This is my first story that I’ve written and posted. Let me know what you, dear readers, think! I want to thank hornyman169 from the volunteer editors for helping me!

* * * * *

Your mind wanders back to the events of the evening as you stroll down the hallway to your apartment. Images of black lace barely restraining ample amounts of creamy white flesh covered in turn by a black lace camisole flash fleetingly through your mind. You pause in your walk to the door as you remember the tempting sight of her denim-covered backside shimmying and gyrating to the beat of Buttons by Pussycat Dolls ft. Snoop Dogg.

You feel your cock begin to stir as your brain reminds you of the vision of her and her girlfriends dancing along to Smack Dat by Akon ft Eminem. A smug smile creeps over your lips as you remember the appreciative whistles and stares of the other men in the bar. Your smile broadens as you know whose bed she’d be in that night.

Continuing down the hall, you smile at the memory of sitting at the table with the rest of your friends, her hand teasing your cock thru the crotch of your jeans. She was good at that, talking and laughing with the group all the while not giving the slightest hint that she was fondling your cock. Your cock stirs again at the memory of her lips on your neck and earlobe as she whispered that she wanted to leave before you did, that she had something to do, and that she’d meet you back at the apartment. You’d sat at the table a while longer, letting the tent in your pants subside enough so that you could stand up.

You see a scroll of parchment hanging from the doorknob. You break the red wax seal, and a waft her perfume invades your senses escort eryaman as you read her note to you. “Please blow out the candles” was all it said. You chuckle, and open the door. There, in front of you was a path of candles, flickering in the darkened apartment.

You kick off your shoes and toss your jacket on the floor beside her black heels. You start down the hall, blowing out the candles as you go when you notice a pile of black lace on the floor. You feel your blood race in anticipation and your shirt soon joins hers. A few feet later, your jeans find their way to the ground.

A groan escapes your lips as you see the black lace boycut panties discarded in front of you. Your cock hardens almost instantly at the memory of her sliding those same panties up in preparation for the evening out. You remember the overwhelming urge to bury your aching cock between her thighs and her gasp of pleasure as your fingers slid past the crotch of her panties and into her wet slit.

The last of the candles forgotten, you see her black lace bra dangling from the knob of the bedroom door. You feel your heart race with anticipation as the heady aroma of jasmine, sandalwood and rose reach your nose. You pass over the threshold of the bedroom, intent on finding the one you desired.

From behind, you feel the feather-light touch of her fingertips as they trail along the band of your boxers, then dip inside to ease them down over your hips. The hardened tips of her breasts push into your back as she slides her warm hand up and down the length of your rock hard cock. Shivers of pleasure race up and down your spine as she nips at the back of your neck.

Your eyes fly open as cool air ankara escort hits your cock instead of the warm glove of her hand. Your eyes meet her hazel stare as she slides up your chest and tilts her head back, inviting you to ravage her mouth with a kiss. Your hand finds the soft heavy warmth of her full breast, while the other slides down her hip to her lush ass to pull her closer. She moans her pleasure into your mouth as she pushes your boxers the rest of the way off, then pulls you back towards the bed.

She sits down on the corner of the bed and takes your cock in her soft hands, slowly stroking it up and down. You catch your breath as she slowly drags her tongue from the base of your cock to the tip, with a light flick just under the head.

Ever so achingly slow, she begins to take your cock in her mouth, sucking ever so lightly as she pulls back. Each stroke is deeper, and just a little bit faster. As her tongue and mouth begin to work their magic, you feel your balls begin to tighten. Right as you get to the edge of pleasure, she pinches the tip of your cock, just under the head, abruptly stopping the tidal wave of pleasure.

She looks up into your passion-filled eyes as she slides back further onto the bed, beckoning you to join her. You smile, knowing that you can now pay her back for the evening of being teased. You kneel between her thighs and run your finger up her wet slit to tease her clit with a flick. You’re rewarded with a gasp of pleasure as you slide your finger back and forth, never quite entering that enchanting pussy of hers.

Her hips slowly start to undulate, trying their best to entice you to slide your fingers in her tight elvakent escort warm pussy. You pull your hand away, eliciting a loud noooo from her mouth. “Please,” she says.

“Please what” you say with a smile and a question, knowing full well what she wants.

“Don’t stop” she says breathlessly. You slide down between her legs and without preamble, proceed to latch on to her clit, licking and sucking. Her hips begin to buck and her legs begin to quiver as waves of pleasure sweep over her body. You ravage her wet pussy with your tongue and fingers. She begins calling out your name, and you can feel her pussy starting to contract around your fingers.

In one smooth motion, you cover her with your body, thrusting your cock into her wet, silky depths. She arches against your body, crying out with pleasure as an instinct as old as time takes over. Your bodies slide together in the ancient rhythm, pulling you both closer and closer to the edge of reason. “So close,” she whimpers into your neck. You pick up the pace, thrusting into her tight slit, watching her eyes glaze over with the pleasure your cock in her pussy was giving her.

Her movements become more frantic as the pleasure intensifies. Suddenly she sinks her teeth into your shoulder, a habit picked up in her college days when you had to keep quiet in the dorms. Her body bucks against yours, her pussy contracting around your cock, pulling you over the edge with her. In a haze of pure pleasure, you fill her willing pussy with the proof of your passion.

Spent, you bury your head in her shoulder as she wraps her arms around you. “Aww, baby, I’m sorry,” she whispers as she looks upon the bite mark she left. You silence the unneeded apology with a kiss. As your softening cock slides out of the warm confines of her depths, you roll to your side and pull her into your arms. Pulling the blankets up to cover you both, you slowly drift off into a peaceful sleep.



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