The phone calls began about three weeks ago. At first they were sort of chatty but the girl never said who she was or how she had met me. So I sort of went along with it. In the beginning the calls were to my office and she knew my name. The conversation generally began something like this.

“I saw you again today, but you didn’t come over. Don’t you like me? I like you but you keep ignoring me. Is there a reason Brad?”

Try as I could I couldn’t put a face to the voice. The building I work in is nineteen stories and there are offices on each floor. At noon I usually take my lunch in a neighborhood restaurant so I thought that was where she saw me so to check it out, I tried different places to eat.

It was always the same. The teasing voice and she always told me about something I was wearing or had done that she had seen. It was driving me crazy and I finally told her so. Either tell me who you are, or stop calling.

Two days later I got a large envelope in the mail. Inside was a glossy picture of a nude woman. The area above her shoulders was blurred out but the rest of her body certainly made my imagination run wild.

Mid afternoon she called again and wanted to know if I liked her picture. That’s when she got a bit more intimate with her teasing.

“Do you like my shaved pussy, Brad? Some men don’t like women who shave down there. Do you like me that way? I bet your getting a hard on just wanting me, aren’t you darling? I want you. Tell me you’d like to make love to me. Tell me everything you would ever want to do to me. I want to know.”

This wasn’t a conversation that could be held at work so I just told her I’d think about it and hung up. Actually I was aroused, yes. Too aroused to be able to stand up without it being obvious so I looked around the office to see if I could match up the body with any of the secretaries in my office. No luck. The girls in my circle were not nearly so well endowed.

She changed tactics. The next call was to my apartment. “Hi darling. Still thinking about me? Still wondering what it would be like to have me in bed or in the shower? I’d like that. Standing in front of you all soaped up and sliding my slippery breasts against your chest. I’d like to watch you bend your kneels and lower yourself so you could slide your stiff cock deep up inside my hot pussy. That would be a real turn on. Taking me in the shower.”

It was mostly a one sided conversation. She talked and I listened. Answering a few of her questions when she asked, but mostly she talked about what she wanted me to do with her.

“You know I’ve seen you in a bathing suit. I won’t tell you where, but I have. I’ve seen the nice package that you had tucked into those blue trunks and I was wondering. Are you cut, you know circumcised? Not that it matters much but I was just wondering.”

I admitted that I was and she went on.

“I like that. I was thinking about you last night and was wondering what you would say as I sucked that hard cock of yours. Would you be quiet and just enjoy watching me or would you moan my name? For you, just for you, I know I’d let you finish in my mouth and swallow you. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I wouldn’t like you to hold my head while you fucked my mouth, I might gag, but I’d love it if you just hold still and enjoy what I’m doing to you. I bet you can come more than once or twice if I kept you excited, couldn’t you?”

I had to answer that one……”Probably. If you were good.”

“Oh with you anything would be possible sweetie. I would want you everyway, even in my back side. I never did eryamandaki escortlar that, but I have a toy that I sometimes use that way. Wanna know what I’m doing right now?”

“Unh huh,” I answered.

I’m laying here on my back with my feet pulled up tight against my ass and my knees are spread wide apart. That sort of makes my pussy spread a little and I have a clear, thick dildo deep in my pussy and I’m slowly sliding it in and out. Wanna hear it going in and out?”

Before I could answer I heard the soft whispering wet,rhythmatic sounds that told me she was telling the truth. She was masturbating herself. Then she was back on the phone.

“God you feel good Brad. I want the real thing though. I want to lay my hands on your ass and feel your muscles ripple as you thrust your hard cock in and out of my tight little pussy. Brad? Brad, talk to me. Brad I’m cumming for you. Tell me you want me to cum for you. Do it darling… tell me now!”

“yeah, I want you to cum for me. Hell I don’t even know your name but I want you to cum for me right now. Cum for me honey! Do it for me now!”

“Yeah, Oh god, I’m cumming hard. Soooooo wet and gooy baby. Mmm I taste good Brad. I’m sucking my juice off your cock now. Don’t you think its about time we got together for real? I bet your hard right now too. Want to cum for me honey? Slide your hand up and down that hard cock and shoot for me. Can you do that for me?”

Hell yes, I reached down and found my shaft as hard as it could possibly be.

“Yes I’ll do that for you. Give me a name. Your first name will be ok. I’ll do that for you if you need me to.”

“Sharon. I’m Sharon, now do that for me. Get some oil or something and make your cock slippery. I want to hear your hand sliding up and down on it. I’ll wait.”

Laying the phone down I went to the bathroom and got some lotion. Returning to the bed I picked up the phone and lay back down.

“Start doing it Brad. I want to listen. I’m almost ready to cum again. Let’s do it together. Your with me now and I want you to slide your cock in and out of my slippery cunt. Let me hear you fucking me Brad. Do it now!”

I brought the phone down to rest near my hip as I began jerking my cock for her. I was sure as hell making a lot of noise as my hand massaged the cream into my cock. Several minutes later I was near, so I brought the phone to my ear again.

She was panting. “Tell me honey. Tell me how it feels and how much you want to cum in my pussy. Tell me you like to look at my face as you give me your load of cum. Talk dirty to me and tell me when. I need to hear your voice as you cum for me. Please do it now honey, I’m getting really close now.”

When I go over the edge, it’s sometimes slow, but when it finally happens, It’s unending. I contract and send streams of my thick sperm gushing high. This was going to be one of those times so I began talking with her.

“Getting close Sharon. Gonna cum hard and fast for you baby. Can you feel me driving my cock in and out of your pussy? Like it this way? Listen… Hear my cock going in and out? Want it faster? Yeah baby here it comes. I’m gonna shoot for you Sharonnnn. Take it!”

“Me too Brad. I’m cumming with you. I’m cumming now. Give it to me now. All of it! I need it!”

A long pause. So as I listened to her pant, I spent more than a minute cleaning up the puddle of thick sperm that coated my fist and my chest. Then returning to the phone I heard her voice gasp.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes. Don’t do anything. Just unlock the door and wait. Don’t turn on the light. God Brad, etimesgut bayan escort I can’t play this game any longer. I need the real thing. I need your cock in me. Your lips on mine. Your chest tight against my breasts and your hands on my nipples. I need it all. Can you do that for me?”

I thought she was teasing again but I played along and unlocked my front door then returned to the phone.

She was still on the line talking. “I want your cock in my mouth, between my breasts. I want to feel your cum splatter against my cheek and in my mouth. Everything,… all over me. I want to bathe in your sperm. Wait for me! I’ll be there soon.”

I didn’t even hear the door open or close. My bedroom was dark except for the bit of moonlight that peeked from behind the passing clouds.

Like a phantom she crossed the room. She was nude. She must have dropped her clothes in the living room as she came thru the house. Leaning over me I reached up and touched her warm body.

She was lithe and seemed to float. Her breath was warm and her touch like gossamer. Her tiny hand ran over my body, exploring, almost as a blind person might. Touching and seeming to memorize every detail.

The clouds drifted apart and the room was aglow with moonlight. I recognized her. She was one of the models from the sixth floor in my building. Yes I had seen her but never in my wildest dreams thought that she might be the one.

Models by nature, seem to be untouchable, unapproachable and aloof, so even in the elevator I never tried to start a conversation with them.

I held still as she sat next to me on the bed. She bowed her head and her hair brushed against my groin. Her warm mouth engulfed my shaft and it began. I touched the nape of her neck, ran my hands down her spine and began to stroke her ass.

She responded. Her ass wiggled almost impatiently and twisting her body, aligning it with mine. Her leg moved over my head and she straddled my face. We were in a sixty nine position. Then slowly she lowered her pussy to my lips.

Perhaps some men balk at doing what I was about to do, but the warm musky scent of sex filled my nostrils and I began to lap at her parted folds. She was very wet. My face was soon smeared with her sapid fluid and I drank her.

The more excited I made her, the more frantically she took my shaft in her mouth. Sometimes pausing to stroke my cock with her warm tongue or hesitating to gasp, “yes, just like that. Do it that way!” Then she lowered her head and continue bobbing her head up and down on my cock.

Soon her clit became my focus of attention. Highly excited, it now protruded slightly and by pursing my lips, I was able to force its sheath back and hold it captive between my lips. Now I began to let my tongue flutter back and forth across its smooth surface.

Suddenly, with a long drawn out moan she erupted in my mouth. A small flush of clear slippery fluid flooded my lips and chin and her pussy began to pulse against my mouth.

She let me go. Again she lifted and twisted so she now lay on my body with my cock trapped between her thighs. Her warm breath was panting in my ear and she began to lick my face searching for my lips.

“Oh god. You are good. I never felt anything like that before. YOU are soo special. Baby I’m yours. Fuck me and make me do that again. I want you deep inside me.”

Stabbing her tongue between my lips she sucked and gave me a passionate kiss before breaking away and sitting up.

Kneeling over me, her knees on either side of my hips, she ankara escort lifted and held my cock aloft. Then slowly she folded her knees and lowered her pussy.

Was she teasing me, or herself? I didn’t care at that point. I felt the tight hot sheath slowly swallow my cock, and felt her ass rest on my thighs. For a moment she paused, contracting her pulsating pussy tightly around my cock before she began to rise and fall.

I reached up and clutched her swaying breasts, trapping her swollen nipples between my fingers, still she lifted and dropped. Again the moon lit the room and I saw her leaning over me, her hair forming a halo around her face. She had an intent look on her face and she was running her tongue around her lips.

Her eyes focused on me and she gasped: “I’m cumming. I’m cumming again on your cock. I feel it deep inside me. Let me finish! Oh god Brad it feels so good. Baby? Baby! Don’t you cum yet. Don’t cum yet. Just let me finish, please. Oh god I am now. I’M CUMMING!”

I thought to myself. “What in the hell is she trying to do to me? Here I’m being practically raped by a beautiful woman and she tells me not to cum. It’s almost impossible to stay in control.

Possibly because I had finished earlier for her on the phone, or possibly because I tried not to think about what was happening, I was able to hold off.

She fell forward and lay panting on my chest. Slowly she rolled off and lay beside me.

“Now Brad. Use me. I want you to fuck me and make me crazy. But just tell me what your feeling. Do it hard and fast, hurt me, I want to be your toy, your whore, just use me and tell me what your feeling.”

Actually she was using me. She took control but subtly. She lay on her back and holding her feet high, spread her legs and offered her pussy to me. I rammed my shaft deep and cruelly in and out of her swollen opening. Sensing I was near, she gasped.

“Stop. Let me kneel for you. Fuck me doggy style now. I want to feel your cock plunging in and out and your warm hands on my hips. Here, put it in deep and fuck my hot pussy Brad.”

Again she took control.

“Slap my ass while you fuck me. Hurt me and tell me you want me. For gods sake, choke me or pull my hair. Be rough and enjoy me. Make me beg for more baby. I want to be yours. Do it and, and, OHMYGOD I’m gonna do it again, I’m cumming.”

She did and I was about to pull out and shoot on her back when she almost screeched back over her shoulder. “Keep it in. Just give me a second. Hold still like that. Yeah just one minute baby. Hold still.”

Panting for a few minutes she caught her breath before starting over.

“I want to know what it feels like to have your cock up my ass. Will you? I want to know. Be slow though and when you cum, tell me. I want to be ready.”

I guess it was a first for both of us. I must have been clumsy but with her help and my cock already wet and slippery, I managed to move my shaft within the tight ring of her butt.

I guess I held out another two or three minutes before I felt myself loosing it, and I gasped. “I’m gonna cum. It’s getting close.”

“Don’t. Quick gimmee your cock. Pull out and let me have it.”

I really had no choice. She was almost instantly kneeling on the bed facing me with my throbbing cock held firmly in her small hand.

A few strokes and I erupted. Jets of my cum spew forth and filled her mouth. Spent, I watched her close her mouth and almost ceremoniously swallow. She looked up almost adoringly before opening her mouth to speak.

“I’ve wanted you for months now and if you’ll have me, I want to be yours. I’ll be good to you and I’ll do whatever you want if I can be yours. Please?

Later, her fantasy of sex in the shower became a reality.

Now she’s my slave. And still her fantasies live on and I fill them each day. But now I wonder…….. Who’s in charge here?



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