I didn’t understand that. The more of them I killed, the more they seemed to want me alive. They finally succeeded and trapped me with nets and rope. When they took me away hanging below their craft, I saw the piles of my kind dead. As far as I could see. All were dead. My whole kind, dead. I no longer had a reason to live. The only purpose was to kill whenever I had the opportunity. That seemed to please them. I didn’t immediately understand that the people I was killing, they wanted me to kill. It was some kind of death sentence carried out by me and they like to watch me do it.’He got up and walked to the edge of the water and gazed out at nothing but black sky and stars. Perhaps he was looking to his old home planet. I got up with him and hugged him. I had never known any of this. I felt sick for him that any people, anywhere, on any planet could do such a thing. Just kill for sport to the elimination of another species. I was hanging on his neck and weeping when he continued. I couldn’t so Alex picked up the translation, ‘So when they brought me into that great room and I saw that funny looking female bound to the boxes, I was prepare to do the only thing I did. I had been reduced to using and killing whatever was put in front of me. But as I started using that body for my pleasure something new happened. A connection was formed that reached out to me, offered me hope, asked for my hope. That was when my mind opened to what my eyes saw. And that is when I first met Alexa. She helped me, not just at that moment of understanding but when the Predators came in to save Alexa, she stopped them taksim escort from killing me as they were killing everyone else. And later, outside, we fought together, side-by-side, surprising them outside and defeating them. The Predators were victorious that day and it started my opening to Alexa and to the Predators. Alexa wouldn’t leave me on that planet. The Predators were reluctant but gave in to Alexa. Later, much later, when Alexa was attacked by a jealous Predator, just look at her back to see what he did to her, I temporarily lost myself again and nearly killed him. That caused a problem despite the ship commander understanding the circumstances, others would not understand and I had to leave the ship. Again, Alexa would not leave me to an unknown fate and insisted on going with me. That is what led to our being placed here. I am the only one of my kind remaining. The only one.’We are all stunned. And I suddenly realized that b**st and I are enclosed by the other four. All pressed together against each other and us. b**st licks several of us and says, ‘Thank you. All of you. You were right. I feel better, it still hurts, but I feel more honest. But the friends, the understanding helps.’Many moments passed awkwardly. Not from the discussions. That seems to have drawn us all closer together, have made this group more intimate and comfortable. No, now the awkwardness is between the other two couples. They are exchanging glances, the men are clearly getting excited by the expectations already presented by them all staying here. I walk up to Tessra and Helman, “I suggest you two use the hut tonight, there is a bed and some privacy.” Helman is already nearly erect. I put my arm around each and pull them together. Tessra sighs immediately at just the touch of his nearly erect cock against her body. I hug them both and say, “You have all night. Don’t rush this. It has been so long for both of you. Let this be the start of a new life and leaving the old pain behind, honestly, without regret and guilt. You owe it to yourselves and to each other.” I rubbed both of their backs and watched them turn and move to the hut. I soon heard a moan from Tessra and then from Helman.I turned and sought out Alex and Addama in the quarter moon light. I walked to them next. Addama was fully erect and bashful about it. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into me and I hugged him to me. I felt his cock twitch against my stomach. I kissed his cheek and then his mouth, “Addama, my little girl doesn’t have much experience. Will you be gentle with her and make it good for her?”“Alexa, she is my dream. I know my Mom told you I was to be mated before. She was very nice. But Alex … I feel she is my extension. I will always be there for her like you have been for b**st. I thought his story was amazing.”“Just remember that, Addama. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. Hold her in your arms going to sleep and never get tired of loving her.”I brought them together and felt him shudder as his erect cock came into contact with Alex for the first time. I said to them, “Go down to the waterfall, on the grass. The grasses and plants along the pool and the waterfalls will provide some privacy.” I hold on to Alexa and say to Addama, “ I want to say something to Alex. She’ll meet you over there in a moment.”When he was out of earshot, “Alex, you have only done this a few times. Are you still wanting to with Addama?”“Yes, Mom, oh yes! I find it so hard to even think sometimes when he is around. And not just when he is naked. I know he’s the one, Mom. I just know it in every fiber of my body.”“I think you are right, Alex. I am not questioning that. Tessra is feeling it, too. I just want to tell you that this will be very powerful but very awkward the first time. Don’t rush it. You have all night if you want it. Sex is powerful, Alex. You have seen with b**st and I that sex is not just fucking when you love someone. Sex becomes an extension of that love. Remember b**st’s cock? How we sucked it, kissed it, licked it? We loved it as an extension of him. Remember his licking you, over and over until you sometimes came on his tongue? That was him loving you physically. Remember that tonight. If you approach this as making sure he has a great experience, you both will. He will be unsure of probably everything but the fucking. Encourage him, talk to him, and let him know what you want from him. But don’t worry about too much too soon.” I looked deeply into her eyes, “You have the rest of your lives to perfect your lovemaking. Enjoy tonight, dear.”Now it was Alex’s turn. She stared deeply into my eyes, put her hand on my cheek and choking back the emotion, “I love you, Mom.” Then she turned and ran to catch up to Addama.As Alex ran down the beach, b**st came up next to me, ‘I can’t see it but you are crying, aren’t you?’‘Yes … but it is joyful tears.’‘You’re actually happy and excited for her, aren’t you?’‘Yes, but can we stop talking and have our own sex? All this new sexuality around us has me hot.’ And we did have great sex. I always do with b**st.But the great sex of the night was Alex. She was having her first with a man, a man she care about greatly. I was to find out later that she had heeded my words. She had been unhurried, even to the point of controlling the tempo from Addama. We heard him cry out several times in frustration as she manipulated the action. She said later that she realized the worst would be that she, and Addama, would be very tired the next morning, but they did have all night to experiment and try out what loving sex was about.She surprised herself with her playfulness and excitement. Not content to just run down the beach to catch up şişli escort to Addama as she came up behind him she jumped onto his back and wrapped her legs and arms around him. To his credit he reacted instantly with his own playfulness and jogged down the remainder of the beach until they reached the pool. Alex bouncing on his lower back, her breasts rubbing up and down on his bare skin. Reaching the grassy area around the pool he stopped abruptly and went to his knees and ducked his head causing her to slip off and over him, rolling to a stop in front of him. They were both laughing, he breathing heavily from the effort of carrying her while jogging. She rolled to face him, her legs spread in front of him, her breasts heaving but not from exertion, from excitement. She followed his eyes to her pussy and she blush but in the darkness, lit only by the moon she knew it went unnoticed.She crawled to him and both on their knees, she took him in her arms and kissed him on the mouth, lightly at first and then more passionately with her hands roaming his nakedness and feeling him doing the same. She pulled back and gazed up slightly to his face and eyes. “Addama, I think I have loved you since the first time I saw you in the village. I hope you feel the same way. I want this to happen so badly.”“Alexa, I think you are my dream woman. When I first saw you, you were an unreachable goddess to me. But you weren’t unattainable, you chose me and I thought I was in a dream.”“Promise me, if this is a dream, we never wake up. Now, lay back I want to do something for you.”He did as he was told, smart boy when a naked woman says she is going to do something for you. She crawled up his body, purposely dragging her breast up his stomach and chest until she could kiss him and she lay on top of him. As she kissed him, her hands held his face and then one went down his side. But her lower body was constantly moving over his rigid cock pressed between them. He was sighing and she raised her head, looking into his eyes. She was smiling. “Addama, we have all night if we want it. We may be tired in the morning and tomorrow but everyone is going to understand. Let’s not rush this. I want to enjoy as much as I can. I may not be experienced in this but I know we will enjoy it. I want to explore your body and know the feeling of it with my hands, my lips, my mouth and my pussy.”“Oh my, Alex … I could come right now just from your commitment to me and your promise of our love and … you fantastic body along mine … finally. Yes, Alex, however you want it. We have all night to explore each other but that means I will be exploring you, too. Outside … and inside.”“Oh, yes. All of me! Forever!”She kissed him on the mouth again and slowly kissed her way down his body from his chin, his neck, his chest and sucking on each nipple, his stomach and licking into his belly button, his abdomen, and finally to the head of his cock. And when she kissed around it but avoiding it, she saw his need, his urgency as his cock jerked up on its own, straining for attention. She kissed his cock near the base, licked it and licked up the length of his rigid member but stopping before reaching the head and returning to the base and then back up but his time with kisses and slight sucking. This time, reaching the head she did kiss it and then licked it and then took just the tip into her lips and pulled it straight up. And looking up from this position she could see him raise his head and look at her, wonder in his eyes, his mouth slightly open. And making eye contact she drove her mouth down over his cock, taking half of it into her mouth. She raised up and went back down. When she raised up the next time, she tried sucking the head and this elicited a deep, long groan and moaning from him. His hips rising up off the ground and she stayed with him in her mouth as she took more into her mouth and then switched to sucking him. He groaned louder and stiffened more and, even though inexperienced, sensed his pending climax and pulled up off his cock and worked her way back up his body until she was kissing his mouth again.He gasped, “I thought you were inexperienced. I never heard of a woman doing that.”“That my dear, is what Mom, Alexa, would call loving your mate with your body in whatever way it feels good with the intent to please.”“Am I your mate, Alex?”In answer she raised herself and straddled his hips. She slid her pussy along his body until she felt his cock along her pussy. She slid her pussy, wet and open, along his rigid and needy cock. Over and over. She looked into his eyes and reached under her and took his cock and held it up and she slowly sat down on it. This time both of them sighed heavily. Then she said, “Yes, Addama. At least I want you to be. If you will accept me, I will be your mate.”“Yes, Alex, I want you to be my mate. I would be the happiest of men. But if we do this won’t you become pregnant before we are able to be properly mated among the people? Oh … Alex … you feel so good! How could anything … feel so good …?”“I won’t get pregnant. Just love me now … and then … we will do it more … until we can’t anymore or … the sun comes up.”And they did. She on top of him and him below. She raised herself and dropped back down onto him, like she had done with b**st the first time. With her head thrown back she moaned in joy as she fucked them both, driving herself onto his wonderful cock until in his need and as he reached his point of climax he raised his hips into the air and her with him and at his added depth of penetration and feeling him twitch and jerk inside her, she too climaxed. Together for the first time. She fell forward and he wrapped her in his arms and kissed her face and head, anywhere his lips could touch her. His cock still twitching inside her. A place he never wanted to leave.And she was true to her word. After his climax, she only let him rest a moment before repositioning them and she worked to get him hard once more. She wanted to enjoy this feeling of him inside her many more times.* * * Part 38 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.



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