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My girlfriend, Dawn and I went out after work a few months ago with some friends. We both work at the same place, and we met about 15 coworkers at an upstairs bar downtown. We spent a few hours there carousing and getting pretty drunk. At first things were pretty corporate and professional, but after awhile some of the light drinkers left. This left a more fun loving crowd behind and we started drinking even more. The friends we met there were mostly male, and since Dawn was wearing a blouse without many top buttons I noticed many of them checking out her cleavage throughout the night. I think she noticed too, and that was definitely turning me on. She has C cup breasts and great cleavage which I love to look at – in fact I can’t keep my hands off of it! Now it was exciting to see others looking as well. Additionally she doesn’t think she has a very good body, so I was excited that she was getting attention from the men in the room because I knew that must be a huge boost for her self confidence. Occasionally throughout the night she would give my thigh a squeeze as she noticed someone checking out her chest as if to let me know it was okay.

As the night wore on she and I got drunker and drunker. I was getting progressively hornier with each round of drinks, and Dawn seemed to be too. I couldn’t wait to get her back home to our house and screw her. I began to squeeze her thighs a bit and occasionally let my fingers wander up to her crotch, stroking it quickly through the denim. She nudged me under the table and I couldn’t tell if it was a “stop” nudge or not. A couple times when she squeezed my thigh she let her fingers graze across my cock which I loved. Eventually there were only a few of us left and it was closing time, so we headed out to the parking lot. We said goodbye to our friends outside the bar and staggered to our car parked across the street under a streetlight.

As we got in the car, the light from the streetlight above was shining in on Dawn. She looked incredibly beautiful sitting in the passenger seat in her tight top and jeans, the beautiful cleavage showing pale white in halkalı escort the streetlight. Rather than start the car, I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed me back passionately, grabbing the back of my head and sticking her tongue in my mouth, swirling it in and out. She hadn’t kissed me like that in a while, and I was thoroughly enjoying it. She began biting my bottom lip, nibbling it with her teeth while she pulled me closer to her.

Soon we were making out like crazy high school kids. I reached up and began squeezing her tits through the top, filling my hands with her beautiful C cup breasts and pinching her swollen nipples gently with my fingers. She was enjoying that immensely, so I unbuttoned a button on her blouse and stuck my hand down inside her shirt and bra to cup her tit. She moaned, all the while kissing me like crazy and biting my bottom lip. I pulled both her beautiful tits up over her bra to let the light streaming into the car bathe them as I pinched her nipples. She leaned her head back and moaned. Then I saw her look down at her own tits being bathed in the light form the streetlight above. This seemed to turn her on as much as it did me, and she squeezed them lightly while I finished unbuttoning her blouse to let more light fall unto her fabulous chest. As soon as her blouse was totally unbuttoned, she took it off and threw it forcefully into the back seat. Then she reached around and unhooked the bra, throwing it into the back seat too.

Now Dawn was naked from the waist up. The streetlight was illuminating her gorgeous C cup breasts, and she squeezed them with both hands, pushing them up further into the rays of light coming in through the car’s windshield. I began sucking them madly and nibbling her now erect nipples. They loved the attention and seemed to throb in response to my nibbling. I licked around the quarter-sized nipples and teased them with my tongue. Dawn was moaning and pulling my head hard unto her chest. It was pretty clear to me by this point that we were going to fuck in the car regardless of how nişantaşı escort bright the damn streetlights were, so I unbuttoned her jeans and reached in to rub the front of her crotch, teasing her clit with my fingers. She immediately leaned the seat back, removing her jeans and her panties with them. These also were flung immediately into the back seat. She kept looking around to see if anyone was watching us as she stripped down naked, but by then I don’t think it would’ve mattered. She was incredibly horny and I was too!

Dawn was now completely naked in the front seat of our parked car. The streetlight shone in the windshield illuminating her gorgeous body and creamy white skin. She reached down began slowly stroking her pussy hair, letting it slide between her fingers as she moved her hands across the bushy mound. Then she let her fingers wander further down between her legs and began to finger herself, moaning as she stroked herself, running an index finger slowly in and out of herself.

“God, baby,” I said, “you look so amazing!” She responded by arching her back to shove her cunt into the illumination of the streetlight, so she could see her fingers going into herself, first one – then two. She spread herself open to the light from the parking lot, almost inviting anyone out there to see her passionate masturbation. I admit the thought of someone watching both frightened me and turned me on incredibly. I reached over to feel her and found she was completely dripping wet. I rubbed the top of her moist mound in the rays of yellow light and she moaned appreciatively. As I gently pushed my fingers into her, she moaned more loudly and said, “I want you to take your pants off and fuck me. Right here.”

Needless to say, I was incredibly horny by now, and I did as I was told. As I took off my shoes and began unbuttoning my shirt, I could see her continuing to rub the bushy mound of her pussy, slipping her fingers slowly in and out of her wet cunt and rubbing her clitoris with her thumb, moaning and licking her lips as she lifter her head şişli escort occasionally to check for onlookers.

“Leave your shirt on, she said. “Just take off your shoes and pants and fuck me.”

As she said this, she spread her legs as wide as the car would allow, resting both her feet on the dash. The bright light from the parking lot now totally illuminated her glistening pussy as she stroked it feverishly. Her hands looked so beautiful and delicate as she masturbated. I could tell she was very close to cumming already. The liquor and the semi-public setting was making her so hot that she would I knew she would cum any minute.

I almost wanted to wait and let her make herself cum because she looked so amazingly beautiful laying there in the streetlight finger fucking herself passionately, but I couldn’t stand it any more. I got my jeans off and climbed on top of her. Dawn moaned as I slid into her. Her pussy was so dripping wet that I had no effort going right up to the hilt immediately. She began to grind herself hard against me, grabbing my rear and pulling me deeper into her. She moaned in ear “Yes! Yes!” as she ground her pubic mound against mine. She began biting my ear and chest and moaning.

“Oh, God, Fuck me baby,” she moaned heavily into my ear between nibbles. I began to drive even harder and harder into her, and she came quickly, throwing her head back in a long final moan. I felt her spasm and relax around my cock as her juices made her already sopping wet cunt even wetter. Then she put her legs up on the roof of the car as I pounded into her faster and faster sinking my cock to the hilt. I drove hard against her, listening to the slapping sound as she pressed her legs on the roof of the car for leverage against my slamming cock and balls. Soon I came myself in a giant, shuddering spasm, and I collapsed on top of her, my cock still throbbing inside of her.

We dressed hastily, retrieving our clothes from the back seat, and drove home. We giggled about our adventure and wondered whether anyone had seen us or not. For all we know our friends from work may have watched us fucking like rabbits in the front seat of our car! Wouldn’t that be some water cooler gossip! It’s been six months since this story happened and I still cannot stop thinking about the way Dawn looked in the streetlights as we fucked. I’m not sure what made her so horny that night, but I am certainly hoping it will happen again.



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