Pleasing the Hot Wife- The Beginning… Chapter OnThe first time I watched my wife suck a stranger’s cock; I had to get her at least a little drunk. We were at a bar, and I went to the bathroom, stopping on the way back to grab a few new drinks to refresh our old ones. I was gone at most, maybe ten minutes, but when I turned to walk to our table I noticed she had attracted the attention of an admirer. I stopped with our drinks in my hand. It wasn’t a surprise to find her talking to a stranger. She is very happy and outgoing when she drinks, and she was laughing and blushing so I dropped our drinks off at the nearest empty table and grabbed a seat to enjoy the show for a bit. His hand was high on her thigh, and she was leaning into him, allowing him to keep it there. Whatever he was saying to her, she liked it, which made me like it. I began to get hard and was happy to be seated at a table. The waitress walked by and the stranger signaled to her, he ordered some drinks for them and quickly returned his attention back to my wife and her nylon encased thighs. This time he put his hand much higher up her thigh. He was close enough to feel the heat I was sure was coming bursa escort from between her thighs. I assumed I would be here for a while, stranded at this lonely table, until she finally wondered where I was and looked around, I would go over when she waved me over. I took a few sips of my drink, watched them flirt and listened to the football game that was playing on the huge TV hanging on the wall behind the pool tables. I watched them laugh and my wife blushed again when the waitress came back to the table with their drinks. The stranger handed the young blonde a twenty and told her to keep the change. I wondered if he would have offered her the same tip had he not been hitting on my wife, but quickly forgot about the waitress when his hand went back under the table to her thigh. Again, he grew braver. This time he slowly stroked her upper thigh, until she spread her legs a bit so he could slide it over her inner thigh, just under the hem of her short skirt. I knew that she was not wearing panties, she knows how much it turns me on when she gives someone a sneak peek, and I wondered if my wife had perhaps lured this stranger to her table while I was gone. bursa escort bayan Did he know she wasn’t wearing anything besides pantyhose with a huge hole in the crotch? I tried to gauge his reaction as his attempts to touch her higher under her skirt grew with each stroke of his hand. Her heel dangled from her toes as she nervously ticked her ankle. I could tell she was starting to get braver herself when she let the shoe drop to the floor and her toes began to slowly stroke his calf under his pant leg. Her touch can be electric and I smiled when the guy seemed to jump when her toes crept slowly up his leg. He even took his hand up from her thigh, and took a drink, confidant that he was in with the sexy MILF sitting alone in a dark sport bar. His hand disappeared up to his wrist under her skirt. I knew his fingertips were now peeling at her hot mound; it would be hard for anyone to resist the temptation to just slide their fingers into her wet hole. She spread her legs, placing one foot up into his lap as she gave him room to move. She drank her beer and leaned back, sliding her hips forward on her chair. I knew he would have no problem getting in there now. escort bursa And he knew without a doubt that she wore nothing that would block him entry to hot pussy. He leaned closer, plunging his hand deeper under her skirt. She leaned her head back and let out a deep sigh as she felt this stranger inside of her. I was sure by her reaction that he was pretty deep in her. Her nylon covered foot slowly teased his crotch through his pants. She did that just for me, I’m sure, but her feet were so soft and smooth that once any man felt them on his cock, he would kiss her feet any chance he got afterwards. He leaned close to her ear, whispered something into it and slid his fingers out of her wet hole. I watched him slide his fingers under his nose and put them to his lips, he smiled at her as he cleaned his fingers off. My wife nodded and when he stood, and offered his hand to help her up, I wondered what she was going to do. She had my keys, so I couldn’t follow them. When she allowed him to lead her towards the door, I quickly chugged the rest of my drink. I looked at hers sitting there on the table, untouched. “Fuck it.” I downed her martini in one gulp. I squinted and shook my head. Not exactly my kind of drink, but I didn’t want it to go to waste. I left the table, just in time to see my wife craftily blow me a quick kiss as she twirled before going out the door into the night.



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