Part 6 DADDY & HIS BOY – MAKING HIS BOY PREGNMitch’s sister names were Ginger and Olive. Both girls were good solid farm girls. Nice firm breasts that any man’s hands would struggle to encase. Their legs were solid from all the years of working on the farm. Their mother had taught them well in the ways of looking after a home, cooking, cleaning, sewing and many other things. These two had also been taught about farm work. As each c***d reach the age of twelve their parents had given them 6 beef calves to raise as the start of their herd for their farming future and now at 20 & 22yrs they had a reasonable herd each and regularly brought and sold their stock. Their father had a prize Bull herd that he used in the state as breeding stock for other farmers and Ranchers.Ginger has long ginger hair and can be a bit fiery at times, were as Olive was timid and had a olive soft completion, with their breasts been so big & firm their bodies very pleasant to look at any young man or older man would ogle them.Their proposal was for Daddy & Marack to get them pregnant. The following week would be the right time of the month for their fertility.Daddy suggested they undress and parade for him & Marack to see them. Daddy grabbed Ginger around the waist and proceeded to suck on her tits, within seconds her pussy juices were running down her legs so Daddy lay her took her to his room and laid her on his bed with her legs hanging over the end and proceeded to lick, suck and drink her pussy. Ginger started to shudder with each orgasm that hit her she hadn’t had a man treat her like this. The young men she had fucked were only interested in Cumming in her then moving onto the next conquest. While Daddy was minister-ing to Ginger’s pussy with his mouth & tongue he was removing his clothing when Ginger shud-dered for the fourth or fifth time daddy moved up Gingers body sucking and nibbling on her tits then her neck and mouth. Daddies cock entered Ginger’s pussy without resistance due to the amount of juice pouring out. Daddy hadn’t had a firm female pussy for his cock in many years. Due to the fact he had earlier fucked bot Marack & Mitch he was able to take his time with Ginger and shot a major big load into her womb collapsing on top of Ginger. Ginger soon came out illegal bahis of her stu-por and started kissing daddy and working her way down his torso biting his nipples in return for him biting her tits then she continued working her way down to his trail then onto his cock cleaning of his & her juices, she started nibbling on Daddies ball sac, by this time he was hard again so she dropped onto his cock and rode him like a cowgirl at a rodeo on a bucking bronco during the next few hours daddy came in Ginger several times. They agreed they wouldn’t have sex for 5 days so each could build their reserves for the impregnation of his seed to create and c***d.When Daddy & Ginger disappeared Marack took Olive. Olive kissed Marack then worked her way down his body nibbling on his tits then worked her way down to his cock she struggled to swallow his cock to start with and used her tongue & mouth muscles to get him nice and wet then she sat on his lap with her pussy swallowing his cock, she was tight & firm. When she bot-tomed she had her 1st mini orgasm then she started riding his cock till he came in her. Olive lifted herself of Marack’s cock, he pulled her to the ground in the 69 positions and pro-ceeded to clean her out with his tongue while she cleaned Marack’s cock covered in his cum and her pussy juices. They got up and went to Marack’s room fucked again and fell asleep.Marack was woken during the night with a cock sliding into his boi pussy. Mitch had felt left out when he arrived in from working on the farm and found Daddy with Ginger & Marack with Olive. Marack started to twitch his pussy cheeks at the same time getting hard again which in turn started his cock entering Olive’s pussy, as Mitch picked up his pace Marack started pushing fur-ther into Olive’s pussy with all three exploding together and falling to sleep.In the morning, they were woken to the smell of coffee, bacon & eggs, tomatoes. Daddy had woken and started breakfast with Ginger, Olive, Marack & Mitch all wandering in like they had had a hard night all disheveled and smelling of sex.Over breakfast Daddy & Marack filled Mitch in on what was going to be happening over the next few weeks with Ginger & Olive wanting to get pregnant. Daddy & Marack couldn’t cum for the next five days illegal bahis siteleri but that didn’t stop Mitch from cumming in Daddy & Marack’s pussy’s or mouth. Daddy & Marack also agreed with Ginger & Oliver that they needed to be ready for insemina-tion so they would need to have their pussy’s eaten out several times daily. Everyone was hap-py with this agreement cleaned up after breakfast and set about their daily chores.Daddy, Marack & Mitch started on the new plan with Mitch fucking either one when he needed release and Daddy & Marack would swallow Mitch’s cum load whenever they could.The days went by fast the sperm build up in Daddy & Marack’s ball sac was getting uncomfortable.The girls with the help of their mother set a feast out for Daddy & Marack at their house and per-suaded Mitch to spend the next few days at their place while Daddy & Marack impregnated the girls.In preparation the girls had bathed and were wearing shimmery see through dresses which ac-centuated their figures especially the see thru fabric.When Daddy & Marack arrived in the girls told them to go shower and the evening meal would be ready when they came back.Daddy had brought some natural herbal pills to keep him hard and gave Marack one as they went for their shower.By the time Ginger, Olive, Daddy & Marack had eaten the first course daddy was so, so hard he asked the girls which one wanted to ride his cock. Olive jumped up, lifted her leg over daddies and started to ride his cock thru his trousers, daddy picked Olive up carrying her to his bed where he pulled her flimsy dress up over her head while she was pulling his shirt over his head. Daddies pants were soon on the floor and daddy was soon fucking Olive like a rabbit. He soon came deep in her womb. Daddies cock didn’t soften so he continued fucking Olive till he came again. Olive fell asleep so daddy put a pillow under her backside to stop his sperm from leaking out. He had thought of putting a plug in but decided to leave it for now. When daddy went down to the kitchen for some food he noticed Marack & Ginger were still fucking on the floor in the lounge. Because Marack was a lot younger his stamina didn’t wane especially after he had taken the herbal pill. Marack eventually meet up with daddy in the canlı bahis siteleri kitchen for food and drink before they started the next round.The scent of sex on both of them was very strong. As they walked out of the kitchen they did rock sissors paper to see which one they would fuck next. Daddy ended up with Ginger his still hard cock got harder as he bent down to caress Gingers body. He lifted her bottom up and started to pole drive her till he could hold her anymore, as he was moving to get comfortable his cock slipped into her rear passage, her muscles were so tight he came real quick, he slipped his cock into her pussy and fucked her till he came again. Ginger rolled over and sucked Marack, Daddy & her juices of his cock. This time she treated his cock like a lolly pop taking her time licking around the head and up and down the shaft, every now & then she would swallow each of daddy’s balls then swallow his shaft. Daddy pulled her legs up to his face and proceeded to clean her pussy sa-voring his sons cum, his own cum & her juices. Daddy was ready to plant his seed again and pulled Ginger onto her knees and fucked her doogy style till he came, this time he left his cock in her pussy flipped her over and proceeded to French kiss her while he slowly fucked her again.Marack had found Olive in daddys bed crawled up to her licking her pussy tasting daddys and her juices. Soon Marak was fucking Olive in a slow passionate rythym he thought he could feel her womb lining when he came with such force. Olives orgasm hit her so hard she blacked out for a few moments. She brought her legs around Marack backside to stop him pulling out, pulling him down to her breasts and kissing him. They fell asleep in each other arms waking up at daylight.With daddy been a lot older he didn’t have the stamina like Marack but what he lacked in stamina he made up for in his love making and the size of his cock. Ginger lover riding daddys cock and sucking every drop she could out with her pussy. Sometime during the night daddy & Ginger climbed into bed in the guest bedroom, fucked and fell asleep in each others arms. This routine continued for several days till both girls felt they were pregnant. 6 weeks later this was confirmed. Daddy, Marack & Mitch were soon back in daddys bed fucking each other. Several times their builder slept over night with a foursome. One of the out buildings was finished in time for harvest & the word went out for migrant workers to help with the harvest.…..That is another story…….



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