….Part 2-When Dick is FAT…so there we were in our hallway. Rasto was stood towering above us Mick and me and Rasto had told Mick where his place was, or should I say at this moment where it was not!!! Mick had told Rasto to cool it and said that he was going too far with me as he had got my tits in his hands as he shoved down the catsuit tome ankles. I was not wearing a bra or pants under it as it spoiled the look with the nylon being so sheer!Mick was too timid to complain further as he had many times been on the receiving end of a horny Bull and he knew he was no challenge, even if the Bull was stood with his dick out! Yes Rasto was becoming very excited now as he slapped my ass more and more; now cherry red on both cheeks! ‘Hey Mick get your lazy ass over here b*o,’said Rasto! Mick obliged and over he skulked, head down! ‘Yes Rasto, can I help you in some way please,’ Mick said nervously. ‘Yeah be a dude and help your wife to pull those pants off her legs,’ he commanded.With that Rasto held me up so not to wobble too much and Mick went on his knees to pull off the tight suit. ‘Ok, b*o put her heels back on here,’ he went on to say. There I was completely naked in the hall with a red raw ass! Mick looked up from him kneeling position, Rasto was wagging his big finger as to to say over to me now! Mick crawled a few inches towards him. ‘OK now take my boots off me and pull off my pants!’, Rasto was the boss as he spoke abruptly to Mick. Mick nervously obliged Rasto who looked down waiting for it to happen.It was brill seeing that huge monster fat dick swaying now upwards above Mick at work on the Bulls Boots…mm.At last Mick had finished and Rasto kicked our clothes with his big feet out of the way, then took me in his hands and picked me up, like a bride being carried over the threshold on here wedding night. Up I went in seconds, I don’t think Rasto could even feel my weight!He carried me into the lounge and he stopped in the middle of the room, he turned to face the door we had just gone through and we both looked at Mick still on his knees. Mick looked at us both, Rasto stood naked waist down, bare feet and just a giresun escort t-shirt showing his muscled arms in which I was being cradled also naked. Rasto’s huge fat eager dick poking up into my ass flesh ready for the task ahead of it! Rasto grinned at Mick and said,’Great you can’t sort out the Mrs mateand boy your luck is in today as I can help you.He bent forward lifted me a bit higher and kissed me on the lips now, I liked that.He placed me in the middle of the wide sofa, I was just like his sex doll, but this one not cheap plastic or inflatable!He stood and allowed me to get to know intimately his really fat dick! Wow now it was right there in my face I was nervous! If I said a can of coke summed him up I would say yes about right, except longer but same thickness. I tried for ages to get my mouth around the bell end, this was smaller than the shaft, but still chubby! I kept trying and finally I got the end in with lots of spit on it it slid slowly, then stuck! He looked down held the back of my head and the other hand under my chin fingering the lower jaw. He pulled my head onto him with one hand and pulled down on my jaw with the other, I was really stretching now and aching. I was trying not to sink my teeth into his ample cock flesh but this was not possible and he seemed to enjoy the teeth in his shaft? Slowly in he went, my face and jaw gone numb by now, he had both his powerful hands at the back of by head and was shoving my head forward. I could not resist him, useless to try.My eyes were popping out and my nostrils closed with the stretching so I was gasping for air!!!Rasto turned slightly to one side stepping a bit so Mick cold see how fastened on to Rasto I had become. The with one hand on his hip the other on the back of my head he began fucking my face. In and out he went, odd times he slammed his bell end into my cheek this made it bulge outwards, the more he did it the looser the cheek got until you could see the shape of it poking out to one side of my face!Mick could hardly watch, again here was his Mrs being invaded by a Big Black monster, one he had no control over in his own private home!’How’s escort giresun it looking my friend? With your Lady on the end of my weapon?’Rasto said with sarcasm. Mick was silent? Just then as I managed to loosen up my tongue and lap him under his glans he twitched slightly, then groaned, his hand on my head went light. ‘Oh Lady you got me nearly love!, Yeeeeh you gottttt meeee, Arghhhhhhh, fuuuuuck,’Rasto was building up his cum. It was like a storm you know is about to blow real strong any time soon! Both hands clamped my face. smack they thundered over my ears, boxing them as they landed eagerly. My head was centered up as he stood dead straight again in front of me. Mick would only now see Rasto’s big black ass and my bare legs between his as Rasto prepared for orgasm heaven in me. He arranged my head so that my mouth was in his fave spot on his shaft. I worked overtime on the underside of his sensitive glans to assist the orgasm. I placed my hands on his big manly firm ass and held an insulting finger up to Mick, just felt like I should, useless Hubby! Rasto was a man who could satisfy his Lady and was about to give my my big protein shake, chocolate flavored.His staying power was brill, all the moaning was just a warning that the balls should empty the sticky live contents down the thick spunk tube. I sucked down hard and he shoved me up and down a few more times on his shaft. Without a warning I felt his shaft rumble, then tasted an unmistakable taste, semen mmmmmmmmm. He bucked and a fat greasy wad of hot slime next, this oozed rather than shoot? He slowly groaned and was in mid male orgasm, then more greasy batter again slowly? I got my hands onto his big balls and helped to milk them. I sensed the spunk was coming too slowly? Then I realised my teeth were embedded into him very deep, so the spunk was being blocked from shooting!!! Rasto was bucking like a stabbed Bison and madly wrenching my head from side to side, this was making me dizzy! I thought fast and held his frenzied hands with mine easing him then drawing my mouth slowly off his pressurizing shaft! As he slid slowly out it made him twitch giresun escort bayan and he tried to stop me. Almost at the end of the shaft, still fast tight and finally holding his dick again out he popped, my face still gaping with the strain, mouth wide. Just as well as the pressured shaft let go of it’s hot seed, mostly into the willing mouth the rest untidily flying everywhere. Had it been a crime scene you would have seen the clean shape of a long haired Lady the surrounds sprayed with spunk! Rasto bellowed loudly as he just let me handle his spurting manhood, The whole lot was out very quickly, I had a nice gob full of his lovely spunk, I turned Rasto unawares to face Mick.I wanted Mick to see a real mans dick after it’s hard duty was done and the happy Lady it left. I opened my full mouth being very careful not to spill the contents, I bashed my tongue in and out of the musky paste, allowing it to stick to it then ooze from it, sometimes fingering a drip on my lip. Rasto stood one arm lovingly pulling my head to his side the other on his hip. His huge happy cannon arching forward and lazily dripping the cum not smart enough to get into the main event! I looked at Rasto as he looked at me, showed him the snowball in my mouth then with one gulp swallowed. lovely x.Rasto waved the finger at Mick again, this time pointing to the white/yellow pile of spunk on the wood floor. All Rasto had to say was clean it up. ‘With your tongue,’ he said.Mick crawled over bent to the floor, Rasto placed his foot on the back on his head until it was all cleaned. Mick spluttered as he did his duty to Rasto.I took Rasto’s semi hard shaft pulled onto it hard and more gluey semen arrived at the slit. I nodded to Rasto to let Mick have it as a reward.’Yeah Doll no problem,’ he said. With that he took his foot off Mick’s head.Mick seemed surprised even though the floor was clean now. Rasto just pointed at the end of the dick in my and. Mick nodded a NO. Not wise! Rasto grabbed Micks throat and dragged him to the potent contents on the end of the shaft and shoved Mick’s head onto him.He held it there as I pulled down on the shaft,like milking the Bull! Rasto was good for a cock full for hubby. Mick’s head was all veiny not sure if it was Rasto’s grip or the spunk taste that Mick was having to eat?Rasto released Mick and pistol whipped his face hard with his Dick! Rasto was the BOSS!



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