PCH1We had been driving down PCH1, open top Aston Martin.. We had pulled in to Big Sur for some refreshments…Leaning up against you, your arm around meWe chatted for a while, the surf hitting the beach, the sun was just starting to set….the ambience was perfect, the company exquisite …We did not have to say anything, we just knew the time had arrived…We looked into each other eyes, the eyes always tell the truth.. We had the look.I knew of this beach hut/house hotel, we left the car, we walked hand in hand to the hotel. You stop, pulled me gently back…. We kissedIt was our first, the first of many…I take your face in my hands and kiss your mouth with mine.We were shown to our room, it was a slow walk, the bubbly had to get nurdağı escort there before us…..The room is lovely looking out at the oceanAs we showered, we gently explored each other’s bodies, in the hot, steamy wet room… Your body was DevineI press my wet soapy body up against your, holding you tight, kissing your lips, your neck, your shouldersExquisite, your full voluptuous breast, nipples erect in anticipation. I stroked your inner thigh, just kissing your now engorged pussymmm spreading my legs slightly for youYou let out a grasp of delight… You took my rampant penis in your hand, applied soap to your hands and washed me.. Pulling my foreskinSliding my soapy hands up and down your şahinbey escort shaft, squeezing tight with each pass over the tip of your hard cock.Back and forth… I took the showerhead down, increased the pressure and pressed it tight against your pussy….You come in a blink of an eyelid, months of frustration drained from you.Oooh! But I am not finished. I could cum again in a heartbeat. Fuck me Paul. I want to feel you inside of me.We kissed once more… You sank to you knees and consumed me, squeezing my balls as you did.Your warmness around my penis, I was in heaven. I pulled you away and up, we kissed… We dried each otherMy tongue flat against your cock licking up and down, sucking şehitkamil escort your balls into my mouth as my hand strokes your cock.I whisper in your ear “Take me to bed and make love to me Paul”I have no idea why but I took longer in the bathroom then you, when I entered the bedroom, I was a little surprised, you were on all fours on the bed, you breast just hanging there, nipples erect.It was a simple request, Fuck me Paul, please. I want to feel your cock inside me My cock slipped in easily, your juices filled the air with there sweetnessDeeper Paul…go deeper.As I entered you, your lips parted and engulfed me. You pushed back as I slowly built up speed and rhythm…As I did, my sack hit your clit. It did not take that long, as I exploded in you; you reached your peak…Harder Paul…Oh God you feel so good. Fuck me harder!My pussy is throbbing and so wet right now. Stroke your cock for me. Hold it tight in your hands.That first time was perfect.. We smiled at each other, laid down, hugging kissing, we feel asleep in each other arms…



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