(Part 3) No sex before marriage. Except with the iAfter our 2 first time, sex with my mother in-law became a common thing. She started to wear dresses a lot. Every timeher daughter would absent herself for event a few minute she requested sex. She didn’t mind her husband behing around.Most of the time I wouldnt cum so I would be aroused even more. Some time she just asked to lick her clean. She seemed to enjoy filty thing like suckingme when I was dirty from work, or licking my ass after a number 2. She would often simply sit on my in reverse cowgirl, get my cock out and masturbate like it was her on sex. One day as my girlfriend went to shower, and her mother asked me to come in her room.”Sit” she simply said.I sat on the chair I knew was a sexual toy for her.She removed my pants, and tied me to the chair. The door still open wideShe then installed a gagball. It was my first time with that, and it wasnt very comfortable. I wondered how could people enjoy it. She whistled.After a few second her husband came into the room, he was naked. His cock into a cage. Once again I wondered how people couldenjoy that. I wasnt into humiliating stuff, I couldnt understand the behavior. Her husband was tall hairy man, with what Iwould say be an average cock. It wasnt the first time she would suck me in front of him, canlı bahis but it would be a first to have himnaked while their daughter was awake, and probably out of the shower soon.She stood back and sitted on the bed. Her husband approched me and kneed. I understood what was going to happen, but I wasn’t intothat kind of thing. My cock which was hard as rock a few second ago, was now flabby.”Now now little play thing. You don’t move from there until you cum. And I wont touch you. So you better enjoy little sissy here. IfAnny come out of the shower and see you like that, I wonder what is she gonna say”I knew I would enjoy it, but having a men suck me isnt one of the thing that arouse me. So cumming in a limited time, I don’t know if I could. I looked at her in the eyes and seen her grin smile, and I know she wouldn’t back up. He swallowed my cockwhole. It wasnt enough awaken my erection. I tried to look at her to get my exitement going, but all I could see was her grin.I often heard that gay people are better at oral since they know what the other like. So either this guy didn’t like the same thing I did, or it was very bad at this. I could feel his beard touching my legs and it was repulsing. I tried to closemy eyes and thing about something else but all I could thing about is that. I looked bahis siteleri around and could see a pair of her dirtypanty. I focused on it. Imagining its smell, its taste. As my erection came back, she looked to see what I was looking at.”You dirty little perv”She went to get it. I didnt want her to throw it off my view. I needed it. She grabbed it and came near me.She approched my hear and wispered. “I will help you this time, but everything your little bitch is in the showeryou’re gonna get your dick sucked by sissy, and next time you won’t have any help”She then put the panty on my head. The hard-on came back. I heard the shower stop. In 5 minute max, my girlfriend would be out.I sniffed the panty. They smelled of urine and poop. If was discusting and arousing at the same time. I whished I could lick it.I imagined her crotch on my face. I was now back rock hard. He couldnt take more than half of it in his mouth now. His wife sat on his neck, facing me, forcing him to deeptroat me. I moaned.”See, sissy, Fuck toy like it deep”Then she liked the panty still on my face, grinding at the same time on her neck. I was tied to a chair with a gagball,facefucking a guy, while his wife was grinding on his back and kissing me trought her dirty panties. I never tought I would do something fucked up bahis şirketleri as that. Fucked up, but so good at the same time.”You’re about to cum, fuck toy?”As I signaled her that I was about to, she jumped on his head, forcing my whole cock down his troat. I came a lot. In a man mouth.My father in-law mouth. I had a shiver. It was strange. But it was the best orgasm I ever had. I heard the door from the bathroom.I looked at my mother in-law panicked.”Don’t worry, she won’t see you like that.”She kissed me and went to close the door. She came back to me and grabbed my cock””I see you’re still a little hard, Fuck toy. She’s gonna take 5 to 10 minute until she’s dressed. Wanna go a second round with mewhile sissy watch ?”I made her sign that yes. Her husband sat on the bed, and as soon as she was on her knee, she got my cock in mouth and suck it like her life was depending on it. She looked me right in the eyes and it came back rock hard in a few second.After the nightmare of blowjob his husband did, this was heaven. She got me ball deep into her mouth, she was chocking on it but keep it there. In 2 minute she got me near orgasm again. She stood up, turned her back on me, without removing her dress, she moved her string aside and sat on my dick.”Mmmm… Lets go fuck toy, empty yourself into your cum dumpster.”It didnt take more then that for me to cum for the second time in 5 minute.I felt like a pervert. Tied to a chair, with a gagball, and a pair of dirty panty on my face, getting sucked bya man and a MILF.But it felt good, so good…



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