There was about a dozen of us around at Naomi’s place. The main reason for this was that she had a large backyard with a very nice swimming pool and it was a hot day. We were just clowning around, swimming, sunbathing, boys flirting with the girls and vice versa. Just young people having a good time.

In the middle of the afternoon I started to feel a little crowded and decided to take a short walk to stretch my legs. By a walk I did not mean a stroll down the street. Not with bare feet and a bikini, no matter how fetching the bikini was. All I wanted to do was work out a few kinks I seems to have developed so I started to wander around the yard.

Like I said, it was a large yard and I had room to roam around. I was strolling along, looking at the garden which was quite nicely blooming, and I found myself wandering down along the side of the house. It was rather secluded there and I stopped to stretch and smell the roses. Literally smell the roses, because there were a couple of bushes there in full bloom.

Standing up and preparing to move on I accidentally glanced through the window next to me. It was a bedroom and Naomi’s father was in there, taking of his shirt. Reprehensible of me, I know, but I sidled up to the edge of the window to watch, staying to one side so I wouldn’t be seen.

All he did was lounge down onto the bed and started reading a book. I kept on watching for a moment to see if anything would happen, but nothing seemed to be going on. Apart from him having a sneezing fit.

After he sneezed he put the book down and looked around and seemed to give a little start. Then he was up and off, heading out the door. I waited, curious to see if he’d come back. After a minute, with no appearance, I decided to keep on with my walk.

Too damn late, was that particular decision. I’d barely taken a step away from the window when I heard a very annoyed voice talking to me.

“Ah, Cheryl, isn’t it? I wonder if you’d mind stepping inside for a moment. I’d like a word with you.”

Sprung, and sprung badly. I dithered, not knowing what to do.

“Of course, if you’re reluctant to step inside I can always read you the riot act here, but I think you’ll find we would gather an interested audience.”

When he put it that way I decided that I’d be delighted to step inside with him. I meekly followed him inside and he casually strolled through the house to a room I recognized.

Standing there he indicated the dressing table next to the window.

“I happened to look in the mirror,” he told me. “The reflection showed me the window and a little snoop playing peeping Tom. I thought you might like to explain yourself.”

I said something along the lines of, “Ah, Um, I. . .” and dried up.

“You did notice that this was a bedroom?” he asked. “With a male occupant?”

All I could do was blush and nod and not look at him. I’d been stupid and snoopy and now I was caught.

“How old are you?” he asked. “Seventeen, eighteen?”

“Eighteen,” I admitted.

“How unfortunate,” he said softly.

“Eh?” Unfortunate how, I wanted to ask. I didn’t need to ask, it turned out. He was quite willing to tell me.

“If you were seventeen you’d have been both too old and too young for me to dish out the appropriate penalty. I could get into all sorts of trouble for paddling a minor, which at seventeen is what you’d be. Eighteen makes you an adult and I don’t mind paddling an adult who needs it.”

“You’re kidding. No way would I permit that.”

I spoke plainly and quietly when what I was tempted to do was shout NO FUCKING WAY.

The swine just gave me an evil smile.

“Why don’t we go out and ask the rest of the group if a spanking is an appropriate punishment? I’m quite willing to abide by their decision.”

That, I decided, was a totally appalling idea. First, everyone would know what I’d been snooping, and second, they’d probably vote for the spanking just for the hell of it. Oh god, third would be the fact that they’d want to watch me get spanked.

I wanted to scream and yell at him but didn’t know what to say. Finally I capitulated. Better to be spanked in private than to have everyone know.

“Fine,” I snapped, giving him my own version of an evil look. “Fine! If you insist I suppose I’ll take the damn spanking.”

He showed no reaction apart from sitting on the bed and patting his bakırköy escort knee. I move closer and he took my arm and guided me into place over his knee, ready to be spanked.

In hindsight I realise I should have asked a few more questions about what he intended in the way of a spanking. What made me catch on to this oversight was my bikini pants heading downwards as he calmly peeled them off my bottom, leaving my bottom and other parts completely exposed.

“Hey, you can’t do that,” I protested, way too late.

“I think you’ll find that as I already have, I can. Now be a good little girl for a change and keep the screaming to a minimum.”

With that his hand came down hard upon my bottom. It bloody hurt and I gave a yell.

“If you yell loud enough someone will hear,” he pointed out. “It won’t worry me but you on the other hand. . .”

His voice trailed away even as his hand came down just as firmly on the other cheek of my bottom. This time I kept my mouth firmly closed. Have someone come in and catch me like this? Not in this lifetime.

After half a dozen firm spanks my bottom felt as though it was going to catch fire. That was when he changed tactics. His hand came down in a noisy spank but it wasn’t anywhere near as hard as the previous spanks. It wasn’t on my bottom, either. I could feel my eyes opening wide with shock and a little voice was saying he did not do that.

He fucking well had done that and he proved it by doing it again, his hand coming down and landing on my mound. It hesitated for a moment, giving me a quick squeeze before lifting away.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I screamed, while trying to keep my voice as quiet as possible. Have you ever tried to scream in a whisper?

“Ah, spanking you, I believe,” he said, all calm and innocent.

“You spank people on the bottom,” I hissed. “Not there.”

“Ah, you’ll find that children get spanked on their bottom. Naughty young ladies take their chances as to where they get spanked.”

To emphasize the point he slapped his hand down upon my pussy for a third time.

I protested and he laughed and spanked, some spanks, the hard ones, landing on my bottom, while others landing where they shouldn’t.

I was almost crying when he suddenly swung me to my feet.

“From your reactions I suspect that you may think I have evil intentions towards your body,” he announced. “Relax. While you look quite delectable and ravishable standing there like that I have no intentions of doing anything about it. I am married, you know, and my wife would castrate me with a dull knife if I wandered.

I have to run down the street now. You look a little upset. Why don’t you stay here until you’ve calmed down a bit.”

With that he turned and walked out the room, leaving me relieved but sore of bottom. Very sore of bottom. I wanted to jump up and down, holding my bottom, and swearing, and saw no reason why I shouldn’t. I found out on my first jump.

My stupid bikini pants had slipped down around my ankles and I nearly fell flat on my face. Furious, I kicked them off, and then I did start jumping up and down, holding my bottom and swearing quietly. How dare that big oaf do such a thing to me? I’d kill him.

I was so busy sounding off that I didn’t hear the bedroom door open. I didn’t know anyone was there until I heard a voice. It was my day for people sneaking up on me, I guess.

“Such a delicate turn of phrase,” came a mocking comment. “Can I assume that you ran afoul of the parent for some reason?”

I spun around, hands still holding my bottom, completely forgetting I was giving my visitor a full frontal. Well, not quite full. I still had my bikini top on, and wasn’t that a big help. Steven, Naomi’s older brother, was standing there, laughing at me.

“Your father is a bully and a brute and I’ve got a good mind to charge him with assault and battery.”

“Uh-huh. I sort of know my dad quite well. He wouldn’t have spanked you if you hadn’t agreed to it. What did you do to deserve it?”

I shut my mouth and glared at him.

“Ah, none of my business, I guess. You look a little distressed. Let me help you.”

With that he sat on the bed and yanked me across his knee. For one horrible moment I thought he was going to spank me, too, but all he did was run his hand lightly over my bottom. When beşiktaş escort I say his hand, I think it was just the tips of his fingers. They just glided ever so lightly across my burning bottom, and it was soothing.

It was soothing up until I remembered that I had no pants on. When I did I tried to get off his knee but his hand was on my back holding me in place.

“Stop wriggling,” he said. “You’ll find this doesn’t hurt and may actually ease the sting a little.”

“But, but,” I was going, finishing up wailing, “but I’ve got no pants on.”

“I noticed. Believe me, I noticed. First thing I noticed when I walked into the room. Don’t worry about it. It’s just your bottom I’m touching. It’s not as though dad was spanking you here.”

That rotten man slipped his hand between my legs and delicately poked my pussy. I gave a small shudder when he did so.

“Don’t you touch me there,” I gasped.

“It’s odd, but your pussy looks a little flushed. Did that naughty man spank you here as well?”

Oh, very funny, I’m sure. Ha, ha, ha. Hear me laugh.

“None of your business. Take your hand away from there.”

“Yes, I think he must have. That probably explains why your pussy is flushed and swollen. From the look of this he’s actually got you somewhat aroused.”

Oh, my, god! When he said ‘the look of this’ he also poked me right in the sweet spot. I could feel his finger brushing against my inner lips which were apparently on the outer right now.

“You just get your hand away from there and let me up,” I snapped.

He had one characteristic very reminiscent of his father, the ability to ignore my protests. Instead of getting his hand away from there he started rubbing, stirring me up. I was feeling tense and was surprised when I felt a sudden relaxation coming over me. Then I wasn’t surprised but furious.

That sudden relaxation was my bikini top coming undone. He’d flicked open the catch on the back strap of my top and it had given way and was now dangling from my neck. Not for long, though, as he undid the neck bow and the top just dropped away. Not that this left my breasts uncovered. There was now a hand covering them, rubbing them.

He kept playing with me and I kept protesting. Despite my protests and not wanting this I was getting excited, aroused even. I might even have been a little disappointed when he suddenly swung me to my feet.

“If you have quite finished,” I said icily, and he held up a hand, indicating I should wait a moment.

Steven looked around, gave a grunt of satisfaction and crossed to where my bikini pants had landed when I kicked them off. He picked them up, snatched up the top which I’d been about to pick up and told me to come along.

I’m like, “You have to be kidding. I’m naked, damn you. I’m not setting one foot out of this room like this.”

He just calmly swung the door wide open and strolled across the corridor to the room opposite and opened that door.

“Are you going to spend the rest of the afternoon in there naked or are you coming over here?”

Some fucking choice. I stuck my head out of the door, saw the way was clear and darted across into the other room. Another bedroom, I found.

“Give me my bikini,” I snarled at him.

“Later,” he said. “Right now, sit on the bed.”

Giving him a nasty look I stomped over and sat on the edge of the bed. Smiling he followed me over. When he reached the bed he bent down, grabbed my ankles and hoisted them up, resulting in me falling onto my back on the bed, legs spread high and wide. Talk about being on display.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I raged at him and he gave me a startled look.

“Please tell me you’re not that dumb?” he said.

Apparently I was. Until that moment it just hadn’t registered that he wanted to fuck me. I guess I was still running on the assurances from his father that he wouldn’t take me. Not being married, his son had other ideas.

He rested one of my ankles on a shoulder, still holding the other, while he undid his trousers. He slid them and his underpants down, showing just how serious he was. My eyes were wide, looking at him, not really able to credit that this was happening.

He moved closer and I found I was propping myself up on my elbows to watch. He brushed his cock against me, running along my slit, before finally coming beylikdüzü escort to a halt, leaning against me where my inner labia were pouting. Then he pushed, and I could see him sinking slowly into me.

Not only see, of course. He was inside me and I could feel him there. Oh, boy, could I ever feel him there. He felt huge, causing my passage to distend as he forced his way along it. Not that much force was needed, I have to admit. My soft flesh seemed to be yielding to his dynamic hardness with the greatest of ease, letting him past before wrapping around him, enclosing him.

He kept coming and my passage kept yielding, stretching to accommodate him. It wasn’t until he was fully inside me that I remembered that I didn’t want this and had meant to tell him no. BIT FUCKING LATE NOW!

He started moving, pulling slowly back before thrusting back in with somewhat more speed. He released my legs and they just settled down and wrapped around him. Pulling out again, nice and slow, thrusting forcefully back in.

A couple more times and I started moving with him. I couldn’t help it, I just had to. Slowly, well maybe not that slowly, he increased his pace and I matched him with no problems. (No qualms, either. If I was going to be fucked I was going to be fucked properly.)

Very soon he had a nice rhythm going and we were coming together in mutual accord. I could see his cock plunging repeatedly into me and, oh, lord, it felt good. I was gasping and making encouraging noises, pushing up hard against him.

After a minute or two, apparently satisfied with the way things were going, he reach for my breasts, covering them and playing with them. He seemed to be coming into me even harder and then he was lying on top of me, his hips working hard to pleasure me, his hands finding satisfaction with my breasts, and his mouth coming down to cover mine.

I was totally helpless under his administrations. All I could do was lie there, moving with him, clinging tightly to him and hoping that this would never stop. I was in a blissful mood, eyes closed, moving in unison with my lover, wanting it to just go on and on.

Slowly but surely my blissful mood passed, chased away by excitement and passion, lust raising its head and clawing at my insides, demanding satisfaction. I was holding him tighter, trying to tell him without words that I needed more, relieved to find he was responding.

His mouth lifted off mine. My eyes popped open and I was watching him, at the same time feeling him start to move faster. I was making a funny sound and he was gasping, driving in harder than ever. I was so hyped up that when my climax hit it was almost an anti-climax. I’d been expecting it and here it was, washing through me, carrying me to glory.

I was totally relaxed afterwards, just lying there, breathing deeply. Steven was in the same situation so I guess he climaxed. I seem to remember something of that. I’d been far more interested in my own, I must admit.

“I trust,” Steven finally said, speaking softly, “that I have adequately distracted you from your sore bottom?”

Ah. That’s right. My bottom. Spanked.

“Yes, I think you can say that,” I admitted.

Steven rose and ambled over to the door and looked out.

“If you want to have a quick shower before you put your bikini back on I’d hop into the bathroom while the coast is clear if I were you.”

Suddenly aware of how sticky I felt I conceded that that was a good idea. As he said, the coast was clear, and I quickly darted across to the bathroom for my shower. When I came back out, cleaned up and bikini clad, he was waiting for me. Without saying a word he twirled a finger, indicating I should turn around.

Puzzled, I did so, doing a slow three sixty, then giving him a querying look.

“Where are your clothes?” he asked. “In the house or by the pool?”

“Ah, in Naomi’s bedroom, actually. We all changed in there. Well, the girls did. The boys used the spare room. Why?”

“Well, while your bikini is very attractive, it doesn’t cover a great deal of your behind. Are you sure you want to go out to the pool with red hand-prints showing or would you rather get dressed first?”

I almost dislocated my neck trying to see my bottom, finally ducking back into the bathroom to see in the mirror there. Damn and blast, there was no way I was joining the others like that. I’d never be able to explain hand-prints on my bottom. With a sigh I headed to Naomi’s room to get dressed. Some days things just don’t go right.

Then again, those days do have their bright spots. I just wasn’t sure if I should flag Steven as a bright spot or not. Time would tell.



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