In the pale light of the morning, I can just make out the silhouette of your naked body faintly in the dark as you lay next to me. The air is still heavy with the mixed scent of sex and sweat from our passionate night together. My mind continues that scene as I watch you resting angelically. It is almost entrancing to gaze upon your soft body gently swaying with your deep, restful breathing. While I long to touch and caress you further, it seems almost a crime to disturb your peaceful state.

But, I can not resist you for long. Soon, I find my hand playing gently with your hair and caressing the soft, delicate flesh around the nape of your neck. Your skin is so warm and inviting. My lips slowly finding their way to just below your ear. As I kiss and nibble your radiant skin, a soft moan escapes your lips. Essence of jasmine, citrus and musk drive my senses wild as I breath you in. Your scent is almost intoxicating as I nuzzle your neck.

My lustful passion for you urges me to continue. My hand is now tracing kadıköy escort lightly across your hip and down your thigh. The warmth of your naked skin is so enticing. Yet another slight moan comes for you as you shift your hips and part your thighs. It seems as though you are unconsciously beckoning me to push on. My fingers tenderly glide back up your thigh and inward toward the warmth of your aroused sex. To my surprise, there is a dampness to your sweet petals and I’m suddenly struck with an urge to taste your sweet nectar.

Slowly and carefully as not to wake you, I reposition myself between your lovely legs. Ever so slowly, I position my head trying to reach your sweet nectar with my mouth. I deeply breath in the warm scent of your sex. As my hot breath coats your pussy, another sensual moan trails off your lips. I slowly work my tongue along the bottom edge of your tight hole, teasing the juices out of your lips, üsküdar escort I slide my wet tongue up your slit. As the tip of my tongue reaches your soft clit, a more audible moan comes rolling out of you. Your slick pussy tastes so amazing. I cannot control my urges any longer. Before I know it, I am teasing and caressing every millimeter of your darkening lips with my eager tongue. Your moans continue to grow as your hips begin pushing up towards my mouth. Your wetness grow more and more. Your sweet, little pussy is now flooding my mouth with your warm juices as I a hungrily lap up every drop.

Surprisingly, you still seem to be asleep. However, your breath is becoming more ragged and heavy with every passing moment. The taste of your sweet wetness has gotten me so turned on. I want to feel your body tremble as you explode all over my tongue. As your breathing quickens, I too quicken the pace of my licks. Darting back and forth across your now swollen clit, I can tuzla escort sense the tightness in your abdomen and the grip of your legs seem to be clamping down upon my head. I suck your clit into my mouth and wrap my hot, wet tongue all around it. Suddenly, your moans turn to screams of passion as your head tosses from side to side. I can feel your body writhing as your orgasm washes over you. Your quivering pussy is drenching me as your legs are trying desperately to close to stop my tongue from attacking your sensitive clit any longer.

Fully awake now, you smile down at me hesitantly. I can hear you softly begging me to stop but, I can’t control myself. I keep sucking and licking your aching clit. For enduring my perseverance, your body is about to be rewarded with an even more powerful eruption. Just as quickly as you awoke, I can sense your lovely figure begin to tauten again. I can hear your hands gripping the sheets around us tightly as you tense up even further. It seems as though your whole body is rising up off of the bed as you crest over the precipice once more. Your legs go limp around my head and begin to tremble uncontrollably. As I release your engorged clit from my mouth, I can hear you let out a deep sigh of relief. Your screams and moans of mixed pleasure and pain slowly dissipate into sensual panting and sighing of your passionate awakening.



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