Pat Makes a MistakeI got a strange email in my sub slut account ( from someone who said he was the director for a local company in Colorado Springs that made violent videos of females being tortured and used. He said he had seen me on various websites pandering to that sort of thing and if I was interested in actually watching one being made in real life I should come to an address included in the email a certain date and time. I was surprised and concerned that I had been found out and worried if the email was even real. But, my curiosity, and (horniness) got the better of me. I decided to drive by the address, knowing I did not have to go in if I did not want to.At the appointed time I drove to the address and it looked like a respectable house in a respectable neighborhood. The email said to ring the bell wait a minute and then enter. When I went into the living room there was no furniture just a mattress and a small dark cage. Half a dozen guys were setting up cameras. Two guys were laughing in one corner and drinking beer.A man saying he was the director came over so I told him about the invite. There didn’t seem to be any other people there yet to watch the film being made, but he was pleased enough to meet me and said other watchers should be along soon. He showed me various cameras explaining what they did; he introduced me to the crew. It was like a private viewing of a film set, I was really beginning to enjoy myself and looking forward to see the video being made. The director said I would be able to obtain a copy of the video in the future..The guy said they were just waiting for the ‘victim’ to turn up and invited me to have a closer look at the cell with its flat mattress and iron loops set into the walls. As I stepped forward one of the big guys in the corner came up behind me and grabbed my arms. I thought it was a joke and tried to shrug him off. His fingers bit into my biceps. Another guy appeared in front of me and pulled my t-shirt up to expose my bra and tits. He stroked them, pinched my nipples and then slapped them furiously.I gasped in shock and alarm but was thrown down onto the dank mattress. I dimly heard someone shout ‘Action!’ I was pressed down, a huge weight on my back. Brutal hands tore my clothes off. They turned me over and rough hands kneaded and pulled at my tits. I was too ataşehir escort stunned to fight back as much as I should have.One pressed my wrists up overhead, straddling my shoulders. He pressed his cock into my mouth, deeper and deeper into my throat until I was gagging. I was aware of the other guy’s fingers twisting my nipples mercilessly. A huge blunt hot cock suddenly rammed into my cunt. I gasped and the cock in my mouth shoved deeper into my throat. I was being fucked in my mouth and my cunt; I couldn’t understand what had happened.They stopped. Just like that. Retreating from me and standing back. I was aware that I was naked and spread-eagled. As I started to curl into a self-conscious ball a third man stepped forward. He grabbed me by the hips and threw me over on my front. Braced behind me he gripped my hair and wrenched upwards so that my back was arched painfully. The first guy knelt in front of me and slapped me hard, across the face and then brutally across my tits, over and over and over full-force so that my nipples stung brutally. He knelt in front of me and clasped my head, forcing my mouth down onto his cock and pressing into me, holding me there until I couldn’t breathe.My thighs were wrenched apart. A hand groped at my cunt. My throat was choking on a huge cock. Hands crept under me to grab and twist and pull my nipples. I wanted to cry out but my throat was bulging with the guy’s cock as it slid very slowly in and out of my mouth, deeper every time.I felt hands open my buttocks wide. My heart sank even more. I knew what was coming – I’d never done anal before and I was terrified how it would feel. I couldn’t even ask him not to because the first guy was sliding his huge hot cock in and out of my mouth over my tongue. I heard myself whimpering.Fingers then, touching, pushing, probing my cunt. And a mouth, shocking in its audacity, sucking my pussy and biting at me. Then a pause, while first guy picked up his pace fucking my mouth. Hands reached under me and attached clips on my nipples, far too tight, the pain was unbelievable. I was on my hands and knees on a filthy mattress.. A man I didn’t know was slowly fucking my throat. Other men were filming it. My nipples were agonized. I was too scared and in too much pain to try and get away.Something pushed into my ümraniye escort cunt. Something hard and cold. A beer bottle? It pushed and pushed, hard and demanding. I heard a voice say “Bring the camera round here for a better shot.” There was movement and then the bottle started ramming ferociously in and out of my cunt. At the same time the guy in front of me started brutally fucking my mouth. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat going in so deep I was suffocating..Something touched my anus. I clenched all over, terrified. A fierce hand slapped my ass until it was on fire. There was a yank on the chains attached to the clover-clamps on my nipples causing a flare of agony. My knees were forced further apart on the flat mattress.”Do you do anal?” the guy behind me asked.I couldn’t even say no as the first guy slowly forced his cock deeper into my gagging throat.”Good,” said the guy behind me, “in that case you’re gonna really get off on this.”With the alien cold hardness of the beer bottle still shoved deep up my cunt I felt the head of his cock pressing numbly, sliding up wet from my cunt. It probed, he pressed. The first guy slid his cock all the way into my throat so that my face was muffled against his crotch. Behind me the big hard hot cock found its spot; there was a moment where I prayed it wouldn’t happen, and then he was forcing it in me, forcing and forcing. It broke into me suddenly, tearing me open, and he rammed it all the way in, as deep as he could get it. His hands groped under me and pinched my nipples so hard that I couldn’t stand it.”Action!” someone shouted with a laugh.The guy in front of me started pumping hard into my mouth, holding my head steady. I was choking and gagging. Having to hold myself on hands and knees I couldn’t do anything to stop him. Behind me I felt the other guy brace himself and then start hammering his cock up my ass, the two guys working together to fuck my mouth and my ass raw. I was totally helpless. Fingers groped and twisted at my nipples. The guy behind me fucked my ass raw, pulled out, fucked my cunt, pulled back out and plunged hot and wet back into my ass.”Finish her,” the man with the video camera said.They both withdrew. The beer bottle was pulled out of my cunt hot and wet and rubbed across my mouth. kadıköy escort I was thrown over onto my back. The anal guy started slapping my tits ferociously while the other one held my hands up over my head so I couldn’t get away. The anal guy bent forward and sucked my nipples so hard that I screamed. Then he moved round and he and the other guy swapped places. There was a moment…. just a moment…..when I was freeI scrambled to my feet and tried to get away. The guy behind the video camera stepped forward and slapped my face hard. Hands came from behind me, fingers tweezing my nipples to pull me back in an agony of pain.”Lie down,” the video camera guy said, “on your back. Open your legs.”I felt abused and sore everywhere, I’d had things done to me that I’d never done before. I went back to the mattress and lay down. I opened my legs as wide as they would go and saw the video camera focusing in on my wet cunt, I raised my arms overhead.”What do you want” one of the guys asked me.”I want you to fuck me,” I said.”How? where?””Hard,” I said, “everywhere.”They fell on me, swapping places so that the guy who had fucked my throat threw my legs up and rammed into my torn ass. The anal guy held my head upside down and fucked my mouth, the very violent urgency of him turning me on. I could taste my ass on his cock. He slapped my tits mercilessly with every ram into my throat.The pain was unbelievable. My ass was ripped open, my nipples brutalized, and all I could do was choke and gag on the cock plunging in and out of my throat. I’d never even imagined being used like this. All my fantasies of forced sex seemed tame.The first guy bent over and force-fucked my mouth and throat. The other guy rammed into my ass, pulled out, fucked my cunt, went back to the tight agony of my ass. The first guy suddenly came, spurting hot cum into my throat and holding his cock deep until I’d swallowed it.He withdrew. I felt the other guy pull his cock from the depths of my torn ass, felt him straddle my chest. I raised my head, opened my mouth, and welcomed his cock into my mouth. I sucked him hard, savoring the taste of my own shit, until he came, jetting into my throat, making me choke, making me suck even harder at him. At the moment that he came, tasting of spunk and shit, I reached my own orgasm, my body racked with degrading pleasure which made me suck his pumping cock as deep as I could into my mouth. He pulled out so I opened my mouth and let him spurt across my lips and tongue. I came again and again, somehow enjoying the pain of the violation.It seemed forever till the camera man shouted “Cut!”At least the director was a man of his word; he sent me a copy of the video.



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