Parkway FunHuggs surprised Rascal with a nice picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway after she got off of work one Saturday. While Rascal was at work, Huggs prepared a small array of finger foods that they could enjoy with some wine. Once Rascal got home, Huggs told her to take a nice long shower because they were going to have a picnic on the parkway. Rascal must have saw the gleam in his eyes, because Rascal quickly asked, “It will not just be us at this picnic?” Huggs had to confess that another gentleman would be there as well. The young gentleman had recently moved back to our area, and we all wanted to reconnect. We had met a couple years, but he had moved away shortly afterwards.We pulled up to a nice overlook that had a picnic table a short walk away from the parking, which afforded a nice intimate setting for reconnecting. Huggs got the table prepared as Rascal relaxed in the nice cool air of the mountains. And, it was not long before Terry pulled up in his truck. Huggs greeted him with a hardy handsome, and they walked over to the picnic table. Huggs made sure Terry got to sit next to Rascal as we shared the food and wine. We chatted about things we had all been doing since the last time we met. We talked about our k**s and how well they are doing (and the fact we are empty nesters now). Terry told how his career decisions had brought him back to the mountains.During our conversation, Huggs smiled as he saw Terry slid his hand over to Rascal leg and gently caressed her. The two of them seemed like teenagers, as Terry caresses were subtle, bursa escort and Rascal was tiring not to show how much she was enjoying his gentleness. Huggs enjoyed seeing his lover relax and smile as a young gentleman was enjoying her. As our conversation meandered, Terry’s caresses were exploring more of Rascal’s body (all PG) and she was relaxing and responding to his touch.After watching his lover starting to melt with desire, Huggs walked over to Rascal and stood her up and gently removed her panties. Rascal let out a coy whimper, and Terry had a beaming smile. Huggs then sat Rascal back down next to Terry and returned to his sit on the other side of the table.From here our conversation started focusing on Rascal’s desires as Terry slowing worked his hands closer to pleasure. Rascal was definitely melting into Terry’s gentle arms as he moved his fingers along her soaked lips. At that point Terry focused on Rascal’s moans and desires as Huggs watched his lover beam with blissful passion. Being in a seated position does limit some of the motion, but Rascal and Terry worked together as he slowly fingered her. As they were enjoying the passion, Huggs walked over and unzipped Rascal’s sun dress so her breasts to enjoy some attention, which Terry quickly enjoyed. Rascal’s nipples were pointy and hard and luscious.As the two new lovers enjoyed their passion, Huggs was smiling. Huggs knew Rascal was all in, when she started to grab the edge of the table so Terry could please her more deeply. At this point, Terry was bulging and desiring for Rascal’s bursa escort bayan touch. Huggs motioned to Rascal the effect she was having on Terry, and she started rubbing his hard cock on the outside of his pants. As Terry’s touch was making Rascal hotter, she started grabbing for his zipper. Huggs smiled as Rascal fumbled with Terry’s pants but Terry would not let up on his pleasing her. Rascal was getting passionately frustrated, and finally Terry said “I can help you with that” as he unzipped his pants and freed his hard cock. Once he was free, Rascal enjoyed rubbing and stroking his cock as he was pleasing her. Huggs reached into the picnic basket and brought out Rascal’s favor lube – fractionized coconut oil. Rascal laughed out loud at how prepared Huggs was for the picnic. She poured some oil in her hand and rubbed it on Terry’s hard cock. Terry let out a nice moan as Rascal’s hand firmly but easily over his cock. As the two lovers were pleasing each other manually, Huggs was looking around for a better location for them to enjoy. Fairly close to the picnic table was a rock outcropping that provided a perfect scene to the overlook and parkway. Huggs went to the lovers and temporarily interrupted their passion to bring them over to the outcropping. Huggs, knowing that Rascal can have difficulty cumming the first time with a new lover, gently slid his fingers into her wet pussy and quickly fingered her to a nice quick climax.Once Rascal and Terry got behind the outcropping, Huggs unzipped Rascal’s dress so that her breasts were escort bursa fully free. Then, he let them reconnect their passions. They quickly reconnected their passions, as each manually pleased the other. Huggs enjoyed serving as the “lookout” and watching them please each other. Huggs knew Rascal was enjoying the passion once he saw her stroking Terry’s cock hard against her just like she does with him in the shower. Huggs unzipped his shorts so Rascal could see his hardness and excitement, and she returned a sly smile.Huggs then walked over and removed Rascal’s dress so he could see her naked and blissful. Huggs took the opportunity to let Terry know a special way to please Rascal with his fingers. Huggs walked away and watched the two reconnect. When Terry followed through with the simple instructions, Rascal climaxed hard with a gushing flow of love juice. This climax allowed the two lovers to reposition themselves. Rascal stayed leaning against the vertical surface of the outcropping, and Terry positioned himself so that his cock slid across her pussy. At this point Huggs knew that Rascal was in total bliss as she met Terry’s thrust with her own. They passionately kissed and fucked. Rascal held on too him as he pleased her with a passionate vertical love making. They enjoyed their connection for a nice long time. After while Rascal switched around so Terry could enter her from behind as she leaned into the outcropping. It was not long until Terry was cumming in her, but Rascal did not stop thrusting into him. And, Terry being a youthful guy keep pleasing her until she was content.Once Rascal was happy and content, she put her dress back on and went back to the table for some food and more sweet conversation. Yes, she likes her young southern gentleman.



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