Peeking On Steven’s GranI used to spend summer holidays with my grandparents and down the road in a small block of units a guy the same age called Steven came and stayed with his gran. We were watching TV after being at the beach when she came out of the shower almost wrapped in a towel. Her name was Ollie and she was in her 60s with quite a fit body for her age, big boobs and good legs. She also had a really thick bush of black hair between her legs which we didn’t know until she came out from the shower in a towel that she had hitched so high there were a couple of inches of hair hanging out. She stood right in front of me and Steve asking if we wanted a cold drink and wondering probably why we had funny looks on our faces trying not to laugh at the accidental flash. It got better when she turned around and went into the kitchen with the same amount of white butt cheek showing above her tanned legs then bent over to get the bottle out of the fridge and gave us a full flash of her furry cunt and even a glimpse of pink inner lips.Once she had gone off to get into her night dress Steve and I could finally look at each other and crack up laughing at seeing his hairy gran’s crack.”She’s even hairier than my mum” he said. anadolu yakası escort “Wow I said have you seen your mum’s pussy?” He said he had seen everything a few times as on hot nights she would sleep naked (his dad had died when he was 7) and he had seen her flat on her back with the covers kicked off snd showing her hairy gash and big boobs. “Did you play with yourself looking at her” I asked and he said “Oh yes I even have stood right beside the bed kind of hoping she would catch me but she didn’t wake up.”He said that we could probably get a good look at his gran as she took sleeping pills and even when he played music or the TV really loud she didn’t hear it. I called my nan and said I was going to stay at Steve’s so I could be out all night and we waited until Ollie went and made herself a late night scotch and water, took her pills and said “Good night boys”.After about 10 minutes we heard her start to snore an Steve went and peeked into her room. She was one her side but as it was hot she had no covers on and the nightie was just covering her butt and cunt. To make sure she was asleep Steve bounced heavily on the side of the bed and ataşehir escort said “Nan, Nan, wake up we can see your bare arse” but she didn’t move. He flipped the edge of her nightie up so we could see a decent amount of hair sticking out but her cunt was still mostly hidden and we couldn’t see any of her tits. Figuring that the worst that could happen is we would wake her, we grabbed her hip and shoulder and rolled her onto her back. She gave a little grunt which made us stand back but then the snoring started again and Steve slowly began to unbotton the top of her nightie and release her big soft boobs while I worked on tugging the bottom half right up to her wrinkled belly. As I did I was amazed to see a trail of dark hair running right up to her belly button and that the hair from her cunt came right down her inner thighs. It had a few flecks of grey but still looked great for a woman of her age. Her tits were two toned tan and white with almost black nipples bigger than the palm of my hand. “Come on man, let’s do it” Steve said, dropping his shorts so his thin almost hairless cock sprang out. Mine was a lot thicker than his and about the same length. We had quite ümraniye escort often “pulled” with each other and sucked a few times so I wasn’t surprised that Steve was soon standing beside me saying “You do mine and I’ll do yours” so we had the added excitement of another hand jerking your dick while peeking on a nude woman born about 50 years before we were. After pulling for a couple of minutes Steve wanted an even better view so he grabbed one of Ollie’s big tanned legs and pulled it to the edge of the bed so her meaty cunt was fully exposed. Her pink lips were so long and huge she must have had a lot of cocks in her day and it didnt take long for us both to be close to cumming. “Shoot on her” Steve said. I couldnt believe what he wanted me to do but he walked up alongside her hanging tits and let fly half a dozen spurts of cum all over her big dark nipples. That did it for me too except I went for her thigh and got most of it on her bush and belly. We quickly buttoned her top and pulled down the bottom half and bolted to the back room still dripping cum from our flopping cocks. “What are you going to say if she comes out in the morning with all that stuff in her hair and on her tits?” Steve just laughed and said “God I hope she does”. Next morning she gave both of us funny looks but never said a thing. Whether she suspected her grandson and his friend had dumped their 14 year old sperm all over her and was too embarrassed to complain we never knew but what we did know was that any time we wanted a wank toy Ollie and her hairy pussy were fair game.



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