As I walked home with my hands full of groceries I marvelled at how beautiful the landscape was around me. Since three days ago, everything around me had taken on a deeper hue, a richer sound, a more delectable taste. I lived in this surreal world, where the touch of the wind blowing against my bare arm would recall memories and feelings to me that would make my legs feel a little less steady, my heart beat faster and my panties become just the slightest bit moist. I don’t know whether or not I had been avoiding Kaylee and Adam. I hadn’t seen them in passing around town, but I also have definitely not sought them out. I was nervous because I had started to change, to become a different person with more experience from the world. Did I want that? Was it even something that I could hold on to? That innocent girl who just blundered around living her life, it feels so long ago! But then — why think so much about it? If I am no longer a girl, but a woman — what of it? I decided then and there to take up Adam’s offer. I wasn’t too sure on being in a video, but he did invite me over, and my body was starting to ache with the lack of attention.

After coming home with the groceries, stacking the pantry and generally cleaning up what mess I had made earlier in the morning, I decided to have a shower and get changed. In the shower my body tingled with anticipation, and my mind wandered off every few minutes to explore in my imagination how this afternoon would unfold. I couldn’t stop my soapy hand from lingering a little too long between my legs. Leaning back against the wall of my shower I rubbed and stroked my pussy, gently, over and over. The hot water had already stimulated the sensitive skin, so climax wasn’t very far away — and when it came it overtook me and I lost myself for a minute, standing breathless under the water.

I climbed out of the shower feeling refreshed. Wrapped in a towel I headed to my room to decide on something to wear. I had an outfit already in mind; a loose fitting lightweight shirt tucked into mid thigh skirt that hugged my hips. The thing was, I wanted to wear some sexy underwear, stuff that you saw models wear in ads on the TV. I had nothing of the sort, and I was getting frustrated. In the mirror I tried things on, took them off, tried something else. Nothing I owned was sexy enough. Then a thought struck me! Perhaps I would go without. I tried on my outfit without underwear and looked at myself in the mirror. The skirt was fine, you couldn’t tell at all. But through my top you could clearly see my erect nipples protruding from the fabric. I took a few steps towards the mirror and noted that my breasts jolted slightly as I walked. It was so obvious! I was torn, I had never stepped out into public before wearing anything as revealing as this, and yet — I was turned on as hell. What the hell, I’m a woman now. People may as well appreciate it.

As I stepped out of the house I almost lost my nerve. With every step I desperately wanted to turn back and put on a frumpy bra or a thick jumper. Yet the closer I got to town the more aroused I became. My nipples were harder than ever because of the cool breeze and the light fabric of escort eryaman my shirt rubbing against them. I was lucky in that I didn’t have to go right into the main street to go to Adam’s house. I could see his street sign a little further down the road, past the general store. Just as I was approaching the store out comes my music teacher, Mr. Cameron. I decide to be bold and hold eye contact with him, smiling as I approach. As he recognises me he smiles and waves, then glances down to where my thin shirt must be providing him with a decent show. He immediately jerks his head up to my face and I notice his cheeks turn a little more red. I had always had a little crush on Mr. Cameron. He was thirty-something, had windswept blonde hair, a little facial hair and glasses. He always pulled off that ‘unkept’ look, and had dirty boots. Something about him ticked my box.

“Hey Mr. Cameron!” I say with enthusiasm. “It’s been a while.”

“Yes, Willow, it’s very nice to, ah, see you. And I think you can call me Lucas now, since I am no longer your teacher. What have you been doing with your time after school?” he asked me, slightly regaining composure.

“Uhm, just kind of exploring my sense of self and getting in touch with nature, I guess.” I answered pretty truthfully. “I’ve been going on some hikes lately, through the woods. It’d be great to catch up with you and go hiking sometime, Mr. ah… Lucas, if you like?” I felt shy all of a sudden, and looked down at the concrete, thinking maybe I’m just making a fool of myself. But I firm my resolve and lift my chin back up to look him in the eyes, except his eyes were focused on my chest. Then he looked up at my face, and gave me a warm smile with a hint of guilt — he knew that I caught him.

“Sure thing, how about tomorrow afternoon?” he grinned. “It’s supposed to warm up tomorrow so there’ll be no rush to get home before it turns cold. We can head over to the lake.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you at the trail, about 2pm.” I answer. My insides churned with suppressed excitement. It was pretty hard for me to act cool and collected when I was getting so wet just standing here, with my nipples on display through my shirt for Mr. Cameron, who I was making plans with to see again — alone. “Can’t wait.” I say as I briefly touch his arm and brush past him to make my way to Adam’s.

I’m buzzing from adrenalin as I step onto Adam’s doorstep. I take a deep breath and knock on the door. Agonising seconds pass before I hear footsteps approaching, and Adam opens the door. As soon as he sees what I’m wearing his eyebrows shoot up, and his eyes darken. My already hard nipples start to tingle and become sensitive to the light fabric I was wearing, because just the way Adam was looking at me was turning me on. He steps forward and wraps his arm around the back of my shoulders, pulling me close to him. I hear him inhale as he runs his nose along my neck and behind my ear. Very quietly he groans, then whispers in my ear “Its very nice to see you, Will.”

He pulls me inside, swapping his arm from my shoulders to low on my waist, and guides me through to his living room. Kaylee is lounging on the sofa, watching TV. Her ankara escort blonde curls frame her pretty face, which breaks into a big smile when she looks up to see me. All of a sudden she jumps up and bounds over to me to sweep me into a hug.

“I thought you were avoiding me!” she exclaims. I smile and deny it, shaking my head.

I look over Kaylee’s shoulder and see another person here, sitting in a harder to see armchair on the darker side of the room. Adam sees me looking that way and squeezes my waist.

“Hey Josh, come over here! Josh is a friend of ours that we met on a trip Kaylee and I took a couple months ago.”

I watch as Josh stands and makes his way over to be introduced to me. He’s tall, taller than Adam, and he has curly brown hair long enough to make him look carefree and boyish, and a jawline that is all masculinity.

“Nice to meet you” he said in a deep and husky voice as he leaned in a kissed my cheek. I can feel heat in my cheeks from the blush. I didn’t have time to feel awkward because Kaylee dragged us all into the living room.

“Willow you just gotta watch the rest of this movie with us! It’s so good.”

Adam sat in the armchair with Kaylee on his lap, so that Josh and I could sit on the sofa. Before long, the scenes on the movie began to get a little heated. Every now and then I looked over and saw Kaylee and Adam whispering to each other, but then Josh would turn to look at me and I would quickly turn back, embarrassed. Then the movie scenes got downright pornographic. I watched in amazement at the actors on the TV, and started to feel myself getting a little wet.

I heard Kaylee groan quietly and couldn’t help but look over again. Kaylee had her legs open, and I could see Adam’s fingers sliding in and out of her slick pussy. My thighs squeeze together as I start to get tingles in my groin area, and I can feel my juices starting to flow. My eyes wander to the man sitting next to me, and I notice that he is slowly stroking his jeans, and I can see the outline of his erection. I look to his face and expect him to be watching Adam and Kaylee like I had been doing, but instead, he was watching me. His eyes roved over my exposed legs, to my fidgeting thighs, up to my breasts and my practically see-through shirt, then up to my blushing face and wide eyes. In one move, he slides over to me, hand outstretched to caress my breast and his hot mouth on mine.

He tweaks my nipple with his thumb and a small gasp escapes. His tongue is rhythmically searching my mouth, leaving me breathless. I push my chest onto his hand, showing him that I was enjoying his administrations. He smiled against my cheek, then leaned over to capture my nipple in his mouth. Sparks of excitement flew around my body each time he swirled his tongue over my sensitive nub. His hands caressed my body, lifting my shirt up over my head so he could trace patterns on my skin. Josh’s fingers travelled lower and lower until he swept under my skirt in between my legs and he found out that I had absolutely no underwear on. He lifts his head and looks into my eyes with surprise and lust.

“You’re wearing no panties. And you’re elvakent escort completely soaked. That is so fucking hot.” he rasps.

Again he crashes his mouth onto mine, our kisses becoming more ferocious with need. His fingers stroke the inside of my pussy, just as I had seen Adam do to Kaylee earlier. I start to rub his erection through his jeans. He takes his hands away from me for a couple of seconds to undo his belt and his jeans and free his cock. Then he grabs my hand and places it there, and begins to guide me in stroking his engorged cock. His fingers find their way back to my pussy and my clitoris. I look over to Adam and Kaylee, she is kneeling before him, taking his cock in her mouth. Adam is looking at us intently, with his hand resting on the top of Kaylee’s head. Knowing that Adam is watching us just turns me on so much more. Josh rubs the inside wall of my passage with his fingers, and as the sensations build inside me I cant help but hold Josh firmer and stroke him faster. He pumps his dick ever so slightly with each stroke, and I know that he isn’t far off either. He leans down and licks my neck, then clasps on with his mouth, sucking and biting. I moan, I’m so close, my climax is building with every stroke of his fingers. Yet just as I’m about to tip over the edge, he stops rubbing my clit and goes back to sitting next to me. At first, I was disappointed and not really sure why he did that, until he grabbed me by the waist and positioned me so that I was straddled over the top of him on the sofa.

He yanks his pants down the rest of the way and bunches my skirt up around my waist, then looks up into my eyes as his hands grasp my ass. He pushes me down on top of his cock as he rises up to meet me. I yelp in sudden pain and pleasure, and he stills for a moment. Then again, he raises me up and slams me down, impaling me. Each thrust hits hard and deep inside me, and a swirl of sensation flows from my womb and spreads throughout my body.

I can hear myself panting with need, and Josh begins to pick up the pace. Again I look to Adam and Kaylee, Adam is taking her from behind, mercilessly thrusting into Kaylee with a rhythm that is crescendoing rapidly. He holds her hair so that she faces us, a look of dazed pleasure written on her face, and desire in her eyes. She watches Josh’s cock sliding in and out of me, just as I watch Adam slam into her. With each thrust her tits jiggle and sway forward and back, and I want to mould my hands to them and squeeze them. At that moment Josh does just that to my own, twisting my nipples in correspondence to our own rising pace.

I rock my hips back and forward on him, just as he tilts up into me. Again the sensations heighten inside of me, culminating faster this time. Josh’s breathing matches my own heavy panting as he thrusts, again, again. Then at last I feel my inner muscles clench around him and I let out somewhere between a scream and a groan. Josh slams deeply one more time, my spasming making him release his cum inside me. Not long after we still, I hear Adam and Kaylee finish. I watch them as Kaylee sags onto the floor, spent. Adam stays standing, and walks over to the bookshelf beside the window. There, he picks up the video recorder and switches it off, then turns to me with his familiar smirk. “Should be interesting to watch over” one side of his mouth pulls up into a sardonic smile. “Or perhaps we could film something more?”



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