Part 3 Beth and Ann Trained in PublicIt has now been 7 months that I have controled both Beth and Ann there husbands have learned to deal and not cause a fuse but, we haven’t been in public yet! I call them both telling them to wear very shorts dress and no underware and go to a local bar Mikes with there husbands meet me in the parking lot at 9pm.I get there early and watch as they get there they look around and seem scaredI get out of the car walk up behind them each lady come to me and I kiss them and rub their bare bursa escort asses the husbands just watch as we walk in I have Ann on my arm and I make Tom walk ahead we go in and find a seat Ann on my right and Beth on the left across the table are Tom and Larry. As we dance and drink I am nice and receptful the women dance and talk to there men a slow song comes on and Beth wants me to dance so we get up and head to the floor as we drift together I inch her dress up till I’m rubing her nake ass for all escort bursa to see when we get back to the table she reaches over a rubs my cock looking into my eyes as this is happen Ann is also trying to get hers by moveing my hands to her pussy the men start to leave and I tell them to set placeing my hand on the back of Beth’s head she knows to go ahead and undo my pants and suck my cock Larry see this and hungs this head down I tell him watch her or you may be next. By now Ann is riding my fingers and on bursa escort bayan the edge of cumming as the watess comes and brings more drinks her eyes are locked to the action I wisper into Ann’s ear and she reaches out and sticks her hand into the watesses top and rubs her nipples I lift Beth onto my lap and she sinks onto my cock with a moaning that can be heard over the band and rides hard till just as I’m about to cum she leps off and all three women get down and share it as I shoot in all there faces and they lick each other clean.We get more drinks and go on with the nite about 1am as we are in the parking lot get ready to leave I notce Beth has a small drop of cum on her neck I take her to Larry and say remimber what I said lick her clean BITCH..



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