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Chapter 2 – Cum Inside

The afternoon sun beamed down on the busty, red-headed milf as Sue was left naked on the edge of the pool to bask in the afterglow of being ravaged by her daughter and her friends; simply closing her eyes as she lay back panting, sighing, listening to the pitter-patter of their bare feet as they all rushed inside giggling.

Once inside, Stephanie was practically sprinting as she led the bikini-clad pack of 18 year-olds upstairs to her bedroom. Flinging the door open, she didn’t even wait for the other girls to file in behind her before pulling the strings to her swimsuit, tossing them aside, and leaping for her bed like a track-and-field high jumper landing on her back. The girls all gasped in shock, giggling, as they watched her spread her legs diving her fingers between her slit, rubbing her clit in furious circles, while the other hand kneaded her perky chest, teasing her nipples with her finger and thumb, rolling it between them.

She wasn’t shy around her friends at all. In fact, she would regularly instigate things between her friends leading to all sorts of blush-inducing mischief. But getting her mom off in front of them, with their help no less, was too much even for her, and she was desperate for immediate release.

The girls were like deer in headlights: their jaw’s dropped, they’ve never seen Steph this wound up before. In no time she was on her toes, back arched, plunging her fingers deep inside her racing towards a blazing finish. Tiffany was the first to snap out of it, as the light-bulb went off as she playfully smacked Jennifer’s shoulder.

“Go! Her dresser, now!” Shooing her away with both hands, it took a moment before she caught on as a smile of surprise stretched across her lips.

“OOooooohh… Right!.” With a wink, she scurried off giggling to dig through Steph’s underwear in the top dresser drawer, looking for her vibrator.

Tiffany turned to Kayla, flicking her head in Stephanie’s direction, “Shall we?” Kayla nods enthusiastically as they make their way to the bed where Stephanie continued to stroke frantically, eyes welded shut, blissfully unaware of what her friends were up to; her focus was so squarely on her aroused state that she didn’t catch any of the murmuring or scurrying around her friends were doing. And with good reason as she pushed her hips off the bed with her feet and shoulders, arching her back, as she lets out a satisfyingly piercing scream of pure ecstasy.

Sue’s eyes blinked open as she turned her head towards her daughter’s bedroom window, honing ataşehir escort bayan in on the sound. She raised an eyebrow as she mouthed a silent Ooo at the noise. Trying to act as nonchalant as she could, still being naked and all, she grabbed a towel off the sun chair wrapping it around her before trying not to overly hurry back inside. Quickly and quietly she slipped inside, trading our the beach towel for her iridescent purple, short silk robe, tip-toeing her way up the stairs. Her heart pounded as she saw the door was left slightly ajar, creeping up towards it, kneeling down by the door frame as she peered through to watch. Panting, Stephanie collapsed back to the bed, her knees still bent resting against each other in air, her arms lay limp against her body, she opened her eyes to Tiffany and Kayla looming over her head smiling. “Uhh… hi?”

Without saying a word, they each grabbed one of her arms, pulling them straight above her head, and bound her wrists to her headboard with the tie from her bathrobe they snagged before positioning themselves.

“H-hey now, what gives?!”

“Found it!” As Jennifer turned around holding the vibrator in the air triumphantly before making her way to the other end of the bed.

“N-n-no guys? Guys, it’s okay, I’m good, really you don’t need to-“

“Don’t need to what?”

“Finish you off?”

The two girls giggled as they all watched Jennifer crawl up the bed, slinking her way up to Stephanie’s legs, teasing, “Oh come on, you didn’t think you were really done, did you? I mean you practically came just running up the stairs the way your thong was wedged up there.” They all laughed, as Sue had to cover her mouth to muffle her snicker visualizing the scene.

Tiffany and Kayla each hooked a knee in their hand, spreading them to the side and opening Stephanie up to allow Jennifer full access.


“We’ll make sure to take ‘good’ care of you.” Tiffany said with a wink. As the sound of the vibrator kicked on, Stephanie’s breath drew shorter as she was hit by another wave of pleasure being taken advantage of like this, biting her bottom lip, blushing in both embarrassment and excited anticipation.

Jennifer settled into position between Stephanie’s open legs, using her nails she scratched lightly as her inner thigh, teasing the lips of those swollen, wet pussy lips before her with the tip of the vibe. The other two girls lean down and start licking and biting her nipples as they hold her legs open and exposed to Jennifer’s ambitions.

“Hehehe HHEYY!! escort kadıköy Come on now!” Steph giggled and squealed, tugging at her wrists and kicking her legs, but even after just one orgasm, she feels too weak to fight and panting hard. “Go easy, please?” But her words fell on deaf ears as the girls worked at a blistering pace to keep her going; the buzzing of the vibrator underlining the sound of everyone’s breath getting hot and heavy with lust, those both in and out of the room.

Sue was drenched again between her legs as she watched in obscurity. Never in her wildest fantasies did she ever think her daughter would get her off in front of all her friends, poolside, and then follow it up by secretly voyeuring her go through similar treatment. Her robe had fallen open more and she couldn’t resist slipping her fingers down her mound and play along as she watched her daughter get ravished by her friends. Sue pinched and pulled on her nipple firmly while rubbing her clit in hard circles with the other hand, salivating as she watched her daughter’s breasts get worked over by Kayla and Tiffany’s lips and tongues, as Stephanie’s hips eeked towards the buzzing pleasure of the vibrator maddeningly teasing her lips.

Stephanie starts to cry out, her voice full of forced desperation as she’s edged towards another massive orgasm. Her body’s on autopilot as it hungers for each erotic stimulation being presented to it; she’s at their lustrous mercy. Suddenly her mind wanders to her mom: how amazing would it be for her to witness this, being toyed with like this? The thought makes her body quiver all over.

Sue took notice and twinged, letting out a soft, whispered-moan as she yearned to trade places with her daughter. Her hips began rocking against her fingers as she started to lose herself in the sensations, barely able to contain herself behind cover; although the girls seemed too occupied regardless to notice.

Slipping her hand through Stephanie’s hair, grabbing hold at the back of her head, Kayla claimed Stephanie’s lips, kissing her hard as the girl squealed in surprise at her forwardness, unable to do anything but let out a muffled moan as she surrendered to the lustful advance. As Kayla brought her other hand up to caress Stephanie’s cheek, Tiffany picked up the slack taking care of both of her breasts, kneading them roughly as shifted between one nipple and the other with her mouth, sucking and pulling the nib between her lips. Jennifer had the vibrator perfectly in position on Stephanie’s clit when she thrust two fingers inside her hole maltepe escort to tickle her sweet spot; the onslaught of three girls driving Stephanie to new heights of erotic bliss.

In the hall, Sue slides down the wall, opening her legs wider as she fingers herself harder making that delightful squelching sound as her soaked fingers slip effortlessly in and out. She locks eyes with Kayla who spots her as she comes up from the hot makeout session with Stephanie. She smiles, giving Sue a wink before tilting Stephanie’s head to the side and sinking her teeth into her neck, nibbling away on the muscle.

Stephanie cums. Every muscle in her body shudders uncontrollably – straining against the girls pinning her down, tugging at her wrists secured above her head – as a guttural scream rips through her causing her eyes to roll to the back of her head. The intensity of each wave of pleasure crashing over her is mind numbing: every stroke, every lick, every kiss, every single humming vibration from the toy keeps her cumming one orgasm after another. And the instant Stephanie started her climactic release, Sue joined her: head rocking back trying to keep quiet, her finger’s movement now a blur, hips perfectly in time with her daughter’s as they ride out the finish together. Breathing quickly, she looks back into the room and notices the three girls gently slowing down, letting the small aftershocks ripple through her as she starts to calm down from such an amazing release. Getting up on shaky legs, Sue takes the opportunity to try and sneak quietly back downstairs, grinning bashfully as the thought of her daughter’s display lingers.

Laying on the bed, panting, her legs finally allowed to rest on the bed, her arms untied to relax by her sides, Stephanie continues to pant, her chest heaving as the girls hover over her, giggling, softly petting and massaging her all over her naked body, glistening with a light sheen of perspiration. Kayla leaned into Stephanie’s ear, whispering, “Your mom enjoyed it too,” before kissing her cheek, as Stephanie let out a pleasurably exasperated sigh. She couldn’t form words, but the thought that her mom was shared this with her made her swoon.

Jennifer finally shut the vibrator off, but before removing it completely, slid it down and plunged it several times into Stephanie’s pussy just dripping in hunny, coating it completely before holding it up between them all at just how much was on there. Stephanie’s vision finally started to return as she focused in on the toy in front of her when her eyes widened and her jaw slacked as she was hit with an idea. Calling them in close she whispered to the three girls her plan, as they all started bursting into giggles, snickering. Quickly the other girls strip from their swimsuits as they all grab their silk robes and head downstairs, cum coated vibrator in tow…



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