“Dress like you mean business.” That’s what the job description had said. So I did. I wore those mid-height black pumps that say “I’m not a stripper but know how to wear heels.” I had black leggings, because this was a more formal business environment. My skirt and blouse were form fitting, but sleeveless and ending at mid thigh. Was it too bold? Maybe, but everyone knows that men like something to look at, and I was going to use every advantage I had today.

This was an ‘interview day’ for a new job, as executive assistant to our companies CEO, and I wanted to make a good first impression. If he liked the job I did, compared to other candidates, I would get the promotion, and I totally wanted it.

I met him in his office first thing in the morning to introduce myself, as I had only previously interviewed with HR for this job. I had never really had a face to face conversation with the CEO before, and was amazed by how young he looked. This was relative, of course, as he was probably at least 5 years older than I, but not much more. And tall too, I probably only just came up to his shoulders, which were very broad, like he was definitely working out. He had a dress shirt without a tie (who wears ties anymore?), and had a strong, clean cut chin.

“Hello?” (deep voice), he said with a smile.

“Nice to meet you, sir,” I replied.

“No need for the ‘sir’ stuff, I like to think that we will comfortable with one another working together, and this interview should be no different.”

I nodded.

“Unfortunately, there’s been an unexpected change of plans, and I have to fly to a meeting in another city, but the return flight is tonight, so you can come along and do your best to keep up, is that okay?”

“That’s fine, trial by fire, right?”

“I guess so.”

From there the day was a whirlwind, with the ride to the airport (private limo, leather seats) with me handling some paperwork and transcribing letters to write on the way, to the flight (company jet, with on-board boardroom, more leather seats) keeping the higher-ups full of coffee and doing more secretarial escort eryaman work, to the conference in New York. We ate lunch in some skyscraper overlooking manhattan, and although it felt like a constant rush of work there were brief moments of downtime for me to take it all in. I could see why he was CEO: he had a way of inspiring the people around him, and exuded confidence. He was clearly the alpha-male type, and I found myself stealing glances his way more often. We may have even made eye contact a few times, and I had to remind myself that this was technically an interview day, and I should behave. The last thing I need is for my potential boss to think I’m some silly little flirt…

The conference ended on schedule and we drove back to the airport. There were fewer people with us, as some had to stay over for more meetings, or something. I didn’t really care; I realized I was actually exhausted from being on my feet all day. The plane took off, and we left New York behind, the city lights disappearing below us.

Aside from the CEO and I, there may have been only 1 or 2 passengers on the flight (who fell asleep right away), and the pilots of course. Once we were cruising, he said, “Hey, do you want to go get a drink?”

I accepted, a little uncertainly, and followed him to the back of the plane, where there was some kind of mini-bar in the meeting room. He shut the door behind him as we walked in. I wasn’t sure if I should really be drinking with someone who was thinking about hiring me, so I just went along with it.

It was the first time since the beginning of the day that we had been alone together, and I could feel the atmosphere between us changed. I guess this was his stress relief; maybe he was as tired as I was.

He asked me how I felt the day went, complemented me on how I had handled things, and we started to talk more casually about other things as the world outside changed to night. He told me about founding the company, and how it had been far more successful than he had imagined, but how the work left him with relatively little free time.

We ankara escort were sitting side by side at this point, and I had kicked off my shoes and curled up on the luxurious leather seat.

“It gets a little lonely,” he said suddenly, then seemed to hesitate, “I’m not sure how that sounded…”

Feeling the effects of the alcohol we had been drinking, and feeling like I was just so comfortable around him, I put my hand on his and said “I understand.”

Once I realized what I had done I felt embarrassed and tried to pull back, but he grabbed my hand. “It’s alright, I really enjoyed talking to you,” he whispered, our eyes locked.

I bit my lip, not sure what to do, or what I had started. My breath was shortening and my pulse quickened, and I felt a little light headed, and it wasn’t just the alcohol.

He slid closer to me on the seat, and our legs were touching side-by-side. His face was only inches from mine now. “We’re getting closer to landing,” he said, but not as thought it mattered to him. He flicked a button on the table and the lights in the cabin dimmed, and I knew he had me, and I think he knew it too.

I leaned in to kiss him, and slid my hands up to his strong shoulders. He put his hands on either side of my neck and held me in tighter as we kissed.

Ugh, I wanted him so bad now. I moved over so that I was on top of him in the seat, my legs spread across his and my crotch aching. He ran one of his hands down my spine, sending tingles through my body, until his hand squeezed my butt.

I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt and pulled it off him, gazing at his gorgeous, muscular chest before reaching my arms across my body to pull off my own blouse and tossing it aside. We came together again, the feeling of his skin touching mine sending electricity through my body. He kissed my neck and sucked hard, causing me to moan, and wondering if anyone on the other side of that door heard us.

He rolled over and pushed me deep into the leather seat.

Suddenly, the cabin tilted downward, and I could see city lights outside the elvakent escort window. We were getting ready to land!

He slid down so he was kneeling in front of the seat, his hands on my thighs, sliding the edge of my skirt up to my hips, and grabbing to pull my panties down. He slid them all the way off my feet and I slid down in the seat, tilting my hips up and grabbing the arm rests, he moved up to put his tongue on my clit. He finally gave me what I wanted, pressing his tongue into my clit and stroking forcefully. I held on harder to the arms of the seat as waves of pleasure shot through me.

He moved his hand in and thrust two fingers inside me… deep. I gasped and almost couldn’t breathe for a moment, and up inside of me. My eyes closed, and I felt the sensation of his tongue and fingers combined with the downward motion of the plane, which was rocking and surging. I bit my lip and could feel my wetness getting on the seat, I was getting closer to completion.

Looking out the window, I could see lights shooting by not so far below, we must be coming in to the airport. He pressed harder with his tongue, faster, and his fingers as well. I heard the scream of the engines and the rush of wind outside as the flaps came down and the runway appeared below us.

The wheels touched down, the plan jerked, and I screamed as I came hard on his face. As the captain steered to complete the landing the plane rocked side to side and I rocked over waves of orgasm in my seat, my lungs heaving and body tensing involuntarily.

The plane slowed and began to taxi, and my pulse and breathing returned to normal. He stood up and we looked at each other, him with his shirt off, and a huge boner in his pants; me half naked and a hot mess. Realizing that someone would be about to check on us, we dressed quickly and tried to make everything look normal.

We left the plane saying as little as possible to anyone, and made our way to the pick up zone where his limo was waiting. We got in and drove off. We were still staring at each other like, ‘did that just happen?’ and I wasn’t sure how to break the silence, especially with the driver in the front seat. Instead, in the darkness I reached over and put my hand on his crotch, feeling how hard (and big!) he was. Our eyes met, and we both smiled. We both knew this night had just started.



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