I have been away on business for a few weeks – guess it’s my turn to leave you and Jenny alone again – and although we have spoken at least twice a day (including some very exciting phone sex late at night!), I have missed you terribly. Finally those boring meetings and crappy hotel meals and beds are over and my plane has just landed. I deplane as quickly as I can since I know that you will be there waiting for me. We are going to the hotel I have reserved for a couple of days for a visiting senior manager – just to make sure everything is OK – on the way home.

As I approach the baggage area, I see you running towards me. You are wearing that long (almost floor length) woolen coat I gave you that buttons to the neck. It must be cold out but then I see the 5″ spike heels on your dainty feet and I know that it hasn’t snowed. Oh well, no matter; what I care about is your body catapulting into my outstretched arms as you kiss me fervently. Your arms wrap tightly around my neck and mine go around your waist as we whisper endearments into each other’s ears. Oh how we have missed each other!

My bags come down the slide quickly and we go out to the waiting car and drive to the hotel downtown. It is one of those old restored establishments with all the gilt and glitter of the 1930’s. My boss loves the ambiance of this luxury hotel and I have reserved the penthouse suite for him as per his request. The elevators are all brass and quite antiquated; they move very sedately between floors – one could almost walk faster.

The penthouse is on the 11th floor but as we pass the 4th floor, you reach out and push the emergency stop button. Given the age of the hotel, there is no alarm unless you call it in so it has become very silent. I turn escort eryaman towards you and see that you have undone all the buttons of the coat to your waist and are shrugging it off your shoulders. You turn to me and my jaw drops open! All you are wearing is a smile – and a pair of sheer holdups and the spike heels. As your stand there with your shaved pussy glistening and your full breasts swinging, you say “I couldn’t wait until we get home! Welcome back darling! Now get out of those clothes before the manager misses his elevator – I told him we need it for a half hour only”

With your fingers flying with mine, I am soon as naked as you are and my cock is standing at full attention while the precum drips to the carpeted floor of the elevator. I press you against the wall of the elevator and, lifting one of your legs high under my arms I plunge my three fingers into your sopping cunt while you grab my hair and pull me down to your yearning nipple. As I nip and suck hard on that nubbin, my fingers go way up into your most sensitive core to rub your g-Spot and you shake in your first pent-up orgasm! We have both waited for this moment for all the time I have been gone and all the mutual masturbation on the phone at night hasn’t cooled our desire one little bit.

I lift you high into the air while propping you against the wall of the elevator until your dripping cunt is right at my mouth level. You hold onto my head and lay your legs over my shoulders as you push your molten pussy into my face and start to fuck me with that wonderful hot opening to your most private self. You have to lower your head so it doesn’t hit the ceiling and I bend my knees to help as I suck three more orgasms from you and swallow every ounce of your intoxicating ankara escort cum.

It is my long-overdue turn so I lower you, with your legs re-wrapped around my waist, and slide you down onto my cock! With you fully impaled I sink to the thick pile carpeted floor of the elevator and, with you on your back, I pound fast and hard into your depths! You are screaming now as your body goes into uncontrollable gyrations as you cum again and again as I drive deeply into you and fill you will my hot thick seed! Your pussy muscles milk me until I can give no more and we take a moment to recover.

I hear the ringing of a telephone in the wall – two rings, a pause and then two more; the signal you arranged with the manager that he needs the elevator in service again. We hastily dress (It doesn’t take you long) and you pull the emergency button out as I am desperately doing up my zipper. You start to laugh as the elevator doors open on the 11th floor where we are to get out and an elderly couple is waiting to board the car!

We smile at them – me with my clothes in disarray – as I tell them to be careful of that car; it sometimes gets stuck between floors. They can smell our arousal in the car and they both laugh and wink at us as the door closes.

We quickly check out the suite and then head home to see and feed Jen. All the way home, I play with your firm tits and wet pussy through the opening in your coat – I undid the buttons in the hotel parking lot! You are reclining in the passenger seat with your feet up on the dashboard and your legs spread sop that my fingers (and your own!) have full access. Your right foot – sans shoe – stretches until it is hanging out the passenger window while your left foot – with the elvakent escort shoe still attached – is resting on the centre of the dashboard under the rearview mirror. It is amazing how flexible you are when you are fully aroused and want to exhibit yourself.

You pull my hands away from your tits and pussy – “Drive, my love!” – and you plunge your own fingers deep into your slurping cunt and pull and twist your nipples. Your head is thrown back as you cry out in the ultimate pleasure of a self-induced orgasm. Just then a large semi passes in the right hand lane and the driver’s eyes catch sight of your naked foot and leg hanging out the window, He draws level and slows down to watch the show! Since we are driving the convertible and the temperature is quite warm, the top is down and you are exposed in the throes of your orgasm in all your naked glory! You are so lost in your pleasure; you don’t even hear the sound of the powerful engine. I smile up at him as I part the front of your coat a little wider to give him a full view of your glorious body; he grins, watches for a long while and then, with a wave and the sound of his air horn, he speeds away.

Your eyes fly open and you see the back of the semi pulling away.

“My god! Did he see anything?” you ask.

“No baby; he saw everything! And he was very appreciative!” You grinned at me and, checking over your shoulder to ensure we had the road to ourselves, resumed your self-pleasuring for another half hour until we were nearing the house. In the process you had several noisy and violent orgasms (I am sure you were re-living the ‘road show’ that you put on) as we will in our lovemaking tonight! You quickly re-buttoned your coat and I paid the babysitter you had arranged for while you picked me up and sent her on the way.

Drawing you into my arms, I kissed you lovingly and thanked you for picking me up with such a surprise. Now for a quick shower together; then to feed the babe before we make supper together.



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