PANTYHOSE PRINCESS – PART 3PANTYHOSE PRINCESS – PART 3For the next two weeks I continued to worship Karen’s pantyhose. However, I was careful not to spend too much time with any one pair as I did not want them to lose their wonderful fragrance. Because two weeks had passed, I began to think Karen would not call and that she was simply being polite when she had invited me to her Christmas pageant. I really couldn’t blame her if that was the case. I was nearly four years older than her and if she thought about it she would know my job brings me into contact with a lot of women. By day 16 I told myself to stop sulking and that I had been living in fantasyland and Karen just wasn’t going to call. Late that evening I was paged. I went to my cubicle and answered the phone. “Hello, Bryan? This is Karen Smith, I bought the black Camaro. Do you remember me?” she asked. I paused for a moment then answered “Yes, of course I do. How are you? How is the car driving?” She said it was running and driving great and that she had called to see if I would still like to attend her Christmas pageant. I told her I’d love to attend and she gave me all the information I needed. Before she said goodbye she said “Well I guess that’s it then. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Take care Bryan, good bye.” I liked knowing she was looking forward to seeing me. “Do I remember you? Girl I’ve been jacking off with your pantyhose for several weeks now!” I thought. I was euphoric that Karen had called and was looking forward to seeing her again.That Monday evening I arrived at the Auditorium’s Box Office about 20 minutes before show time. I gave my name and the woman behind the window reviewed a list. She then retrieved a small envelope from a lock box. She retrieved the ticket and handed it to me. As I entered the Auditorium an usher tore my ticket and handed me the stub. He led me to the front row and nearly center stage. “Wow! She got me a fantastic seat” I thought to myself. A few minutes later I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith and a little boy enter my row. I stood as Mr. Smith introduced me to his wife and their son Phillip. We made polite conversation as we waited for the show to begin. Phillip looked up at me and said “Are you the man who my sister bought her car from?” I answered “Well, sort of. I helped a little.” Phil then stood up and leaned in close to me. At first I was caught by surprise thinking “What is he about to do?” Phil then whispered in my ear “Karen likes you. She told Nancy you are too cute.” I wanted to interrogate the little dude but knew that wasn’t possible. I answered him back “That’s cool dude. I like her too.” In reality I was thinking “Girl, I have the upper hand now. I know you’re crushing on me.”The lights dimmed off and on then stayed low. The curtain was raised and members of the orchestra took their places and played various pieces of classical and Christmas music accompanied by a chorale group. Two thirds of the way into the show Karen was introduced. She began by playing classical pieces and then to continue the festive spirit she played two Christmas carols. She looked beautiful, but I was a little disappointed because when she took the stage she was not wearing what I had expected. She wore a full length gown. There were no hot legs to drool over. She was covered from her shoulders down to her ankles. It made sense as it was a somewhat formal occasion. Karen had not been exactly honest with me about her piano skills. She was far beyond good and after the show many people approached her and congratulated her on her performance. I stayed back until the crowds had dispersed then approached and said “You really are a gifted performer. In my opinion you were by far the best part of the show.” Karen beamed and thanked me and asked if I had been introduced to her Mom and brother. I told her I had.Her parents were speaking with other attendees when Karen asked if I would like to join her and her family for dinner. I was surprised at the invitation but immediately accepted. She said “Great. I have to get out of this dress it’s a little too much for dinner don’t you think?” as she smiled and giggled. “I’ll be back in 10 or so” she said as she walked away. Mr. Smith approached me and asked if I would be joining them for dinner. I told him Karen had invited me and that I was happy to accept. “Great, that’s great Bryan. Did Karen leave to change?” I informed him that she had. Moments later Karen returned wearing a dark green dress with a hem that ended just above her knees, black three inch pumps and jet black pantyhose. They were not as sheer as the Hanes but sheer nonetheless.We made small talk in the lobby as the Smiths finished their goodbyes with friends and associates. Mr. Smith decided we would all go to the restaurant in his car and then he would bring me back to retrieve my car. As the parking lot cleared I noticed a black Camaro. I asked “Is that your car over there Karen?” She said it was and that she had to arrive early so she could prepare. We went to a nice restaurant and enjoyed a great meal. Without trying to pry, the Smiths asked me questions about where I was raised, etc. and we also discussed the upcoming holidays. The Smiths brought us back to the Auditorium. They pulled next to Karen’s car and I thanked them for the nice evening. As Karen exited the car I did so myself. I felt awkward standing there wanting to ask Karen out with her parents sitting in their car next to us but just chalked it up to them being cautious. I thanked her for the invitation to see her perform as well as have dinner with her family. She said it was her pleasure and was glad I had enjoyed myself. Karen opened the car door and slipped into her car and I carefully closed it and waved goodbye to her as I walked over to my car. She started her car and let it run a few seconds before putting it in gear. Her parent’s car rode toward me and they softly tooted the horn as they passed and I waved. Karen’s car followed and slowly pulled up next to me on my right. She stopped and lowered the window as I stared at her. “So are you going to ask me out or not Bryan?” I smiled and said “Yeah, I’m going to but not like this, not here. Can I call you tomorrow?” She quickly jotted her number down on a piece of paper and then said “Until tomorrow Bryan.” I walked over to my car as Karen waited until I had turned on the lights before she drove out of the parking lot. “Oh Baby! I’m going to have a date with you!” I thought.In the shower I relived the evening over and over in my mind. I was happy she had sat next to me at dinner. I enjoyed taking the occasional glance down and checking out her legs. Her pantyhose appeared so silky and sheer. It was all I could do not to cop a feel of her hose clad legs. As I dozed off to sleep I vowed I would somehow get her to tell me what brands of pantyhose she preferred to wear. I was anxious to know how often she wore hose, what her pantyhose drawer or perhaps drawers (plural) contained and how often she ruined her pantyhose and disposed of them. I knew all of that would take some time and I’d have to build her trust but make no mistake, whenever possible I was going to make her discarded pantyhose mine.The next morning, Tuesday, I called Karen’s house at 10:00 a.m. I had to go into work later in the day but had off Wednesday and wanted to see if I could arrange a date before she made other plans. I spoke to Mrs. Smith and she said Karen had taken her brother out for a little while and that she would have Karen call me when she got home. I told her that after 2:00 p.m. I’d be at the dealership. I went to the gym and when I got home I checked my answering machine. There were no messages and I was disappointed. I made a sandwich and ate it while watching the noon news. Next, I jumped in the shower and stroked one off as I fantasized Karen was giving me a pantyhose foot job. I was so fucking horny that a big glob of cum hit the tile and stay there. I splashed water on it but it didn’t help. I had to splash water and rub the cum with my hand to get it to rinse away. I dressed and headed out the door for work.We were actually somewhat busy at the dealership due to the holidays. A lot of people wanted a new car for Christmas or for tax reasons. At 4:10 p.m. I was paged. I took a deep breath, hoping it was Karen. I picked up the receiver and said “Hello this is Bryan” as pleasantly as I could. Karen answered back “Hi Bryan, sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier.” I didn’t answer back immediately and Karen said “Bryan, are you there?” I mustered my courage and said “Yes, I’m here. Well, Karen, I think you are nice girl and I would like to take you out sometime.” She said “Great, I like you too. Christmas Eve is Thursday so that will be bad for me during the day because we do our baking and a lot of other cooking. How about tomorrow?” I was a little flustered. She had ended up asking me out. I was glad but surprised at how things had just gone. “Sure, I’m working tomorrow during the day and will be free after 6:00 p.m.” I answered back. I told her I’d like to take her to dinner and a movie. Karen was agreeable and I asked if she wanted to meet me at work or the restaurant. She said “Oh you can pick me up at my house. Here’s the address.” We said goodbye and I hung-up the phone.I suddenly became aware of the tightening in my briefs. No doubt about it. I was going to have to rub one out or I’d be hard off and on for the rest of the evening and I certainly didn’t want to leak pre-cum through my slacks. I popped into the Men’s room. It was empty. I went into the stall and let my slacks and briefs fall to my knees as I pulled my shirt up. I need only stroke my rigid cock for a few moments with my pre-cum until I blew. I wanted to cry out as I came because I love doing so but that wouldn’t fly at work so I snorted and grunted through my nose as my hips bucked and I clenched my firm round buns. I pulled up my briefs and slacks then washed my hands. I felt much better, as I now felt assured that I wouldn’t be popping any embarrassing boners before I left work for the night.When I got home from work I stripped nude and went to my dresser. I retrieved Karen’s suntan pantyhose. I pulled the entire panty over my head basking in the soft scent of her perfume as I gently teased my cock with the feet of the stockings. I lay flat on my back in bed for close to an hour as I teased my cock and fantasized about Karen being my girl. My cock jerked once and I nearly came on the pantyhose. I sprang from the bed and went into the living room. I stood over the coffee table and began stroking furiously as Karen’s pantyhose swayed with me. “Awe fuck yeah Baby! Give Bryan your pantyhose pussy!” I said aloud as I began to cum. My cum made splattering sounds as it hit the glass top table. I continued stroking my cock until my body was shaking. I wanted to cum a second time so I could be sure to have a deep sleep. As I stroked my cock I began talking shit again about Karen. “You’re teasing me Karen. You know damned well I have a pantyhose fetish and you want to make me suffer. I’m going to have your pantyhose clad legs around my waist soon Baby. I’m going to fuck you in your pantyhose and you’re going go love it and my cock Baby!” I said. “FUCK ME!” I grunted as I came hard and my hips bucked. I’m not sure how many times my cock spurted. I stopped counting after the sixth hard spurt. I cleaned up the table with the pantyhose still on my head. I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror and laughed out loud. I put the pantyhose away and took a quick shower then went to bed.I woke-up with a nice boner and thought about rubbing one out but decided to ignore it and see if it would go away on its own. I ate a bowl of cereal, brushed my teeth and threw on sweats and headed to the gym. Sometimes I wear briefs while working out and other times I will wear a jock strap. Today found me in a jock and I loved how the soft fleece of my sweat pants felt as the fabric rubbed against my ass. I began doing standing legs lifts as I watched myself in the mirror. For some reason every time I lifted my legs I felt some pleasure in my nut sack. I wasn’t hard, maybe semi-hard, but in any case it felt great so I continued doing the lifts. Somewhere after the third set my cock popped out of the jock. I could feel my cock head against my thigh and the soft fleece felt so good rubbing against it. I wasn’t about to reach inside my sweats and fix my junk so I continued on. I was really enjoying the tingling sensation in my balls but had to stop because it was time to head for home.Once home, I stripped down and discovered I had spontaneously cum on myself while at the gym. I hadn’t had that happen since high school. I thought of Karen and guessed she was making me hornier than usual. While showering I began to stroke myself and I came almost immediately. Apparently, I had not emptied my balls at the gym. After my shower I selected clothes to wear on my date with Karen. I decided to go with khakis, a button down shirt and loafers. I felt confident Karen would like the preppy look. I dressed for work in my usual dress pants, shirt and tie and headed out the door. All morning and afternoon my mind was focused on Karen. When 6:00 p.m. finally came I gave Karen a quick call to tell her I was leaving work and heading home to take a quick shower and that I should be at her house no later than 7:00 p.m.As I drove to Karen’s house my mind raced with ideas as to what Karen might wear on our date. Of course I wanted her to be wearing pantyhose but wondered if she would wear a dress or a skirt. I knew I’d be disappointed if she were wearing pants. I arrived at Karen’s exactly at 7:00 and walked up to the door and rang the bell. Mrs. Smith answered and invited me in. She said Karen should be down in a moment or two. I sat with the Smiths in their living room as we talked holiday plans. Moments later Karen entered the room looking quite sexy. She wore a short, tight denim skirt, Candies heels, a red angora sweater and suntan pantyhose. She looked good enough to eat from toe to head then back to nylon toes to nylon waist. I told her she looked great and she thanked me as I handed her the bouquet of flowers I had brought. We said goodbye to her folks and headed to my car.I had decided to drive my Corvette on purpose. It’s not new, it’s a few years old but it’s in excellent condition and more importantly it is a nightmare for a girl wearing a skirt to get in and out of. I held the door open for Karen as she tried to figure a way into the car. She said “This certainly is tighter than the Camaro.” I casually answered “You get used to it.” After she was seated I went around to the other side and slid in. As I started the car I noticed Karen’s skirt had ridden to the top of her thighs and it wasn’t all that long to begin with. Even in the dark I was getting an excellent view of her nylon clad legs from thighs to toes. When we arrived at the restaurant I walked around to the passenger side to offer assistance. As she exited her skirt remained hiked up. The view was wonderful and confirmed that her pantyhose were sheer to the waist canlı bahis şirketleri style. My cock jumped in my khakis a couple of times as I took in the view of her legs. Nonchalantly she pushed her skirt down and we then entered the restaurant. We had a great time as we spoke of our musical interests, families, etc. As we waited for the check I asked “So would you like to go to a movie?” Karen said she would and we decided we would head over to the Mall to see what was playing. This time, as Karen got into my car she was less self-conscious about her skirt. She didn’t push it up; she just didn’t worry about trying to keep it from riding up.Once we were at the Mall we headed for the Cinema. We looked to see what was playing. Fortunately, we had only a 20 minute wait until the film we wanted to see started. We agreed we didn’t want popcorn but I wanted a drink. Karen said she didn’t want her own that she would just drink some of mine if she got thirsty. I liked it when she said that and my cock twitched for a second or two. We decided on seats about half-way down and nearly all the way in beside the wall. We noticed the theater wasn’t too busy and chalked it up to tomorrow being Christmas Eve and many people doing shopping, etc.Once the lights dimmed it was all I could do not to put my right hand in Karen’s lap. I kept reminding myself that I needed to “play” this carefully as she wasn’t a fool and I didn’t want her to think I was just after sex, which I wasn’t. Yeah, I wanted her so bad I could scream but I wanted more than a one night stand. About 15 minutes into Every Which Way But Loose I got the courage to put my right arm on the back of Karen’s seat. My hand just touched her silky, raven curls. I continued to look straight ahead at the screen as I began to very slowly let two or three fingers play with her hair. I half expected Karen to stop me and when she didn’t I was relieved. We watched nearly the entire movie like this until Karen whispered in my ear “I can’t find my shoe” she said half laughing. I asked “What do you mean?” She replied that it slipped off and she couldn’t feel it and she didn’t want to put her foot down on the floor. I told her to sit still that I’d find it. I leaned forward and reached around on the floor for it. It had gone under the seat in front of her. I whispered “I found it.” Now was my chance. I was not going to be shy. I cupped Karen’s left foot in my right hand and enjoyed the feel of the sheer nylon. With my thumb and index finger I applied gentle pressure to her foot and then I brushed my hand over the top and bottom as if I were cleaning away debris. Still holding her foot, I used my left hand to slip the shoe on. Once the shoe was on I ever so lightly ran my finger tips up the length of her shin stopping at her knee. As I sat back in my seat Karen leaned over and whispered “That felt great, I should lose my shoes more often.” Well, that did it. I was getting hard now. I stammered “Yes, I believe I would like that too.”We resumed watching the movie as my cock continued to harden. It reached the point that it was uncomfortable. I couldn’t move around because she would become suspicious. It was my fault. I had to wear my tightest pair of khakis. They fit tight in the thighs and ass and have a high rise that shows off my junk even when I’m not hard. Having a boner in them is uncomfortable. If only I could adjust my cock so it is pointing up. Fuck, it just wasn’t possible and I didn’t want to offend Karen.Just before the house lights came on I sprang from my seat and turned my back toward Karen as I exited our row. I was still hard and didn’t want her to see. I held my jacket in front of me so she wouldn’t see as we exited the theater. I had to put my jacket on before we walked to my car. It was brutal cold. I hoped the cold would make quick work of my hard cock. Just as we exited the Mall I thought I saw a hint of surprise on Karen’s face but I could not be sure. “Ugh, she knows. She saw my crotch” I thought to myself. By the time we got to the car I was beginning to go soft. Quickly, before I got in, I reached down the front of my pants and adjusted myself. I don’t know how I would have gotten in the car had I not done so. In my head I already knew the answer but I had to ask anyway. “So do you need to go home or would you like to stop at the Diner for dessert?” Karen replied “I would love to if tomorrow weren’t Christmas Eve. I have so much to do tomorrow.” “Okay, I understand. Home it is then” I said.I pulled into Karen’s driveway and put the car in park. I looked at Karen and leaned slightly forward, gauging her reaction. She turned her face toward mine and our lips met. Our kiss began to intensify as I held the back of her head with my right hand and placed my left hand on her left knee. I kept my hand still for a few seconds as I savored the feel of the cool nylon. I began moving my thumb back and forth across the sheerness of her hose. Karen didn’t react any differently so I slowly moved my hand up her leg stopping mid-thigh. I continued to rub my thumb back and forth on her leg. After making out for about 15 minutes we both sensed we were getting heated up and Karen pumped the brakes. “I think it’s time to call it a night” she said. Reluctantly, I agreed with her.“Hey, what are you doing for Christmas?” she asked. I told her that some of my family was gathering at my parent’s on Christmas Eve night and then I was invited to my brother’s for dinner on Christmas Day. Quickly I asked “Why do you ask?” She said she was going to invite me to Christmas dinner but if I had plans already maybe I could stop by later. I was very excited about being asked to spend time with her so I asked “What time is dinner?” She said they would be eating at 6:00 p.m. “Perfect. My brother is having dinner at 2:00 p.m. I can stop by, make an appearance. Eat a little something and then come here in time for dinner.” Karen said “Awesome” as she fumbled for the door handle. I told her I would come around and help her out.I opened the door wide for her as she slipped her right leg out of the car and put her foot down on the concrete. As she began to stand her left leg was still in the car and her legs spread wide. Just as she began to stand we both heard a soft “pop” sound. Karen glanced down and let out a soft sigh. “I think I just split my pantyhose” she said sheepishly. Once standing upright she looked down at her legs in the glow of the Christmas lights. Barely visible in the darkness was indeed a large run down the inside of her left thigh which stopped just above her knee. I was rock hard instantly. So much so, that I thought my cock might rip through my khakis. I quickly thought of a response. “Well, I guess that’s to be expected” I said. Karen looked at me quizzically for a moment, and then asked “What do you mean?” I was afraid I had offended her and apologetically answered “Oh, I just meant that pantyhose are going to run at some point.” Karen nodded in agreement as we walked to her front door. I gave her a quick kiss and then she went inside.During the entire drive home I teased my aching cock. Once inside I retrieved both pair of pantyhose and hung them over my shoulders as I began to furiously stroke my cock while imagining what Karen’s pretty pussy looked like through the split in her pantyhose. I fantasized that she let me push her skirt up to her waist then spread her legs so I could examine her damaged pantyhose. I would look into her eyes lustily as I lean forward and whisper “Poor Baby has a run in her feminine and delicate pantyhose” as I kissed and licked the run to make it all better. I would then slip her shoes off and bring her feet to my face as I inhaled their aroma and began licking, kissing and sucking on her nylon toes and arches. While doing this my fingers would be gliding up and down the length of her legs. At this point I couldn’t even think about fucking her in her pantyhose. I spontaneously erupted all over the coffee table. I came so hard and fast that only minutes later I was ready to hit the sheets. I jumped into the shower for a quick clean-up then went to bed.I awoke on Christmas Eve about an hour later than normal. I ate breakfast then headed for the gym. I cut my workout short when I remembered I still had to get a gift for my brother’s boys. I was at the Mall by 11:00 a.m. and it was packed. I found a toy store and got my nephew’s their gifts. The thought occurred to me to pick-up something for Karen’s little brother, Phil, as I thought that would make a good impression. Karen and I had not said anything about exchanging gifts so I put the thought of getting her something out of my mind.Moments later I found myself in Macy’s hosiery department. A friendly middle-aged woman approached me and asked if I needed assistance. I told her that I would like to buy a young lady some pantyhose but I was afraid it might be too personal. The lady asked if the girl I was buying for was single. I thought that odd, but said “Yes, she’s single.” “Well, then, I see no problem. Do you know what she likes?” I told her that I knew she wears Hanes Ultra Sheer. The lady took me over to the racks and asked me about styles and colors. I told her I didn’t know the names of the colors so she pointed out a ring with pieces of different colored nylon swatches on it. As I thumbed through the swatches I enjoyed every minute of it. I began seeing shades I liked and showed them to the sales lady. She then asked me about styles which had me confused at first. I finally told her that they should be sheer to waist. I had selected three pair when I asked the sales lady how much they were per pair. Her response was $4.50. I looked at her somewhat surprised. She said “Too much? We have lower priced pantyhose too.” “Huh, no, no, that’s not too much at all. Let’s get a dozen then” was my reply. When it was all said and done I had selected six shades. One each of sheer toe and reinforced toe but all of them sexy sheer to waist. As I was about the pay for them the sales lady told me I could get a 13th pair for free if I joined the hosiery club. I said “Sure why not.” I headed for the Mall’s gift wrap center to have everything wrapped. I was beyond excited that I had 13 pairs of pantyhose for Karen. As the packages were wrapped, the thought occurred to me that I would be thrilled to buy Karen pantyhose and would even enjoy going together to purchase them. I was sporting a boner in my jeans as I walked through the Mall and I didn’t care if anyone noticed. I was on cloud nine.I left the gifts in the trunk of my Monte Carlo. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about any other gifts as the adults in the family had agreed years ago not to exchange gifts. I had grabbed some fast food and brought it home with me. I had a few hours before I needed to be at my parents so I watched a little television as I ate. Once finished, I went to my bedroom and stripped nude. I retrieved Karen’s Hanes pantyhose from my drawer and began rubbing them all over my body. The cool, silky nylon felt great and was turning me on. I stroked my cock with the sheer hose being mindful to pull them away just before cumming. I loved how sexy it looked as I watched the shaped feet of her hose flop about as I stroked. I could feel my balls tighten and knew I was close. I continued to stroke as more and more pre-cum began leaking from my cock onto the nylon. Now I was really close. I was going to cum at any moment as I continued stroking with the hose. “Ugh FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” I shrieked as rope after rope of cum erupted from my horny cock. It landed on my thighs, cock and the pantyhose. I continued to stroke, saturating a large portion of the pantyhose with cum. I was disappointed that I’d cum on them and yet there was a part of me that wanted to soak them.I lay on the bed for a while, nearly dozing off. When I awoke, I had to peal the hose from my cock and groin as they had adhered to my skin as the cum dried. I headed into the bathroom with the pantyhose. I looked them up and down. They had cum on them from foot to waist but the tops of the thighs were soaked. I jumped into the shower with the pantyhose. I lathered them up good with shampoo and sat them aside to soak as I showered. Just as I finished my shower I gave the pantyhose a good rinse. I held them up to the light. It appeared that I had successfully washed away all of my cum. I hung the pantyhose from the showerhead to dry.At my parent’s they asked what was new and I told them I had met a really nice girl and that she had invited me to her family’s home on Christmas. Christmas morning arrived and I decided to sleep in as I didn’t need to be anywhere until 1:00 p.m. I arrived at my brother’s around 1:10 p.m. I let my nephews open their gifts as soon as I arrived even though my sister-in-law wanted to wait until after dinner. Nearly the entire family was there so I didn’t feel bad that I would be slipping out somewhat early. I went easy on the buffet, eating just enough to keep me content. At 5:00 p.m. I announced that I was leaving as I had plans with friends.I arrived at Karen’s house at 5:30 p.m. I was carrying the gifts for Phil and Karen. Mr. Smith answered the door and invited me inside. Karen saw me enter and shot me a disapproving look when she saw the packages and said “This was not necessary.” I said “I know but its Christmas, so why not?” I showed her that the flat package was for Phil and the square box was for her. Karen said she would put them under the tree because the little cousins would open their gifts after dinner. She was across the room placing them under the tree before I could say anything more. I gave her a good look from across the room. She was wearing a tight red skirt that ended above her knees, a green blouse and red pumps. Adorning her legs where what I guessed to be ultra sheer pantyhose in off-black. When she came back to me I whispered to her “I think it may be best if you open my gift in private. I don’t want you to be embarrassed.” Karen smiled and said “Oh my! Now I really want to know what’s inside that box!” Seconds later she said that she would wait and open it later that night after everyone had left.Mr. Smith had offered me a drink as soon as I walked through the door. It, in combination with the other beverages I’d consumed earlier, was calling me to nature. Dinner was going to be put out in about 15 minutes but I needed to piss desperately. I asked Karen where the powder room or bathroom was. As luck would have it the powder room was in use. She directed me to the stairs and said there was a hall bath to the right, her room was also to the right with a bath and her parents room to the left with a bath. At the top of the stairs I turned right. I found the hall bath also in use. I continued down the hall and saw Phil and a couple of his cousins in his room playing video games. I passed his room as looked in the next room. It was unmistakably Karen’s and I went inside. My cock went rigid as I breathed in the aroma of her perfumes and took in the view of her girly things. My eyes locked on the top of her dresser. Balled up and sitting to the left appeared to be canlı kaçak iddaa a pair of pantyhose. I looked over my shoulder into the hall. No one was watching me or in the hallway. I stepped up to the dresser and got a closer look. Yes indeed, it was a pair of suntan pantyhose and they had been worn. Quickly, I grabbed them up and shoved them in my left pocket then went into her bathroom.I was hard and had to piss so bad. I coaxed myself to relax a little so I could piss. As I washed my hands I caught site of a pantyhose packet in the wastebasket. I removed it and looked it over. The packet read Sheer to Waist Pantyhose, Sheer Toe, Suntan, made expressly for Ben Franklin. I noticed the price was only $1.79. I placed the packet back in the wastebasket as it had been prior to me removing it. Next I reached into my pocket and pulled the suntan pantyhose from it. I held them up in front of the lighted mirror. The pantyhose were sheer to waist with sheer toes. They were still stretched out from wear and resembled the shape of Karen’s legs. I noticed there was no gusset panel, only a center seam and it wasn’t reinforced. “Ah ha! So that’s why they split!” I thought. The run was also clearly visible in the sheer nylon. It was a healthy one too as it was a good two inches wide and went down to the knee. My cock found the entire matter quite arousing but I suspected Karen would have been mortified if I had witnessed her pantyhose burst open in daylight.“Well, now these pantyhose are mine” I thought. I didn’t care if she realized they were missing. I told myself that with so many people in the house anyone could have taken them. I carefully folded the pantyhose so that they were about the size of a wallet and then I stuffed them inside the front of my briefs. I looked at myself in the mirror to see if it was the least bit obvious that something other than my cock was in my pants. I headed out of Karen’s bedroom and trailed behind the cousins as “dinner’s ready” had just been announced. Once I joined the group again my cock settled down. There were two c***dren’s tables and all the food had been set-up buffet style on the dining room table. I stood next to Karen as I plated some food then she led me to the sunroom where we sat at a table. We asked each other if Santa was good to the other and commented on how good the food was. She said once everyone had eaten they would do a little bit of clean-up and then there would be the opening of the presents.About an hour later everyone gathered in the family room. Karen sat at the end of a sofa and I sat on the floor beside her. This afforded me a fantastic view of her legs. Anytime I looked across the room her legs were in my line of sight. I had bought Phil a Nerf gun. Once he opened it he brought it to me for assistance. I suspected I had made an ally in Phil. Within minutes he was shooting the Nerf pellets at Karen and me. Several went between her legs, landing at her feet. Without hesitation I reached for them and let the back of my hand glide across the front of her shins. Mrs. Smith announced that Phil had to put his toy away until he could play with it outside and Karen leaned forward and whispered “I think you may be in the dog house.” I certainly hoped not. I asked “Is your mother upset?” “No, I’m joking” she said. To cop a feel of her legs I said “You joker” as I simultaneously placed my left hand on Karen’s right knee and pushed it a little bit then let my hand then slide down her calf. She didn’t say anything nor did I. A few minutes later I glanced up at her and caught her staring at me with a sly smile on her face. She leaned forward and whispered for me to follow her to the kitchen.We were alone but that would not last for long. Karen smiled and said “I just realized you didn’t give me my Christmas kiss.” My eyes widened a little as I said “You’re right and you don’t have to ask me twice.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me as we kissed. Our embrace was brief as people began coming into the kitchen. Karen took my hand and led me to the sunroom where we had a little more privacy. Softly she said “Don’t take offense or be embarrassed okay? Do you have a pantyhose fetish?” she asked. I felt my face flush which was an admission itself. I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. I wasn’t really sure yet I wanted her to know but I didn’t want to lie to her either. “Yeah, yes, I do” I whispered. “I thought so when we were test driving the Camaro. It’s okay Bryan I’m not put off by it. Truth is, I wear them nearly every day so if you like that I’m okay with it” she said. “Karen I don’t like pantyhose” I said. “Then I don’t understand Bryan” she said. Continuing to whisper I said “Karen, I love pantyhose. Grrr! Pantyhose turn me into a horn dog” I confessed. “I love how they feel on a girl and how they make her look when she is wearing them.” “Oh, I see. Well, that’s okay. Everyone likes something” she said. I said “So you won’t mind if I rub your legs and maybe your feet?” “No, I don’t have a problem with that. I guess I should be flattered that you would want to do it.” “From time to time I could kiss, lick and suck your pantyhose toes and feet too. You can make me your foot slave.” “What? Down boy! We are going to take things slowly. Okay?” I agreed. I was so thrilled that my “dirty secret” was out in the open now and that Karen wanted to make a go of seeing each other exclusively. I leaned toward her and we kissed as I let my left hand drop in her lap. As we kissed I gently caressed the top of her sheer clad thighs. “Okay, let’s go back to the family room Bryan.”Eventually guests began to leave. Karen’s parents were in the kitchen and we were finally alone in the family room. Karen got up and went over to the tree. She pulled the box from under the tree and looked my way as she asked if she could open it. I got up from the sofa and sat on the floor next to the tree. Karen slipped her pumps off then sat on the floor next to me. I said “You just had to do that didn’t you? You’re torturing me!” She shook her head slightly as she smiled and began to unwrap the box. Once it was unwrapped she carefully pulled the lid off and pulled back the tissue paper. “Oh my gosh! You really do have it bad don’t you? How did you know I wear this brand? They are my favorite. They are my size too!” “I had help from the sales lady” I answered. Karen kissed and hugged me as she thanked me. “I’ll have to make sure I wear each pair for you.” I said “Well yeah, that’s kind of the point!” We both laughed as we stretched out on the floor and watched the fire burn. Phil came into the room and asked us to play with him so we pulled one of his games from under the tree and began playing it. About 30 minutes into the game Phil basically fell over and drifted off to sleep. Moments later Mr. and Mrs. Smith entered the room. It was beginning to get late and I didn’t want to wear out my welcome so I thanked them for hosting me and said I was going to get going. They thanked me for coming then Karen walked me to the door. I asked her if she was free tomorrow and she said she was. I said “Great let’s get together for lunch.” She agreed and thanked me again for the pantyhose then we kissed goodnight.Not until I was nearly home did I remember that I had a pair of Karen’s pantyhose stuffed in my briefs. My cock began to harden as I thought about jerking off while fondling the pantyhose. I didn’t even strip my clothes off when I got inside. I simply dropped my pants and stood in the living room with them around my ankles. I unfurled the pantyhose and looked them over. They were very soft and the fabric very sheer. They were all nylon but not ultra sheers. It was easy to imagine these pantyhose not lasting more than one day as the fabric reminded me of tissue paper. I hoped Karen had more of them and that she would wear them when she was with me. I imagined her hot legs enrobed in the delicate hose and at some point them self-destructing before my eyes. I decided that just in case she didn’t have more I would go to Ben Franklin within the next few days and purchase a stockpile of the pantyhose. I’d worry about how I would present them to her later.I sniffed the pantyhose and the only scent on them was mine but that was okay with me. I rubbed the soft nylon against my stomach and groin, over the head of my cock and on the insides of my thighs. I was beginning to drip precum on the table. I slipped my right hand into the undamaged stocking and fondled my balls and stroked my hard cock. The soft, delicate nylon felt fantastic against my skin. As I stroked I let the leg of the other stocking hang. I could see the hole that had opened up in the crotch area of the panty and I imagined Karen wearing the hose and me putting my hard cock through that hole and fucking her until she came all over my cock. After a few moments of fantasizing and stroking I could feel my cock head getting hotter and more sensitive. ‘Oh yeah, here it comes” I thought. “Ooof! Ugh, ugh, FUCK YEAH!” I was cumming, shooting a nice load on the coffee table; I was enjoying watching my cock spasm as rope after rope of cum splattered on the glass top table. I inhaled deeply, and then gently stroked my cock a couple of times before shaking it to ensure I was done. I folded up the pantyhose and dropped them in my drawer then hit the shower. As I showered I thought about how nice the day had been and how fantastic it was that Karen was not put off by my fetish for pantyhose. I told myself that I would have to go slow but my first conquest would be to get those sexy pantyhose feet of hers in my mouth and on my cock.I called Karen at 10:00 a.m. and asked her if I could pick her up at 12:00. She agreed. We had been in a cold snap on for a few days now so I had doubts Karen would wear a skirt or dress. I wore blue jeans, a sport shirt and sneakers. I knocked on the Smith’s door and Phil answered. He invited me in. Karen was in the kitchen with Mrs. Smith. Karen’s back was to me and the first thing I noticed was her legs. She was wearing pantyhose but they were very sheer and white. Damn how I hate white pantyhose. I’ve never liked them and never will. I’ve always had a passion for darker shades. I thought to myself “Well, at least she’s wearing a skirt and heels, but those fucking pantyhose have got to go!” I greeted Mrs. Smith and Karen and asked if she was ready to go. We got in the car and headed to a funky place popular with a younger crowd.As silly as it may sound, throughout lunch I kept thinking about how much I hated that she was wearing white pantyhose. As I finished my meal I made the decision that if she didn’t get a run in the pantyhose soon then I was going to have to run them myself. If she got mad I’d just take her to buy a new pair and claim innocence. Once we had finished eating and were waiting for the check she asked if I minded if we went to Montgomery Ward. She said there was something on sale she wanted to check out. I told her it was fine with me but to remember it will be a madhouse because of after Christmas sales. Two and a half hours later we finally left the Mall and I noticed Karen’s pantyhose were wrinkled at her ankles. All the standing and walking had stretched them out. “Good”, I thought. “I hope she puts her finger right through them and soon. She would look so delicious in some coffee colored pantyhose.” As we walked through the parking lot I used a key to roughen the edge of the fingernail on my left index finger while my hand was in my jacket pocket. I hoped it was rough enough to make a good snag on Karen’s pantyhose. We piled into the car and began down the road headed back to Karen’s.At a stoplight I turned and said “Can I have a kiss?” as we both leaned in. I quickly stroked the tops of her nylon covered thighs with my left hand then drew my fingertips along the top of her right thigh. I wasn’t certain but I suspected my fingernail had caught the nylon. I looked forward and traffic was beginning to move. “Green light” I said aloud as I pulled my hand away. Just seconds later Karen blurted “Awe crap! I’ve got a run in my pantyhose!” My cock immediately began to do a snake charmer’s dance within my briefs. “Good grief, it won’t stop running. I need to get a new pair of pantyhose Bryan. Can we stop at Walgreen’s?” By now I was barely containing my smile and was afraid I may begin laughing. “Sure, isn’t there one a couple blocks up on the right?” “Yes, let’s stop there” she said.We both got out of the car. I tried to get a look at her legs but wasn’t able to so once we were in the hosiery section of the store I finally said “Let me see how bad that run is.” She faced me and I could see that that a tennis ball sized hole had opened up and the run shot under her skirt and all the way down her leg to the middle of her shin. I was proud of myself, I had wrecked her pantyhose good. “Oh Baby! You demolished your pantyhose!” was all I could say without laughing. Karen shot me a “Duh, don’t I know it” kind of look and began looking at pantyhose packets. “I’ll just get some NoNonsense Sheer to Waist. I don’t see white though.” Karen said. I thought “Oh hell no! You are not getting white pantyhose.” I asked her what size she needed in NoNonsense and began looking at the packets for a darker shade. I found her size in off-black and said “Here we go. NoNonsense STW in off-black. Come on let’s go.” Karen stared at me for a minute then began walking beside me. I placed the packet on the counter and paid for them. Once in the car Karen asked me why I had selected off-black and I told her it was because they were far sexier than white. She nodded her head slightly as if making a mental note. I started the car just as Karen announced she would like to change. I told her my apartment was two blocks away and if she wanted to change there she could while I waited in the car. She laughed and told me not to be silly and to just drive to my place.Once inside, I pointed in the direction of the bathroom so Karen could change. As Karen changed, I turned on the television to see if there was anything worth watching. I found a Christmas movie and kept it on. Karen entered the living room a few minutes later looking much sexier in her off-black pantyhose. I was well aware that she wasn’t carrying her white pantyhose or the NoNonsense packet. She asked what I was watching and I told her I wasn’t sure, that it was just something I found. She sat on the couch beside me and we soon were into the show. I placed my left arm over Karen’s shoulders and scooted closer to her. Soon she laid her head on my shoulder. I waited patiently and about 15 minutes later I placed my right hand on her legs and began to gently run my fingertips in circular motions over thighs. Within minutes we were kissing, slowly at first then more passionately.After summoning my courage I asked “Can I play with your feet and legs?” Unsure of what I meant Karen said “I guess so.” I motioned for her to lie back on the couch as I took hold of her legs and brought them up on the couch and placed them across my lap. We continued watching the movie as I slowly began to run my fingertips up and down canlı kaçak bahis the front of her legs from the hem of her skirt to the tops of her feet. Minutes later I announced “These need to go” as I slipped her heels off and let them fall to the floor. As soon as they were off I began to massage her sheer clad feet. I massaged and rubbed them from toes to heel in an attempt to relax her and as I did so she reluctantly let soft sighs part from her lips. I resumed my finger walk of her legs and after reaching the hem of her skirt the sixth or seventh time I dared let my fingers walk under it.Karen was relaxed and completely comfortable with what was happening so I decided to be a little bolder. I leaned forward and began to kiss her legs. She immediately began laughing which brought me to a halt. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I’m not laughing at you. Honestly, I’m not. I was just thinking this is probably only the tip of the iceberg as to what he likes.” So as to not be threatening I said while laughing “Baby we’ll explore together.” I resumed kissing Karen’s legs then began to lick them which caused her to giggle again. Her giggles were turning me on so I decided to go after those nylon feet. I brought them to my face and held their soles against my face as I enjoyed the feel of the nylon against it. This caused her short skirt to ride way up. Half her ass was exposed as well as the crotch panel of her pantyhose. I couldn’t miss the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties! I think I had a mini-stroke as I couldn’t think clearly for a few minutes. Just the sight and knowledge that she wasn’t wearing panties with her pantyhose was truly mind blowing. Though I didn’t have a full-on view of her ass in those sheer to waist pantyhose, what I could see was riveting. The thought occurred to me “Damn boy, you will cum on that pantyhose ass someday!” That damned pantyhose gusset covered her love box completely. How I wish I could get a glimpse of it. It didn’t escape me that I saw no hair in the region. My gaze was short though as I did not want Karen to catch on that I was looking up her skirt.I softly and slowly began to kiss each of Karen’s toes and once I was done I began to push my tongue between them. At this point I noticed Karen was watching me intently. Next I moved on to sucking those sexy hosed toes. I bit down gently on the ball of her left foot and her eyes widened. From there, I began to suck on her toes. I held her feet with my right hand as my left hand was all over her nylon clad legs. Karen let soft sighs and whimpers escape as I sucked her toes and when she could no longer keep it a secret from me she said “Oh Bryan! That feels so good! You’re a bad boy Bryan!” Well fuck! I’d been reasonably hard throughout our play but when she called me a bad boy I threw a bone of steel.My jeans were tight and sitting on the couch with a boner in tight jeans wasn’t the most comfortable feeling. Minutes later I could no longer sit comfortably. I lowered Karen’s feet to my lap and squirmed about for a moment trying to get comfortable. “Oh my God! You’ve got a boner! You’re huge!” Karen exclaimed. I was caught dead to rights so I just admitted it sheepishly. I was going to tell her my jeans were uncomfortable and I needed to change into sweats but before I could say so Karen blurted “Show it to me! Right now! I want to see it! My cock began twitching like crazy and it honestly was painful. I hesitated until Karen again said “I want to see it.” I unbuttoned the waist then began lowering the zipper. Karen sat up on the couch as I stood and pushed my jeans down to my ankles. I was going to sit down as I was but she said “Take your shoes off. Okay, step out of your jeans.” I was standing beside her wearing my shirt and my briefs. She had yet to get a look at the tent in my undies. I was about to sit down when Karen said “Turn around, let me see.” I turned around for Karen and her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped open. “Oh Bryan! Your poor briefs. I think you are about to rip out of them!” I laughed and said “Thanks Baby. I’m glad you think so.”I sat down on the couch next to her and brought her legs back to my lap. The soft nylon of her hose felt so good against my now bare legs. With both hands I now aggressively rubbed her pantyhose from toes to thighs. I was now so wound up I was afraid I would cum then and there in my briefs. Karen leaned forward and kissed me hard. She backed away a few inches and looked me in the eyes and said “I want to see it Bryan. Show me your cock!”She didn’t have to ask anymore. I rose up, slipped my thumbs inside the waistband and with one quick motion had my briefs around my ankles. My cock sprang free and twitched sporadically. Karen asked “Why is it jumping like that?” I laughed hard, very hard and said “Because of you. This is what you do to me. To say you have me aroused is an understatement Baby!” “Bryan, your cock is huge and it’s actually pretty. It’s perfect” she said. “Awe Baby, do you really think so? Thanks.” No sooner had my words ended and Karen was moving toward me. Her head fell to my lap and she began to take me into her mouth. She gobbled me up as if she had sucked cock before which I couldn’t help feel a little disappointed about. I had hoped I was her first. Once she had gobbled my cock and gotten it slick with her spit she began bobbing up and down on it. A few times she rolled her tongue around the head and I thought I’d rocket off the couch it felt so good. As she sucked my cock I fondled her legs as best I could. Karen came up for air and said “Am I doing it right Bryan? Do you like it? Are you enjoying it? I’ve never done this before. You’re my first.” I grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her face to mine and kissed her. When our lips parted I told her that I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it better. Karen went back to my cock and began to fondle my balls. I was in my glory but really wanted to fuck the hell out of her in her pantyhose.The next time she came up for air I lay her on her back on the couch. I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it off. She looked so sexy laying there in her top and pantyhose that I probably could have cum just staring at her. I lay on top of her and we began kissing again as my cock leaked copious amounts of precum all over the panty and thighs of Karen’s pantyhose. I knew exactly what I was doing and I loved it. The feel of the soft nylon against my hard cock felt too good for me to worry about staining the hose. I rose and brought Karen’s feet to my horny cock and began fucking her hosed feet. As I did so, I began to talk a little trash. I wanted to see if she was agreeable to it as it is something I love doing. “Oh Baby, you are beyond sexy in pantyhose! I love fucking your pantyhose feet. Does my Baby like how my hard cock looks and feels as I fuck her feet?” Karen smiled approvingly as she replied “You are such a bad boy. You are my naughty pantyhose boy Bryan!” “Oh fuck yes!” she just called me her pantyhose boy! I made note that in private I would want her to call me by that name often.I was leaving some nice snail trails of precum on her feet but I really wanted to get at her pantyhosed pussy. With both hands I took hold of her legs and held them up then pushed them back so that her feet were above her head. This afforded me a full view of her hosed ass. I leaned forward while holding her legs up and began to kiss and lick her nyloned ass. My cock was throbbing with lust. I began to lap her ass and the center seam of the pantyhose as I pushed my hungry tongue and mouth at her asshole. Karen tensed and I asked if all was okay. She said everything was okay, it was just that this was all new to her and quite erotic. I wanted to tear her hose open with my teeth but didn’t because I knew she needed something to wear home. Once I soaked the anal area of her hose I began tracing up the seam with my tongue toward the gusset.Once I reached the gusset I kissed it lightly and then leaned forward and kissed Karen passionately. I returned to the gusset and began to kiss and lap at it furiously. It contained a little bit of cotton and I wanted to get it good and wet. Once I had it saturated I gently raked my upper teeth over it which sent shivers through Karen’s body. “Bryan if you keep doing that I’m going to have an orgasm!” she squealed. “That’s the point Baby! I want you to soak your pantyhose for me. I stood up and guided Karen down to the floor. I placed her legs over my shoulders and then I went to town munching on her pussy through her hose. Once in a while it would be too much for her and her legs would clench against my head and in response I would then kiss and lick her inner thighs.I raised her legs and held them together with my right hand as I guided my cock to her hosed ass and began grinding on it. The tight nylon was driving me crazy. Next, I placed my cock between her thighs and began to fuck them as I ran my hands all over her legs and resumed sucking her hosed toes. As I ate her toes I kept thinking “Oh I want to fuck her just like this. Legs up for me to play with and my cock buried in her sweet pussy. I let the index finger of my right hand find the gusset and I began to push it firmly against the panel. “Fuck, the cotton was making it difficult for my finger to get through the panel. If only it were nylon my finger would already be buried to the knuckle” I thought. “Can I open the gusset in your pantyhose?” I asked. Karen hesitated then said “Bryan, I’m not ready.” I replied “Okay, we won’t do anything you don’t want to. Will you let me bring you to orgasm in your pantyhose and in my mouth” I asked. She was silent a moment then said “Well, you can do that but I don’t want you to open up my pantyhose. It may lead to more.” I wasn’t about to push it because to be honest I couldn’t believe my fortune at this point.I placed her legs back on my shoulders then leaned in to kiss her. I told her to prepare herself because I was going to go down on her again like an a****l and not stop until her pantyhose were soaked with her juices. Her eyes got wide then she grabbed my head and guided me to her mound. I began lapping and kissing at that panel like a dog after a bone. I wanted to say “Fuck it!” to myself and tear that damned panel out with my teeth but I knew it was only a matter of time until I would be fucking Karen in her hose every which way so I behaved like a good pantyhose boy. Karen seemed to relish it when I would rake my teeth over the panel so I was sure to give her plenty of that.My poor lonely cock was so hot and hard. It longed and ached for a hot hole to go in and out of. Karen must have read my mind because I became aware of her hand on it. She began stroking it and rubbing the precum around the head which drove me mad. I could have munched on Karen all afternoon and evening but suddenly she arched her back, her legs clenched tight against my head and she shrieked “Oh! Oh! I’m going to… Oooh! Oooh! Ooomph! Oh Bryan, Bryan! I could feel the heat from Karen’s pussy intensify then the pulsing spasms as her juices began to flow and soak through the gusset of her hose. I lapped at her pussy frantically as I tried to consume all of her love juice. Karen’s body spasmed and twitched and her hips bucked so violently that I knew she had never had an orgasm like that before. Watching this happen was too much for me. As soon as she settled down I lowered her legs to the floor and began stroking. By the third stroke of my cock I was spurting cum and it was landing all over Karen’s pantyhose legs. If I couldn’t fuck her I was determined I was going to spunk her pantyhose. Karen watched in awe as rope after rope of cum spewed from my engorged head as I grunted and groaned deeply. I could not hold back and I said “Mmm yeah! Look at my cum soaking your pantyhose all over Baby! You like that? You like your pantyhose boy cumming on your sexy pantyhose?” I unloaded all I had and deposited cum from the waistband of her hose to the tops of her feet. To finish off I rubbed my dripping cock on the tops of her feet. I kissed her softly several times then lay beside her and began to laugh. “Oh! I wasn’t expecting this Baby! Whew!” I said. We let our hands find each other and we gently stroked each other’s arms.When Karen sat up she said “Oh my gosh! My pantyhose are so nasty! I can’t wear these home.” I sat up and said “Okay, give me quick minute.” I quickly jerked my shirt off and jumped into a fast hot shower. I was out and dressed in less than 10 minutes. I told Karen to get a shower and while she was showering I would go back to Walgreen’s and get her another pair of pantyhose. At the Walgreen’s the younger guy at the register recognized me as being there earlier because he said “Didn’t you buy a pair of these earlier?” Naturally, it was none of his business but I answered anyway and said “Yeah, I fucked the shit out of her in them and now she needs a new pair.” The guy grinned from ear to ear.When I walked into my apartment Karen was just finishing her shower. I cracked the bathroom door and slipped the pantyhose inside then sprayed air freshener in the living room since it smelled of sex. Karen emerged looking fresh and put together. By now it was dinner time. She asked if I wanted to have dinner at her house and stay for a while. She said they had a lot of leftovers. I was more than happy to spend more time with her and her family. I left her house just before 11:00 p.m. and arrived home around 11:15. I was surprised at how wrung out I felt. I’m sure it didn’t help that I had eaten heavily at Karen’s, so I brushed my teeth and went straight to bed.I was scheduled to work but didn’t mind as it meant I would have New Year’s Eve off. There would be no time to jack off this morning, I got a shower, ate, dressed then went to the dealership. After work I hit the gym then headed home. As I stripped down for a shower I saw Karen’s off-black pantyhose in the wastebasket. I picked them up by the waistband. They were covered with my white cum stains and seeing this caused my cock to go hard. I examined the gusset and noticed that I was much closer than I realized to having it fail. A second glance into the can displayed her white pantyhose. I lifted them from the can too. I held them up for examination. They were the same fabric as the Ben Franklin pantyhose and had no gusset. Upon closer inspection of the damaged leg I saw that I had made them run well. The run went all the way to the waistband and down to the top of the foot. I thought “If only she would have let me rip them off her! Oh well, some day.”I went into the kitchen and got a baggie. I placed the cummed pantyhose inside and sealed it then put it in my drawer with the other pantyhose. I went back to the bathroom and picked up the white pantyhose. I decided I would not save them since I had basically wiped out the entire front of the right leg and besides, they were fucking white. I pulled the good leg over my head and looked in the mirror and laughed at myself as I began to stroke my cock with the ruined leg. I relived yesterday’s pantyhose play in my mind as I stroked my cock. In no time I was cumming into the tissue thin white pantyhose. When I was certain I was finished I wiped my cock dry with them. As I attempted to remove the other leg from my head it tore and ripped free from the panty. I smirked at the pantyhose and thought to myself “Good way to end white pantyhose.”



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