Theresa woke me early in the morning. “Follow us” she said. “We all need to get cleaned up”.

We trooped out of the hut past the biggest hairiest dog I had ever seen tied to a tree. His long brown, black, and white fur made him look even bigger. His tongue hung out and his tail wagged a friendly greeting as we passed and headed down a well-worn path. I trailed behind a trio of swishing perfect asses, swinging in unison.

Such a lovely sight it was. I looked down as my cock started to grow and move in time with the vision ahead of me. They whispered among themselves, only occasionally did one or another look back at me. The path ended at a hidden picturesque lagoon, crescent shaped white sandy beach, and clear blue water almost surrounded by cliffs on the right and trees on the left. The cliffs and the trees formed an overlapping partial curve. Like the pincers of certain beetles, I had seen. The effect was that it reduced the visible entrance to the sea. I imagined it would be almost invisible from the seaward side with no obvious place to land a ship.

I watched as they stepped onto the beach, turned to face me, and began to strip. Wow was my only thought. These women were incredibly beautiful. Their smiles, and eyes mesmerized me even before I looked them all over. I was back to normal, swelling and pain were completely gone, my strength was coming back. So was my erection as I gazed upon the beauties in front of me. Three pairs of breasts similar but different. Big pointy nipples surrounded by darker dimpled circles. Flat bellies, narrow hips, firm muscular butts, and dense furry patches were a vision of loveliness.

“Are you waiting for an invitation?” brought me back to reality.

I lost my pants as fast as I could. My hard cock bounced up and down to its newfound freedom as soon as I released it from the restriction, much to the delight and giggles of my companions. They turned and ran into the water, with more giggles, jiggling butts, and boobs. I followed as they stopped knee deep and began to wash themselves. They dipped down, then stood, and briskly rubbed themselves clean. The more they rubbed, the harder I got as I followed their examples.

Theresa moved to stand in front me, “Sorry about last night” she started. “As you witnessed, there are no secrets in a one room hut. There are also no available men on the island. So, we had to find ways to release our tensions. The options were either alone or together. The result is that we are always very horny, and still virgins.”

While she filled me in on the situation, the other girls formed a semi-circle in front of me with Theresa in the center. “Now that you feel better, we have a problem that needs to be addressed. We all have needs, but we can’t let jealousy come between us. So, we came to a decision. We are willing to share you, if you are interested, and we can see you are definitely interested.”

Funny thing about a hard cock, it never lies about being interested in gorgeous naked women. With a big smile, I held my arms out to embrace them all. As they took a step toward me, I jumped and tackled them all.

We stood up, laughing, splashing, and wrestling. Hands were everywhere, bare boobs bounced and rubbed against me, my hard cock searched out and touched them too. It was so much fun for all of us, until we all stopped to catch our breath at the same time.

“Okay guys, we need to stop. We have too much to do today.” Theresa looked at me and continued “Tomorrow we are going to the village to get supplies, and we need things to trade.”

She turned to face her sisters, “You know the drill, Victoria please go set the lobster and fish traps. Maria, take Robere to the beach and find enough flotsam to make a bed. I’ll get some pawpaw. We’ll meet up back at home.”

While we got dressed, I asked, “Ladies, do you have something less formal you call yourselves? You know like nicknames or something.” The trio looked at each other and burst out laughing which puzzled me.

“I’m Tia”

“I’m Mia”

“I’m Via” they replied in quick succession.

I started to laugh with them. “How did that happen?” I just had to know.

Tia looked at me and in between giggles replied, “It was Via. When she was about five or six, she rhymed everything. She rhymed our names and they stuck.”

We got dressed and split up. Mia and I headed back to the hut. We untied Goliath, hitched him to the dog cart and headed down a different path. We walked for a long time and ended at another picturesque beach. Tia unhitched Goliath; he ran directly into the surf and frolicked like a puppy. Mia grabbed my hand as we walked along the beach. We began to pick up pieces of lumber that had drifted onto the beach and put them in a pile.

Mia let out a loud ataşehir escort whoop and dashed into the water. “This is perfect” she shouted. She reached into the surf and started to herd a barrel towards the beach.

I straightened up looked along the beach and out to the surf. I noticed a weird movement of the waves. The surf formed a long line of a single wave marching towards shore. In one place the wave seemed to form a triangle as it split into two. I wondered what could cause that kind of change.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a wave, a big wave, probably two to three times bigger than the rest. It was headed directly towards Mia. I started shouting and waving my arms as I ran towards her. She finally looked up, and I pointed to the wave.

She turned around just as the wave hit her in the face. The water level had dropped from hip to knee level causing the barrel to hit her behind the knees at the same time. Her scream was choked off into a gurgle as she was overcome, tripped backwards over the barrel, and disappeared below the surface flat on her back. I reached down and helped her to her feet. We stumbled toward the beach as Mia coughed with every breath. I sat her down on dry land and went to fetch the wayward barrel.

She sat there catching her breath, a vision to behold. I thought to myself, there is nothing more erotic than a gorgeous woman in a wet white shirt. I just watched as she gulped in big breaths of fresh air causing her more than ample breasts to rise and fall. Her nipples pointed directly at me, which caused my cock to rise in unison. What a feeling, but I knew it was wrong.

Knowing didn’t help my situation though, so I tried to ignore it. I rolled the barrel up and stood directly in front of her. Her face was level with my crotch. There was no way she couldn’t see it.

She stood up, her hands slid up my legs, found my cock, and continued up to my waist. “As tempted as I am, we have to wait to use that divine rod” she said.

We went to the barrel and together rolled it to the pile. The barrel although large was heavier than its size. There was something in it, but it was sealed. It would have to wait. She whistled; from out of nowhere Goliath came trotting back, his giant tongue hanging out, drooling foamy saliva that splattered everywhere, tail wagging back and forth.

We hitched Goliath back up to the two wheeled cart, loaded it up with our finds, and headed back. We arrived at the hut, as Tia and Via returned from different directions. Tia carried a woven basket full of those wonderful pawpaws. Via held two spiny lobsters in each hand.

“We should have a great haul tomorrow morning. They were everywhere”. “OOOO lobster pawpaw, what a great meal” exclaimed Mia.

I unloaded the cart as Tia and Via stopped. Mia grabbed a piece of fruit and the lobsters and went into the hut with her sisters. Just the thought of a lobster dinner with pawpaw had my mouth watering.

I unhitched the dog and eased the front of the cart up to let everything slide out the back. Except the barrel, it tumbled. There were no sounds of breakage, no clinking, so I had no idea what the barrel contained. I went in the hut and found pieces of lobster and pawpaw grilling over the fire. It smelled so good; it made me drool.

Soon we sat at the table and savored every last morsel off our fingers. Although the way these three did it was far more entertaining and thought provoking as they licked and sucked their fingertips.

“Has anyone thought of a nickname for Robere yet?” asked Tia.

“How about Rear? He definitely has a nice one” offered Mia.

Tia laughed and inquired “Would you want to be called Ass all the time?”

We all had a good laugh at that.

Via offered “How about Rare? He definitely is rare, and it kinda sounds like a shortened Robere.” Again, more laughter.

“Oh no, wait a sec. I got it. Bere!” injected Mia. “I like it. Is it short for Robere, or bear like the animal or bare like naked.

“It’ s perfect. Bere it is” confirmed Tia.

That is how I became an accepted member of the hut and Bear, soon to be Captain, at the same moment.

It was getting dark by the time everything was cleaned and put away. Tia looked around and declared “We have a long day tomorrow, and you ladies know what the day after tomorrow is going to be”.

Amidst the cheers and shouts from all three “LAUNDRY DAY”.

“Whose turn is it?” asked Tia.

“Why is it you only ask whose turn is it when it’s your turn?” posed Via.

I was totally confused, cheers for doing laundry, very unexpected. Via turned to me and explained “We take turns doing laundry after our trade days. We get very sweaty and our clothes stink. Anyway, one of us does kadıköy escort bayan the laundry, while the other two relax and have a fun day.”

Now it was making some sense, but really, cheers?

Mia still laughing said “We go to bed early tonight, no fun times, get up before dawn, get our goods and head to the village early.”

Tia woke me up with a gentle private squeeze, she greeted me with “Time to get the rest of you up”.

I looked around saw it was still dark and the other two stood right behind Tia with big smiles. I got up, slid my pants on, and tucked away my morning erection as they watched. We walked outside, and Tia handed out the assignments. Via gets the lobster pots, while Mia and I get the fish. Tia would load the cart then bring it to us. Once loaded we bring the goods to village for trade. The three of us headed down a path, while Tia stayed behind.

We reached the lagoon, and Via headed toward a wooden raft. I helped her push it into the water where it bobbed gently. She tied a piece of rope around her waist and towed it into the middle of the lagoon. I ran to catch up to Mia as she continued down the path. The path wound around to the tree lined lagoon entrance.

Mia pointed to a piece of wood floating nearby, “That’s our net there”.

She removed her clothes and dove off a nearby boulder, barely made a splash, as she hit the water. I jumped out of my pants and followed closely behind. Her round muscular butt just ahead of me and just out of reach. We reached the stick, released the rope, and headed towards another marker. I held one rope and Mia the other as we swam back to shore. I could tell there were fish in the net, but not nearly as many as my dad and I would haul.

As we got to water that was hip deep, we stood and dragged our catch to what can only be described as a small holding pen lined with a net. We dumped our load and closed the gate. It was a surprisingly good haul, mostly small to medium mullets, groupers, and snappers. All tasty fillets.

We were sitting on our clothes when Tia and Via arrived with the loaded cart, one sloshing barrel on each side and the longest pieces of wood from the day before in the middle held in place with the basket of pawpaws. We lifted the net to the top of the pen and transferred the fish to one of the barrels then placed a lid on it. We dressed and we all headed down the path. Goliath walked along as if the load he pulled weighed next to nothing. He really was impressive.

We stopped at each hut where I was introduced, and the fruit, lobsters and fish were exchanged for hair. Hair? What the hell? Everyone seemed to be at least 20 years old, no kids, no men. Was this the mythical Isla Mujeres? The legendary lost island of virginal women.

“This is Essie’s place” Via stated as we walked up to it.

The largest woman I ever met stood in the doorway to watch us. A real live Amazon woman. She wasn’t fat, but she had shoulders and arms almost as big as mine. In one hand she held a huge hammer at her side. Images of a female version of the Nordic God Thor flooded my mind. I imagined bolts of lightning exploding from the hammer as it struck, and she was walking towards me.

“Essie, this Bere, we found him on the beach last week” volunteered Via.

“Oh, is he flotsam or jetsam” Essie inquired. She smiled at chuckled at her own joke.

The girls all looked at my crotch then in unison replied “Flotsam, definitely flotsam” to the laughs of everyone.

The hammer changed hands, she reached out and grabbed my hand in friendly gesture. Her grip though wasn’t friendly at all. It could crush a cannon and with a wink I realized it was friendly … a warning.

Tia told Essie “We need a bed big enough for him. She looked me up and down, shrugged her shoulders, “Come on in” she replied. Via stayed with me while everyone else went inside and we unloaded the driftwood.

While we worked, she started, “Her father named her Princess when she was born. With her face framed by those golden curls, it fit her perfectly. Then she started to grow and soon stood head and shoulders above the rest of us and kept growing. The mean girls around here started calling her Princessy. It really hurt her feelings and made her cry every day. She was our friend, so we changed it to Essie.”

Now it made sense.

Via and I finished unloading and entered the hut where we were greeted with a trio of moans coming from the largest bed I ever saw. There in the center was a triangle of nakedness licking each other to ecstasy. Having seen Mia and Tia several times, I concentrated on Essie. Each of her boobs was the size of a human head with enormous nipples that begged for attention.

Via tugged my arm. “Let’s go, we weren’t escort maltepe invited. We can have our own fun”.

She pulled the front of my pants with one hand then reached in and grabbed my straining cock with the other. Just then the moans from the bed got louder. The vibrating throats and lips transferred from the lapping tongues to the exposed dripping pussies that started humping in response. The smells and sounds were intoxicating. Via pulled my cock free, grabbed a blanket, and led me out the door like some sort of erotic pull toy.

She led the way pulling me along to a secluded part of a nearby beach. She let me go and spread the blanket on the sand, shaded by tall trees along the edge. We sat on the blanket, she looked at me and said “You’re the first man any of us has ever seen naked, never mind touched. So please teach me.”

She was shaking, but I couldn’t tell if it was fear, excitement, or something else. So, I reached over, pulled her close to me and kissed her until the shaking stopped. I held her face in my hands, looked deep into her eyes,

“This is what you want?” I asked. I felt her nod and kissed her again.

“Okay, let’s get comfortable” I said as I removed my pants.

Via quickly followed suit. I laid on my back and told her to check it out. My cock stretched significantly above my belly button, as she reached down and gently held it.

“Look it over, touch it, play with it just don’t try to bend it, play with the balls just don’t squeeze too hard. That’s it, now use both hands and slide them up and down”

“Is every cock this big?” she asked.

“No mine is bigger than most.” I replied.

“What is this coming out? Are you finished already?” she inquired.

“No that’s lubricating fluid. It makes everything a little slipperier. Take your hand and rub it around the tip. O-o-o-o yeah, just like that. Lick the tip, taste it. Y-e-s-s-s.”

“It tastes kinda funny, salty but not bad. In fact, I kinda like it” she added.

“Then put the tip in your mouth and suck while you go back to rubbing it up and down. O-O-O-O-O ssssoooo good.”

After a few minutes, I pulled her chin up, “You need to stop, or I will be done.” I said.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked with a puzzled expression.

“Just the opposite; you were doing too well. It’s my turn now.”

With that in mind, I gently lowered her down to the blanket and spread her legs and reached underneath to grab her butt. She lifted her legs and put them along my back. I began licking her belly just above the point where it meets the inside of her hip. A light lick, more like a tickle really. Her belly quivered with every touch. She started to moan and thrust her hips to entice me lower.

So, I did, down to the inside of her thighs. I licked, kissed and sucked along the inside of her thighs towards my ultimate objective. The tip of my nose grazed her slit and she humped it. Her scent got stronger, her pussy wetter, her moans louder. Still I stayed away until she started humping my forehead. I knew she was ready.

I gently licked along her slit, tasting her for the first time. Yes, this is definitely my favorite thing to eat. Pawpaws a distant second. Long slow licks with the flat of my tongue, first one side then the other. Bottom to top, then top to bottom. With the tip of my tongue I began to probe deeper in between her nether lips.

Her humping became more insistent. She was getting close, so I concentrated on her little nub at the top. I licked it round and round. Sucked it between my teeth and held it there while I flicked it rapidly in every direction.

She clamped my ears between her thighs, grabbed my head with both hands and started to knead my scalp. She pulled my face in tighter as I started to suck it in and out. She lifted her knees higher, put her feet flat on my back, and doubled her humping efforts. She moved my head back, and forth, back and forth. I could barely breath when it started.

I felt the quiver on my ears first. Her entire body soon followed suit. She grabbed my hair, pulled my face into her and held me there as her thighs squeezed my ears. Her hips were as high as they could go. My face and tongue deep inside as she let go. Her juices flooded me as I lapped and sucked as fast as I could.

Then…it stopped, she stopped …everything. Her hands fell to her sides, the knees let go and her legs fell off my back. I took a break for a moment to look up at her face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth hung open, she wasn’t breathing. She just laid there. Did I kill her? Was she dead?

Then she took a deep gasping breath, her eyes fluttered open then focused on my face. “Oh …my…gawd. That was incredible. That was the most intense, most extreme orgasm in the history of sex.” She exclaimed in between her gasps.

I rested my chin on her furry mound, grinned at her and said, “That wasn’t just an orgasm, that was la petit mort, the little death.” She laid there breathing deeply, eyes closed, and just enjoyed the moment.



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